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There are GOOD RPG Maker games out there? Of course, the games on this page are actually pretty good, and made with RPG Maker 2003/XP/VX/MV. Yeah, almost everyone that got their hands on this engine tried to make a video game out of it. And some are GOOD!

Screen Title Description link
.flow .flow .flow is a Yume Nikki fangame, and probably the most famous (along with Yume 2kki). It's everything that Yume Nikki is, but with more focus on disturbing/scary stuff. If you liked the original, this is going to be a nice experience. Check the game out!
A-Blurred-Line A Blurred Line A futuristic sci-fi RPG by Lysander86. One of the best RPG Maker 2000 games out there. Was supposed to be divided in two parts, but the sequel never panned out. Check the game out!
Alone in the Dark In 1924, Jeremy Hartwood, a noted artist and owner of the Louisiana mansion Derceto, has committed suicide by hanging himself. His death appears suspicious yet seems to surprise nobody, for Derceto is widely reputed to be haunted by an evil power. The case is quickly dealt with by the police and soon forgotten by the public.

You assume the role of Edward Carnby, a private investigator who is sent to explore the mansion and find a piano in the loft for an antique dealer.

Title-0 An Evil Night Michael and Isaac are off for a weekend vacation trip to Pluckley, a village in the southeastern part of England, where Isaac was born.

Isaac knows that the fastest way to travel requires them to cross certain woods with a bad reputation: Dering Forest. Neither of them are really scared about the hearsay that this apparently beautiful piece of vegetation is actually cursed, as it's nickname among the habitants of the county is actually "The Screaming Forest".
  One day is all the time they need to get past these woods, so they march on. Everything goes fine until Isaac gets lost, and an evil night begins...

Check the game out!
Ao oni Ao Oni Don't be fooled by the cheap, basic RPG Maker sprites.

Ao Oni will scare the shit out of you.

There's a good chance you've heard of this one somehow.

Check the game out!
Alter-AILA-Genesis Alter A.I.L.A Genesis Side-scrolling cyberpunk mixed with traditional JRPG gameplay. It's so good it doesn't even look that much like an rpg maker game. A planned sequel was in the works but has been scrapped as the creator retired from making games. Check the game out!

Avalon Saga 3

Celestial Supremacy

Welcome to the magical world of Avengar, a land prospers guided by two
demigods, Aleesa and Ryvern, who look over the planet until the return of the three original gods, the Celestial Trinity, Avalon Gaia and Oderon. Follow Diony
in the search for his past and Vitória, a priestess in training that decides
help his adopted brother Diony in an incredible adventure for the planet, making new friends, freeing cities dominated by demons and finding that a
simple adventure can become an epic journey.

Check the game out!

Aveyond3-4-1 Aveyond A good RPG Maker game, priced $10.99. Check the game out!
Barkleyshutupandjamg Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa May be one of the the greatest (freeware) RPGs ever made. You play as Charles Barkley, a once-great B-Baller who lives in the dystopian city of Neo New York, who goes on an epic quest to stop a second Ballocaust from the evil organization B.L.O.O.D.M.O.S.E.S. Aided by his son, Hoopz, Balthios, the great grandson of Lebron James, and Cyberdwarf, a dwarf whose skin has been replaced with basketballs, it's up to Charles to come back and SLAM for the fate of mankind. The battle system is turn-based with special action commands that determine the effectiveness of your attacks. The writing is bound to make you laugh and leave you wanting more. CBoyardee is part of the development team, so you know it's good. Its only flaw is that it ends. The game started out being made on RPG Maker 2003, but ended up moving to Game Maker.

A sequel is in the works, but as of 2018 it's been radio silent.

