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"Never stop playing."

Basic Info:[]

The PlayStation Vita (simply known as the PS Vita) is a handheld game console and the successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It was released in Japan on December 17, 2011, with releases in North America, Europe, and other worldwide regions starting on February 22, 2012.

As of March 1, 2019 the PlayStation Vita has ceased production.

As of July 2, 2021, the Playstation Store on the Playstation Vita will be closed. Pirate all the way now, matey!

Said decision was rolled back (for now) as of April 19, 2021 by Jim Ryan himself.

The three different models of the Playstation Vita:[]

-PCH-1000, original model of the handheld, known for its OLED screen with the optional (but abandoned) 3G.

-PCH-2000, released in October 2013 (in February 2014 worlwide), which features a LCD (IPS panel) screen instead, a better battery life, 1GB of internal memory stockage (disabled once a memory card is inserted), and is thinner and lighter overall.

-Playstation TV, released in November 2013 (in October 2014 worldwide), allow players to play the Vita system on a television, up to 1080i resolution, also featuring an Ethernet/HDMI port and support for Dualshock 3 & 4 controllers. However, earlier Vita games (especially the ones that require touch input, such as Gravity Rush) may not be compatible with this system.

Storage devices:[]

The PS Vita is incompatible with standard memory cards, such as SD cards, and instead stores data on proprietary and expensive PS Vita memory cards, which are available in sizes of 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and, only in Japan, 64GB (default price of a 4GB memory stick is 20$, around 90$ for 64GB depending of currency).

The best way to minimize the cost of the memory stick is to prioritize the purchase of games in retails and physical carts if possible. However, digital titles have the advantage to be cheaper than retails if you can make up for the price of the memory stick.

(Note: there is an extension available right now that will let you use Micro SD cards in the game slot on Vitas running custom firmware, for more info, google sd2vita)

Regarding region-locking:[]

Retails are region-free but digital content/DLCs are region-locked through a PSN account. It should be noted that only one account can be used per memory card. Most PSP games that were given a digital release are available to play on the Vita, but some may require a PC or PS3 to download.

If you are unsure whether to get a Vita or not, we've prepared a small starter guide for you: Vita Starter Guide.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description Screenshots
Atfield PSVita cover.png @field (JP) Golf/Puzzle Some kind of hybrid between golf and Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. Try to get your ball to get coins so you can play dress up with your kawaii ass golfer. You can move the ball with the motion sensor (tilt the Vita in directions) and stages have gimmicks like speed-up panels and ramps (which can even launch your ball mid-air to land at different areas) and also obstacles like moving panels and floors that fall apart. There's also an edit mode to make your own courses (not sure if you can share). Here's a trailer to help clarify.
JP-only, but feel free to import, since it ain't too hard to figure out the menus.
Atfield PSVita screenshot.jpg
Army Corps of Hell PSVita cover.png Army Corps of Hell Action / Strategy Remember Pikmin? Well, now add Death Metal and demons and voila! You have Army Corps of Hell. If you've played Pikmin before, it should feel familiar; If you've played Overlord, this is pretty much a portable alternative to it. If not, then you essentially rely on lots of little critters to do your dirty work for you. Utilizes the touch screen well and in a fun way. Its weakness is that a decent chunk of the stages feel kinda "same-y" with little variety, as opposed to the what has been seen in Pikmin (i.e. different stage elements and atmospheres along with level design). Army Corps of Hell PSVita screenshot.jpg
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend PSVita cover.png Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend Fighting Great fighting game with ridiculously big story mode that will last for hours if you are interested in that stuff. Vita's d-pad is built great for fighters and allows fluid motions for moves so it plays like a charm. Extend version adds Relius as a playable character and story modes for the various DLC characters among other things. Great online mode is also a plus. Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend PSVita screenshot.jpg
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc PSVita cover.jpg Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Adventure A murder-mystery which is like a mix of Ace Attorney and Saw, though played for black comedy. An evil teddy bear trapped students inside their school, and the only way for them to escape is to kill each other and escape conviction.

It's a remake of the original PSP title which didn't came out in the west, though this one did. Also has a sequel, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and a spinoff, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, which got western releases for the Vita as well.

