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A games & multimedia platform derived from the Macintosh, designed by Apple and licensed to Bandai (@WORLD, ATMARK) and Katz Media (KMP 2000). It was much more expensive, yet less powerful, than the other consoles at the time. In Japan, the games were primarily licensed off anime, particularly Gundam. It was such a flop, people laughed at the idea of Apple ever releasing a successful game platform... until they made the iPhone.

The listEdit

Box Art Title Genre Description
Super Marathon Pippin cover Super Marathon FPS A straight port of Bungie's renowned Marathon and Marathon 2 Durandal. Very, very rare. Then again, the whole series is free now.[1]
PegasusPrimePippin The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime Adventure Complete remake of Mac adventure game cult classic The Journeyman Project, featuring FMV sequences with actors from the the sequel. Also available on other formats.

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