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"The excitement of a game. The mind of a computer."

The Odyssey² (known as Videopac in Europe, and simply Odyssey in Brazil) was a video game console made by Magnavox/Philips as a follow-up to the first generation Odyssey. The problem is that the hardware was really low-grade, even for that time. Also, the console was big and clunky, having a huge keyboard that served no real purpose. Now, it did enjoy some success in Europe and Brazil, where it arrived before the Atari 2600 juggernaut. Nonetheless, it was already pretty much dead by the time the Great Video Game Crash of '83 happened.

It didn't have many games, but most of them were exclusives... although they were all mostly rip-offs of other famous games of that time.

The list[]

Box art Title Genre Description
Attack of the Timelord.png Attack of the Timelord!
(Senhor das Trevas)
Shoot 'em Up A game similar to Galaga, where a weird skull thing releases various UFOs which you must shoot down. Every time you clear a formation the skull thing does it again, with the difficulty ramping up.
K.C.'s Krazy Chase.png K.C.'s Krazy Chase!
Maze Nice Pac-Man rip-off which adds some different stuff. You got to eat those mushroom things which grow up on the maze, while avoiding the enemies, which includes a centipede who also eats the mushrooms to grow up.
Didi Na Mina Encantada.png Pick Axe Pete!
(Didi na Mina Encantada)
Arcade/Platformer Think Donkey Kong, but without the big gorilla throwing barrels. You basically run around with your pickaxe blowing up those blue things until a key appears. The pickaxe eventually breaks, but you can get another after a while.


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