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The List

Disc-based Titles

Cover Title Genre Description
Final-fantasy-xiv-1- Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn MMORPG Significantly better than FFXIV's first outing, which was absolutely terrible. Squeenix listened to all the complaints and criticisms, and more-or-less created the game people actually wanted. This game is an old-school Final Fantasy lover's wet dream in online format. The combat system is a little tired (press button to use skill/spell, and make sure to move out of the way of attacks), however the dungeons are superb, as is the overworld, art, graphics, and music. It also has selling/auctioning items, player to player interaction, forming parties and 'companies' (guilds), and has a decent storyline to boot. It has had a few issues going out, but they've been patching regularly to fix anything the community generally complains about. Overall, a decent MMO with a fantastic setting.
Tomb Raider PS4 Tomb Raider: Definitive Eidtion Action / Adventure A re-release of the highly acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot from 2013. Completely re-textured and updated for eight generation consoles, who knew watching a young girl scream for her life as she hangs on from falling off a cliff could look so pretty?

PSN Titles

Cover Title Genre Description
Resogun PS4 cover Resogun Shoot 'Em Up From the makers of the Super Stardust games comes this stunningly beautiful shoot 'em up. Classic arcade space shooter action meets the graphics of the modern age. If your a fan of shmups, this is your first treat from the eighth generation, and it doesn't dissapoint, although veterans may find it a bit easy, and also short (five levels).

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