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The PC-8801 (shortened to PC-88) is an 8-bit personal computer made by NEC and originally intended for business use. It was initially followed closely by its main competitors, the X1 and FM-7, before the PC-8801 mkIISR and later models introduced the powerful V2 mode which would leave them in the dust and make it by far the leading computer series in Japan until being superseded by the PC-9801 series, which cemented NEC's position as the lead computer manufacturer in Japan.

As far as games go, the PC-88 saw the birth of various series such as Dragon Slayer and Ys as well as prolific companies such as Enix and Hudson.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
Xanadu pic pc88.jpg Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu Scenario 1 & 2 Action-RPG One of the original gangsters of action-RPGs with platforming. 1985! Combines platforming and overhead dungeon-crawling. Has lots of secrets, puzzles, items, magic spells, enemies, platforming, exploring, etc. And of course, big badass bosses you'd expect from Falcom. Scenario 2 is better, but you'll want to beat Scenario 1 first, as 2 pulls tricks and traps early on that a totally new player won't understand.

The process to get Scenario 2 started requires you to get prompted to copy aspects of Scenario 1 unto a Scenario 2 disk and use the training center and maze of Scenario 1 to get to the dungeon entrance, then, when prompted again, change disks to proceed with the Scenario 2 game.

Has several remixes, sequels, spinoffs, and successors.

XzrScreenshot.png XZR: Hakai no Gouzou Action-RPG The very first game in the series which would later be known as Exile on the TurboGrafx-16. You control Sadler, a Syrian assassin who smokes drugs to restore health and seeks to end the tyranny of the evil rulers, so you run around the land solving all sorts of problems, then you get transported to the future, where you must kill the President of the United States!

This game received a port for the MSX, which has worse graphics and no scrolling, but is much, much easier. Though there are no fan-translations available for either version, you can find walktroughs on the internet.


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