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PC GAMES FROM 2001 TO 2006

Picture Title Genre Description Where To Buy
Advent rising.jpg Advent Rising TPS Mass Effect before Mass Effect, minus all but a few superficial RPG elements. If you can get past the lack of polish, some bugs, unforgivably pretentious writing and the poor first half of the game, you can find a solid TPS (Translation: If you can get used to playing shitty games, you won't mind playing shitty games.) with very good balance and differentiation in the variety of "powers" you accumulate [telekinesis never gets old]. From the makers of Shadow Complex. PC version recommended over XBOX version. And please ignore the plot and writing - they took a screenplay excreted by Orson Scott Card and tried to run with it, but whoever was in charge of that buggered it up pretty badly. GOG


Aom front.jpg Age of Mythology RTS Step back from Empires II and embrace the mythic age. You command one of three classical civilizations ― Norse, Egyptian, and Greek ― and from each choose various patron gods as you advance ages to give you new units or bonuses depending on the dominion of the god. Arguably one of the best RTS games out there.You also might want to try out the Titans Expansion, which adds a new civilization: the mythical Atlanteans. Steam
Alien Shooter PC cover.jpg Alien Shooter Arcade shooter Do you enjoy Shadowground? Do you enjoy killing aliens? Do you enjoy killing aliens in masses? Well, then this is the right game for you. All you have to do is to grab a gun and shoot the crap out of the countless shitheads! Tons of fun! Recommended for people who plan to become mass murderers. The game is being updated onto the AS-2 engine under the title "Alien Shooter: Revisited". GOG


252px-Aliens vs. Predator 2 Box Cover.jpg Aliens Vs Predator 2 FPS Play as Aliens, Predators or Marines, each with very different abilities and tactics.The campaign is very atmospheric, especially the Marine campaign which does a very good job of bringing the feeling from the movies.

The radar's filled with white dots closing in, you just have your flashlight spinning in circles hoping to see them before they jump you. They're right on top of you according to the radar. Silence. Then hell breaks loose.

There's also an expansion that adds some new stuff. Like NOLF, very unlikely to get a re-release since no ones who ones what. The first avp (gold edition) is nice too and available on GOG.

Armed and Dangerous cover.jpg Armed and Dangerous Run'n'Gun, TPS An entertaining third person shooter with lots of humor from a time when LucasArts was known for more than Star Wars. From the same designers of Giants: Citizen Kabuto and MDK. Steam
Anachronox.jpg Anachronox RPG A game with JRPG elements, but without all the teenagers, campy androgynous villains or ridiculous hairstyles. You play as Silvester 'Sly Boots' Bucelli, a failed private detective, who in his desperation to find work (and thus repay his debt to the local mobsters) falls upon an evil plot, etc. Anti-hero protagonist is a breath of fresh air in this genre, as is the originality of the other characters in the entourage (joining the party you have a miniaturized planet and an aging Mexican wrestler, to name a couple). If you like sci-fi, sci-fi-humor and RPG games, you'll probably like this one.

Note: Make sure you patch it if you get it, as the unpatched version is buggy as hell.

Arcanum.gif Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura RPG Steampunk RPG set in a world where magic and technology exist in constant conflict.With no set classes, you're free to set up any character you want, from gun-slinging thief to magic-powered diplomat.

Tons of shit to do and you can approach pretty much every single situation from different directions, with genuinely different gameplay depending on what you do. Combat system's quite broken (and quite easy to exploit); if you put it into realtime, it's far more tolerable. You're not playing this game for the fightan anyway. There are already Unofficial Patches fixing some of the glitches and bugs but the gameplay is still about 80% playable with some of the broken things rarely noticed.

Arx-fatalis box.jpg Arx Fatalis RPG Arx Fatalis is set on a world whose sun has failed, forcing the above-ground creatures to take refuge in subterranean caverns.The action in Arx takes place in one of these large caves, where individuals from such races as trolls, goblins, Dwarves, Humans &c. have made their homes on various levels of the cave.Has a ton of possible player builds and in-depth crafting/cooking/magic/&c. Drawing runes for spells is pretty awesome.
Since the source code was released, a fanmade open source port of the game has been made. Arx Libertatis updates and improves Arx Fatalis by supporting modern systems, porting the game to new systems as well as eliminating bugs and limitations. Future plans are to improve and modernize the engine as well as enable customizations and mods by the community.


Battle engine aquila.jpg Battle Engine Aquila FPS/Flight Walker mode, kill stuff while on land. Jet mode, kill stuff while in the air.Watch your shields, attack factories and blow shit up on an epic scale as a one man army, fightin' the bad guys and participating in dynamic battles. If you like FPS games, and you like freedom of movement in all three dimensions,you will drool like a senior over this mean motherfucker.
Bf1942cover.jpg Battlefield 1942 FPS https://www.gog.com/game/serious_sam_the_first_encounter
Battlefield2Cover.jpg Battlefield 2 FPS Class-based FPS featuring 64+ players per server vying for control of capture points in deserts, jungles and industrial areas around the world, as part of a fictional global conflict set in the near future. Warring factions are the USMC (United States), PLA (China), EU (European Union), and MEC (Middle Eastern Coalition), though each map features only two of these factions pitted against each other. Each faction possesses different weapons and vehicles, restricting the player from having a universal favorite - unless he unlocks one, using the games rank system, which doles out rewards based on universal player points, gained by kills, point captures, and rounds won. This title brings some fun new options to the Battlefield series, such as the UAV, which spots enemies on the player's map. BF2 also improves upon the use of vehicles with this title, allowing the player to be highly mobile, keeping the pace fast and fun. One note: grenades can be a frustration with this one...The new 1.50 patch that was just released also includes the two booster packs Armored Fury and Euro Forces and addresses a lot of gameplay issues, making this one of the better values on the PC, since you can buy it pretty cheap.