Check the game out!
File:Black Souls.jpg Black Souls Dark Souls but as an RPG Maker game!, the story is about classic fairy tales with a twist. Has a sequel. [Check the game out!]
BloodHaze Blood Haze An RPG with a dark story and environment. You play as Elioth, an adventurer from the local Excavator's Guild whose girlfriend contracts a new and unheard of disease. His brother and superior join him in searching for the cure. This game uses a lot of Shin Megami Tensei/Persona battle system properties (Press Turns, Spells, swapping out skills, etc) Check the game out!
Calm falls Calm Falls Horror german rpg maker game. No translation around, but if you speak German, there's also a sequel. Check the game out!
Cherry club Cherry Tree High Comedy Club This game is so heavily scripted that you would never guess it's a rpg maker game. It's also officially published by Capcom. You go around your new school, explore stuff, chit chat with japanese girls and such. Check the game out!
Clock-of-Atonement-1-590x430 Clock of Atonement Short game where you play as a madman who just killed his girlfriend beloved obsession. He later gets a clock that lets him fuck with the time and so he immediately goes sane and tries to save her from his past self. Short and cheap but it's worth a shot, especially for the creepy dialogues and sounds that provide a good atmosphere. Check the game out!
Corpse party-1 Corpse Party Japanese horror game made in 1996. A group of kids at school are having fun with ghost stories until they get teleported to another dimension and shit gets real. It was so successful that it got a remake called Corpse Party: Blood Covered, (released for Windows in 2008); later ported for PSP and released on the PSP american/european store simply as "Corpse Party". There is also a sequel on the PSP called Corpse Party: Book of Shadows and two manga adaptions. Steam release soon. If you want to enjoy the original version though, completely translated in english and with nothing more than a few CG tweaks, check out Corpse Party: Rebuilt. Also check out the neat final boss music. Check the game out!
Cuteness is Fragile Cuteness is Fragile A headpat-your-daughter simulator. You've rented a girl to be your daughter for a week, and each night it's up to you to decide whether she gets a headpat or deserves a punishment.
Short, but worth a dozen or two of hours of heartwarming gameplay. No less than 10 different endings with many branching routes.
Check the game out!

(Link to the original)

Title Darkest Dreams

Frey Smith has been experiencing terrifying nights since one week. When he goes to bed he can hear agonizing cries, strange sounds, an invisible and evil presence next to him... He bought this nice and cheap house, looking forward to a calm and normal life, but now he is starting to regret it. One night, overwhelmed, he decides he has to put an end to all and as soon as the torture begins he steps out of his bed to investigate from where are those horrible screams coming from. As hours pass on the nightmare will get more and more intense and a dark secret will be revealed. Will Frey survive the dark night in his house and discover the meaning of these bad dreams? 