Every game on the series is now ported to Pc on Steam.

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc PSVita screenshot.jpg
Dead or Alive 5 Plus PSVita cover.jpg Dead or Alive 5 Plus Jiggle simu- SERIOUS fightan game Pretty well made port of the original. Thankfully, it has new features, too, such as advanced training modes/details, a (gimmicky, but amusing) touch-based first person mode for fighting, and "touch-screen interaction" with characters. Also, you can change music per arena instead of just pre-set songs. Uses both ad-hoc and online for multiplayer. You can pretty much jump into this, even if you haven't played past games. Has cross-play, cross-goods, and cross-save. However, the latter two sometimes have some problems being ironed out. Dead or Alive 5 Plus PSVita screenshot.jpg
Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention PSVita cover.png Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention SRPG An updated port of Disgaea 3 on the PS3. Features all the DLC from PS3 and few new bonuses like two new characters, some characters and features from Disgaea 4, and other gameplay tweaks. A great pick for people who never played Disgaea 3, but those who have don't have much reason to buy this.
If you're not in the know, Disgaea games are known for their off-beat humor, isometric tactics RPG gameplay, and extremely deep stat-building systems that can potentially involve lots of time min/max-ing your gear, characters, and so forth. The last part only becomes a necessity in post-game challenges, so thankfully you won't need to grind your ass off before then.
Disgaea 3 Absence of Detention PSVita screenshot.jpg
DJMAX Technika Tune PSVita cover.png DJMAX Technika Tune Rhythm Portable adaption of the arcade game series. A rhythm game based on a touchscreen where you touch buttons when a timeline passes over it. Confirmed to have a mode that makes use of both the front and back touchpads and DLC songs from older DJMAX titles. Contains TECHNIKA 3 songs and uses the interface from TECHNIKA 2, also has Facebook integration but nobody gives a shit about that. OST and M/V modes are confirmed to make a return. Gameplay Trailer offscreen gameplay Had a baller collector's edition that sold out nearly instantly. Good luck finding it. DJMAX Technika Tune PSVita screenshot.jpg
Dragons Crown PSVita cover.jpg Dragon's Crown Beat 'em up/RPG A sword-and-sorcery beat 'em up homage with elements of Golden Axe, D&D Arcade, and more; except, expanded into an RPG. As such, in addition to the standard stages to play, is incentive to revisit them thanks to several quests which reward you with loot and further improve your powers. Each of the 6 classes has numerous skills and passive abilities to learn, letting you customize how you want to play and what role you'll serve in a party. You'll definitely want to party on, since after the initial 9 stages, you unlock 9 more, each with new bosses to conquer.
After beating the game once, you get to the REAL meat: The Labyrinth of Chaos! It's a randomized dungeon containing mixed up elements from all stages, like fishmen out of water in the middle of the sky raining fire in an underground cave. Further on, bosses spawn as common foes, except harder with new attacks and patterns, AND other common enemies and stage hazards smash on you simultaneously. Normal stages can't even compare!
As for the Vita version, slowdowns happen a bit more than PS3 (though the PS3 does also have them), and ad-hoc multiplayer is unlocked at the same time as online (first 9 stages cleared) vs the get-go of PS3. However, cooking and runes are much easier to manage and you will want to be good at those.
For more info/help, consider checking out the archives of past generals and pastebins.
Note: As of the most recent patch, you can go online with both Vita and PS3 players!
Dragons Crown PSVita screenshot.jpg
Dream Club Zero Portable PSVita cover.png Dream Club Zero Portable