Note: The game is full of cheaters

Note: Not really, the game just has really small hitboxes

(Note: Steam UI goes in conflict with Punkbuster, disable Steam Community In-Game by right-clicking on the game -> Properties)

Beyond Good and Evil PC cover.png Beyond Good and Evil Stealth/Action From the creators of Rayman; you play as an independent journalist trying to uncover a conspiracy in a fantasy world. Very fun and solid storyline, but pretty short. While compared to other Ubisoft releases, the port may be of higher quality, there are still a number of bugs to beware, along with some rather persistent letterboxing. An HD version of this game has also been released for PSN and Xbox Live. GOG


Black & White Coverart.png Black & White RTS Play as God as you bring your chosen people through several different worlds. Use miracles and raise your giant pet. Recommended for those who don't mind elements which seem to have been crafted for a kids' game.
Bloodrayne PC cover.jpg BloodRayne Action Play as an unrealistically huge-breasted female half-human half-vampire chick, who somehow got lost in the plot of every Wolfenstein game. Tits, insane levels of gibbing and some cool gameplay ideas make up for rather unimaginative level design, muddy graphics and occasionally frustrating and unclear semi-puzzle elements. The basis for another horrible Uwe Boll movie. GOG


1068246996-00.jpg Call of Duty FPS WWII game that started a rampage of sequels, now blown out of proportion. Innovative and interesting for its time, often disregarded, but still a whole heap of fun. The campaign features American paratrooper missions in 1944 France, clandestine British SAS missions, and glorious Soviet conscript/tanker missions during and following the 1942 Battle of Stalingrad. The United Offensive expansion pack is pretty good, adding a few new weapons as well as another set of American, British, and Soviet missions. Steam
Call of Duty 2 Box.jpg Call of Duty 2 FPS I know, I know, Call of Derp WWII Shootan. But it is the best WWII shooter ever made, and the online community is still one of the best, especially since it's been years since the MW crowd has been around. Steam
Undyingcover.jpg Clive Barker's Undying FPS Horror FPS about some Irish paranormal investigator investigating occult happenings at an estate of a friend. Features lots of Lovecraftian horror and other typical occult supernatural things. You can use guns and magic. GOG
Company of Heroes.jpg Company of Heroes RTS 3D World War II European-Theater themed RTS. Single player campaign covers Normandy to the final defeat of Nazi forces in Germany from the American's perspective. Known for its destructible terrain, intelligent infantry squads, and use of tactical elements such as suppression, cover, and territory control. Has two Expansions : Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. Opposing Fronts adds a lot of new Stuff, while Tales of Valor is a bit lackluster. Highly recommended by the RTS crowd. Steam
Cube screenshot 1914089.jpg Cube FPS An open source game engine for FPS games, named for its use of textured cubes for level building. Now on its second iteration. The game Sauerbraten is close to Quake while ASSAULT CUBE is closer to Counterstrike. A version of Cube is available for the iPhone. Very fast paced gameplay, so, increasingly, it's becoming more and more popular among ADD riddled children. Official site
Dark messiah.jpg Dark Messiah of Might and Magic FPS/Action The player controls Sareth (THE BOOT), the apprentice of the wizard Phenrig, after he is sent to the city of Stonehelm to accompany an expedition trying to retrieve a powerful artifact known as "The Skull of Shadows.' Some of the most fun melee combat you're going to find in an FPS-style game, combined with some laughably awkward voice-acting and a story that's unabashedly cheesy. Have fun kicking orcs into spikes / chasms / fires / etc. Steam
Defcon.jpg DEFCON: Everybody Dies RTS A very well-done independent RTS based around just what its name suggests: Nuclear War. The player strategically places (can't stress how important planning is here) units like radar stations, naval fleets, and - most importantly - missile silos, then engages in at first conventional warfare and then global thermonuclear war. Get the upper hand by destroying your opponents' military capability, and win by inflicting the most megadeaths - civilian deaths, in millions - relative to megadeaths suffered. Deeply atmospheric, even with only simple 1980s-command-center-style vector graphics. Also has a pretty active Steam group named DefconNukan, so if you ever have an itch for a game, go there. GOG


Dorfs.png Dwarf Fortress Sim Comes with 2 game modes: Fortress mode where you set off with a bunch of dwarves to make your fort in the wilderness, and Adventurer: A roguelike with no purpose(yet). Addictive gameplay, very in depth damage system(even keeps track of how much damage each FINGER receives), and a game so confusing to newcomers it is recommended to read MagmaWiki thoroughly before playing, or watch the tutorial videos like 51ppycup's YouTube. It's definitely the most complex game you've ever played, and probably the most complex game you will ever play. It's worth the endeavor though. Official site
Evil Genius Coverart.png Evil Genius Sim Similar to Dungeon Keeper. Fun and quirky management game with a cartoonish style similar to Team Fortress 2. You must go about your plans for world domination while averting attention from the rest of the world. Carve a secret lair out of a mountain on a deserted island (giant skull shape and volcano not included). Notable for its humour and references to the spy drama genre, most specifically the James Bond movies. GOG


256px-Empire Earth.jpg Empire Earth RTS Great RTS which lets players advance through history from the Prehistoric Age to the Nano Age. Neat campaigns, with three based on historical events and one very good future sci-fi campaign. There is still a small active multiplayer community. Nice soundtrack. The Art of Conquest expansion pack adds new civilizations, units, campaigns, and an extra Age past the Nano Age. On par with Rise of Nations. GOG
Evnova box.png Escape Velocity Nova Combat/Sim Third in the Escape Velocity series and first to be released for Windows, EV Nova is a Space Trading and Combat game with addictive mechanics, tons of ships and upgrades, and a huge galaxy to explore, trade with, or conquer. The game features six different major storylines and several sub-stories, several factions and quite a lot of fun. Plug-in support also allows you to play the first two games in the series - Escape Velocity and Escape Velocity Override - using the engine. Ambrosia SW
Fable The Lost Chapters PC cover.jpg Fable: The Lost Chapters Action RPG Play through the life of a hero, from idyllic childhood, to heroic youth, to heroic not-as-much-youth. A less-than-serious action RPG by Peter Molyneux (back when people still took Peter Molyneux seriously), in which your appearance changes according to your morality and your skills. Hyped to all hell, but still fun. The soundtrack by Russell Shaw is the stuff of legend.

There is also an HD re-release, Fable Anniversary. However, that was a rushed console port with serious performance issues and a clunky interface that only makes sense if you use a gamepad. So most PC users prefer TLC.

Farcry.jpg Far Cry FPS FPS set in a tropical island paradise. Good looking with a cliché story and interesting AI. Challenging with some interesting gameplay concepts: sneak past the guards, kill them and shoot your way through the rest of the now-alerted base, or find an armed vehicle elsewhere to massacre everything. Made in Germany; you know the Germans always make good stuff. Game gets a lot worse after you meet the overpowered mutant monkeys.

Was the Crysis of its day. Fitting since it was made by Crytek. Crytek sold the series to Ubisoft after this.