Check the game out!
White Red Dear RED Red had grown, she understood what happened, why he always mentioned those words although she couldn't stand watching and being overwhelmed by the old memories all the time. Now that he's dead, it doesn't have to be so anymore... Check the game out!
DeeprootTitle Deeproot Manor A horror-puzzle adventure game where you play as Emily, a young girl that's investigating her younger brother's disappearance. You explore a big and creepy mansion, find items and solve puzzles while avoiding being eaten alive by a big monster bully. Medium-lenght game with lots of scares and a minimal pixel-art style, but the puzzles are pretty hard. Also four endings and a lot of extra content to unlock. Check the game out!
DLF Demon Legacy The Legacy of the Fallen, powers far beyond the comprehension of man. These are the machinations that govern the ebb and flow of reality. Twisted, corrupt high entities work to maintain the flawed cycles of life purely for their own indulgence. A flawed cycle that is fueled by human suffering, unbeknownst to man kind. An idealistic youth, who by chance is drawn into a terrifying dilemma will set forth a chain of events that will alter the fabric of reality. A youth who; for better or for worse will have an impact on the lives of every living thing on the planet. Check the game out!
Dn1 Desert Night Taking place somewhere in California, the game follows Sandra Richmont, who was traveling with her parents to visit their uncle. After an argument and a bathroom stop, her parents appear to have driven off without her. Thinking that her parents plan to stay overnight in the nearest city, Dusty Creek, Sandra heads towards there. However, after meeting two others who are stranded, she realizes that they are trapped and the city has some dark secrets. Consider it as a poor, california-setted rpg maker Silent Hill (it uses half of the OST from the second one), but that can still be considered enjoyable. Check the game out!
Doraemon Biohazard Doraemon - Nobita no Biohazard Japanese spoof of Resident Evil with Doraemon characters. Nice graphics, well done gun gameplay, great music and sounds, funny lines... still untranslated, though. http://nobihaza.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/doraemon-nobitas-resident-evil-english-release/ Someone has finally translated it Here's a bit of gameplay. Check the game out!
AliceDUTCHIE256 Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle -Deluxe Version A huge 18+ RPG made by Saint Bomber which is mostly yuri. This game is vast with a great many scenes and multiple endings, some which are locked until you get a different ending or get a certain number of endings. Sadly, the CG artstyle isn't very consistent, and there are not a lot of battles. Also, some worthwhile endings can be lost forever, so a walkthrough is recommended. The true ending is a little weird, but is worth seeing after getting all of the other ones. A sequel with an existing demo is in the works, but don't expect it any time soon. Check the game out!
ExilesJourney Exile's Journey For fans of classic JRPGs. The story involves a disgraced knight who attempts to stop a demon invasion led by a dark elf, who is upset over the government's oppression of his people. The game attempts to blend Final Fantasy-esque gameplay with Zelda style dungeons and an epic narrative. This game is known for its excellent mapping, huge environments, epic scale and large amount of content. Check the game out!
ExitFateBattle Exit Fate An RPG made by the creator of "Last Scenario", but far more developed this time. It is heavily inspired by the Suikoden series, allowing you to recruit dozens of playable characters. The battle system is very unlike the traditional RPG Maker battles, and there are also some strategy battles at certain points in the game that are very well made, if somewhat difficult to A-rank. A very good RPG that you should check out if you're a fan of Suikoden. Check the game out!
The fifth era
Fifth Era: Fragments of the Holy Stone Classic JRPG, heavily influenced by Squaresoft's works of its traditional era (FFVI/VIII, above all).

A well-crafted story, many characters to play with and a whole world filled with secondary quests will keep you entertained for about ten hours, a little less focusing just on the main mission. For those familiar with classic rpgs' mechanics, probably a little easy. Some script and dialogues naiveties.
Fifth Era is the first game completed by the Italian RPG creator Lollo Rocket Diver, whose next works will be characterized by a constant increase in quality.

Check the game out!
Ghost Party Ghost Party Short game where, as a ghost, you wander around a huge mansion and help other people. It has a nice touch to it and it's overall a sweet game, but it may get repetitive after a while. Check the game out!
Gin Screen 2 Gingiva From the maker of Middens, another surreal game originally planned to be part of a larger project. Story is "An amboeboid landscape threatens to engulf civilization and all its plastic bottles. Disembodied mouths live in the walls of municipal buildings like household pests. Packs of human-headed dogs rove the lands between formless space and concrete reality. A king bureaucrat who's image is everywhere but his body no-where." Game's huge, with several endings and different playable characters. Check the game out!
Halloween Flop Halloween Flop Rpg game with lovely art-style. Check the game out!
Secondfloorhallway Happy Birthday Short but neat mystery game, you are an amnesiac detective who has to discover the culprit behind the murder of a 10-year-old girl, and try to recover your memories in the process.

It features an exciting detective case, an astonishing plot twist, an interesting cast and two bittersweet endings.

Check the game out!
HellOScreen Hello? Hell... o? Very short horror game that has a ton of endings.  There is an overall plot and "true ending" to uncover.  Don't forget to check the windows... Check it out!
Ib Ib You are this little girl visiting an art gallery with your parents but decided to check out paintings by yourself. Strange things begin to happen and now you're stuck in some eldritch place looking for a way out. You found a rose but be careful, if the rose gets hurt, so will you. Very enjoyable game, albeit short. Can be completed in an hour or two. Get it here
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User An RPG Maker 2000 game based on Part 3 of JJBA. Faithful to the original plot, but with the addition of a personality quiz-defined protagonist, who gains a Stand after a strange dream and is thrust into an adventure that will determine the fate of the Earth. Play your cards right, and the plot will diverge from the original manga, for better or for worse... Check the game out!
Titlescreen Kanye Quest 3030 You play as Kanye West taking the garbage out one day, when he suddenly travels through a wormhole. Emerging on the other side, Kanye finds himself in the year 3030. In a dystopian city filled with clones of hip-hop musicians and under the control of a god-like dictator, you are tasked with helping Kanye get back home. This one's made in the newest engine: RPG Maker VX Ace. Currently still in alpha. Already out!