Sim/Idol Dating So far only available in Japan and Korea, and will probably stay that way. Waifu simulator that circles around hostesses from a certain club. Dress, flirt, get drunk, molest, feed tasty vittles, and take shots with cutesy animu wimminz. Thankfully everyone is legal, so it's A-OK, and not perverted (yes it is) or wrong at all. Also, there's like rhythm singan and dancan or something. Catered to otaku and probably only for them. Pretty decent production values surprisingly. Also, you can get friend-zone'd if you mess up. No joke. More info on Wikipedia and the fan-made JP wiki and guide. Dream Club Zero Portable PSVita screenshot.jpg
Dynasty Warriors Next PSVita cover.png Dynasty Warriors Next Beat 'em Up / Strategy Solid spinoff of the slash-and-bash Warriors series, based off of DW7. Looks, plays, and sounds almost like it, but is more like a DW Empires entry. The touch screen sequences are a bit forced, but you'll soon learn how to blaze through them (even duels are eventually not much trouble) and reap their bonuses. There's also edit characters to customize and use in Conquest (storyless variant of Campaign, letting you mix-and-match officers) and Coalition (local co-op challenge mode). In addition to the main game, there are also mini-games with in-game bonuses (like a Hex Mark Saddle) and a photo mode (for the scrapbooker in you). DLC is costumes with some different stats and skills.
Much more info HERE.
Dynasty Warriors Next PSVita screenshot.jpg
Final Fantasy X HD Remaster PSVita cover.jpg Final Fantasy X HD Remaster RPG FFX set the series' current standards for breathtakingly cinematic presentation, unique fantasy worlds, and romantic, sweeping stories with philosophical undertones. The game is fully-voiced and still a delight to look at, though the writing and voice-acting are a different story. Turn-based combat and rigid, class-based characters make a comeback, along with many callbacks to earlier titles. The game is very on-rails, with little optional exploration, but lots of side-content. As per usual, the ending is a point of contention. Worth a try.

Based on the International release which adds additional exclusive content.

Physical version in North America and Europe is a bundle with X-2, but only X has a physical copy, X-2 comes as a free digital download voucher with X.

Physical cartridges with X and X-2 separately are available in Asia in English.

HD Remaster with X-2 also on PS3 and PS4.

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster PSVita screenshot.jpg
Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster PSVita cover.jpg Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster RPG Surprisingly, a direct sequel to FFX which revolves around Yuna's life after the events of the previous game. With Rikku the thief and new character Payne in tow, the three set out to become bounty hunters, errand runners, and pop idols, among other things. The combat system is very unique, as it allows the three to change classes ("Dresspheres," complete with unique outfits) in the middle of battle, a feature that some love and some hate. The story is ridiculous even for FF standards, so don't give it too much thought. A bizarre and unncessary, but fun romp.

Based on the International release which includes exclusive content, such as dresspheres, an additional playable storyline and battle arena mode.

Physical version in North America and Europe is a bundle with X, but only X has a physical copy, X-2 comes as a free digital download voucher with X.

Physical cartridges with X and X-2 separately are available in Asia in English.

HD Remaster with X also on PS3 and PS4.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD PSVita screenshot.jpg
Gravity Rush PSVita cover.png Gravity Rush Action Adventure / Sandbox An original and stylish action adventure game, and one that's been executed with incredible polish. Use gravity powers to float, manipulate objects, run-and-jump on walls, speed from plane to plane, etc. like you're Spider-Man but 50 times better. Remaster available on PS4 with all DLC side quests included. Gravity Rush PSVita screenshot.jpg
Gundam Seed Battle Destiny PSVita cover.png Gundam Seed: Battle Destiny Mecha / Shooter If you like blowing shit up as a giant robot and fighting other giant robots, this will be a nice fit for your Vita. JP-only, sadly, so ya gotta import. Otherwise, look up the trailer and decide if you want to nab it or not. For extra info and translation help, see this this Gamefaqs guide or this wikia page. Gundam Seed Battle Destiny PSVita screenshot.jpg
Hot Shots Golf World Invitational PSVita cover.png Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Sports Hot Shots is a pretty fucking good golf series. If you never thought you'd hear golf in that context, then you ought to pick up this game. It's surprisingly quick, easy, and accurate. Touch screen stuff is optional. Great time killer with pretty addicting gameplay. Also, prepare to spend hours and hours playing to be able to buy virtual shit to customize your players. A.k.a Everybody's Golf (or the language equivalent) in everywhere not America. Hot Shots Golf World Invitational PSVita screenshot.jpg
Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth1 PSVita cover.jpg Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Turn based RPG A remake of the original Hyperdimension Neptunia, thankfully without most of the suck. The premise is basically a take on console wars and the game industry but with cute anime girls, and it's every bit as ridiculous and enjoyable as it sounds thanks to a surprisingly decent localization and fun character interactions. Gameplay wise its a turn based/sort of tactical RPG with flashy and fast paced battles. The game also has a synthesis system to create more items, weapons, costumes, and to add more dungeons and bosses in the game. If you're interested in trying out the series, this is the best place to start.