FEAR DVD box art.jpg F.E.A.R. FPS Scary FPS by the company that made Blood. You play as a member of an fictional elite special forces team and are called in to contain a mysterious supernatural phenomenon. Your character has superhuman reflexes, represented in gameplay with a slow-motion ability. Good atmosphere with very well-done thrills, nice combat with satisfying-to-use weapons, and brilliant AI make the game quite tense and exciting. Very customizable, allowing adjustment of various graphical settings and keybinds to your liking.
There is a multiplayer version versus other players which is free, but likely empty.
Has two expansion packs ("Extraction Point" and "Perseus Mandate") not made by Monolith, but are still decent with true-to-the-original core gameplay. Too bad the sequels were rather disappointing.
Also on Xbox 360 and PS3.


Fl box.jpg Freelancer Sim Open-world fighter simulation. In space. Plenty of replay value and a relatively smart plot to go along with it. Several mods for it, as well as several excellent servers, some of which are hosted by /v/
Gish Coverart.png Gish Platformer An indie platformer with an interesting premise: the main character is a 12 pound sack of tar, who can make himself hard, sticky, or slick. Tons of secrets and extra content add onto the already enjoyable gameplay and music, increasing playtime a bit. Newcomers will probably find the controls and the character's movements cumbersome and awkward, but you'll get used to it. Good for killing a boring afternoon. Official site
Gothic cover.jpg Gothic RPG War has decimated the land, Orc Hordes are invading human territory and the king of the land needs a lot of ore to forge enough weapons for his army to stand against this threat. Prisoners from all over the empire are imprisoned in a large magical sphere where they have to work in the mines for the king. You are thrown into the sphere to give a letter to the high mages, this letter may be the turning point on the war against the Orcs. GOG
Gothic 2.jpg Gothic 2 RPG Rock-solid RPG. After the first game, you awaken in the tower of an old friend of yours as you discover that the cave in which you fought the final boss of the first game collapsed killing you. You awaken without powers, and now you must reobtain them while a new evil rises... et cetera. Be sure to get the expansion Night of the Raven, it rebalances the whole game and adds lotsanew stuff. GOG
Grand theft auto vice city PC.jpg Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Action Grand Theft Auto III introduced most fans to the series, but Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was what sealed the deal and became one of the best-selling games of all time. You play as Tommy Vercetti, a career criminal and opportunist involved in a drug deal gone wrong - and now you're pissed and want your money back. Set in 80's Miami, with all the awesome music and awful fashion it entails. Steam
Half-Life 2 PC cover.jpg Half-Life 2
(+ episodes)
FPS Decades after the Black Mesa incident, the Combine rule the Earth and drain it of its natural resources. But the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

The current version on Steam is more tailored for modern systems. So will probably run sluggish on OG hardware.

Hearts of Iron 2 cover.jpg Hearts of Iron 2 RTS GET DARKEST HOUR INSTEADBig ass real time strategy game made by Paradox Interactive. Takes place during WW2 and allows you to pick any fucking country that existed during that time(except shitty ones like Liechtenstein). Build huge panzer armies and fuck shit up, deal with dissent in your nation if you screw up, research bigger and badder tanks and planes, and generally have fun conquering the world.  Get Carpal Tunnel because HOLY SHIT DEPLOYING TROOPS IS A PAIN IN THE ASS. As of now, the sequel Hearts of Iron 3 is a bugfest- Paradox likes to rely on its mod community to finish their games for them.
HAD2.jpg Hidden and Dangerous 2 Stealth/First(or third)-Person Tactical shooter Awesome game, I can't believe it's not on here already. You are basically some surly English commandos tasked with killing Nazis and blowing shit up. It's mostly a stealth game, but shooting everything that moves is also a viable strategy. The campaign is actually really long, and takes you from North Africa to the Czech Republic. Before each mission you choose your loadout, including tools (compass, wire cutter, aqualung), weapons (American, English, German, Russian are all here), and even your uniform. You also pick 4 commandos to make up your squad, who are good at some things but not others, though you'll probably find yourself using the same 4 guys over and over, unless someone gets killed (they die more or less permanently).

The multiplayer was really good back when I first got this, but I doubt many people still play. Had an expansion that I never could get my hands on it.

HitmanBloodMoney.jpg Hitman: Blood Money Stealth/TPS As a hitman, you sneak into... everywhere in the entire world, steal the clothes of various people on-site to blend in, hide your equipment in various discrete places, plan your shit out so you can make a perfectly-executed move when the time is just right.

It's a masterpiece. Play this shit, for real.

Hitman 2 artwork.jpg Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Stealth/TPS For some reason, this game was overshadowed by its sequels but it really shouldn't. In terms of story, gameplay, soundtrack and atmosphere, Hitman 2 really beats the competition even to this day. The only annoying thing about this masterpiece are the japanese: YAME, YAME, YAME, YAME, YAME. Also on the PS2, but the PC version controls are so much better GOG
Hitman 3 artwork.jpg Hitman: Contracts Stealth/TPS Pretty much the same as above, but it's an older game. Probably the most grimdark Hitman released. Has some amazingly atmospheric levels and music. GOG
Homeworld 2.jpg Homeworld 2 RTS (See Homeworld.) Over a century ago, the Exiles returned to their Homeworld, Hiigara. Follow them once more in their quest to stop the savage and determined Vaygr from conquering the galaxy. Retaining the atmosphere of the first game, Homeworld 2 adds new gameplay elements, such as fighter and corvette squadrons, upgrades, and capital ship hardpoints, modules, and subsystems, adding more variety to gameplay(like disabling a Battlecruiser's engines, for instance). The game also has a good modding community. GOG
Hostile Waters coverart.jpg Hostile Waters Strategy Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising is a hybrid vehicle and strategy game released on the PC in 2001 by the British company Rage Games Limited. It was inspired by an earlier game known as Carrier Command (Realtime Games, 1988). GOG
IL-2 1946.jpg IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Flight Simulation The latest expansion to IL-2, adds in some prototype jets including the YP-80, Yak-15, and MiG-9. The latest patch also adds in more maps, planes, and new static campaigns based on theoretical and real events. The community has also modded it to cover jets up to 1956, including some Korean and Vietnam era planes such as the Mig-19 and the F-86, the mod pack also redesigns the game's main menu to look better, and organizes planes based on their respective nations. Many standalone skins and jets have been added, including the MiG-21 and the F-4. For a guide on installing the latest mod package and IL-2 1956, even with the Steam version, see this thread GOG


Jurassic park operation genesis.jpg Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Tycoon/Sim The best Jurassic Park game out there. You're in control of John Hammond's organization and you have to build a theme park - with dinosaurs. Loads of attractions and tons of details which make up for an awesome and fun experience.
PROTIP: Always check the weather forecast. If there's a tornado coming the next month, activate emergency mode immediately and hope that the tourists run out fast enough. Yes, they're that slow and if a tornado catches them it'll wreck your entire economy.
Also on the PS2 and Xbox.
MafiaCover.jpg Mafia TPS GTA-like game that takes place in the USA in the 30s and tells the story of a beginner in the world of crime and his carrer in the ranks of the Mafia.