Turns out this game may also be a failed attempt at cult indoctrination. Check it out here.

Check the game out!
Killer Bear Killer Bear A horror game made in 2005 and translated only on May 2013 where you are invited to some bitch's party and shit goes down in mere seconds. Game's pretty cheap and there is nothing worth being afraid of, but the sprites are nice and the different endings makes the ten minutes invested kinda worth. Check the game out!
Lastscenariobattle Last Scenario A quality RPG that starts out with a very clichéd plot, but several twists turn it into a decent story. The magic system consists of equipping spellcards that grant different magics, and there is an interesting card minigame called Hex that is rather fun. Overall a good RPG, if somewhat simple. Check the game out!
Officer Chloe An RPG eroge game by Key'. You play the role of a female police officer recruit, who is trying to distance herself from her sordid past. [2]
Opala Legend of Queen Opala An RPG eroge game. Aside from using the RPG Maker XP basic rtp, the art and the sounds in the game are original, plus the plot is not so bad. Check the game out!
Titleb Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords Traditional role playing game, worth to play if you are a fan of the genre. This one's over 20 hours long and it's been in production since 2007. Check the game out!
LegionSaga2-2 Legion Saga(1-3) Three RPGs heavily inspired by the Suikoden series. Take on the role of "Legion Master" recruit tons of characters, and lead an army. Has a very well thought-out political story. Check the game out!
Lisaboxart LISA A highly surreal, deeply disturbing post apocalyptic RPG by a designer known only as Dingaling. LISA is the darkest love letter to Earthbound to date, and includes several traumatizing themes such as child abuse, rape, suicide, torture, and drug addiction, so despite its great humor, fun brutal gameplay, and stellar soundtrack, it's not for the faint of heart. LISA comprises two games: LISA the Painful, and an add on, LISA the Joyful, which picks up right where the first leaves off. Absolutely worth your time and money if you're up for some very harsh realities and a powerful story. Buy LISA: the Painful and LISA: the Joyful on steam! and check out its early predecessor, LISA "The First", for free!
[File:] Malise and the Machine An awesome game with a Punk Rock sort of setting, where you play as 2 girls fighting a plethora of different enemies, everything from robots to tentacle slug creatures. Has 18+ content. [3]
Motwlogo Master of the Wind A Fantasy Superhero RPG, where our heroes Shroud (a masked wind user) and Stoic (a walking skeleton with two swords and a chip on his shoulder) fight to protect their hometown and the world from the evil that is Equipment King, the Wall-Mart of equipment shops. Although the premise sounds silly, it actually has a well thought out story, with plenty of character development. It does became somewhat linear towards the middle of the game, but it's overall a good game. Check the game out!
Middens Middens Surreal game that focuses on both exploration and combat. Both dialogues and graphic makes this game totally worth to play. Check the game out!
Mimicry Man Japanese puzzle game (but translated) where you embody a minion and has to work his way through by trading items. Check the game out!
MisaoScreen1 Misao A Japanese survival horror game made in Wolf RPG Editor (for those who never heard of it, it's pretty much another rpg maker program, but free). A few days after the strange disappearance of a student, your school is transported to the spirit realm and its up to you to find out what happened and why. Great game, a bit short but has some extras to do after the main story and the chance to replay it but using a male character. Some elements of the story are taken directly from Corpse Party, but it's way shorter and way cheaper. Following the success of Misao and Mad Father (another short horror game made by the same author and set in the same universe), a wave of short horror game made in Wolf Editor appeared on the internet, all translated in english by Vgperson. Those includes Mermaid Swamp, Paranoiac and The Crooked Man, and they are all okay-ish if you are looking for simple games with a bit of a story. Check the game out!
Mogeko Castle The first game made by DSP, remade with the RPG Maker VX Engine. During one day, Yonaka Kurai takes the train to home home just like everyday. However this time, it's taking another route, bringing her to a castle full of strange beings. Check this game out!
Moonbound "Moonbound tells the story of Aya and Rudra, a little girl and her wolf pup, fleeing from the haunting invasion of dark spirits from beyond the Veil. Both refugees and exiles, alone in this world, their only hope is to reach the Holy Land. But their long journey has just begun."

