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The List

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Box Title Genre Description
3DDotGameHeroes.jpg 3D Dot Game Heroes Action/Adventure A game that plays almost identically to old-school top-down action/adventure games, specifically pre-OoT Legend of Zelda games. The graphics are created with "3D pixels" blocks and have a very nice look to them. Has tons of tongue-in-cheek game-related humor, and lets you create your own character pixel by pixel block by block.
Afrika ps3 cover.jpg Afrika Sim (Safari) A Safari simulation game. Honestly, there's not much more to say about it than that, but for some reason, you find yourself having a lot more fun that you expected in this chill game. Take photos of wild animals, sell those photos, get better photography equipment. It's like you're really shooting for National Geographic!
Altiererorona.jpg Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland JRPG The eleventh installment in the Atelier series from developer Gust. It marks the first time the franchise has utilized 3D graphics in contrast to 2D sprites in previous titles. A grinding/collection focused rpg very weak on story/characters. If you like rpgs and you like grinding and collecting things to no end, you'll like this game.
Aquanaut holiday ps3.png Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories Adventure Essentially, scuba diving: the game. Very relaxing and amazing visuals for you to explore the deep in a chill environment. You might want to play "Endless Ocean" on the Wii instead, because this game is rare as fuck. But, if you're lucky enough to find the now-discontinued English versions of the game, you'll be getting the superior game, although, they are extremely similar.
Ac4front.jpg Armored Core 4 TPS/Action

Mech combat game, very comlex and not for everybody. Build your "Core" and take part in the mech combat. Online multiplayer worldwide. Steep learning curve for somebody who has never played a game like this before, they don't ease you into the game at all; you really have to be willing to bear with it until you figure things out.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Foranswer.jpg Armored Core: For Answer TPS/Action

Direct sequel to Armored Core 4. Pretty much a massive expansion pack that was big enough to sell on it's own. Same gameplay. Online multiplayer. Worldwide.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Assassins creed ps3.jpg Assassin's Creed Action/Adventure/Stealth

You play as a bartender who gets kidnapped and forced to play as his ancestor who's an assassin in the middle east during the Third Crusade and perform a series of assassinations. The main complaints about the game usually relate to the repetitive nature of the game, and the controls. If you don't care about the story, go ahead and get the sequel, since it's a million times better.

Also available on Xbox 360 and PC (PC version is poorly optimized and has much higher system requirements than it should).

Assassins creed2 ps3.jpg Assassin's Creed II Action/Adventure/Stealth

This time you're an assassin back in 15th Century Italy who takes the gig because your family got murdered. Better than the original in every way. The repetitiveness of its predecessor was done away with. It combines stealth, action and platforming very well, while being visually gorgeous.

Also available on Xbox 360 and PC.

Acbrotherhoodps3.jpg Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Action/Adventure/Stealth

Once again you play as Ezio back in 15th century Italy, though this time it's mostly in Rome, and there's a lot more going on with Desmond in the present. Huge world, gorgeous visuals, and a great mindfucking story with awesome online multiplayer. Basically they took everything that was good about Assassin's Creed II, fixed everything that wasn't right, and added even more cool shit to make it better. If you liked either of the first two games, you MUST play this one. Hell even if you didn't like the first two you should give it a try.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

PC version scheduled for Q1 2011.

952338 110523 front.jpg Batman: Arkham Asylum Action/Adventure/Stealth

You play as the Goddamn Batman. That's reason enough to play it. Besides, it's fucking awesome. It's so awesome that it's already got an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. (No, srsly, go look it up.)

Also available on Xbox 360 and PC; however, the PS3 version contains additional content.

Bc front.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company FPS

The game is primarily a squad-based online first person shooter similar to Call of Duty in many ways (if you like CoD you'll probably enjoy this). Lacking compared to the PC exclusives in the series, this installment offers improved graphics and destructible environments.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Bc2 front.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company 2 FPS Funfield: Pretty Awesome 2. Pretty much the same as above. The game's Frostbite 1.5 engine allows for destructible environments, and multiplayer maps contain a wide selection of vehicles, aircraft and emplacements and allow for five different game modes.Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC
Bayo.jpg Bayonetta Action/Adventure

It's a massively improved Devil May Cry with a witch that uses her hair as a weapon (sounds stupid but it's cool). And as her clothes. Which means she gets more and more naked as she attacks more violently.Upon release the PS3 version had some slowdown problems the 360 version didn't, but a patch has fixed all that.

Prepare to die a lot, by the way.

Also available on the 360.

Bioshockps3.jpg Bioshock FPS

Spiritual successor to the System Shock series, it is an action FPS set in a destroyed objectivist utopia. Focuses on plasmids (like firing lightning from your fists) as much as guns. Great story for those who want to explore it. Fantastic atmosphere.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC (PS3 version has exclusive content).

Bioshock2ps3.jpg Bioshock 2 FPS

You play as a prototype Big Daddy on a quest to rescue his little sister. Instead of the objectivist dystopia of the previous game, you get a collectivist dystopia. Whatever, splicers are still freaky. While the setting may not feel as new as it did in Bioshock, the gameplay has seen noticeable improvement (like dual-wielding and multiplayer). Combat is fun, hacking is streamlined and the game has a terrific story with a fantastic ending. Plus, multiplayer can be surprisingly fun.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Bbcs ps3.jpg BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2D Fighting

The spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. Features HD sprites, 3D backgrounds, and 12 characters. Finally out in Europe. Continuum Shift is the most complete version of the game. It has three new characters, a few more characters planned for DLC, reworked and rebalanced versions of previous characters, as well as an added tutorial mode and beginner level difficulty. This makes the game much more accessible to people who want to play a good 2D fighter and aren't used to them.

Also available on the Xbox 360, PC, and PSP (PSP version includes the original DLC and a new mode, but does not include Continuum Shift extras).

BNN3 front.jpg Boku no Natsuyasumi 3: Hokkoku Hen: Chiisana Boku no Dai Sougen Sim/Slice of Life NO TROPHIES, NO ENGLISH, FINAL DESTINATION. A game where you play a little Japanese boy in the 80's, while he enjoys his summer vacation in the country. That's seriously it. It's really similar to games like Animal Crossing. Activities include bug catching, hill sliding, swimming in lakes and childhood games. This game is text heavy and has NO English, so you'd have to harder than hardcore or know moonspeak to even consider playing. The Best (aka Greatest Hits) re-release of this game goes for cheaper, but in return has that god-awful cover art.
Borderlands-1-.gif Borderlands FPS/RPG

A FPS take on' Diablo with !!!87 BAZZILLION GUNS!!! Lots of fun, not as much fun when playing single player though. Note: Mad Moxxi DLC is known to be terrible. If the achievements don't matter, avoid it.

GOTY Edition includes all DLC.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC (PC version is supposed to get mod tools some day).