The gameplay is buggy as hell, but it's very fun. At first it may seem like a mediocre GTA clone, but the story is fucking awesome, about friendship and betrayal. There are very big chances that you will CRY MANLY TEARS at the ending, like I did

Maxpayne.jpg Max Payne TPS An undercover cop finds himself framed for murder and thrown right in the middle of a drug conspiracy, just as New York is being ravaged by its worst blizzard ever. This noir-styled shooter was one of the first games to use bullet-time as a core gameplay mechanic. Tense story, cool action set pieces, and graphics that still manage to convey the gritty atmosphere make this worth checking. Humble
MaxPayne2.jpeg Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Third Person Shooter Has many changes, but still stays true to the original game in terms of gameplay, story, characters, and atmosphere. The big changes include more polished graphics, new actors for pretty much every character, and fixes to bullettime/bulletdodge mechanics. Takes place two years after Max Payne; you're in a hospital, and it seems that you did some bad shit in the recent past. You make an escape, and spend half of the game flashing back to what happened. Not going to spoil anything. The gameplay is the same, but improved. More balanced weapons, better bullettime. You still need to save the game constantly like your life depended on it. Steam
Moh.jpg Medal of Honor Allied Assault FPS You should blame this game for WWII SHOOTAN-theme invasion. Like Call of Duty 4, it was an FPS trend-setter: from time to time you are followed by a group of allies who do nothing but die pointlessly, you fire from an MG42 while defending some house, and so on. It was created with Steven Spielberg, so plenty of action and top-notch voice acting, even by tomorrow's standards. The campaign features many iconic battlefields from WWII (Omaha Beach, herp derp) and a few stealthy missions. The soundtrack accompanying the Nazi-killing goodness was recorded by the Seattle Symphony and it's gorgeous. The Spearhead expansion pack is pretty decent, but Breakthrough is mediocre. Part of the team who developed this game later worked on Call of Duty. GOG
Nethack logo.png Nethack Roguelike A very popular roguelike, with good reason. Complexity. There are hundreds of coded interactions within this game, many of which are beneficial, many more so of which are deadly. (example: [1], because it makes this section very tl;dr) Dozens of monsters, items, and spells have different properties and can be combined for surprising results. Pick a class and deity, then prepare to dive into 50 or so levels in search of the Amulet of Yendor. Each step brings you closer to victory... or to perma-death. No save system, folks, except for reloading a game in progress. Official website
Neverwinter Nights.jpg Neverwinter Nights RPG Did you like the Baldur's Gate series? This is the spiritual succesor taking place in the same world. Unlike the classical CRPGs from Black Isle the gameplay is a bit different: You only play one character and (depending on the add-on) have either one or two sidekicks. But just like Baldur's Gate you have a gazillion possibilities when it comes to character customization (Classes, races, skils, feats, weapons, spells, you name it!). The story of the main game is your standard run-of-the-mill fantasy story, but the (interconnected) story of the first and second add-on really shine! There's also a ton of decent free campaigns (Check out Darkness over Daggerfold made by a team featuring the producer from the Baldur's Gate add-on Throne of Bhaal!) and some decent paid dlc campaigns (premium modules). Since they stopped selling these they also deactivated the license check, so you can play them for free, and the Diamond Version from Gog.com comes with 2(?) of these premium modules. GOG
NoOneLivesForever2.jpg No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way. FPS/Stealth Everything great about the original is back. NOLF 2 delivers everything a sequel ought to; new weapons, more expansive levels, and even quirkier characters than before. The missions are a lot less linear, and the skill point system offers incentive to gather intel and complete the optional quests. Enemies include ninjas, mimes, and human cubes.

Like the first, its unlikely to get a re-release since no one knows who owns what.

NOLF Revival
Oni PC cover.jpg Oni TPS/brawler The year is 2032, the environment has gone to shit, the world is under a single government, and the police is divided between hiding the truth from the people and hunting down terrorists. That is, until a cop realizes that she is being deceived as well. A then-unique mix of beat 'em up and third person shooter, perhaps a better Ghost In The Shell game than any game officially bearing that title. The graphics have aged quite a bit, but the action is still very fun. Bungie's last game before selling their souls joining Microsoft. Doesn't work right on modern systems, so be sure to get the AE update.
OutRun 2006.jpg OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Driving You, your girl, and a sparkling Ferrari. A full tank, good music, and the endless road before you. No speed limits.

Note that it's not for sale anywhere since Sega lost the Ferrari license, so go ahead and pirate it.

98.jpg Painkiller FPS Classic FPS set in fantastical supernatural occult settings varying from citadels and churches to graveyards to gigantic castles and beautiful palaces to dark caves, cold cities, and theatrical auditoriums. A HUGE variety of enemies from the typical occult skeletons to Lovecraftian monsters and a vast array of unique weapons to fight them. All you really need to know is that there's a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning. GOG
Pathologic.jpg Pathologic Survival Horror/Adventure You play as one of three doctors, each with their own morals and practices, and each trying to find the cure for a virus infecting a small town. Unlike most games, there is a heavy emphasis on survival, and the choices you make can have long-reaching effects. Each time you play the game things might happen completely differently based on what you do. GOG
Kongpc.jpg Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie Action-Adventure/FPS That's right, a good movie tie-in! Made by Rayman/Beyond Good and Evil creator Michel Ancel. Apparently Peter Jackson liked BG&E so much he chose Michel's team to create the game! Play in first person as Jack, or in third person as Kong himself. Really fun, really atmospheric and very faithful to the movie, with some great voice acting from the movie's cast. One of the first games to throw away the HUD and rely on visual/audio cues to let you know what's up. While it's short (4-6 hours) and could use a few more Kong levels it's a great game and worth checking out.
Also on the Xbox 360, Xbox, Gamecube and PS2. The Xbox 360 version is superior due to heavily upgraded graphics.
Perimeter.jpg Perimeter RTS Perimeter's tagline, "Real Time Strategy Reborn", speaks volumes about this game's innovative gameplay. It features gameplay mechanics which had never before been implemented, unique unit and base building methods and a deep sci-fi plot [if you can follow it, which may at times be difficult]. Challenging until you have mastered the gameplay, full of replay value, and graphics which look shiny and cool despite its age. GOG
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst PC cover.png Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Action RPG Your planet is dying, and your species' only hope is to colonize a new world. But just as the transport ships arrive, a disaster happens on the surface - and you have to find out what happened. A spin-off of Sega's classic Phantasy Star series, PSO was the first taste of online roleplaying for consoles. And it was a lot of fun back then! Blue Burst improved on that with more content - it has Episodes I, II, and the exclusive IV. (Episode III, plot-wise the last one, is a Gamecube exclusive with completely different gameplay).