A simple adventure/puzzle game made with limited time for a contest, thus only lasting about 1-1.5 hours. The game difficulty is rather simple: you have to venture through your quest with the help of a wolf you can give commands to; he will help you opening doors, catching items and vanquishing enemies.

An overall enjoyable effort that would make you dream with colorful graphics, nice lighting effects, melancholic musics, and of course the moving bond between the main character and her puppy, growing together.

Check this game out!
Moonlight Labyrinth Moonlight Labyrinth Japanese survival horror made with RPG Maker 2000. The object of the game is to escape from a castle filled with monsters and deathtraps without dying in painful ways. No translation exists. Check the game out!
Theatre Miserere Miserere Atmospheric game where you explore the dreams of a lonely space station occupant. Check the game out!
20080106025043 Neftelia You are a blank, nameless pixelated figure. You explore the surreal enviroments to find cinematics to complete your chart for no real reason, though the emphasis is more on exploration itself than finding the cinematics specifically. The game seems to take many cues from LSD Dream Emulator, Yume Nikki and its fangames. It also has an even more out there sequel, aptly named Neftelia 2. Check the game out!
Noradrénaline Noradrénaline Silent hill-ish french rpg maker game. It's completely dead, which is a pity, since it looks kinda interesting. See it here
Off Off A fantastic Belgian RPG game, similar to Yume Nikki in some aspects. Very revered in the French-speaking RPG Maker community, and finally got translated in 2011. Godly atmosphere, mostly created by the ethereal visuals and a fantastic soundtrack. Check the game out!
One-Night-3 One Night Series of acclaimed survival horror games made in Rpg Maker VX. Check the game out!
Parasitic Joker Parasitic Joker Horror game that has yet to be translated. From the gameplay of it, it looks fun enough, but nothing too special. Still, lots of people have lots of free time on their hands and someone should get the job done. Check the game out!
Pen Pals Pen Pals Cheap-looking adventure game that sure looks amateur and trying-too-hard-to-be-deep, but in the end is just a little game that creates a nice atmosphere and it should be taken for what is it. Even though no one probably cares, there's an italian translation of it. Check the game out!
PhantomLegacyTitle Phantom Legacy (Redux) The Sequel to Demon Legacy. A man named Nero; born with strange abilities is brought into a struggle which will change the world. Check the game out!
Ptei2 Pokémon: The Evil Inside 2 Old RPG Maker game that parodies the Pokémon series. Gameplay is going around and shooting Pokémon, but the game is pretty big. Boss battles, lots of different weapons, lots of minigames, cheats and so on. Worth a shot. Check the game out!
Professor-McLogic Professor McLogic Saves The Day Simple puzzle game, randomly generated every time you play. Nothing too special, and kinda cheap, just don't expect nothing like Professor Layton. Check the game out!
Quintessence- The Blighted Venom Quintessence: The Blighted Venom From the makers of To the Moon (Freebird Games), a 11-chapters drama game that was one of the studio's first projects and thus free and long-forgotten. Puzzles, mini-games, story-focused, ost by James Q. Zhang and Kan Gao... if you enjoyed To the Moon, why not? Check the game out!
ReKinderScreen1 Re:Kinder A remake of an older RPG Maker game. A Third grade student leaves town to visit his grandparents, upon returning home, the town has changed from what he knew it was. Check the game out!
SeraTitle Seraphic Blue RPG first made in 2004, then was remade in 2006. Has a decent story. The Battle system is pretty straight forward with a few modifications: One can perform stronger versions of attacks and defense by pressing up/down on those commands and Elemental attacks/magic make a field which allow the characters and enemies to use better magic spells. Just be warned, some of the bosses and enemies hit hard early game, and items/equipment only become better as you progress through the story. The game itself has 44 Chapters/Episodes and has a Dictionary which has the summarization of earlier chapters, can define terms spoken by characters throughout the game and points out the next location the player needs to go to if one feels lost or has not played the game in a while. Check the game out!
Shrink high Shrink High A size-fetish themed traditional-style (i.e. a possible shit-ton of grinding if you don't know what you're doing) JRPG about a high-school detective who ends up, well, shrunken (I assume you can read the title of the game) as he investigates a mysterious set of disappearances at a formerly all-girls high school in Japan. The game is extremely difficult in terms of its puzzles, with the optional (and even some of the required) ones being of a higher level of difficulty than LttP's. The combat definitely is NOT something to slack on, either (it *is* an old-school JRPG, after all). The overworld is deceptively large, and there are many secrets and amusing references,easter eggs, secret areas, and CGs to be found. The plot's mileage definitely varies, with some absolutely hating it, some absolutely loving it, and most others thinking it either a serviceable or tolerable enough vehicle to get to the high-quality CGs available in this game. Probably a must-play for all the people out there with a shrinking-size fetish. Some of the basic RPG Maker RTP assets are considered to be a bit bland in terms of their use throughout the game, but keep in mind that the majority of people will play this for the porn and the way the porn is presented more than anything else.

