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Pinball machines are now a thing from the past, something that most people today only remember because of that Pinball game that came with Windows XP. Back in the day, however, they were practically everywhere, usually sharing the same space in game centres together with Arcade machines and billiards tables. These days, if you want to play a Pinball game you have to either go to those gigantic and expensive game centres in Las Vegas or play through one of the many Pinball simulators made for a variety of consoles.

As far as Pinball games go, most of them tend to be crappy to average, failing to replicate the physics and/or featuring bland table designs. There were however quite a bit of amazing titles for this genre, so this list is here to help you pick the gems from the garbage.

If you want to learn more about pinball (and learn a trick or two), check this link.

Prolific companies[]

These are companies which specialized in creating Pinball games.

Company Games Description
Digital Illusions (DICE)
Pinball Dreams
Pinball Fantasies
Pinball Illusions
Pinball Mania
Slam Tilt
Long before they were known for their FPS and Racing games, DICE were the first company to get Pinball games right. They were the kings of the Amiga, making some of the most fondly remembered Pinball games, many of which are still ported to other systems even today!
Super Pinball: Behind the Mask
Super Pinball 2: Amazing Odyssey
Last Gladiators
The first company to attempt and actually succeed at a more faithful recreation, it's games go for a more realistic style but are as much awesome as any other good entries of the genre.
Little Wing logo.png
Crystal Caliburn
Loony Labyrinth
Golden Logres
Jinni Zeala
Mad Deadalus
A veteran indie Japanese dev, they're popular among old-time Apple fans because all of their games had Mac versions.
Naxat Soft


Alien Crush
Devil's Crush
Jaki Crush
One of the many supporters for the TurboGrafx-16, they have created the Crush Pinball series, which became cult classics. Much like most Pinball sims, they go for a more fantasy style with enemies on the table to be destroyed and bonus areas to discover.

Other games[]

Box Art Title Description Systems
3DUltraPinball.jpg 3D Ultra Pinball series A series of pinball titles by Sierra. While the first game is lackluster due to its poor physics, the sequels improve significantly, making for better overall simulations. When playing on modern computers it is recommended to reduce your desktop, since the games stretch to the current resolution. Windows
Mac (classic)
Epic Pinball The Complete Collection cover PC.jpg Epic Pinball From Epic long before they hit it big with Unreal. Perhaps the most popular pinball title among old-school PC gamers due to its shareware release. Originally it was sold as three commercial packs with four tables each; the "Complete Collection" CD-ROM release has all twelve, plus a bonus new table. Now available on GOG.com! MS-DOS
FullTiltPinball.jpg Full Tilt Pinball A pinball title by Maxis made to show the 3D capabilities of the then new DirectX technology. Features three tables, one of which is none other than Space Cadet, the pinball game which came bundled with Windows until XP. Windows
The Pinball Arcade cover.jpg The Pinball Arcade A major collection featuring 3D replications of various real tables from the most prolific developers of the time (Williams, Bally, Gottlieb and Stern). Not only there are lots of tables to choose, many are still being added through DLC.

Recently lost its Williams license, which ended up forcing them to pull most of their best tables. Pinball FX3 now holds the Williams license.

PS Vita
Xbox 360
Xbox One
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