The official servers are long gone, but there are several private servers keeping the game alive.

Postal2.jpg Postal 2 FPS Survive a week in Paradise as the Postal Dude. Lots of low-brow humor and a contrived, XD-RANDUM story. Very early 2000s references abound. About 10 NPC models, repeated over and over again to fill the map. Good for you Columbine types. Noteworthy for being sandboxy as fuck with tons of exploration and a good modding community; basically Deus Ex meets South Park and worth a look even if you don't think putting out fires by pissing all over everything is the best gameplay mechanic since mouselook (it is).

Will run on anything with a CPU now of days. Running With Scissors have kept patching the game and runs well on modern systems. They even made a new expansion pack (Paradise Lost). Ignore Postal 3 since it was outsourced to a Russian Developer, too linear, and the final product wasn't what RWS wanted the game to be. Postal 4 is in Early Access and is more open world goodness but with updated references.

Prey PC cover.jpg Prey FPS A Cherokee ex-soldier is abducted to a massive spaceship that feeds from people, and he has to use his injun spirit magic to beat the aliens and save the world. Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous, but give it a chance. This is a very solid game (albeit quite linear), with excellent writing and voice work — the hero and his girl were played by actual Crees, and there are cameos by tinfoil hat radio celebrity Art Bell as himself. The graphics have held out very well. Also on OSX, Xbox 360, and there's an unofficial Linux port.
Prince-of-persia-sands-of-time 1.jpg Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Platformer The soulmate of ICO, from the minds behind Beyond Good and Evil and Jordan Mechner himself. You are some Persian Prince who travels with his father back to their homeland. But a treacherous Vizier convinces them to raid his lord, the Maharaja of India, instead. After party vanning them, they take many treachures, including a mysterious hourglass and a glowing dagger, to the King's old bro, the Sultan of Azad. The vizier persuades the Prince (yes, that's his name. Really creative,huh?) to open the hourglass with the dagger. Shit happens, and everyone except the Prince, the enslaved Maharaja's daugher Farah, and the evil Vizier turn into Zombies corrupted by the Sands of Time. Now the real fun begins: With the help of the snarky princess and her sexy bow you have to travel through the kingdom of Azad with your athletic skills, beat the crap out of the zombies and manipulate time to outsmart death. If you like time foolery and An Hero'ing, that's the right game for you. Beautifully made game which is a pearl under the many PC-Games, also for people who enjoy Oriental architecture, challenging puzzles and an awesome script ("Look, a crack!"). GOG


Prince-of-Persia Warrior Within.jpg Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within Platformer The dark horse of the Sands of Time trilogy, this game returns to the Prince's story seven years after the first game, where he has taken a serious turn for the grim and dark. Not without reason, as he's being chased by a Final Destination-style creature hellbent on seeing him killed to eliminate the final error in the timeline caused by the events of Sands of Time. If you can get past the suddenly dark, gritty approach, complete with wailing electric guitars and blood imagery, as well as the weak script, the plot is decent and the combat has taken a considerable step up from Sands of Time, along with general gameplay improvements, though sadly the puzzles take quite a dive. It's still worth playing, if just to see whether you'll like it or not, but it's nowhere near as classic a game as Sands of Time. GOG
Prince of persia two thrones PC CG.jpg Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Platformer Sadly, the original stealth-platforming-sandbox-action game this was meant to be, Kindred Blades, was never released. But the redesign, Two Thrones, was meant to appeal to those who liked Sands of Time but didn't like Warrior Within; toning down the darkness a bit and trying to give an experience closer to the first game--but not quite nailing it, in part due to a lack of time, having gone through major changes mid-development. But if you've played the other two, no reason why you should stop now: play this, and round out the platforming trilogy. GOG
Project Nomads Cover.jpg Project Nomads Action, Simulation, Strategy A mixture of RTS and 3rd-Person Perspective action game where you build turrets and others buildings on yours floating islands, while you defend yourself from enemy attacks.
Psychonauts box.jpg Psychonauts Platformer Play as an carnival escapee who runs away to a summer camp for psychics.Original storytelling and well written humor compliments this game. Hailed as one of the best platformers of the PS2/XBOX generation, now "out of print" but available for download on steam and other places on the net. Whilst the game can be incredibly frustrating due to bugs and/or camera, the sheer brilliance of the music, visuals, level design, retarded amounts of originality and a feeling of childlike joy eclipe any problems it has. GOG
Quake 4 PC cover.jpg Quake 4 FPS Continuing the plot of Quake 2 (1 and 3 have unrelated plots), you're a space marine fighting the Stroggs, a conquering cyborg alien race. It got a bit of an underwhelming reception, but it's actually very fun. It's more linear and "cinematic" than its predecessor, but still feels old-school enough (no auto-healing or weapon limit bullshit). GOGSteam
Red Faction PC cover.png Red Faction FPS Workers of the world, unite! And by world I mean Mars, where the poor brutalized miners are rising against the evil corporation that runs the planet. A nice shooter, and first in a series noted for its destructible environments, a very cool feature that even now remains unusual.

May be tricky to run on W10, see this guide.

Red orchestra.jpg Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 FPS Super realistic first-person shooter set during World War II (I know, I know) on the Eastern Front. Realistic gameplay means if you get shot once, you're probably dead. Emphasizes teamwork, and one really good player doesn't ensure victory for his team. Don't play the game like it's god damned Call of Duty and you will appreciate what it has to offer.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC cover.png Return to Castle Wolfenstein FPS It's 1943, and the Nazis plan to turn the tide of war by using dark magic to summon the undead! An old-fashioned, super-tough hardcore shootan by the same devs of Redneck Rampage and Kingpin: Life of Crime. Likely the best in the series.

Note: use this guide to get proper widescreen support.