Hellshighway front.jpg Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Squad-based FPS/WWII Shootan

Brothers in Arms makes a leap to the next generation. It takes the squad to Hell's Highway, site of one of the biggest military failures in WWII history. Considered by many fans to be the weakest link in the series so far, and inferior to the countless other military shooters out there. Recommended you play the first two games first so the story isn't confusing.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

BRUUUUUUUUTALL.jpg Brütal Legend Action/Adventure

A legendary roadie summoned to a world of Heavy Metal where mountains are made of amplifiers, killer spiders spin guitar strings and Rock Legends roam the landscape. No joke.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Bp front.jpg Burnout Paradise Racing

Offering a whole new city, Burnout Paradise ditches its traditional roots. It feels like Burnout meets Need for Speed. Love it or hate it, the series has changed. Online multiplayer, DLC.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Buzz quiz tv ps3 box 250.jpg Buzz! Quiz TV Puzzle/Party T.V. Game Show inspired quiz game for up to four players. 4000 questions already on the disc, plus DLC that adds more (Get the Video Game quiz pack, since it's the only subject you'll know anything about). Great fun with some beers and friends, but oh wait, you're underaged and have no friends so you won't like this.
Call of duty black ops ps3.jpg Call of Duty: Black Ops FPS

Like MW2 but better in every aspect.

Way more balanced. Developed by Treyarch, so shit actually gets fixed. Has Nazi Zombies.

Campaign is less OMG A HUGE EXPLOSION and more character and story-based.

Also available on the Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PC.

COD4PS3.jpg Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare FPS The newest version of the massively successful first-person military shooter. Now that the sequel is out and has dragged away all the scum who ruined the Call of Duty series, MW1's multiplayer is much better.

Also available on the Xbox 360 PC, and Wii (The Wii port, titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex edition, is heavily altered in both gameplay and graphics).

Cdw.jpg Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 FPS

Same as it's prequel with whole new content.

Also available on the 360 and PC

Beware as campers are now the huge deal with this game rather then grenades. Also be aware that since it is the most recent version out it has all of the 12 year olds and dick faces that ruin CoD's online experience.

952494 125817 front.jpg Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Action/Horror

The latest Castlevania title and a reboot of the franchise. It borrows quite a bit of it's mechanics from other games (a lot of God of War and a little Shadow of the Colossus) but does so in a very good way. Overall it's a great action game with beautiful graphics, polished gameplay and a good story, directed by Hideo Kojima. Oh, and did we mention Patrick Stewart narrates the entire game and voices one of the main characters? :D

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Condemned2ps3.jpg Condemned 2: Bloodshot FPS/Horror

Although considered inferior to its predecessor, it keeps some of the good, but loses lots of it in favor of a horrible story choice. You fight a bear.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Donniedarkness front.jpg The Darkness FPS

A sweet and unique FPS that debuted fairly early in the current gen. Made by the creators of The Chorincles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, and has a very similar feel/game-engine. Play as a 1950's mobster who gets abandoned by his family and discovers he has the power to control two snake-like demons from his back and summon little Overlord style demons from underground. Based off cult comic. You can find it for 7 bucks used now.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Darksiderscover.jpg Darksiders Action/Adventure

If Devil May Cry and Zelda had a baby, that baby would be Darksiders. You play as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and fight angels and demons in order to restore humanity and regain your lost dignity. Not all that visually impressive but fun as hell.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Dead rising 2 boxart ps3.jpg Dead Rising 2 Action/Adventure/Horror

Set in the fictional Fortune City which is modeled after Las Vegas. This latest installment includes co-op, a satirical multiplayer mode and a dramatically increased number of zombies based roughly around 7,000 according to Joystiq. You can combine items to form crazy weapons (like a lawnmower+sweeper that sucks in the body parts it chops up) which is awesome. Don't worry if you haven't played the first one, just start with this since it's the same but more fun. For those of you who hate the idea of having a time-limit, it can be easily removed from teh PC version.

Also available on Xbox 360 and PC.

2d 33607 0 0 DeadSpace.jpg Dead Space TPS/Horror

Action-heavy survival horror 3rd person shooter that actually manages to be scary at times. A few jumps and a fantastic atmosphere, doesn't hold back on on it's gore or brutality, but doesn't overdo it either. Has an immersive user interface as well. There is DLC for stronger weapons and suits that make the game a lot easier on any difficulty.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Demon's Souls Cover.jpg Demon's Souls RPG/Action A Role Playing game with real time combat developed by From Software, published by Atlus. This game will test your patience as it likes to punish it's players to end. It's not hard in the same fashion as Ninja Gaiden or Ikaruga, but in the fashion of having instant death traps everywhere and making you start the whole level over when you die.
Devilmaycry4.jpg Devil May Cry 4 Action/Adventure

It's DMC, but now you play as new protagonist, Nero, and unlock Dante later. A solid combat system that can be used to rack up frankly insane combos (if you're good enough), hilariously cheesy cutscenes and dialogue (as is standard in DMC) and a fair bit of replayability.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

DIRTFORPS3.jpg DiRT 2 Rally / Offroad Racing

The best rally racing experience of this generation. It has a fuck ton of cars and tracks, plus the style and music make this one impressive package. Also its pretty cheap now that its been out for a year or so.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Disgaea 3- Absence of Justice.jpg Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice SRPG A strategy RPG with an incredible amount of content. Has a goofy story that makes fun of itself, but nothing to write home about. Maximum experience level is 9999 for those that can't get enough, but to finish the game you don't even need to make to level 500. Has tons of jobs, weapons, monsters, and other crap to earn. The graphics are pretty bad (indistinguishable from PS2 and PSP installments), but it doesn't stop the game from being fun.
Oblivps3 front.jpg The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion WRPG

It may not be as cool without mods, but vanilla Oblivion on the PS3 is still an excellent WRPG and well worth the time to go through it if you lack a good gaming PC. The regular version of the game includes the KOTN expansion, while the GOTY Edition has KOTN and Shivering Isles, and all on a single disk! Loading times are longer than PC version but shorter than 360 version. The graphics (especially the draw distance) are better than the 360 version but inferior to the PC version (assuming you have a good PC).

PC version > PS3 version > Xbox 360 version

Enslaved ps3 box-art.jpg Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Action/Adventure/Tactical

Was originally supposed to be a CG movie made with the Unreal Engine 3. A game that went unnoticed but received favorable reviews. With a script written by god damned Alex GARland (28 days later, The Beach), it is set in a post-apocalyptic world 150 years into the future after a nuclear war with wild robots roaming around. Expect a great story about 2 dissimilar characters, Trip, a tech-savvy chick and Monkey (voiced by Andy Selkis AKA Smeagol in LOTR), a bulky loner who is forced to help Trip make her way back home after she puts a slave headband on him. Focuses on the growing emotional bond between the characters rather than shoving the story down your throat. A beautiful and interesting premise, good voice acting, fun enviromental puzzles, satisfying and tactical combat that requires teamwork and a decent upgrade system makes this a short but amazing adventure. The climbing/parkour aspect feels like a more streamlined Uncharted game, so if you liked that series, definitely give this a try too.

