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Quill18 150x Even though you are (probably) not homosexual, theres a high possibility you might fall in love with this guy. He does extremely good lets plays from everything strategy related: civ, dwarf fortress, king's crusades, europa universalis etc etc etc. Extremely entertaining and fun to hear, you might learn a lot from this guy. He also happens to be a master at anything turn-based related and he has quite a nice job on programming codes, but he's not boring at all.

Quill18 on Youtube

The Angry Video Game Nerd/James Rolfe Jrolfe avgn1.jpg This crazy motherfucker's been around for a long time and likely is the most famous reviewer on the web. 99% of the time, he plays games on the systems the came out on so no save states for him or any of that cheating stuff. He tends to be somewhat biased, but you'll likely be able to relate to him, because he knows the rage you've gone through first-hand.

He has two characters: Angry Vigeo Game Nerd (AVGN) and himself. AVGN is famous for revewing shit games for various retro systems (Mostly NES and SNES) while getting drunk and swearing like a sailor. He rarely does more recent games. "The Nerd" is just a vidya persona though and is entirely satire (for the most part). James Rolfe himself is a lot more reasonable, reviews all sorts of stuff (mostly movies) and is a pretty cool guy. He also does board game reviews, called Board James.

Youtube Page Japanese Sub Cinemassacre

The Happy Video Game Nerd Hvgn pic5.jpg As you can tell by the name, this guy is the polar opposite of the AVGN. He focuses good games that are considered forgotten or underrated. He produces a lot less episodes than the AVGN but they be much more in depth and have less filler humor.

Retroware TV

Game Center CX Game center cx in a nutshell.jpg Legendary television show about playing video games starring comedian Shinya Arino. About 3/4 of the time, the games he plays came out everywhere (Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, etc.). Sometimes he plays Japan-only games and even some Western-made games, but that's irrelevant, since the draw of the show is all about his playing.

It's hard to briefly say why it's, well, addicting to watch him, so here's a guide. That's only part of it though, since the episodes are peppered with neat little segments where Arino and crew visit arcades and game stores, study vidya history, sometimes even talk with vidya devs and attend conventions, and generally have fun to ease the tension.

Japanese, but the subs are more than enough. There's video download-mirrors all across the net if you know look, since we can't technically tell you where. ...What do you mean "Kotaku videos"? Look, those awful shits don't exist. Fuji TV agreed. Don't bother them about it.

N/A (Legit episodes are on Amazon)

(Almost) All episodes on Daily Motion

Classic Game Room CGR-1-.jpg


Great review in terms of getting a gist of a game, fun to watch even if you aren't planning on buying a game. Humor is there too. He reviews ANYTHING. From Atari 2600 to PC to iPad. True gamer and one of the best on Youtube.

Youtube Page

New videos are now posted to ClassicGameRoom.com

Lazy Game Reviews Ps.tnkdcgox.170x170-75.jpg Somewhere inbetween CGR and a professional reviewer, Clint is a PC-oriented reviewer who has a taste for the unknown and the obscure. He's doing a lets play series called "I'll play anything".


Retsupurae 111107 darkseed2-1-.jpg Fronted by 'Slowbeef' and 'Diabetus', Retsupurae (an engrish prenunciation of 'Let's Play') watches horrible Let's Plays and taunts them, weather it be the awful commentary, or the stupid game itself. Starting on the SomethingAwful forums, the two quickly gained popularity for pointing out not all Let's Plays are golden treasure troves. They sometimes watch extended silent Let's Plays (Called 'Long Plays') and comment on it, their own version of a Let's Play. They often bring guests from the SomethingAwful forums on their videos to commentate with them.

Youtube Page

Hardcore Gaming 101 9a-1-.jpg One of the best videogame review sites on the internet. Hundreds of high quality reviews and interviews on all types of games. They mostly stick with older and more obscure stuff. The really great thing about their game write-ups is that they'll go in-depth for each game (unless it's a throwaway entry in a series), often noting history behind development and occasions when devs and/or companies shut-down and move on. They tend to note spiritual successors/predecessors as well.


Turbo Views Chrisbucci.jpg If you like the TurboGrafx-16/CD and/or PC Engine, Chris Bucci is your man to listen up on for some potential games to play. He generally hits on all the highs and lows of games with very little bias. Best of all, he knows his stuff, even bringing up pricing and hardware concerns when relevant. If you haven't gotten into the Turbo line before, but may have been interested thanks to Wii's VC, PSN, or some other means, check his videos first before you shell out for a potential buy. He doesn't have every single game video'd, but he does have several of the more well-known titles up. His DVDs (very cheap and region-free) have some extra goodies in addition to Turbo Views.