Rfactor PC cover.jpg rFactor Racing Pretty much the racing game for the PC, designed to be easily extensible; countless cars, tracks, and series have been added by fans since its release. It has realistic physics, including advances in tire modeling, complex aerodynamics and a 15-degree-of-freedom game engine. In March 2009 ISI announced the development of rFactor 2, which will include weather effects, reflections, and accurate shadows on a variety of textures. Steam
Rome Total War.jpg Rome: Total War RTS/TBS A great RTS/TBS where you take control of one of three Roman factions fighting over control of Rome and the surrounding nations. Campaign mode has a 4X-style strategic world map where you manage your nation, cities, army divisions, and economy, but the real fun is when you engage in combat. You switch to an zoomed-in tactical view of your troops and control them RTS-style.

Also has a thriving mod community. Get Europa Barbarorum and it's like playing a whole new game.

Robot Arena 2 Design and Destroy.jpg Robot Arena 2: Design and Destroy Design If you were a fan of Robot Wars or Battlebots and ever wanted to make your own fighting robot, this game is for you. It's leaps and bounds above any of the licensed RW or BB games, much more vivd destruction and tons more design freedom-realism & practicality are completely optional, and you can do your robot's paintjob in any image-editing software. This is primarily a designing game; the opponents are patronizingly easy (save one), but no less satisfying to destroy. Has an active modding community (GameTechMods); the game is quite easy to mod if you're into that. The current most popular mod is the DSL total conversion. V1.4
Sacred.jpg Sacred Hack'n'Slash RPG An alright H'n'S RPG with much content. Sacred features a big open world of Ancaria to explore, many interesting quests, 6 characters to choose from, dozens of items and a good sense of humor. The Sacred Underworld expansion adds two more characters and a new story mode taking place in Underworld. Sacred Gold includes both, as well as many bugfixes. GOG
Sengoku.jpg Sengoku Rance / 戦国ランス Strategy/FAP Quality H-Game (SOMEHOW) where you attempt to raep say hello to all of Japan. Turn-based strategy that should be familiar to fans of Koei's strat-games (Nobunaga and RotTK especially), Advance Wars, and other such series. Medieval units, H-scenes when you capture princesses, and multiple endings with newgame+. Yandere translations has a full English translation.
Serioussam1.jpg Serious Sam FPS Be a badass action hero from the future, travel through time, massacre hordes of monsters. Action packed FPS probably intended to be played at LAN parties more than anything. Huge numbers of enemies requiring all the basic FPS tactics and weapons to dispatch. A must have for LANs, or a quick blast with an online friend. Note, the first SS is split in two episodes. Later they received HD versions with improved graphics and up to 16-player online co-op mode. GOGSteam
Serious Sam 2 PC cover.jpg Serious Sam 2 FPS SS2 is sort of the black sheep of the series, because it adopted a more cartoonish style. However, it does look fine - and the gameplay is still the same brutal non-stop carnage as the first game. For some visual modernizing, use the Renovation mod. Steam
Severance.jpg Severance: Blade of Darkness Hack 'n Slash/Adventure One of the greatest slashers ever created. Large levels with simple puzzles, tons of weapons and armor, lots of combos and special moves. Four characters: a barbarian, a knight, a dwarf and an Amazon; absolutely different styles of combat for each of them and a different starting level. No weapon restrictions. A barbarian can use an Amazon weapons although much less effectively and the other way around. Fountains of blood and dismemberment. How about chopping off that goblin's arm and then...Yes, you can use his own severed limb to beat the shit out of him.
SilentStormBox.jpg Silent Storm Turn-based tactics, tactical RPG A tactical game that take place during the world war II and let you play as six elite soldiers of the axis or the allied forces, the game at the release was praised for it's strong graphic department that made use of realistic physics and detailed 3d models. GOG
Simcity4.png SimCity 4 Sim Take control of a city as its Mayor, and try to expand whilst keeping the residents happy. The bigger your population, the bigger your dick becomes. However, unlike Simcity 2000, this game has an active modding community. Look for these: Simtropolis / Sim City Devotion / SimPeg SteamGOG
256px-SOF2gamecover.jpg Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix FPS The first one was meh, the third was just horrible but this one really is something. Lengthy plot, multiplayer, several locations to play, randomly generated missions aside from the main game that gives this one pretty much an infinite replayable value. Did I mentioned that you can blow arms and heads off with your shotgun?

One of the definite FPS of the generation. Grab it.

Sonic Adventure DX PC cover.jpg Sonic Adventure DX Platformer Sonic's first full 3D game. Of course, if you've played it on the Dreamcast, you don't really need to play it again - but if you haven't, it's still pretty damn fun. The framerate and character models were improved with the DX version, but some dislike its different textures and lighting system, so get the SADX Mod Installer that lets you choose which changes you get to use, fixes a number of issues, and even adds some cool cheats.

The 2004 PC release includes the unlockable Game Gear games that the GC version had. Missing from the Steam release. The 2004 PC release is more mod friend too. Recommended Mods

JediKnight2JediOutcast.jpg Star Wars - Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Action, Adventure, FPS One of the first SW games with comprehensive lightsaber combat, as well as plenty of fun force powers to play with. Fairly typical SW story, but it's entertaining enough to get you through. Has great multiplayer. GOG
Star-wars-kotor-cover.jpg Star Wars - Knights Of The Old Republic RPG Based on the engine for Neverwinter Nights (and, conseqently, a modified version of D&D rules), this game is a Star Wars RPG. As with Neverwinter Nights, gamers who prefer action may find the dice-roll based battle system slow and boring, but despite that, it's a fine Star Wars experience with a compelling story. The debate about which is better rages on, but if you like RPGs, you owe it to yourself to play both this and the sequel. GOG
KOTOR II.jpg Star Wars - Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords RPG Same as KOTOR, but was developed and written by Obsidian, known for their rather exceptional writing. However, it was ruined by the publisher rushing it, so it is unfinished and bug-ridden. Still worth playing because what they focused their attention on is brilliant. Be sure to use The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod, that makes it much closer to what it was supposed to be. GOG
Jedi Academy.jpg Star Wars - Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy Action, Adventure, FPS Sequel to Jedi Outcast. Non-linear choice of missions and improved saber combst from the previous games. Has a decent amount of customization. HUGE modding community over at Filefront. Kick-ass Multiplayer as well. GOG
Republic-commando.jpg Star Wars - Republic Commando FPS One of, if not THE, manliest Star Wars game out there. As a member of an elite squad of clone commandos, your orders are to fuck shit up. It is also one of the few games to do squad combat correctly, making it feel like each member has something to contribute to the mission. None of that jumping-in-front-of-you-while-you're-shotting garbage like in most squad games. It has a relatively short campaign, but it is a massive amount of fun. The worst thing about this game is they never made a proper sequel. GOG
Startopia.jpg Startopia Sim Business sim set on a space station. Humour is reminiscent of Douglas Adams' work, and for once it actually makes you laugh instead of cringe. Build robots, look after aliens, farm stuff on the biodeck, manufacture stuff, trade goods, build hotels, factories, sick bays, prisons etc etc... Decent, fun space sim. GOG
Steel Saviour PC cover.jpg Steel Saviour Shooter For those who really like a challenge: an incredibly beautiful and absurdly hard shmup from an indie Italian team.
Stronghold.png Stronghold RTS Half Castle construction and half traditional RTS. Players must manage a complex castle system including food and weapons production while building huge siege defenses. GOG
Survival - The Ultimate Challenge Coverart.png Survival: The Ultimate Challenge RTS FIX THIS DESCRIPTION. I googled it because this was blank. It seems this is basically an RTS/RPG where you are stranded on an island and must level up and build shit like signal fires to eventually be rescued. Not sure if it has any sort of plot.
Taito Legends PC cover.jpg Taito Legends
1 and 2
Compilation As far as PAYAN FOR ROMS goes, this is not a bad pick at all. The two volumes together have a total of 68 arcades like Space Invaders, Jungle Hunt, Gladiator, Bubble Bobble, The New Zealand Story, Growl, Dungeon Magic, Elevator Action Returns, Metal Black, Darius Gaiden, and RayForce. Currently not being sold anywhere so feel free to pirate.