Also available on the Xbox 360

Eternal Sonata PS3.jpg Eternal Sonata RPG

Traditional JRPG, featuring Chopin as a character, along with some of his work. Similar to the Tales series. Lots to see, do, and explore. It's not that great compared to some of the classic JRPGs on the PS1 and PS2, but it's better than Final Fantasy 13.

Also available on the Xbox 360; however, the PS3 version contains additional content, particularly two more playable characters.

Fallout 3.jpg Fallout 3 RPG/Sandbox

Oblivion with guns (and more glitches). The PC version is a million times better thanks to an insane amount of mods, but if you don't have a PC you might as well settle with this. Explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland doing random quests in no particular order. Has a really crappy karma system which you can pretty much ignore. Obtaining the Game of the Year edition is highly recommended, as there are a number of excellent DLC quests. It may appear to be a dark and serious game, but the story is actually really goofy, including things such as little green men, a woman who controls ants, etc...

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

F.e.a.rps3.jpg F.E.A.R. FPS/Horror

FPS/Horror hybrid. A few horror elements will make those less experienced in the genre jump. Online multiplayer.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

FFXIII-Box-Art (PS3).jpg Final Fantasy XIII JRPG

The latest main entry in the Final Fantasy series. Due to it being drastically different from past installments and extremely linear, some like it while many despise it. Criticisms include its linearity, no towns, an auto-battle feature that does most of the fighting for you and only controlling one character during battles, and that the game has such a slow start... Praises include good graphics, a decent story and a unique world. If you enjoyed the past games you should at least give it a rent to try it out.

Inferior multi-disk Xbox 360 version available.

Fist-of-the-North-Star-Kens-Rage US ESRB-MARK PS3boxart 160w.jpg Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage Action/Beat Em' Up/ ATATATATATATA Simulator

A spin-off to publisher Koei's Warrior series, based on the manga series The Fist of the North Star.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Folklore-ps3.jpg Folklore Action/RPG An action-RPG where you unravel a murder mystery while fighting through various unique worlds alongside numerous monsters that you capture. Features colorful, vibrant graphics and sixaxis controls that actually work - and work well. Though you play as two different characters, you go through the same areas as each one, so it can get repetitive.
Formula One Championship Edition.jpg Formula One Championship Edition Racing This is a pretty good/decent racing game. The multiplayer is close to barren, but isn't bad if you can get a match going. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone but people who really like racing games.
FullAuto2box.jpg Full Auto 2: Battlelines Racing Decent racing game with guns. What's not to love?
Graw2ps3 front.jpg Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Modern Tactical TPS/Squad Based The story mode takes place not even 24 hours after the first one ended. Still Clancy crap though. Combat has been vastly improved, and the AIs are even better. A fuck ton of people still play this online as of September 2010. Get this version over the original if you can find it, the story is easy to catch on to.

Note: GRAW1 never came out on the PS3, so if you want to play it you'll have to get the 360, PS2, or PC.

God-of-war-collection-box-full-1-.jpg God of War Collection Hack n' Slash

Contains God of War and God of War II updated with higher frame rate and output resolution (though the graphics are still last gen), and trophies (one platinum trophy for each game)! If for some reason you don't own the originals, get this right now.

Gow3.jpg God of War III Hack n' Slash The long awaited conclusion to the God of War trilogy. Gameplay is nearly identical to that of the first two games. That is a good thing. Some of the bosses and visuals are so massive and beautiful that you'll want to stop and just look around you.
Granturismo5.jpg Gran Turismo 5 Racing It took a longass time, but the latest GT is finally out, and it's awesome.
Gta4 playstation 3-1-.jpg

Grand Theft Auto IV

Sandbox/Being a Dickhead

If you do missions, you are playing it wrong.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Heavenlysword.jpg Heavenly Sword Action/Adventure Goddess of War - err I mean Heavenly Sword, is short but delivers a high-quality experience the entire time it lasts. It goes for around $20 new nowadays, though it's short enough that you will probably just want to rent it. This game set a bench mark for mocap acting in video games (the guy who did Gollum in LOTR directed the acting and played the final boss), and is pretty polished. The only real complaints about this game are its length (which isn't an issue if you rent it) and its similarity to God of War (which isn't an issue if you're straight).
Heavy-Rain-US-box-art.jpg Heavy Rain


Move compatible.png

An honest to goodness MATURE GAME for MATURE GAMERS. Not mature in the sense of hurr durr bloodz n gorez, mature in the sense that 12 year old Halo fanboys won't like it. The entire appeal of the game is the story. You know those games that claim every decision you make has an impact on the story (such as Fable and Fallout), but don't deliver? Well this game actually delivers on those promises quite well, better than any other game out there.Warning: Do NOT talk to anybody about this game, especially on /v/, since there is a good chance they will bombard you with spoilers (particularly the killer's identity). Just go out and rent it if you're not sure you will like it.
Hot Shots Golf Out Of Bounds.jpg Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Sports Hot Shots is a fun series of Golf games. Obviously, if you hate Golf games, this isn't gonna change your mind; however, for you who enjoyed stuff like Mario Golf, this should be right up your alley.
Infamous-ps3-boxart-big.jpg inFamous Action/Adventure Made by the same developers that made the popular Sly Cooper series, you play as Static Shock a man with lightning super powers. Features free-roaming, missions, upgradeable powers, and so forth. All in all it's one of the best super hero sandbox games ever. Ignore the whole "Prototype VS Infamous" debacle, they are very different games.
Initial D Extreme Stage Cover.jpg Initial D Extreme Stage Racing It's fucking Initial D. Just get it.
Just-cause-2-1-.jpg Just Cause 2 Sandbox/Being a Badass

First game was famous for having infinite potential that it didn't live up to. Do insane stunts and blow shit up. Pretty good Sandbox shooter with a massive world, the biggest flaw of the game is the god-awful voice acting.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC (PC version has a small modding community).

Kldm front.jpg Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Tactical TPS Cool third person buddy-criminal game. You play as Kane, a formal criminal, who's been broken out of jail by Lynch, a crazy motherfucker, who escorts you into a revenge and redemption plot. The game is filled with profanity, almost to the point of being hilarious.

Multiplayer is where the game really shines. Team up with a group of 5 to rob a bank/mall/donut shop, and fight swat members, then escape in a vehicle. You can betray your teammates and take their cut of the steal, but then you'll be labeled as a betrayer. A lot of people still play online, even with the sequel now out.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

KLDD front.jpg Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Tactical TPS

The story is better than the first, and takes place in shitty Shanghai for most of it. The graphics are great and the gritty grindhouse art style is really well implemented. The single player is only a few hours long(as opposed to about 14 hours in the original) and ends abruptly, which pissed a lot of people off. The multiplayer is even better than the first one though.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Katamari Forever cover-1-.jpg Katamari Forever Ball Rollan

Same ole Katamari, but in glorious 1080p.

Lukewarm reviews were due to reviewers having already played both of its predecessors on the PS2.

