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NEC's PC-FX was meant to be the successor to the TurboGrafx-16... but then again, after the SuperGrafx crashed and burned, one can only wonder why they even bothered. The hardware was outdated right out of the gate: just as people were drooling for the PlayStation's 3D power, this thing came out with no 3D support whatsoever, yet very good full motion video capabilities. Now what kind of games could come out for such a machine? Quite obviously: tons of anime-based interactive movies and point-and-click adventures. This was the otaku's system of choice, but there is little for anyone else.

The listEdit

Box Art Title Genre Description
ChipChan Kick PCFX Chip-Chan Kick! Platformer Fun platformer similar to Bubble Bobble, you play with a magical gurl with a slime pal which she tosses to stun enemies. This being a PC-FX game, it has a handful of anime cutscenes, with a bit of lolicon for whatever reason.
Zeroigar PCFX Choujin Heiki Zeroigar Shoot 'em Up The only Shoot 'em Up on the PC-FX (and the PC-FX was supposed to be the successor to the PC Engine, the king of Shoot 'em Ups. Go Figure). A nice effort overall, with lots of, you guessed it, anime cutscenes.

This one has a fan-translation available, with subtitles during the anime cutscenes: [1]

Langrisser PCFX Der Langrisser FX Strategy The classic Langrisser now on the PC-FX, with enhanced sprites and 100% more anime cutscenes! All in Japanese unfortunately, so if that's a problem for you play the SNES or Mega Drive versions instead.
Zenki PCFX Kishin Douji Zenki FX: Vajra Fight Beat 'em Up The single best game on the PC-FX, it's an anime licensed Beat 'em Up with amazing sprites and fast action. Of course it has it's fair share of anime cutscenes, but thankfully they aren't as intrusive as in other games for this system.


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