Interestingly enough it also got ported over to PC, in a barebones but functional port. There are two more Rebirth sequels that are more of the same, in some cases quite literally due to reused assets.

Rebirth1 screen eng32.jpg
Vitainjusticebox.jpg Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition Fighting A fighting game by NetherRealm that's set in the DC universe. Because every character is a superhero/villain, playing as them tends to feel OP, which greatly adds to the fun factor of the game. Included is a story mode, and additional replay value in the form of a battle mode (with endings for each character, separate from the story mode), Star L.A.B.S missions, and bonus characters such as Scorpion. The Vita port looks and runs great, and a few touch minigames have been thrown in for better or worse.

You can watch SuperJumpReviews's review here.

Killzone Mercenary PSVita cover.jpg Killzone: Mercenary FPS Often called "best Vita FPS game, Killzone game, and portable FPS -done right-". The campaign, though 9 stages, is lengthy and full of activites/situations other than running thru a level shooting. Extra replayability comes via different strategies for goals (i.e. hacking extra info, alternate target-kill methods, etc.). Multiplayer is the main draw. While only 4v4 in teams and 8-man royale, it flows together well. Arenas have a good balance between hiding spots and non=excessive size, and stage elements can be well-utilized. A variety of primary and secondary guns, armors, grenades, and VAN-Guards (RC robots with a variety of effects), allows you to custom-make loadouts for different priorities. Also, obtaining new equipment in either mode allows for use in the other, so it pays to play both.
Digital-Buyer Warning: The filesize is already big, but with the patches, it gets pretty huge. Those without 32 or 64 memcards should probably stick with physical.
Killzone 873574b.jpg
LittleBigPlanet PSVita cover.png LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Platformer / Any game type Definitive version of LittleBigPlanet. Has a community already, and the single player is also great. Multiplayer sometimes lags but developers are fixing it with patches. It is a shame that levels from ps3's counterpart don't work here. LittleBigPlanet PSVita screenshot.jpg
Lord of Apocalypse PSVita cover.png Lord of Apocalypse Action Adventure So far only available in Japan. Sequel to the Lord of Arcana that improves upon flawed features. Similar to the Monster Hunter in the meaning your main objective is to hunt monsters with friends and create new weapons/armor. Game offers fast paced action and decent gameplay. Also on the PSP, so don't expect amazing graphics. Lord of Apocalypse PSVita screenshot.jpg
Lumines Electronic Symphony PSVita cover.png Lumines: Electronic Symphony Puzzle PSP's blockbuster puzzler is back and it's the comeback you've been waiting for. Improved everything, addicting like crack and beyond mesmerizing in every aspect, Lumines ES is a must have for any Vita owner. Notably improved from predecessors and adds some optional touchscreen perks to assist you and some new block types as well. You can find it very cheap on Amazon these days, to top it all off. Lumines Electronic Symphony PSVita screenshot.jpg
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PSVita cover.png Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Action / Stealth You know what the fuck this is, now it is portable. Unfortunately, the Peace Walker isnt included in vita version, but you can always buy it from playstation store and use twin stick setups if it so pleases you. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PSVita screenshot.jpg
Muramasa Rebirth PSVita cover.png Muramasa Rebirth Platformer / Action RPG Enhanced port of the Wii game "Muramasa: The Demon Blade". If you haven't heard of this or played it yet, then get your ass out from under that rock and pick this up now. In this version, you can now remap buttons and it has a newer and more flowery (though more accurate) translation. You can still use the "Up-button scheme" though. All four DLC chapters have been released (separatly or in one package). Sadly no retail in the EU. Muramasa Rebirth PSVita screenshot.jpg
Need For Speed Most Wanted PSVita cover.png Need For Speed: Most Wanted Racing Pretty much as good as the console version, except with less things on the screen at a time and less players in multiplayer. Almost flawless port outside of those factors. Need For Speed Most Wanted PSVita screenshot.jpg
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVita cover.png Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Action Adventure / Hack n' Slash Good, old Ninja Gaiden Sigma with some new stuff added for the Vita. If you never played it, this is a great opportunity to see what you've missed out on. There's still a few loading times, but they are sparse and don't ruin the enjoyment. Looks great and plays great. Lightning fast enemy killing and balls-to-the-walls boss fights. Sigma 2 also has a Plus version as well. Though 2 has notably more extra content than this, it needs to iron out some bugs first. Beware: the Vita versions run at half the framerate of the PS3 versions which may be a detractor for some. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVita screenshot.jpg
One-piece-pirate-warriors-3-cover.cover large.jpg One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Beat 'em up / Pirate Genocide Your regular brainless beat n' up from the Warriors series, but with a pirate who stretches.

