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If you find the wiki impersonal for some reason, want to browse some second opinions on some recommendations, or just feel like posting your top picks somewhere, then this is the page for you. Feel free to post your Top Ten picks of anything you want: Genres, systems, series entries, games you hate, games you like overall, games you want remade, etc.

  • You don't even have to leave any game-specific descriptions or text comments (though, do clarify somehow if your pics, lists, or tables are a bit ambiguous). You can if you want to, though.
  • If you don't feel like making a pic, then you can make a text list or table.
  • Feel free to alter your entries, if you feel like you want to change them. Maybe it wasn't as good as you remember or maybe you just found something new you love. It's fine, nobody's judging here (your opinions are still shit your own).

Although this is a "Top Ten" page, you can technically post less or more than ten. Just consider the "Top Ten" as a challenge of sorts.


Note: Feel free to add any templates you've made or found here. is also a popular choice, especially in "3x3 threads".

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I decided to go with good old bighugelabs, although they're 5 x 2, I still like the way it came out.  By the way, these are in no particular order in terms of the games listed, just 10 games I think are neat as shit.  Also, I'm going to include multiplatform games for some consoles, but not the same game twice or anything like that unless it means too much to me.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Nintendo 64


Nintendo GameCube


Nintendo Wii


Nintendo WiiU

Game Boy/Color

Virtual Boy



Nintendo DS


Nintendo 3DS

Sega Master System

Sega Genesis/CD/32X


Sega Saturn


Sega Dreamcast


Sega Game Gear

PlayStation 1


PlayStation 2


PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4



PlayStation Vita



Xbox 360

Xbox 720





Flash Games


Note: I tried to post games that weren't ports on each system. I might have missed a spot here or there, but for the most part, anything not a remake is pretty much placed with the first system it premiered on, even if it had a superior port later/on a different system.

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