You will need the RPG Maker VX RTP, which can be downloaded here:


If experiencing any issues, try going on the /size/ threads on /d/

Check the game out!
SchuldScreen4 Schuld German psychological horror game (also translated in english) about a man who finds himself in a dying world, without knowing how he got there and why he is there. The game's really short, since it was made for a Ten Word Contest. Check the game out!
7M Poster (2) Seven Mysteries The game is about groups of “special” students: The inquisitive, the mysterious, and the insane. Among them, there is one particular student who seems to be very interested in the school’s secrets. One by one, the forbidden knowledge unveils before his curiosity. But... "When you know something, you will have to exchange something for it..." Check the game out!
Shattered Hourglass Shattered Hourglass Time Traveling JRPG style game inspired by Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. Contains over 20 hours of gameplay, challenging bosses, lots of items and skills. There are 6 different endings that depends on your actions. You can be good, bad, neutral or careless, it's your choice. If the game is too difficult or easy, there are 6 difficulty options. The difficulty options also alter the Gold, EXP and Item drops Check the game out!
Space funeral Space Funeral Lovely surreal game. Think of it as a hybrid between Yume Nikki and Earthbound, or something of the sort. Praised for its incredible soundtrack and commendable writing. Unforgettable experience. Check the game out!
Star Stealing Prince Star Stealing Prince Rpg maker game that uses 100% original assets, drawings and music. Well made and very solid, even though it plays as any other Rpgs. Check the game out!
Starless-Umbra-2 Starless Umbra In Starless Umbra, you play as Andoru in a quest to attempt to return home to save your sister after bandits raid your village. This simple task complicates itself quickly, as a strange phenomenon leaves you not only away from your village, but with little direction in a completely new continent. Standard rpg game, and surprisingly still on the work (as of February 2013 is still updated frequently after 3 years). Check the game out!
Super-columbine-massacre Super Columbine Massacre RPG Old RPG Maker game that parodies the real-life event of the Super Columbine Massacre. Game's just a basic RPG, but it sure got a lot of popularity and controversy for its satirical commentary. Check the game out!
Sunset over Imdahl Play as Lohn, who after an fateful encounter has the power to travel through time. The game is well received for its entirely handdrawn graphics. Check the game out!
Tales of banalia title
Tales of Banalia A humorous game, caricature of traditional JRPGs, making fun of their clichés and stereotypes.

Nonetheless, it is extremely well done: graphically appealing, with entertaining characters and dialogues, and a wide world to explore. The overall tone of the main story is light, however it has its twists and it's well written. Lots of secondary quests can increase the longevity up to a dozen hours and maybe more.