Complete game lists here and here.

SWAT 4 Coverart.png SWAT 4 FPS GET ON THE GROUND NOW! Has a mediocre campaign with 13 missions (the AI isn't all that great), and fun multiplayer with co-op, TDM, VIP, and bomb defusal. Yell at perps and shoot the ones that don't comply before they shoot you. It's 90% realistic and 10% TACTICOOL. The expansion adds 7 more single-player missions, 2 new multiplayer modes, and 7 weapons. GOG
The Bards Tale PC cover.jpg The Bard's Tale Action RPG Word of a beautiful princess imprisoned by an evil sorcerer comes to a wandering bard. Could it be that you are the chosen one?

While that may have sounded cliché, this game has a great sense of humor that twists it all around: the bard (voiced by Cary Elwes from "The Princess Bride") is a sardonic sleaze who keeps making trouble and butting heads with everyone, including the narrator. Also, there are several musical numbers. The RPG part is completely streamlined: you do gain experience to level up and learn new skills, but there is no item management - when you pick up a better weapon or armor, the old one is replaced automatically, and anything else is converted into coin. Dialogues are also simplified, you only choose between nice or snarky. Combat is pretty nice: rather than a team, you use music to summon magical creatures to assist you.

Riddick.jpg The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay FPS, Action, Stealth Perhaps the best movie-to-game ever created, because Vin Diesel likes video games, so he made his own studio and told them to make a video game based on his movies that didn't suck. Basically, you break a lot of fucking necks. Play this game and its sequel.
Morrowindbox.jpg The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind RPG A sprawling RPG featuring a surreal and imaginative setting. This is open world gameplay at its best. Despite the gameworld's huge size, it is painstakingly detailed. The game allows for many different playstyles. Be warned however, that the combat is rather clunky and dicebased. Regardless, if you let it, Morrowind will immerse you like no other game out there. This game also has a very devoted modding community. Be sure to check out Planet Elder Scrolls for mods that strike your interest. A vanilla playthrough is recommended for new players. GOGSteam
Oblivion Cover.jpg The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion RPG As compared to the fantastical setting of Morrowind, Oblivion is set in a rather plain western Europe-esque land (supposed to be a jungle, according to lore). Still, the game is a solid sandbox-style RPG, and plays much more action-oriented than its pen-and-paper-based predecessor. As always with Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games, there are mods out the wazoo for those that want them--mods to fix the leveling system, to increase variety in monsters and in the game world, to improve the graphics, and to add quests. The various add-ons to the game are nothing big, but the expansion pack, The Shivering Isles, shows the same level of creative genius that went into Morrowind. /v/'s Recommended Oblivion Mod List SteamGOG
House of dead 3 pc.jpg The House of the Dead 3 On-rails Shooter Screw the guns, now you've got shotguns. Set years after the first & second game and a zombie apocalypse, Agent G and Lisa Rogan (The daughter of the character from the first game) go and look for Rogan, who has recently dissapeared. Hilarious cutscenes and laughable bad voice acting, especially the ones when Dr. Curien talks to his son. Many, many zombies, nice levels.

Also on Xbox and Wii.

914707 front 32959 zoom.jpg The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Action What is this? A GOOD LOTR game for the PC? And a LOTR game for the PC that iSNT an RTS? Yes, its true. As a matter of fact, this is a port from the PS2 version but its way better than that one. Play through three paths on the various settings of the movie ( not the book) with licensed music, movie scenes, voice acting and whatnot. Level up, upgrade your weapons and skills and, in the end, replay every mission with whoever you want. Unlock all the fellowship members plus Faramir ( and minus Boromir) and fuck orcs, Mumakils, Trolls, Uruk-hais and easterlings. Looks and plays great, a must-have for every LOTS or action game fans and a rare treat for PC gamers. Also, GLORIOUS Co-op.
The Movies PC UK-LR.jpg The Movies Simulation Holy fuck, did we have a lot of good games in 2005. Made by Molyneux, and not bad at all (unless you ate up the hype, you know you should never do that or else you shouldn't browse /v/ at all). You're a movie producer. Hire actors, build studios, shoot films. You can actually script the movies yourself. The game covers 70 years of movies (1930s - Today) and all the cliches of the different movie genres are in place, giving a nice touch of humour. Started the machinima craze.
DD-THIEF3.jpg Thief 3: Deadly Shadows Stealth Not the best of the series, but its prequels are getting old. Smaller zones with loadings between them and intrusive body awareness makes it worse than the previous entries. Still a great Thief game and an excellent stealth title. Atmosphere is superb and will raise your standards regarding the immersion factor when you play other games.
That level in the abandoned sanitarium orphanage/hospital/insane ward or whatever will make you shit a brick house.
Splinter cell chaos theory PC.jpg Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Stealth/Action You have no excuses for missing out on this game. Play as Sam Fisher in his third game. Sneak, shoot at lights, interrogate, this game has it all. The graphics look really good even at this day, and the soundtrack is amazing. Plus, high replayability value due to different ways to get past problems. Seriously, if you missed out on this game then get it. (Warning: There's an issue if you install this on Windows 7; The anti-piracy drivers can't install on a non-supported system. You'll have to apply a no-CD crack even if you buy it yourself. No worries though, the CD key still works for online. Steam
Tomb Raider Legend PC cover.png Tomb Raider
(second era)
Action-adventure After the clusterfuck of The Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider was handed to Crystal Dynamics, who rebooted the continuity and produced three excellent new games, the "second era" of the series: Legend (Lara seeks Excalibur and investigates the disappearance of her mother), Anniversary (Lara seeks Atlantis - a reimagining of the very first TR), and Underworld (continuing Legend's plot).