Killzone2cover thumb.jpg Killzone 2 FPS Decent story mode featuring British space-nazis, great online play. They took out the infamous laggy controls in patch 1.24 so it plays like CoD now. Happy hunting. Class system adds tons of value and makes it constantly rewarding. Even if you're not interested in another online FPS, you should still play through the story, which has some cool bosses (except the last boss, who is a pain in the dick).
Littlebigplanet us boxart.png LittleBigPlanet Platformer A beautiful, fun, stylish, almost-3D platformer with continually-released DLC, and loads upon loads of user-made content. The stock levels are well-designed and take you across the world, using the game's resources to the fullest. Not all of the user-made levels are that good, obviously, but nothing can compare to the collective free time of bored nerds. Better when you get to play with others, online or in person. GOTY edition includes free extras.

Note: The second one is due to come out in a few months, and you will be able to play all of the user content from the first one through it, as well as having a metric ass-ton of new shit to play with. Wait for the sequel.

Lostplanetps3.jpg Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Third-Person Shooter Fight giant bugs and monsters on foot or in in mechs. The biggest complaint about this game is the thermal energy index, which pretty much serves as a time limit.

Superior "Colonies Edition" available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

MAG PS3 Cover.jpg MAG


Move compatible.png

Fun game by Zipper studios and SCEA. It's great multiplayer FPS fun, but it's multiplayer only, so if you don't like multiplayer there's no point in getting it.
Megazone 23.jpg Megazone 23:
Aoi Garland
Action/Adventure Only available in Japan, but there is an Oversea's Edition, that comes bundled with the Anime from 1985, completely with English Dub.

It is somewhat a hybrid of adventure game as well as command-based mecha combat simulator. In this title, players will interact with the many characters from the series and control robots by choosing attack commands from a window.

Metal Gear Solid 4 US Box Art.jpg Metal Gear Solid 4:
Guns of the Patriots
Stealth/Action The popular Metal Gear Solid series comes back with a fourth installment for it's well refined stealth gameplay. It also contains a fair amount of replay value, including a collection aspect (you gotta get all dem camos and guns, man). There is even the return of Metal Gear Online, a love/hate squad-based multiplayer game. This entry solves just about every riddle and loose-end of the previous games. Warning: Don't even bother with this game if you are the type of A.D.D. gamer who hates cutscenes and talking, because this game is very heavy on story.
M E front.jpg Mirror's Edge First-Person Running

Very love-it-or-hate-it game made by the Battlefield devs. If you can get a hang of the controls and keep your cool whenever you mess up, it can be an amazing experience. Not for the ADD gamer. Beautiful music. Alongside Dead Space, helped EA shed the "rehash the same game every year" moniker it had earned that now belongs to Activision.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Mlb-10-the-show-ps3-.jpg MLB 10: The Show Sports Really good baseball game. That's about it.
ModNation Racers box art.jpg Modnation Racers Racing Okay, maybe the gameplay is blatantly ripping off Mario Kart, but who cares, it's better in every way. Following the Play, Create, Share model of LittleBigPlanet, you can create racers, karts, and tracks. Tons of customization, track creator has amazing amounts of depth, decent online, tons of fun with friends... it's got all a kart racer needs, honestly. NPCs get ridiculously hard for a kart racer later in the game, and the cutscenes are bad, except for the two commentators. Otherwise, great game with lots to download, play, and do.
Motorstormcover.jpg Motor Storm Racing Hailed as the first "next-gen" racer. Lacks splitscreen multiplayer, unfortunately. Race jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, and other shit all at once. Controls may seem tough at first.
MotorStorm Pacific Rift.jpg Motor Storm: Pacific Rift Racing A lot better than the first. Has splitscreen now.
Orochi-x.jpg Musou Orochi Z Action If you like the Dynasty Warriors games, this is as good as it gets. That is, so long as you understand moonspeak; there's no English version.
Naruto ultiamte ninja storm.jpg Naruto: Ultimate
Ninja Storm
Fighting First ever anime tie-in that actually made you feel like you were playing the show. The action itself is a fairly awesome, but it's not recommended for anyone other than fans of the show, and if you dislike the show, this really won't sway your opinion.
Nier ps3.jpg NIER Action/RPG

An action RPG by the now dissolved Cavia and published by Square Enix about a man who's trying to find a way to cure his daughter of a strange disease in a dark and melancholic post-apocalyptic world. Spiritual sequel to Drakengard. A must-play if you're looking for something different in the JRPG genre. Plays a lot like a Zelda game would. Two versions of the game were released, Nier 'Gestalt' and 'Replicant'. Replicant was released exclusively for the PS3 only in Japan and features a younger-looking version of the protagonist who is trying to save his sister instead. Everything else is identical on both versions, so if you know Japanese and would prefer to play as a pretty boy, there's that version. Besides the four different endings, it does something very different to add replay value since you NEED to play the game at least twice to get the most out of it, especially story-wise, where you restart from a pivotal point in the game rather than the usual New Game+.

Very underrated, looks decent and is worth playing for the great story and characters alone.

Also has one of the best soundtracks ever heard in video game history so grab that as well.

Go HERE to get a complete explanation about the world/story (Massive spoilers, obviously)

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Ninja-gaiden-sigma.jpg Ninja Gaiden Sigma Action

A beautiful remake of the original Xbox's Ninja Gaiden, now in glorious 1080p. Contains SHIT FUCKING TONS of additional content.

Also, prepare to die a lot, as it's still hard as balls like the original.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2(1).jpg Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Action

The sequel to Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the PS3's refined version of Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox360. This is obviously supposed to be the improved edition of the Xbox 360 one, and pretty much everything about it is better, except for two things: toned down violence and reduced difficulty. WHAAAAAAAT!? Get over it though, because this version has shit tons more content and is visually superior.

TheorangeboxPS3.jpg The Orange Box FPS/TPS/Puzzle

Not only does it include the original Half-Life 2, but it also contains the first two episodes, Portal and Team Fortress 2. However the PS3 version suffers from erratic framerate issues and longer load times as well as random crashes. Despite that, it's still worth playing if you don't own an Xbox 360 or PC.

Prototype-ps3.jpg Prototype Action/Sandbox/Dickery

You are virusman! All you need to know about this game is that you can do an elbow-drop off the top of the Empire State Building into a crowded Times Square. The story is muddled but it centers around your character Alex being a giant dick face. It's silly to even consider him a hero at all, even though he's being characterized as one. Also your love interest is your sister? Whaaaaaat? Graphics are pretty sub-par, enemy AI is pure shit, and the controls are pretty damn messy, but it's still cool.

Also on the Xbox 360.