Pirate Warriors 2 (Kaizoku Musou 2) is also on Vita, but only in weeabonese. Sequel on modern consoles, but this one will do fine.

Persona 4 Golden PSVita cover.png Persona 4: Golden RPG / Scooby-doo Simulator Highest rated game on the Vita right now, and best version of P4. Has a good deal more content than the original, and also, you can now pick and choose persona skills in fusion (as opposed to cancel-spamming like before). If you haven't gotten this game already, then whatever. Baby's second SMT after P3P. For a list of modifications, check this shit: here. Persona 4 Golden PSVita screenshot.jpg
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVita cover.png Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Smash Bros-like It is what it is. The super-only kills thing isn't as funky as it sounds in theory, and can be utilized in amusing ways in practice (as you can find ways to gain or prevent lots of AP). Online multiplayer is where it really shines.
You'll find it inferior to PS3 version if you're a grafixfag, but it looks damn good despite that and still plays identically.
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale PSVita screenshot.jpg
Ragnarok Odyssey PSVita cover.png Ragnarok Odyssey
/ Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (JP)
Action-Adventure Monster Hunter-esque game based on the popular online universe from Ragnarok Online. Very solid game featuring colorful graphics and customization system. Game is heavy action based with dashes, jumps, juggles, and dodging. Similar to Monster Hunter, your objective is to kill monsters with friends (or alone), collect materials, and upgrade equipment. Equip "cards" for various buffs, comparable to "gems" in MH; though, it is interestingly balanced with a sort of risk vs reward stat system. Consider holding out for RO:Ace which has more content and some improvements. Ragnarok Odyssey PSVita screenshot.jpg
Rayman Origins PSVita cover.png Rayman Origins 2D Platformer Amazing port of the console version, but unfortunately lacks the multiplayer option. However, if you planned on going solo anyway, the beautiful graphics and silky smooth gameplay with many things to collect and unlock make this a great addition to the Vita's library. You can also zoom in or out to get a better view of levels. Has a ghost race mode where you go against other players' times while their level replay ghost platforms along with you. Legends is also on Vita, and getting the Invasion levels back in a patch. Rayman Origins PSVita screenshot.jpg
Shinobido 2 Revenge of Zen PSVita cover.png Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja/Revenge of Zen Action / Stealth Sequel to the older game Shinobido. Similar to the Tenchu series with it's setting, stealth kills, and using gadgets. Now with flying kites and super grappling hook. Nice game with some cool features. Lots of assorted jobs to do as well, including, but not limited to: assassination, kidnapping, escort, bodyguard, thievery, and working for and against various factions as a double agent. The game also lets you decide how to finish several missions, be it as a rampaging bastard or a silent but deadly shadow. An important replay factor is that this game has branching story paths and multiple endings to find. May not be as top-tier as other games in the series, but still solid. Shinobido 2 Revenge of Zen PSVita screenshot.jpg
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time PSVita cover.png Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Stealth Platformer 4th entry in the Sly series. Sneak your way across time and thief it up with Sly's ancestors. Gameplay is pretty much Sly as you'd expect him, although it's accessible enough for beginners as well, though some events and references may be lost on newcomers.
Although it's also cross-buy on the PS3, it sadly has the same retarded method as Sony Smash Bros above.
While PS3 is the superior version, this one is still good as well, both running and looking pretty smoothly.
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time PSVita screenshot.png
Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed PSVita cover.png Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Racing / Sunshine feeling Functionally identical to the console versions while running shockingly well. Graphics look a tad 6th gen, but this gives it an added charm if anything. The game offers plenty to do and unlock, pretty much all of it stupidly hard. As for online however, you'll have to go with friends or /psvg/ since most play other versions. SASRVsc01.jpg
Soul Sacrifice PSVita cover.png Soul Sacrifice Action Horror / 2spooky You fight a bunch of grotesque monsters and draw upon the souls of flora and fauna to power yourself up and give you access to disturbing attacks such as shooting foes with your own solidified blood and beating the shit out of things with gigantic deformed arms. The solo story is enjoyably depressing, but gameplay hits its prime in multiplayer. The interesting lore is full of both crazy and horrifying shit.
Although compared with Monster Hunter, the similarities end at "you can fight big critters" and honestly draws more from things like Phantom Dust, while still having its own unique aspects.
