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The SG-1000 is Sega's first attempt at a video game console. Despite being a rather powerful machine for its day, it was a victim of horrible timing: it came out the exact same day as the Famicom, which almost immediately took over the console market. Because it bombed so hard, Sega was quick to work in a successor, the more successful Mark-III. Because of this, the SG-1000 had a very limited release (only Japan and New Zealand), and its game library remained relatively small. The main problem with the SG-1000 was its controller: it was clunky and unresponsive, and replacing it was a huge headache, since it was hardwired into the console.


Box art Title Genre Description
Borderline SG1000 Cover.jpg Borderline Shoot'em Up Tank shmup, you go around and blow stuff while making your way through the terrain. Some stages have cores which you must take down before proceeding.
Dragon Wang SG1000 Cover.jpg Dragon Wang Beat'em Up Nice little Game of Death style Beat'em Up, where you wander around a dark tower and kick the crap out of many badguys. It's similar to Irem's Kung-Fu, but less linear.
Star Jacker SG1000 Cover.jpg Star Jacker Shoot'em Up Good arcade conversion, in this game you control four ships at the same time to take down those stinking aliens!
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