Pureps3front.jpg Pure ATV Racing

High-intensity ATV racing. Awesome music, beautiful graphics, and sick stunts to perform in midair amidst an awesome guitar riff for no goddamn reason except for looking badass. All the more surprising is that it was published by Disney of all companies. Only setback is that it suffers from a nasty case of rubberbanding, which makes it artificially harder, but also makes winning extremely satisfying. A sequel was planned but got canceled due to low sales.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Vegasbaby.jpg Rainbow Six Vegas Squad Based/Tactical

It's Rainbow Six, but in Las Vegas. Leading a squad down the Vegas strip and through casinos filled with sounds of slot machines does not get old. Plenty of people still play this and its sequel online.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Backnvegasbaby front.jpg Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Squad Based/Tactical

More awesome Rainbow Six Vegas action with better graphics and multiplayer. Story is on par with the first game but both are worth playing through. Also there's a new terrorist hunt mode where you go around with bros fighting the impressive AI enemies around the multiplayer maps. Much fun to be had. An all-around improvement on an already amazing game.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Ratchet clank tools of destruction.jpg Ratchet and Clank Future:
Tools of Destruction
Platformer/TPS The same gunning and platforming action you've come to love. Now with Pixar-esque graphics. Fucking hilarious cut-scenes and some great dialogue. Notably this has recently been re-released as a greatest hits title, dropping the price down to 29.99 and giving it one of those sweetass red cases. Now there's no reason not to own this.
Quest for booty.jpg Ratchet and Clank Future:
Quest for Booty
Platformer/TPS The second game in the future trilogy. A short but sweet Ratchet and Clank title released at a lower price for download from the PSN (and as a disk in PAL territories). Features less content than usually find in Ratchet and Clank, but still fun to play. Has more puzzling and platforming than shooting, seeing as your guns get taken away after the first 30 minutes of the game. (You get them back, though). Colorful environments, robot pirates, and zombie robot pirates included.
Ratchet & Clank Future- A Crack in Time2.jpg Ratchet and Clank Future:
A Crack in Time

The latest Ratchet and Clank installment, and the final game in the "Future" trilogy. Lengthy and full of moons/planets to explore. Weapon selection is a bit skimpy early on, in an otherwise fantastic sequel.

957923 119990 front-1-.jpg Red Dead Redemption Sandbox/Action

It's essentially Grand Theft Horse. Multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired, just like GTA. There's also bear huntin'.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Redfactionbitch front.jpg Red Faction: Guerrilla TPS/Sandbox

Open-world sandbox environment with completely destructible buildings, decent variety of weapons and enemies, lots of vehicles with good handling and fun multiplayer. What more could you want? Campaign is fun though the music and story are weak. Difficulty gets easier as it goes on, except at the very end when almost every enemy has guass-rifles. DLC for more maps online and in wrecking crew mode available, story mode DLC also available.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC (PC version suffers from some porting issues but has a small modding community to make up for it).

Resident-evil-5.jpg Resident Evil 5

TPS/Survival Horror

Move compatible.png

The latest Resident Evil installment. Plays like Resident Evil 4, looking and feeling far more like an action/adventure game than survival horror, making this a loved/hated game among RE fans, just like 4. This time you play as Chris Redfield in sub-saharan Africa. Pretty good single player campaing, great if you play through with a second player, and any of the various other multi-player modes make for good fun too.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Resistance-fall-of-man.jpg Resistance: Fall of Man FPS A kickass launch FPS both traditional and modern in feel. A weapons wheel gives the player a lot of freedom in how they want to dispatch enemies, making the game fun and varied. Features lots of unique weapons (each with a secondary fire-mode), such as a gun that shoots out barriers. However an old health bar system, lack of ammo, and SPARSE checkpoints make the game PUNISHINGLY AWESOMELY difficult. Great multiplayer, too, but not many people play it anymore.
Resistance2.jpg Resistance 2 FPS Call of Halo: Resistance Edition. Similar to the first but with massive bosses. Many things have been added and taken away, for example you can only carry 2 guns at a time now. The main story does not support co-op, but there is a co-op only mode that has a mission structure to it, and can be really fucking hard without 4 players (and even then). 60 person online competitive play.
14910-1-.jpg Resonance of Fate JRPG Know as End of Eternity in Japan, this is a somewhat slow, somewhat traditional JRPG with a steep learning curve, complex battle mechanics, and a mediocre story revolving around the climate wreaking havoc on humanity. Luckily, the story takes a back seat to the actual gameplay. Characters are fairly generic JRPG characters but the environments can be pretty cool looking.Also available on the Xbox 360.
Ridge Racer 7 Coverart.png Ridge Racer 7 Racing It's Ridge Racer.  RIIIIIIIIDGGEEE RAAACERRRRR!!!
R.U.S.E..jpg R.U.S.E.


Move compatible.png

Don't be turned away by the presence of a console RTS, R.U.S.E. is fun to play on any platform, and best of all the PS3 version supports the Move controller! The only advantage a strong PC will have over the PS3 version is less texture pop-in.

PC Version > PS3 Version > Xbox 360 Version

Boxart eu siren-blood-curse.jpg Siren: Blood Curse Survival Horror Re-imagining of the original Siren/Forbidden Siren game for PS3. Horror story roughly in the style of Silent Hill. Contains elements of stealth and bashing zombies ("shibito" in the game) and is structured in tv-style episodes. The backstory and environment are pretty interesting, although the atmosphere isn't as scary as SH. Also the camera is kind of shit, but if you're into that kind of game it's okay. Not recommended if you don't like horror games à la SH.
Gangsta bitch .jpg Saint's Row 2 Sandbox

Basically Grand Theft Auto IV, except without the brown and seriousness.

If you like Grand Theft Auto you'll probably like this.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Civilizationrevolutionps3.jpg Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Turn-based strategy

A wonderfully simplified console port of your average Civilization game. Online multiplayer is a blast. Matches can stretch for hours at a time. Plus it has a textbook's worth of historical info in the extras section.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Singstar-queen.jpg Singstar: Queen Rhythm Queen is one of the fucking manliest bands ever, right? Right. So get this game, and do some fucking Queen karaoke with your bros, you will be the manliest motherfuckers ever. There are other editions of SingStar on the PS3 (Abba, Motown, regular, etc), plus you can download other songs, and even use PS2 SingStar songs if you swap the discs out, BUT, if you get anything else, you are a casual and a fag. Queen only.
Skate3ps3.jpg Skate 3 Sports/Simulation

Take Tony Hawk, make it more realistic, more slow-paced, and less arcadey, and you've got the Skate series. Note to anyone who played the demo and is interested in buying the game: the recent patches made hardcore mode way better. The grinding feels a lot better. If you intend on buying DLC; get After Dark (free), and the Skate Create upgrade pack (not free). If you're into skate board games, this is the one to get.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

SOCOM-Confrontation-box-art.jpg SOCOM: Confrontation TPS/Combat Third person military action fun with the ability to order your squad around with voice commands.
Sc4 ps3.jpg Soulcalibur IV Fighting

A visually gorgeous 3D fighter focused on weapon use. If you've played any of the previous SC games, this'll be all but too familiar. Unlockable characters include Yoda and Darth Vader. The character creation mode and fighting people online make for some good fun. You might not even want to buy Yoda, since short characters ruin fighting games, when you encounter him randomly near the end of arcade mode you will rage hard.