His Homepage

Chuggaconroy ChuggaConroy Playing Emerald.jpg One of the most famous Let's Players out there, Chuggaconroy pretty much covers all things Nintendo. He has a big list of LP's and that list is only growing. Tends to make some pretty hit-and-miss jokes but overall is well received.

Chuggaconroy On youtube

StephenPlays Stepehen George.jpg Stephen George famous for his ongoing V-Log as well as Ninten Speaks Channel makes some good LP's as well. One of his best is probably Earthbound, sonsidering how it's his favorite game of all time and how he knows pretty much everything about the game itself. He plays other games like Portal, Halo CE Anniversary, Skyrim, or Minecraft. Sometimes he playes 2-player games with his wife, Malarie. As well as has neat vids like demo Fridays which showcase a demo, obviously. All in all a good guy who plays some good vidya.

StephenPLays On youtube

T.O.M. (Toonami Operating Moduel)




C'mon, you know who this guy is, it's fucking T.O.M.!  Anyway, although he just reviews games as an ends to defy means, some of these reviews are generally done from a gamers' perspective, although he might not be the best reviewer out there, it's still good entertainment.  Some people bitch about how they're "paid reviews", but the main point is to be entertained by it and make what you want out of the review, like every other critic out there.

Moltar had the same qualities as well, was the former host of Toonami until T.O.M. came along in 1999.

RTMegaDrive RebelTaxi-ADVENTURETIMEHeyIceKingWhydYouStealOurGarbadgeReviewD653.png PanPizza's second channel, it contains reviews of games he enjoys and whatnot.  He's pretty sarcastic and shit like that and a good guy in general.  He reviews anything of interest basically.  A couple of his game related videos are uploaded onto his main channel but have yet to be uploaded onto this mentioned one.  A big fan of CartoonNetwork, PanPizza also was the guy who basically got Dexter's Rude Removal, a banned Dexter's Laboratory episode to be found due to popular demand and shit like that from a video on his main channel.  A.K.A., a guy who can also get shit done.

Rebeltaxi on Youtube

EthosLab If you have even a passing interest in Minecraft, this is one of the only Minecraft channels worth subscribing to. Etho alternates between doing playthroughs of incredibly hard adventure maps (usually by Vechs), doing an informative Let's Play where he showcases efficient farming and redstone techniques and short tutorial videos on different inventions (mob farms, TNT cannons, etc.). His videos are informative and relaxing, and definitely worth checking out.

Youtube Page

ClementJ642 Twxs6x36bd99yhq6moqe.jpeg This guy is great. His Let's Plays aren't just him trying to be funny while failing at a game for 20 minutes. He knows literally everything about the game he's playing, and by the end of his video so will you. Currently doing a playthrough of the entire Sonic franchise. Even if you have no interest in Sonic (like me) these videos are entertaining simply because of the sheer amount of knowledge he imparts. You'll learn everything about everything. He does have some annoying speech habits (that fucking laugh, I digress), but they are no big issue. Overall a great guy.

Youtube Page

HappyConsoleGamer Happyconsolegamer.jpg Very nice and happy guy who spends most of his episodes talking about games he loves and why he loves them. Some episodes feature his friend Robman. A great show if you like niche Japanese stuff. Also has a movie, which is pretty cool.

Youtube page

SA LP Archive Lparchivelogo.png An archive of the cream that rises to the top of the Something Awful Let's Play forum. An A to Z listing of games all competently lp'd by various "goons" (this is what SAfags like to call themselves) some are videos with commentary some are more traditional screenshot lp's and some a mixture of the two.


ASSEMblerEX picture? Something different than other YT reviewers. ASSEMblerEX don't focus so much on games but rather on hardware side of game industry. On his channel you can find reviews of rare or prototype hardware and devkits. He also collect game awards memorabilia. It's definitely worth watching if you are interested in that kind of stuff.

Youtube Page

Game Sack Game Sack Logo.jpg These video game reviews are slightly different. Instead of having a in depth analysis of one game they will chose multiple games with-in the "theme" of the episode (Left in the arcade, Frustrating games, underrated games etc)

Youtube Page

AlphaOmegaSin Mqdefault.jpg

His main schtick is making commentary on current events regarding video games.

Does some LP's, but nothing special, unless you can handle his stupid ass sense humour. Just watch for the gaming related news and laugh your ass of when he loses his shit (which is almost every single video).

Youtube Page

Chris' Survival Horror Quest Chris' Survival Horror Quest is a site dedicated to discovering and playing every horror-themed he can get his hands on (excluding PC exclusives, light gun games, and visual novels). His reviews are quite in depth and very interesting to read, and many of the horror games he plays are more obscure than the standard Resident Evil/Silent Hill/Fatal Frame games. He also writes several articles about horror, whether they be about horror games or horror as a whole.

Chris' Survival Horror Quest