The second full game completed by Italian RPG maker Lollo Rocket Diver. In Italian only.

Check the game out!
Tdpsamplenew6gs4 Tales of the Drunken Paladin An RPG with bits of Comedy thrown in, you play as a Paladin known as Anaebriate who loses his memories and skills. You can either be what a paladin is supposed to be, or a total dick. Check the game out!
Taut Taut Taut is a german horror game (game's completely translated in english, do not worry) about a girl stuck in her home town, though the streets are empty and everything seems so unfamiliar. It brings a lot from Silent Hill and the pace is really, really really slow. You are advised. Check the game out!
The Gray Garden Made by Deep-Sea Prisoner (DSP). In this game, you take the role of a demon girl called Yosafire, who likes to enjoy every day as best as she can. One day however, she and her friends have to help keeping the Garden safe from something dangerous outside. Check the game out!
The God of Crawling Eyes Title The God of Crawled Eyes Horror game with a monocromatic, simple style that tells the story of a young colorblind boy which finds himself, in the middle of a school day like any other, into a creepy mess. Rather short, but has 4 different endings and everytime you get one you can play the game again with new unlocks, some of which lets you reach some extras and make the game faster to complete. Also got this close to contain NSFW scenes (spoiler alert). Check the game out!
Theia – The Crimson Eclipse Theia is an award-winning role-playing videogame, the quintessence of the Fantasy/Sci-Fi J-RPG. It capitalizes on all the elements that made the genre memorable during the 16/32 bit era: a compelling story, plot twists, mini-games, a lot of playable and unlockable characters, collectibles, item crafting, mini-games, different endings, and so on.

It takes about 30 hours to finish the main quest, with up to 10 or more to complete the optional hunts, achievements, and side-quests.

Graphics are beautiful, with colorful locations and dreamy lighting effects. Extremely well-done battle animations and hand-drawn cut-scenes further enrich the gaming experience.

Entirely made by a single person (Lollo Rocket Diver - OnDead Games). It makes use of non-original assets and music borrowed from other games. Free to download and play.

Check the game out!
The room box
The Room Horror game revolving around the plot of occult and Satanism. Story follows a guy who has weird things happening in his apartment because some special conditions are met.

Some parts of the game are really creepy and I mean really. Backstory is fucked up(in a scary way) as hell. And yeah it has got pretty scary psychological mindfuck.

Check the game out!
Way1 5 The Way An RPG divided into 6 different games/chapters. Lots of custom content, old school 3D Blender landscapes, and a great plot. A must-play if you like RPG Maker. Check the game out!
In-the-time-machine-over-the-sea-video-game Time machine over the sea A parody of the Neutral Milk Hotel album "In the Airplane Over the Sea".  It also draws inspiration from other popular indie music.  Worth it for the MIDI version of White Winter Hymnal.  WARNING:  Gameplay is horribly unbalanced. Check the game out!
Trappedtitle Trapped Made for the 2014 RPG Maker Contest. Solid game that uses mechanics similar to Sweet Home or Resident Evil. The protagonist Levitt wakes up in a town under siege by strange creatures. You must explore and gather resources, one can also team up with other survivors to increase the odds in your favor. Careful planning will assure your survival. Download link may be subject to change due to the game being a contest entry. Check it out!
To the moon To The Moon Great game about an old man who's dying and his last desire is to go to the moon. The original soundtrack is pure gold and the story is the best story you'll ever read in a video game: be ready to cry like a little girl. Game's 12$ on the website (the soundtrack is $5 and half of the proceeds go to charity for autism), but also on GOG and Steam (along with translations in other languages). Prequel in the works under the name A Bird Story, which should also open up to the eventual proper sequel and a small spin off here. Check the game out!
Touhoumother Touhou Mother Homages several games, but concentrates on the Touhou and Earthbound crossover. References aside, it's a fun, solid story (a bit back-knowledge helps though). Although made in RPG Maker 2000, the designer, "S", replicated Earthbound's battles and effects quite well. For the masochist in you, there's even multiple difficulty levels to take on! Unsurprisingly, it garnered enough love for S to make a sequel. This game really knows how to push RPG Maker to the limit, an outdated one even!