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PSP (PSP version, titled SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny, obviously has inferior graphics, but also has some new characters at the cost of certain game modes).

Ss front.jpg Split/Second Racing/Blowing Shit Up

An awesome title from Blackrock, the guys who made Pure. It's a racing game, but instead of trying to pass your opponents through driving skill, you can instead blow up the environment around them, destroying their car and knocking them out of the race momentarily. Amazing set pieces to alter the track you are racing on, made all the more amazing by its beautiful graphics engine. There are only 11 tracks but no race is the same no matter now many times you race on it, so its not an issue. Online multiplayer is also a blast(literally and figuratively).

Also available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Ssfivps33.jpg Super Street Fighter IV 2.5D Fighting

The newest installment in the Street Fighter series. Adds a new Ultra for every character, as well as rebalances and 10 completely new characters. There's absolutely no reason to get vanilla SF4 over this.

Also available on the Xbox 360, while PC has vanilla SF IV

Tekken6ps3.jpg Tekken 6 3D Fighting The newest Tekken. Had horrible laggy netcode in the beginning, but now it's as good as every other fighter out there. If you like Tekken, get this. The biggest complaint about this version is that juggling has gotten a little out of control.
The-eye-of-judgement.jpg The Eye of Judgment CCG (Tabletop Card Game) A cool card game that is somewhat similar to the Triple Triad mini-game in Final Fantasy 8 (but with lots of depth added to it). The PSEye actually sees the cards you play and shows your monsters battling on the screen. What's that? You don't want to have to go out and buy the cards? They don't even make them anymore? No worries! You can just print them out on your computer and the camera won't know the difference!
252px-Time Crisis 4 cover art.jpg Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Light Gun/Rail Shooter

Move compatible.png

A re-release of Time Crisis 4 that also includes Razing Storm, a Time Crisis spinoff where you're some dudes on steroids destroying everything. If two awesome Time Crisis games weren't enough, this ALSO includes Deadstorm Pirates, another pretty fun arcade shooter that is definitely on easy mode, as you are a pirate god and have unlimited bullets. Not only do you get three kickass arcade shooters, this works with BOTH the Guncon 3, if you have it, AND the Playstation Move! If you enjoy arcade shooters, there is absolutely NO reason to get vanilla TC4 over this.
Uncharted.jpg Uncharted:
Drake's Fortune
Adventure/TPS Imagine Indiana Jones plus Tomb Raider, by the people who did the Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot series. Features Gears of War-esque cover-based third person shooting, brilliant water effects, and platforming through lush, eye-fuckingly beautiful natural environments. Plenty of doodads to collect, tons of stuff to unlock. Decided to go with beautiful vivid colors when every other game was jumping on the desaturated to hell bandwagon driven by Gears of War (you finally get to put the thousands of colors that HDTV can display to use).
Uncharted-2-Among-Thieves-Box-Art.jpg Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Adventure/TPS

The sequel to Uncharted. Bigger, better, and shit more to do, Uncharted 2 tops the original in pretty much every way. Includes multilayer this time, but that's not the draw of the game.

96/100 on Metacritic. Need we say more?

Valkyria cover.jpg Valkyria Chronicles SRPG/TPS A blend of turn-based strategy, FPS, and RPG mechanics in an alternate-Earth setting circa World War II. Uses a gorgeous graphics engine to make everything look like it's drawn. Looks painfully SUPA KAWAII ^__^ anime (not as bad as most JRPGs), but has solid gameplay, and actually makes you care about your units.
Vanquish ps3.jpg Vanquish TPS

A fast paced third person shooter where you play as a government agent in a super suit trying to recapture a space station from Russian forces. The only downfall is that it's short (don't listen to fanboys of this game - it only takes more than six hours to finish if you really, really suck at it) but it's awesome.

Also available on the Xbox 360.

Wangan midnight ps3 cover.jpg Wangan Midnight Racing I LOVE MY WANGAN<3. Highway racean based on the original manga/arcade games.
Warhawk-cover.jpg Warhawk TPS/Flight/Combat A slightly quirky, entertaining light 3rd person shooter. Only Multiplayer, so don't buy if you don't have internets on your PS3. Pretty fun game, and has a good amount of players, and constantly gets a supply of new content. The controls will probably be a little confusing at first.
Way-of-the-samurai-3.jpg Way of the Samurai 3 Action/Adventure Continues the same gameplay and style as the first two (which are on the recommended list of PS2 games), but now has a stronger emphasis on 'good vs. evil' (not unlike KotOR), though here it's more 'honorable vs. greedy'. The only real flaw of the game is graphics, they're not bad by any means, but they could be much, much better for a seventh generation game. However, it is still highly recommended unless you disliked the first two.
WETPS3.jpg WET Action/Hack and Slash A title that makes it seem Quentin Tarantino and Suda51 collaborated together to make a kickass game! Gun sound makes you want to kill yourself after some hours of playing, other than that the game is really cool, and has awesome music. It's sort of like the old Max Payne games on crack.

Also on the Xbox 360.

White Knight Chronicles.jpg White Knight Chronicles: International Edition RPG A massive console role-playing game developed by Level-5. The story mode is single player, but you can take your story character and participate in multiplayer missions which add a lot to the game, including all the ultimate stuff. It initially received a large amount of hype prior to its Japanese release, but gained only lukewarm reception from critics. White Knight Chronicles has 100 hours worth of gameplay and several enemies are quite large in size.
Yakuza3 boxart.jpg Yakuza 3 Action/Adventure/Beat 'Em Up The Yakuza series is a testament to amazing games with old-school oriented beat-em-up gameplay. You play as fucking Japanese gangsters beating up Japanese gangsters, what more do you want? The first game was built off the remains of Shenmue, so at least you know Sega did something with it. The Western version got some content cut from it (no host clubs/Japanese history trivia). Gets bonus points for having a great story, and a lengthy video summary of the first two games in case you haven't played them.
Yakuza 3 Cover.png Yakuza Kenzan Action/Adventure/Beat 'Em Up Look up to Yakuza. Okay, now replace "Japanese gangsters" with "Japanese gangster samurai from ancient Japan." And there ya go. Fantastic. Unfortunately, unlike Yakuza 3, this entry isn't likely to get a western release, but if you want to hold out from importing to wait and see what Sega will do, no one would blame you.

PSN Games

The List

Title Genre Description Screenshot
Blast Factor: Advanced Research Shoot 'Em Up Pretty much Geometry Wars, but you fight against the ongoing infection in certain specimens. This one is less on survival and more on completion. Cleanse 8 cells and move on to the next specimen. Simple and fun. Blastfactoradvanced.jpg
Braid Pretentious Puzzle Platformer Use some very well-done time manipulation powers to save the princess. Or maybe it's a girlfriend. Or candy. Or the atomic bomb. Don't pay attention to the story, just pay attention to the myraid time-powers (and the ending is pretty good too). Also on PC and 360. Wii version canceled due to lack of interest size restrictions on WiiWare. Braid screenshot05-1-.jpg
Burn, Zombie, Burn! Run 'N Gun A top-down mop-killing shooter where your job is to play as a Bruce Campbell rip-off and flamethrower as many zombies as you can. You get score multipliers for however many zombies are currently on fire. Pick this up if you wanna kill some time and zombies. Burn-zombie-burn-20090310111238701 640w-1-.jpg
Castle Crashers


One of the best couch multiplayer games this gen. Up to 4 player pick from different classes with different spells and slash the shit out of everything on screen. Awesome boss fights, experience levels, weapons, and other shit. PSN version also includes extras and a new volleyball game mode.