After that, they rebooted the series again - and this "third era" of the series is hated by older fans, because it's cinematic tripe for filthy casuals a la Uncharted, it doesn't feel like Tomb Raider at all, and has erased everything that was cool about the hero.

Unreal Tournament 2004.jpg Unreal Tournament 2004 FPS Fast-paced arena FPS, based heavily on acrobatics and aim, recommended for its complexity and variety. Gametypes range from vehicle-based Onslaught mode to football-like Bombing Run. Unreal Tournament 2004 is commended for consistent developer support, and a once-massive mapping/modding community that produces quality content to this day. The single-player is boring but the AI is rather intelligent in all maps, especially deathmatch. Don't worry about skipping over UT2003, because it includes every map, model, character, music, etc. from UT2003 and more. UT3 is also worth checking out, and also has an awesome community. GOG
Uplink.jpg Uplink Strategy/Sim Hack computers. Don't get caught. Decent story, full of intrigue. Bring down corporations and destory people's lives for money to upgrade your computer while searching for a mysterious virus. Don't let the appearance fool you, the later missions are hard and intense, and the game has quite a few secrets. GOG
Vampire.jpg Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines RPG RPG using the Source engine made by Troika, the Fallout developers, and utilizing White Wolf's World of Darkness setting. Gameplay structure similar to Deus Ex in that it rewards problem solving (stealth, combat, negotiation), rather than dungeon grinding. Good story, satirical humour throughout. Quite unique, and worth multiple playthroughs.  Bugs up the ass though. Play as a Malkavian your second time through if you want to go batshit insane on everyone and have an exclusive dialogue with a stop sign.
Don't forget to grab the latest unofficial patch
Victoria.jpg Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun Grand Strategy In this game you play as any country in between 1836-1920. Unlike other paradox games this one focuses MUCH more on building up your countries infrastructure rather than invading other countries, but of course as this takes place in the victorian era you colonise the shit out of africa, asia and other such places and perhaps eventually challenge the countries near you. WARNING this game will make even dwarf fortress players cringe with its awful interface and confusing game mechanics, it is very much recomemded that you read the VickyWiki.

also make sure to get the expansion Victoria:revolutions

W3.jpg Warcraft 3 RTS If you like RTS, you should fall in love with this game. Play as four different races (Humans, Orcs, Undead and Night Elves) and attempt to destroy each other in gameplay similar to Starcraft. Apart from the Human one, it has a fuckwin campaign. And the expansion makes the game even better, balancing it and adding four other campaigns. Unfortunately, has some of the most bored/boring voice actors of any game ever. Win online, fun custom games with user made maps. DotA got it start here. While a ton of the hosted games will be DotA, there are plenty of well made and fun custom games around. Look'em up

Ignore the Reforged remake. Its complete fucking dogshit and inferior to the original in every way.

Dawn of war box art large.jpg Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War RTS Polished 40K-themed RTS with a bunch of expansions allowing players to play as any of the Warhammer races, except the Tyranids. Be wary, the sequel is completely different with no base building, don't buy it expecting more of the same. Play Dark Crusade and Soulstorm if you like playing the board game "Risk" a lot. Play Vanilla Dawn of War if you prefer actual story with character development. Winter Assault's story didn't develop much however, and it's a bit difficult to figure out the canonical victors of each expansion. Despite the fact that it lacks base building, Dawn of War 2 is fine too. Company Of Heroes is heavily based off this game. Steam
Wizardry8.jpg Wizardry 8 RPG Poor framerate kills!

The swansong of the classic RPG series, which goes full 3D. It still allows importing saves from the previous game, despite being released 10 years later. Still as maddeningly hard as ever!

Ys Complete.jpg Ys I & II Complete Action RPG A game that's older than you are. Released in 1987-88, Ys was a fast-paced action RPG with some creative bosses and was praised for its great soundtrack. Fast forward to 1997, Falcom remakes the first two in a bundle called "Ys Eternal", in 2001 they updated it and fixed some inconsistencies between both games, added some Easter Eggs, improved graphics and made it overall better. Excellent game, but the bump system isn't for everyone, although it's quite impressive technologically (seriously, dynamic lights and shadows, water reflections, etc). Chronicles is basically a newer, officially-translated version of this, found on steam and modern systems. GOG
Ys6 logo.jpg Ys VI: Ark Of Napishtim Action RPG Quite different from other entries but still worth a shot. A more open-ended entry of the Ys series, a bit slower-paced than other titles and a bit more of a traditional ARPG. Best version of the game, since the PSP version has awful load times and the PS2 is quite different, thanks to KONAMI messing with it. GOG
926944 63614 front.jpg Ys: The Oath In Felghana Action RPG A masterful remake of Ys III, which was already good. Not only has the music been rearranged to levels surpassing the PC Engine version, but some plot details have been added, stages have been redesigned and become a bit more challenging, and some extra modes were also added. In addition to all of that, Adol has gained A LOT more moves from the 2D entry, which you WILL need to take on this bigger, better game. GOG
Ys Origin cover.jpg Ys Origin Action RPG A prequel to the original Ys duology taking place 700 years before your mom. Play as two different characters in a 6 hour quest each as they explore Darm Tower. An additional character is unlocked after you clear the game as both characters as well as the classic Time Attack modes (in which you can play as Adol). The gameplay is improved from Felghana, making it faster-paced and more balanced. Still has kickass music and bosses. The engine also got a graphical update, even though it's still outdated by today's standards, it now has pretty effects like blur and other particle based features. GOG
Zoo tycoon.jpg Zoo Tycoon Tycoon You've got your own zoo, and you want to make as much money as possible. Simple, right? Guaranteed fun with Marine Mania and Dinosaur Digs expansion packs, as you can have orca shows and a FUCKING T-REX in your zoo while watching how some kid can't find a trash can.