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Pinball machines are now a thing from the past, something that most people today only remember because of that Pinball game that came with Windows XP. Back in the day, however, they were practically everywhere, usually sharing the same space in game centres together with Arcade machines and billiards tables. These days, if you want to play a Pinball game you have to either go to those gigantic and expensive game centres in Las Vegas or play through one of the many Pinball simulators made for a variety of consoles.

As far as Pinball games go, most of them tend to be crappy to average, failing to replicate the physics and/or featuring bland table designs. There were however quite a bit of amazing titles for this genre, so this list is here to help you pick the gems from the garbage.

If you want to learn more about pinball, check this link.

Prolific companies

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Other games

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