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  • Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
Picture Title Genre Description Where To Buy
Cognition An Erica Reed Thriller cover PC.jpg Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Adventure Point and click adventure game with comic-style visuals. You play as an fbi agent with psychic powers. It's being released episodically with 3 episodes released and 1 additional coming soon. The story gets dark as FUCK later. Not on Steam yet, but it's on the greenlight section of the community. Developer's Store
Crusader Kings II box art.jpg Crusader Kings II Grand Strategy Crusader Kings II lets you play as a historic European Dynasty and lead them from the Norman conquest of England in 1066 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Through war, strategic marriages, incest, intrigue, and crusades you will expand your demesne and secure your Dynasty's future in the tumultuous Medieval Era. CK II has many pieces of DLC but the 4 major expansions are Sword of Islam (Allows playable Pigfuckers), Legacy of Rome (Makes the Byzantium Empire much more unique to play as), The Republic (playable Merchant Republics and new trade mechanics) and The Old Gods (Adds a new 867 start date, playable pagans, and numerous game play mechanics like the ability to raid). Steam
Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition cover PC.jpg Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Action RPG Fairly low requirement game with amazing gameplay mechanics and a great story. (Gamepad and whatever the current DSfix is for the best experience) Steam
Drunken Robot Pornography cover PC.jpg Drunken Robot Pornography FPS Get your jetpack and laser blaster ready: you made the mistake of giving free will to your robot bartender and the son of a bitch built an army of giant robots to destroy the city! Unique indie mix of FPS and bullet hell, perhaps a bit "fluff" but still very fun. Sadly, it in fact does not contain any pornography. From the creators of AaAaAA!!!. Humble Store
Dust An Elysian Tail cover.jpg Dust: An Elysian Tail Platformer / Action-RPG A mysterious warrior wanders a fantasy land with a magical talking sword and a little flying sprite companion, trying to regain his own memories. Man, that's one fuckin' beautiful furry-themed indie 2D platformer with RPG and beat 'em up elements. Stunning painted backgrounds, top notch animation, great voice acting. Humble Store
Dustforce cover PC.jpg Dustforce Platformer Very challenging and lesser-known platformer that draws obvious Super Meat Boy parallels with its wall-sliding action, online replay feature, and focus on speedrunning. This time there's dust on every surface, dust on rabid wild animals, and you've got to clean that shit up. Doing so while getting the highest rank in each level is crazy hard and technical. Don't miss out on the amazing sprite art or music, either. Steam
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams.jpg Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Platformer A great Euro-style 2D platformer with some incredible visuals and a soundtrack to match. GOG


Gunman Clive PC cover.png Gunman Clive Platformer Similar to Mega Man but with a western theme. Very cool visual style and fun gameplay with three different, unique characters to choose from (the third one is unlockable). It's a steal at $2.00. Steam
Lamulana homepage pic.jpg La-Mulana Metroidvania Freeware classic gone from MSX-style to remade for modern PC, and remastered to the max. Features better controls, better laptop, more settings, MUCH smoother animations and action, a rearranged soundtrack, and even some new story additions. Some puzzles, traps, and bosses have been modified, sometimes to be easier or harder. Bosses are generally more challenging though. If you never played the original, that's fine. There's enough differences to warrant giving both a go. For those not in the know, it's a mostly non-linear platforming adventure game. Dungeons are full of danger and riddles and require some non-lateral thinking and possibly note-taking to figure out. Playism


Lego LOTR.jpg LEGO The Lord of the Rings Action/adventure Collect lego pieces, fight lego orcs, control over 90 lego LOTR characters, you know the deal...While the formula ins´t really that new, its fucking LOTR and its irresistible charm mixes up with the one from the Lego series, making this a VERY good game. Play this even if you dont like Lego, seriously. The goal here isnt , of course, beating the game, but to 100% it, which can be quite challenging , so dont rush through the game: EXPLORE EVERYTHING. PC version is recommended for better visuals and a more convenient price tag. Do NOT get the handheld versions. Steam
Papers Please PC cover.png Papers, Please Dystopian Document Thriller You are the immigrations inspector for Arstotzka, a Eurasian communist shithole. It is your job to inspect the papers of everyone trying to enter the country, turning away any and all who do not qualify.

A lot more engrossing than it sounds. Seriously, play this.

Skullgirls cover.jpg Skullgirls Fighting I hope you brought a pillow to bite, because this game is about to push your shit in. Skullgirls is an indie fighting game that uses the lag-reducing GGPO-netcode, so now even Brazilians can laugh at you. It features an ever-growing roster of playable characters, a unique art-style and some of the most hardcore gameplay since Guilty Gear. If you ever get tired of having to wipe your pussy-ass tears after every match, there's always a Skullgirls General on /vg/. Steam
The Stanley Parable PC cover.jpg The Stanley Parable First-person Adventure A free (?) mod for HL2 about some guy named Stanley who works for a company, pressing buttons, until one day everything changes. Very stripped down gameplay (WASD, mouse, and E), but focuses on story. A self-aware deconstruction of video games, but can seem pretentious. Multiple endings, short playtime, but worth checking out for the story.

There are two games called "The Stanley Parable", made by the same people: the free one at moddb is Half-Life -ish, the for-pay one at Steam is Portal 2 -ish. The free mod has 6 endings, while the paid version has 18. Play the free one first to see if you like it.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Coverart.jpg XCOM: Enemy Unknown Turn-Based Strategy Official remake of the PC classic, XCOM is all about managing a worldwide secret project to combat a very nasty alien invasion wrecking Earth's shit. Basically, the game is split between actually organizing XCOM's base, which involves things like choosing when to hire new soldiers or construct facilities and fighting aliens with squads of 4 to 6 members in quite tactical battles. Each of the 14 countries backing up the XCOM project has a "Panic Gauge", which increases according to the aliens' actions and, if any of them hit level 5 by the end of the month, said country will stop supporting the whole thing. If that happens eight times, it's game over. Steam
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