Also on Xbox Live.

Comet Crash Tower Defence Standard tower defence Unique tower defence game where you can produce units, sort of making it an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid. Though definetly more on the tower defence side of things. Kill shit and get money, upgrade, repeat. 5492-1-.jpg
Crash Commando Run 'N Gun/Shoot 'Em A multiplayer focused side scrolling dual-stick shooter in a similar style as Soldat for the PC. Players run around arenas using one of six default weapons or other discoverable weapons or vehicles blowing each other up. Good fun online, and supports bots online and offline. No split screen unfortunetly. Has a decent amout of DLC. Crash1-1-.jpg
Critter Crunch Puzzle

A surprisingly original "match three" style puzzle game with GORGEOUS 2D animation. You have a big row of critters of varying sizes and qualities, such as poison or exploding critters, and you have to grab smaller ones, feed them to bigger ones, destroy big sections of similar critters, eat the crystals, and repeat. The challenge and puzzle modes are really well thought out, too. Plus, it's like 6 bucks, goddamn.

If you liked this, then listen up: the same company is porting their kickass Might and Magic DS puzzle game soon, in GLORIOUS HD.

Critter-crunch-20090608115202940 640w-1-.jpg
Crystal Defenders Tower Defence

A Final Fantasy tower defence game where you place units in strategic areas and face against 300 waves of monsters in the span of three chapters.

Also on wii and Iphone

Crystal-defenders-20090717084610791 640w.jpg
Cuboid Puzzle Move the cube from point A to point B while fending against puzzling obstacles preventing your success. A pretty challenging and fun puzzle game. Has pretty good music too. 5708-1-.jpg
Dark Mist Action Adventure A game very reminiscent to Legend of Zelda on the NES. An overhead dungeon crawler where you can gain hearts, diamonds, keys, and crescent moons. Master several dungeons and defeat bosses and you got yourself a nice lil' Zelda-like game. You even have a spin attack for Christ's sake. Dark mist ps3-766085.jpg
DeathSpank Action RPG A goofy Action RPG created by the guy behind Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert. As DeathSpank, do heroic deeds like rescuing orphans, slaying vicious "STOOPID" chickens or collecting magical poop while searching for an ancient, powerful artifact known as... The Artifact. A bit short, but with fun, simple controls and great humor. DeathSpank.jpg
DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Action RPG If you liked the above you'll like this. Be warned though, there is a fairly common game-breaking bug near the end of the game that has yet to be repaired. DeathSpank-Thongs-of-Virtue-Announced-Coming-In-September.jpg
Earthworm Jim HD Side-Scrolling/Run-'N-Gun/Platformer Rediscover the grooviest action game of all time in full hi-def glory with Earthworm Jim HD! For the first time, grab friends and combine your wormy powers in four-player co-op! If you never played Earthworm Jim back in the retro days now's the perfect chance to check it out. Earthworm Jim.jpg
Echochrome Puzzle A very Escher-esque puzzle game in a minimalist style where the camera angle determines the shape of the level. Will hurt your mind after a while. Comes with level editor. Echochrome 02-1-.jpg
Elefunk Puzzle A bridge making game that tests the bridges you make by withstanding the weight of the elephants that walk across it. NO, this doesn't make you an outstanding architect. Actually really easy. Elefunk.jpg
Fat Princess Strategy/Multiplayer A mix of strategy and cake-feeding action in this multiplayer oriented game. Up to 32 people compete in 2 teams to rescue their princess, while feeding the hostage princess to make her fatter and harder to rescue. Has classes, resource gathering, and more. The DLC addes even MORE stuff, but isn't mandatory. Also has a PSP spinoff that plays quite similarly. The biggest flaw of this game is that matches can sometimes turn into a never-ending tug-of-war. Fat-princess-20090803030755641 640w-1-.jpg
flOw Puzzle A short game that's the precursor to Flower, Flow takes place on a microscopic scale where you control plankton that must gobble up other plankton. With the expansion, there are six different plankton in all. Simple gameplay, but extremely soothing. Flow february.jpg
Flower Puzzle/Sim You play as a gust of wind/flower petal that goes around and blooms other flowers, normally to complete an objective. Extremely beautiful and relaxing. Sixaxis controls and fun and don't feel gimicky. You might think this game is for pansies (HURR PUN) but if you just get over yourself and try it you might be suprised. Sce flower.jpg
Gravity Crash Shooter Pretty cool 2D shooter. 8836-1-.jpg
GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur Racing The classic GTI Club arcade game, now on the PS3 with improved graphics. Gti club.jpg
The Last Guy Sim/Puzzle An absolutely bizarre game where you control a good zombie in a top-down view on city maps that look like satellite maps. You must rescue civilians trapped inside buildings while dodging bad zombies - it plays a little like the classic Snake game. Ps3-the-last-guy-1223649259-6-1-.jpg
LocoRoco Cocoreccho Platform Same as the other LocoRock games on the PSP, but now you use your controler. Guide your LocoRoco to the goal in a beautiful environment. LocoRoco-Cocoreccho-1.jpg
Lumines Supernova Puzzle/Rhythm A semi-port of a kickass PSP game, Lumines is a puzzle game with rhythm elements - blocks fall from the top of the playing field and it's your job to create a 2x2 square of matching colors before the time line sweeps them away. It's like Tetris meets your local club DJ. Has free DLC and regular DLC. Lumines supernova.jpg
Mega Man 9 Jump'n'Run It's Mega Man, back to 8bit style, still hard as balls (although some claim it's still too easy, they're just trying to look hardcore, it's not working). If you liked the old games, you'll like this one. Mm9.jpg
Mega Man 10 Jump'n'Run Same as 9, it continues the series in the lovely 8bit style. Easier than 9, especially if you play as Bass, it'll can still kick your ass. This one has more variety in it, with creative mini-bosses (almost 1 per stage) and stages. Protoman and Bass are playable as well. Mm10.jpg
Namco Museum Essentials Minigame Well, it's a collection of Namco games. Now with achievement-ish systems and other miscellaneous unlockables. Not bad for a nostalgia trip or for giving younger kids something easy to pick-up-and-play. Rev up your Solvalou and give this a go. 136590-NME screen2-620x.jpg
Noby Noby Boy Sim/Sandbox/Being A Dickhead The entire point of Noby Noby Boy is to stretch your character boy. That's it. But it's really weird and inventive, and you can spend hours just fucking around and eating people, and seeing how much you make GIRL grow. Everyone who plays the game reports their points, and they all get tallied up. Each point grows GIRL a little longer. Collectively, we've gone past Jupiter in actual distance. That's actually a pretty fucking crazy achievement. It's only 5$ so there's no excuse not to support this gem of a mindfuck. Also, local multiplayer up to four players. Noby.jpg
Pain Physics You launch people out of a canon and try to hurt them as much as possible, while also trying to fuck up the environment as much as possible. You can also make the people you launch grab onto things, which opens the door to all sorts of crazy madness (grabbing onto a subway for example). Sounds simple but it can be pretty damn cool. Pain-psn-490.jpg
Pixeljunk Eden Platformer A minimalist platformer where you control a 'grimp', a sort of bug that is able to jump and stick onto plants and rocks in the game, as well as create threads. You need to learn to extend your thread to swing and leap higher and higher. Uses heavily stylized graphics and a soundtrack guaranteed to blow your mind. Pixeljunk eden impressions.jpg
Pixeljunk Monsters Defense/Strategy An entertaining strategic tower defense game. Hoards of enemies attack your lives and you must build towers on the trees to protect them. Upgrades, nine types of towers, many different types of enemies to kill. Comes with Co-Op and Remote Play. Pixeljunkms1.jpg
Pixeljunk Shooter Shooter/Puzzle Glide around, shoot things, save people, and enjoy that soundtrack. Just make sure your engine doesn't overheat. Getting a sequel soon. Pixeljunk-shooter-header-685x385.jpg
Piyotama Puzzle Kind of like Tetris Attack, lining up four in a line, but you have to slide your rows all the way while maintaining some pieces outside the board. It's a new type of puzzle game for all who like Tetris Attack or Meteos. Piyotama 500.jpg
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Fighting/Brawler Sort of like super smash bros, but with it's own perks. It's 100% balanced for example, because all the characters are the same. You can shoot out energy balls and do rocket punches n shit. It's a lot more "flowing" than smash bros. Just try it. G277.jpg
Rocket Knight Platformer/Shoot 'Em Up The new Rocket Knight game with Sparkster hacking and slashing and shooting and jetpacking through many levels. Is slightly difficult and lacks a little more variety, but it's still a fun ass Rocket Knight. 977248 20091020 790screen001.jpg
Savage Moon Tower Defence A tower defence game so hard they actually had to release an easy-mode patch for it. A PSP sequel has been released that is much supperior to this game (except graphics). Savage moon profilelarge.jpg
Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game Beat 'Em Up