The sequel is complete and can be found here.

English version
TALBanner Touhou A Live A Touhou and Live A Live crossover, many references from Live A Live, and some other games are in it, it also uses the same battle system as the original game, it even uses the same scenario system from the original as well. The person who translated Touhou Mother also worked on translating this (which is vgperson, as usual). English version
Towelket6 2100

Towelket One More Time

A sometimes cute, sometimes morbid RPG Maker series usually about the protagonist fighting off alien invasions with their friends. There are six games in the series with a few spinoff games, however the stories are not connected to each other.

translations of Towelket 1, 2, 3 and 6 available here

Check the series out!
Timothy mysterious forest
Timothy and the Mysterious Forest Timothy's quest to save his grandfather from a fatal illness. A risky journey to the infamous Mysterious Forest to find the magic mushroom, able to cure any disease.

Old school, Game Boy inspired action game, which looks like Zelda but plays not like it. A mix of adventure/exploration, puzzle and stealth, where you are unarmed and die with just a single touch from enemies or traps. Very well made and rewarding if you are able to keep up with the challenging difficulty level.
Made by the Italian developer Kibou Entertainment, available in English.

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Turovero the celestial tower recommended
Turovero: The Celestial Tower A freeware dark fantasy Role-Playing Game: Four brave adventurers have taken it upon themselves to make the perilous climb to oust the Dark One and return hope to the world.

This game might look at first as a traditional dungeon crawler, filled with random encounters and a stereotypical story but later reveals several key plot twists. Each of the protagonists is haunted by some past trauma; climbing the Tower will result in an actual voyage within themselves to unmask a hidden truth.

A game that could have easily been commercial due to the excellent work done in the hand-drawn scenes and composing the original, moving, musical score.

Highly recommended to any RPG fan.

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Screenshot 3 Vampires Dawn Vampires Dawn: Reign of Blood Vampires Dawn is a game by Alexander "Marlex" Koch originally developed for the German M scene. The game grew in popularity and was even featured in some German magazines. The English version is now complete and available for free. Explore Valnars involvement into the so called "Holy Crusade", where Vampires threatened Mankind itself, only to be vanquished by the High Priest Vincent Weynard. Now believed to be no more than stuff for grim fairy tales, he'll encounter quite he opposite from what was told to him... English version
Vampires Dawn 2: Ancient Blood The direct sequel to the first Vampires Dawn game made by Alex Koch. After clearing the secret behind the "Holy Crusade", Valnar and his now girlfriend Alaine decide to become parents. Their timing however couldn't be any worse, because an old "friend" from their past reappears. With that however, he brings forth the creators of the vampires themselves, thirsty for revenge. Now against their wills, they have to reunite against that new threat. English version
Tumblr inline n0erec2WNq1qgji20 Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea An RPG that focuses heavily on the story rather than the battles. Made by Deep-Sea Prisoner (DSP). A Sea Witch returns to her home sea with her familiars and discovers that something is amiss. Check the game out!
Witch's House Witch's House Rpg Maker VX game about a little girl entering a big, spooky house in the middle of the forest. Basic horror game full of puzzles, scares (some are creative enough, some are just little jumps) and a bit of story which eventually turns out in a big, crazy plot twist by the end. Check the game out!
Witherss Wither Short game with retro Game Boy graphics. You have to find 12 flowers for a dead guy or some shit like that. Nothing too special, but it's kinda enjoyable. Check the game out!
Yume Nikki Yume Nikki Unique game based around traveling in a young girl's dreams. Expect a trade of action for atmosphere as the gameplay revolves around exploring and experimentation. However, the atmosphere is indeed incredible. Has quite a fanbase as well. There are numerous fangames based off Yume Nikki, though the only particularly notable ones are Yume 2kki and .flow. Check the game out!
Unterwegs Unterwegs in Düsterburg German RPG game.

IT WAS RECENTLY TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH!!! So there is nothing that stops you from praising this amazing game now.

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