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Screenshot Title Genre Description
Ape quest screen Ape Quest RPG / Minigame Dragon Quest-ish, with a bit of Mario Party mixed in. As you travel on paths, you may enter battles or mini-games. The prologue is free, but limited. The full game bundle only costs $20 (130 kr), but has much more content, including side-quests, dungeons, and smithing. A silly send-up of the RPG genre that's worth a try, even if it's not the top banana RPG.
Brandish1-psp Brandish: The Dark Revenant RPG / Dungeon Crawler A remake of one of Falcom's older RPGs, where your vision is always behind your character and you rotate the world around him to explore the dungeons. Only the Japanese version is available as a retail release, while the official overseas version is available on the PSN.
500x soturned ClaDun: This is an RPG + Sequel Roguelike / Action RPG Nippon Ichi's less serious story-wise game, but incredibly addicting. Create your own main character in a very humorous, retro-esque adventure with references to video games and pop-culture. Adventure into randomly-generated dungeons, level-up, fight enemies, the works. You can also explore dungeons with friends even. It is action-based though, so if you want a turn-based roguelike, check out NIS' other roguelike game, Z.H.P.

Sequel's out, more of the same, plus a bunch of customization. If you liked the first one you'll like this one. Grab some fanmade music+designs over at

Screenshot psp corpse party005 Corpse Party Horror / Adventure Group of people fall into an otherworldly, creepy version of a previously-demolished school and have to find their way out. If you can get past the graphics (top down RPG Maker style) it'll pull you in.

Sequel has been released under the subtitle Book of Shadows, it follow the same group as before but in more of a point and click/visual novel style. Two chapters focus on different groups of students, some of whom the main cast runs into in the first game.

Both games are quite graphic, though some of the nastier deaths don't have images but very descriptive text, letting your imagination run wild...

They also nail the atmosphere and tension that's missing in most horror nowadays. Has a unique audio (binaural recording; 3D stereo sound) system that is best experienced with headphones. Seriously, you'll miss out on most of the tension and suspense with speakers.

Play them in order, BoS is mostly a "what if/AU" thing but some are a continuation of the first one and one is backstory for one of the characters from the first game.

In the first one, you can transfer your save to BoS and you automatically unlock the prologue (though its only playable after going through the other chapters, just no true end requirement) along with any CGs you found in the first one.

The game Blood Drive (Vita only) is the last in the Heavenly Host saga. The next game in the series is called Corpse Party 2 Dead Patient and is on PC and currently Japan only, though there is a fan made English translation being worked on.

Now on the 3DS, makes a great gift!

Crystal-defenders-20090717084610791 640w Crystal Defenders Tower Defence A Final Fantasy tower defence game where you place units in strategic areas and face against 300 waves of monsters in the span of three chapters.
Every Day Shooter PSP Everyday Shooter Shoot 'em Up A strange musical shoot 'em up with gameplay reminiscent of Every Extend, sans exploding.
Flow PSP fl0w Puzzle A chilled-out experience where you start as a small microbe and eat others to grow into a larger and more beautiful organism.
Freekscape pic Freekscape: Escape From Hell Puzzle / Platformer Freek is a demon who wants a better life. He steals a Sacred Trident to get the hell outta Hell and get to Heaven. Poke devilish minions and utilize their skills, such as demon-boars' ramming power and squishier ones' bounciness. Feels like an early PS1 game: strange atmosphere, funky sweet soundtrack, sometimes-iffy controls, but quite fun concepts. A modern game with old-school heart (at a good price, too!).
Monsters princess MONSTERS (Probably) STOLE MY PRINCESS Platformer / Arcade High-Score seekers unite! This easy-to-learn/hard-to-master platformer has your score and dazzing finishers depend on the consecutive platforms you jump on. A fun test of reaction, concentration, and fast fingers. Quite amusing (and inexpensive!), offering nice replayability thanks to extra modes, despite Story Mode's brevity (it's a tutorial compared to harder stages). And who could resist that dashing demon, The Duke?
Nogravitypspss No Gravity: The Plague of Mind 3D Space shooter Great visuals and never ending genuine space shooting fun, No Gravity offers serious entertainment even if you pick it up just for a minute. You can choose from 3 ships each with different characteristics, pick up temporary power-ups AND SHOOT SPACE ALIENS! Okay, they are not aliens, but they are the bad guys and it's up to YOU to save the GALAXY! As a plus, the whole game is about 90 MB so there's no reason not to have it.
Patchwork pic Patchwork Heroes Arcade style action Comparable to Qix in gameplay concept, but you saw apart invading warships in mid-flight so they don't bomb your hometown. Also, robots, robots everywhere. Dodge them or find a way to take them out. Really nice art style and a lighthearted, but kinda sad story (one of the unlockables is a GRAVEYARD for your dead pals...) Made by the team who did the "Badman" trilogy.
Stardustpspss Super Stardust Portable Shoot 'em up Fun port of the PS3 dual-stick shooter. You shoot asteroids and other shit with somewhat suspect controls, due to the system having only one analog.
Thexderpspss THEXDER NEO Platformer A remastering of an old-school arcade-esque classic on the PC. Pilot Thexder, a transforming jet-mech, and navigate through 16 maze-stages, blasting enemies along the way. It also includes an online scoring mode so you can SHOW THEM ONLINE. You can find the game on PSN for just $4.99. Better resolution in the PS3 version, but this one is just as good for quick space-shootan sessions.
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