The PC-9801 (also simply called PC-98) is a personal computer made by NEC, and the successor to the PC-88. It single-handedly allowed NEC to utterly dominate the Japanese computer market for almost 20 years (until the advent of IBM PC's), such that even the vastly superior in every way X68000 and FM Towns could not dethrone it. Reasons for it include a good head-start compared to its rivals and a strong marketing campaign.

Much like its predecessor, the PC-98 was a business-oriented machine, featuring high-resolution kanji support. Because of its huge popularity, the PC-98 was flooded not only with doujin games, but mainly with eroge games (read: Hentai). Even so, there are many hidden gems if you search carefully.

There is this nice site dedicated to document the PC-98 games catalog. Go check it out.

The listEdit

Boxart Title Genre Description Screenshot
46OkunenMonogatariCover 46 Okunen Monogatari: THE Shinka Ron
(4.6 Billion Years Story: The Theory of Evolution)
RPG An awesome RPG where you control a creature which you can evolve, beginning as a fish then taking it over various eras (amphibians, dinosaurs) up to humanity and beyond. Sounds familiar? That's because E.V.O: Search For Eden on the SNES is actually a sequel to this game.
BrigantyCover Briganty: The Roots of Darkness Action-RPG Excellent side-scrolling action-RPG. Beating up enemies gives you experience, which allows you to learn new combos. Brigantyscreenshot
BurningDragonPlusCover Burning Dragon Plus Shoot'em Up Nice military-themed shmup with continuous stages. BurningDragonPlus
FarlandStoryCover Farland Story (series) RPG/Turn-based Strategy A long-running series of turn-based strategy RPGs by TGL. There are seven games released for the PC-98, and with the exception of the last one they have all been fan-translated into english. Farlan34
KotsujinLogo Flame Zapper Kotsujin Shoot'em Up Hella cool doujin shmup which plays like Raiden, though much faster. FlameZapperKotsujin
Galtrio1 Galt-Rio Shoot'em Up A horizontal shmup for a change, this one is quite text heavy. GaltRio
GitenMegamiTenseiBoxart Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo Revelation RPG A strange entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series as it was developed by ASCII and not Atlus. Unlike the turn-based battle RPGs you might be accustomed to, combat here is more quasi-real time. GitenMegatenScreenshot
JumpHeroCover Jump Hero Platformer A time-trial platformer made by Compile, you choose from two characters and must climb to the top before time runs out. JumpHero
LastBreakersCover Last Breakers Shoot'em Up Another cool shmup, this one has six selectable characters each with his own ship. Obviously one of them is a ninja. LastBreakers
NetGuardianBoxart Net Guardian Shoot'em Up You are a fairy-shaped antivirus program, who enters a infected computer to get rid of viruses, trojans and other malware. How you do this? By blowing up them all, obviously! NetGuardian
Pbang 1 Pool Bang Shoot'em Up What? A billiards themed shmup? It is as weird as it sounds, with you shooting balls which bounce around on the field. PoolBang
PopfulMailPC98Cover Popful Mail Platformer Nice platformer with RPG elements made by Falcom. You (eventually) get 3 different characters with their own specialties, and the game revolves around using them effectively. Stages have several secrets, obstacles, and baddies to find and conquer. Bosses provide a nice challenge and are why you'll want to buy items and upgrades. Doesn't take itself seriously, but it's not exactly "easy" to beat. Easy enough to beat with an FAQ and without japanese knowledge.
Got an improved port for the PC Engine CD and smoother remake for Sega CD, both which are vastly improved. This one is still purdy gud, but the PC-88 version is a downgrade. The SNES/SFC version is kinda different in general.
Only the Sega CD is in English, but is harder compared to the Jap Sega CD version, so keep that in mind.
RustyBoxart Rusty Platformer Imagine Castlevania, but instead of playing with one of the badasses of the Belmont clan, you play with a chick in sexy leather outfit.
Now has a delicious fan translation!
TotsugekiMixCover Totsugeki! Mix Platformer A brightly colorful platformer where you choose from three girls and go beat goblins. It plays just like Rusty. TotsugekiMix
Toohoo03cover Touhou 1~5 Shoot'em Up Yes, THAT Touhou. These are the original games from this doujin series during ZUN's college days with his buds, "Amusement Makers". A lot simpler and more straight forward than later games, as the bullet patterns are a bit less complex, but quite a bit faster. These are also from before the series' overproliferation on the internet, which gave birth to one of the most retarded fan-bases in existence.
The first game is a character-based Breakout clone with some added gimmicks (opinions are mixed). The third game is a versus shmup, much like Twinkle Star Sprites.
Later Touhou games can be found on Windows. The other Amusement Makers went on to make their own games, some of which are called "Seihou".
UsaginaPanicCover Usagina Panic/
Usagina Panic 2
Platformer You play with a bunnygirl with a sword, who goes beat up some evil penguins. It has some small RPG elements. UsaginaPanic

Eroge games (18+)Edit

Boxart Title Genre Description Screenshot
NightSlaveBoxart Night Slave Platformer Cool mecha platformer similar to the Assault Suits series, but with a Gradius-style powerbar. In between missions you are treated to some hentai lesbian action for whatever reason. NightSlave
NingyouTsukai2Cover Ningyou Tsukai 2
(Metal & Lace 2)
Fighting Surprisingly solid fighting game, despite the PC-98's limitations. You play with robots piloted by girls, and of course the loser gets to strip. Also known as Metal & Lace 2. Ningyo-tsukai-2-pc-98-screenshot
SteamHeartsPC98Cover Steam Hearts Shoot 'em Up A bunch of sexy catgirl bosses are infected by a virus, it's up to you to subdue them and inject them with the only known cure: your man juice! So you blow stuff up on the stages, and after defeating the boss you get a cutscene where you have your way with the boss. Has a PCE-CD remake which is very dull, and a enhanced Saturn port which is much improved. Steamheartspc98
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