Has an impressively big demo where your saved game data can be transferred later to the full game (!), so definitely give that a go.
Soul Sacrifice PSVita screenshot.jpg
Tales of Hearts R PSVita cover.png Tales of Hearts R Action RPG Like Tales of Innocence R below, it's a remake of a Nintendo DS game. One of the better Tales games, now even better since you can use 4 allies at a time, along with other new goodies. Like ToIR, it uses a 3D world, even in battles, versus the sprite-based 2D of DS. Uses the anime cutscenes instead of the CGI ones. Ironically, even though Hideo Baba(baabhabhiat) wants everyone to play this game, neither this nor the original is in English. What a dong ding. Hearts R has now been english'd, Without a dub and some questionable name changes. Tales of Hearts R PSVita screenshot.png
Tales of Innocence R PSVita cover.png Tales of Innocence R Action RPG So far only available in Japan. Remake of Tales of Innocence from the Nintendo DS. A complete remake with remade visuals, combat, two new characters, and even some new story elements. Offers standard battle system for the Tales series with also standard convoluted storyline. Pretty good for those interested in Tales series, a bit of a base-breaker for Tales fans, and a potential game of intrigue for those who just want some decent RPG-an action. The DS original has an exceptional fan translation out, so if you actually want to know what the hell is going on in the story you should probably go with that route instead. Tales of Innocence R PSVita screenshot.jpg
Touch My Katamari PSVita cover.png Touch My Katamari Adventure / Puzzle / Ball Rollan' While it doesn't offer groundbreaking changes from previous entries, it's still Katamari and thus damn good and funky. Improved controls flow smoothly (jump and turn only need one button each, etc.) and also has a new stretch and squish mechanic to get lots of stuff or squeeze through tight spaces. You can also use touchscreen-centric controls (not like you would).
As always, roll your magic cosmic ball to get stuff stuck to it before time runs out (or other stage-based goals). You'll often start small with stuff like toys and cookies, but soon grow enough to roll up pets, people, buildings, and even entire countries!
For beginners, this is a funtastic starting point. However, for past rollers, you may prefer Me and My Katamari on PSP, if you haven't already, which has more content.
Touch My Katamari PSVita screenshot.jpg
Toukiden The Age of Demons PSVita cover.jpg Toukiden: The Age of Demons GIANT DEMON SLAYING SIMULATOR A Monster Hunter "clone", although not not in the typical sense. Instead, several aspects are done differently, including weapon attacks, but mostly via Mitama. In short, utilizing weapons and Mitama essentially give you roles and specialties in combat. Mitama are less like "items" and more like spells that run on limited-uses. In addition, each has passive boosts and abilities, helping you (and some even helping your main mitama, as 1-3 can be equipped) via extra spell usages, stat boosts, ailment resistances, etc. There's more depth than it lets on at first. On the other hand, there's some issues players have: one, it's pretty damn easy (which isn't too bad if you're new to MH-ish games) and two, story-based and co-op-based progress is not shared, meaning you might need to flip-flop for consistency. Learn more at the Koei Wikia.
A note to potential buyers: with Toukiden Kiwami (aka (e)Xtreme) coming out, essentially it's getting a Soul Sacrifice Delta ordeal (3 all new weapon varieties, new non-pallete swap demon breeds, etc.). If you can find this original version on the cheap, it's arguably still worth it, but spending full price at this point is not fully advised. Save data from the original can be transfered to Kiwami, so consider that as well.
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 PSVita cover.png Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 2D Fighter Babby's first fighter on the go! One of the most astonishing ports in terms of visuals and carrying content over. The only noteworthy weakness is that backgrounds are more static than in console versions. Great online play and Vita's d-pad allow for some serious handheld fighting dose. Best of all, Heroes and Heralds mode allows a good deal of customization for your fighters. With said fighters, you take on other players locally or online with their customized fighters and duke it out. Raw fightan skill is still a big factor in H&H mode, but the customizations you use are also important as well. Just another potential interest to appeal for you. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 PSVita screenshot.jpg
Uncharted Golden Abyss PSVita cover.png Uncharted: Golden Abyss Platformer / Action Adventure Plays just like your standard Uncharted game, but now with touch screen interaction with things. The game looks gorgeous; an excellent showcase of what Vita is capable of. Be aware there is no multiplayer but a lot stuff to collect during single player mode. Uncharted Golden Abyss PSVita screenshot.jpg
Unit13EU.jpg Unit 13 Third person shooter This is an assortment of missions that score your performance at the end, much like an arcade game. There isn't much of a storyline, but the gameplay is so finely executed and offers so much replayability that it's hard to care.