Even if you haven't read the comic or for that matter hated it, you'd be an idiot to let that stop you from playing this game. It pays tribute to the old school beat em' ups like Final Fight and River City Ransom. You level up and obtain new moves, go to stores and increase your stats and beat the SHIT out of those goddamn exes in an epic 4-player co-op while listening to some really awesome Anamanaguchi music. Only setback is no online servcies and the inability to add another player in the middle of a game, drop-in/drop-out co-op is set to be patched in. For the fans, it stays faithful to the aspects of the comics and some stuff from the movie as well. If you love games like Castle Crashers and such then CHECK THIS OUT.

Also on Xbox Live.

1448349-11 tr scottpilgrimvstheworldcomiccon 072310 1500 14 super.jpg
Shatter Shooter

Breakout/Arkanoid clone with some fresh features and nice awesome music

Also on PC with added features.

Shatter 002.jpg
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Platformer Very short, (like every 2D sonic HERP DERP) but REALLY FUN. Same fun 2D gameplay that even the couple of changes, such as lock-on, doesn't ruin it. A (finally) great Sonic game for what it is worth.

Also on Live Arcade and WiiWare

20839s4 360 z1a3 001.jpg
Space Invaders Infinity Gene


Space Invaders: Infinity Gene is a great evolution for the classic series and one of the best space shooters in recent years. If you like shoot em ups you'll like this. Seig02.jpg
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Sports/Minigame You control small rocket-powered cars that can FUCKING FLY and you play soccer with them. Supersonic-acrobatic-rocket-powered-battle-cars-screens-of-in-game-action-running-on-playstation-3-20080808095740304 640w.jpg
Super Stardust HD Shoot 'Em Up One of the first titles released on the PSN, this dual stick shoot-em-up is one part Asteroids and one part Geometry Wars. Use three upgradeable weapons, bombs, and a booster to blast your way through 5 levels of asteroids, dangerous aliens and some pretty huge bosses. Features two player mode and several expansions that add a whole new host of fun extra modes. Great music and shiny graphics round out the package. Stardust hd.jpg
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Fighting The last version of Street Fighter II (a game that has been continually updated/re-released since its first release in 1991, so 'last' should be interpreted loosely). It has all the characters. It is solid, balanced, the music has been remixed by OCRemix, and all the backgrounds/characters have be redrawn to support HD by UDON. Some character movelists have been expanded and tweaked to give the game not only more depth, but balance as well (for example Ryu can do a Hadouken fake, which sets you up for a combo). Online Multiplayer doesn't hurt either. Sf2hd.jpg
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Fighting It's Tekken 5, downloadable, with extra features, such as online play. Do want. Tekken-5-dark-resurrection 1.jpg
Tori-Emaki Also known as "bird-picture scroll" it's an interactive picture scroll which is pretty nice. Utilizes the Playstation Eye. Tori emaki.jpg
Trash Panic Puzzle An insanely tough puzzler where you need to compact trash into a garbage can by smashing and breaking it up. 6 stages on normal mode that get progressively crazier. 3465893769 83d2fd3097 o.jpg
Wipeout HD Fury Racing/ Ship Combat Very fast futuristic racer with great graphics and a fantastic soundtrack where you shoot at the other racers and what not, sort of like a (much) more hardcore Mario Kart. Runs in 1080p at a fluid 60 fps, and 3D. Includes 8 tracks (you can also listen to music off of your hard-drive), 8 ships (with several skins) and 4 game modes. Wipeout HD Fury adds 12 new tracks, 13 new skins, 3 new game modes (Including the fan-favorite eliminator!) and some new music, and is also available as a Blu-Ray game in Europe, if you prefer a tangible variant. Supports online and split-screen. Wipeout-hd-20080820000821510 640w-1-.jpg
Worms 2: Armageddon Turn-Based/Side-Scrolling/Physics/Shooter Worms 2: Armageddon is the most fully-featured Worms game ever. With four player online and offline multiplayer, voice support, a raft of new weapons (including the return of some iconic weapons from the past), all-new high-definition landscape themes, new play modes, hats, skins, speech-banks, loads of other customization and to top it all off, a highly-involving single player experience with tutorials, deathmatches, races, fort games, and puzzles. It's a package as high on fun as it is destruction. Worms 2 armageddon.jpg

Psone classics.png Click HERE to see which PSone games we recommend that are available on the PSN service. (Note: Currently US only, but EU/PAL should be added soon.)

PS3 Recommended Games.jpg