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<center>''"The revolution will be televised."''</center>
The Ouya is an [[Android]]-based microconsole, famous for being financed by a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign.
It became quite controversial, however, for a flawed launch: many backers did not receive their units in advance, early controllers had issues with lag (since patched) and buttons getting stuck (requires [ a very simple hardware mod]), poor wireless performance, and some games had framerate drop issues for not being properly optimized for the Tegra 3 chip.
On the other hand, as it's dead-easy to port from Android, it launched with over a hundred titles, and has since amassed a few hundreds more — including emulators for tons of classic systems (up to [[PlayStation|PS1]]/[[Nintendo 64|N64]] run well) and media players. And if that is not enough, you can easily install pretty much any Android program as well, without modding. For a $99 machine, it's nothing to sneeze at.
==The list==
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!Box Art
|[[File:Another World Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Another World'''
|An Amiga classic, one of the most brutally hardcore games ever. An accident teleports a scientist to a world where everything is out to kill him.
|[[File:Beast Boxing Turbo Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Beast Boxing Turbo'''
|It's like Punch-Out!, but with monsters.
|[[File:Chronoblade Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|Beat 'em up
|A brawler with RPG elements, from the creator of Lemmings and GTA.
|[[File:Final Fantasy III Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Final Fantasy III'''
|Updated remake of the Famicom classic (not to be mistaken for the SNES game that is actually Final Fantasy VI).
|[[File:Flashout 3D Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Flashout 3D'''
|Futuristic racing/shooting a la Wipeout.
|[[File:Giana Sisters Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Giana Sisters'''
|A damn good old school platformer, sequel to a classic European rule-63'ed Mario clone.
|[[File:Maldita Castilla Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Maldita Castilla'''
|Spanish homage to the Ghosts 'n Goblins series. So deliciously old-school, you could easily believe it's a late 1980s arcade under emulation (and the music was actually produced by emulating the YM2203 sound chip, which many arcade boards used back then).
|[[File:Order and Chaos Online Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Order & Chaos Online'''
|Gameloft's generic WoW. Quite impressive for the system.
|[[File:Ravensword Shadowlands Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Ravensword Shadowlands'''
|Very reminescent of Elder Scrolls and Fable.
|[[File:Saturday Morning RPG Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Saturday Morning RPG'''
|A comedy/nostalgia RPG inspired by 1980s cartoons and pop culture, with music by Vince DiCola (Transformers, Rocky IV).
|[[File:Shadowgun Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|A very badass sci-fi third person shooter.
|[[File:Sine Mora Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Sine Mora'''
|Beautiful shmup with time-manipulation elements and character designs bound to please the furfags.
|[[File:Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Sonic the Hedgehog 4'''
|Does this even need much of a description? It's Sonic, it's 2D, it's good. Both episodes are available, as well as Sonic CD.
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|[[File:Vendetta Online Ouya cover.jpg|150px]]
|'''Vendetta Online'''
|A mix of online RPG and space simulator. Similar to EVE, but more streamlined and action-oriented.

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