You can watch SuperJumpReviews's excellent review of the game here.

Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour Edition PSVita cover.png Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition Sports Great tennis game with that nice balance of "arcade/simulator". Not so realistic, but also not too goofy, which means the gameplay is perfectly adjusted for both sides of sports players. Shitloads of stuff to unlock and view. Nice time killer and great addition to this classic series. Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour Edition PSVita screenshot.jpg
Wipeout 2048 PSVita cover.png Wipeout 2048 Futuristic Racing Awesome racing game set in the (not-so) DISTANT FUTURE. Game looks great on the Vita with extremely vibrant colors and pumping soundtrack. A lot stuff to unlock and smooth online play. It had problems with looooong loading times but that was fixed with a patch. There's cross-platform play with PS3, but only in certain stages. Still, you can regularly multiplayer with other Vita players just as easily as previous games let you with their respective systems. Wipeout 2048 PSVita screenshot.jpg
Ys Memories of Celceta PSVita cover.jpg Ys: Memories of Celceta Action RPG Although part of a series, this entry is stand-alone in execution, so beginners can start here, too.
Falcom's own remake of Ys IV, remixing/changing aspects of past versions. Gameplay is like Ys Seven (fast-paced hack n' slashing with careful guards/dodges to counter/avoid enemy assaults). Story is a Pulp Fiction-ish ordeal, as you share in Adol's confusions and rediscoveries as he solves a grand mystery by kicking some demon ass. Rockin' soundtrack, fast action, and extensive exploration await. Negatives include the graphics being a bit bloomy, story is a bit cliche at times, and foes being a bit damage-spongy on highest difficulties.
If you can, try to buy the special box set. It has lots of nice extras, including a handy mini-strategy guide.
Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana PSVita cover.jpg Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Action RPG Despite being a numbered title this game actually takes place between Ys V and Ys VI, as Adol and a bunch of other people end on a mysterious island and must find a way out. This game brings back the party system from the two previous titles and adds a lot more exploration, making this the longest title in the series so far. Unique in that unlike other entries you don't have towns, instead you must find the other survivors from the ship crash scattered along the island and help build a settlement where they will share items and other stuff in exchange for materials as there is no actual money in the game. Ys8scr.jpg
Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward PSVita cover.png Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Visual Novel / escape the room puzzle The sequel to the awesomeness that was 999 on the DS. Amazing story and characters wrapped up with plenty of well designed puzzles that will suck away your time until the end. Also exists on 3DS but that version has a horrible bug where your saves can get corrupted if you save in the middle of a puzzle room (although there are reports that this happens in the Vita version too so beware). Also this game looks a whole lot better on the Vita anyway in exchange for bad touchscreen response.
The whole trilogy (999, Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma) is playable on Vita, as VLR was re-released with a remastered version of 999 in a compilation called Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward PSVita screenshot.jpg

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