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Imagine being a vidya playing kid in 1995, and someone told you that you could play exclusive SNES games via satellite! Anywhere but Japan, you'd think they were crazy, but in lucky ol' Japan, this was quite a reality. You can learn more about the nitty-gritty elsewhere, as this table is all about the vidya that was on it.

NOTE: A lot of games on the Satellaview were either broadcast versions of cart games (like BS Harvest Moon), or were popular enough to warrant a Nintendo Power or commercial release later (like BS Shin Onigashima)... this list should only apply to games that ONLY appeared on Satellaview. Those games can probably be found in their relevant section.

The Satellaview List[]

Title Genre Description Translation Screenshot
Fzero2-1-.gif BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 (Non-Soundlink version) Racing Too short to be called an actual sequel (and borrows several tracks from its BS predecessor), but takes place immediately after the first one (it starts off in Mute City 4 - following the theme, at dawn). Has only one league, but it's pretty damn good. Car models have been replaced for other vehicles just as, if not more, badass.

Basically if you master the original SNES F-Zero and want to get just a little bit more of the experience, this is for you.

Note: Only the non-Soundlink/Practice ROM can be found online, but the two Soundlink versions (which contains five NEW tracks in total) have not been dumped as of yet. There are footages of these versions, however.
Week 1 Week 2

Fz2 ing-1-.gif
BS Zelda load.png BS-X The Legend of Zelda Action-Adventure Basically a remake of the first Legend of Zelda for the Famicom/NES, except your character is a boy or girl, depending on what you chose in the BSX Satellaview hub. The game was played in real-time, meaning there is a timer to finish.

There are several different patches for different experiences, including making it nearly identical to the original (only with the upgraded graphics), to making as close to the BSX experience as possible.

There are also two maps so you can really challenge your grit if you think Zelda's gotten a bit too easy for you at this point.

Map 1 / Map 2 Bszelda1-1-.gif
Znv01-1-.jpg BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets Action-Adventure Works as sort of a "master quest" to A Link to the Past. Same overworld map, different quest story (you have to collect eight 'ancient stone tablets', etc). The Pegasus Boots are surprisingly more useful, as you can change direction while sprinting, and the shovel is a bit more valuable due to some in game shenanigans. The game is considered easir overall, but a nice reason to revisit the ALttP Hyrule.

Like in BS Zelda, you are either a boy or a girl, depending on your hub choice, and the game was supposed to be played in real time. Again, the various patches change whether you play as Link, the timer is intact, etc.

Link Sekibangirl5-1-.gif
Ss meb t-1-.gif Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium Racing / SHENANIGANS Remember Excitebike on the NES? This is way more fun, even though it's essentially a remake. You play Excitebike with the colorful cast of Mario characters, and the vibrant and lively SNES graphics make it all the more fun to watch and play.

There's special modes to change up the action from the original (unlimited turbo mode, coin mode) and some minigames, like 'who can jump over the stack of boos', Evel Knievel style. Maybe this is what got Mario on his random sports addiction?

Bs eb 15-1-.gif
Shubizero-1-1-.png Kaizo Choujin Schbibinman Zero Beat 'em Up / Platformer Fun beat 'em up where you play a loli robot superhero thing, making fun of typical toku tropes.

Punch and kick like a boss!

Re-released on the Super Famicom in cart format 20 years later (2017). So if you're allergic to piracy and have access to a SFC console (or through other means), you can buy it on [Solaris Japan] or [Play-Asia].

KTB screen-1-.png Kirby's Toy Box Minigames / Sports A small collection of fun, sports-themed minigames to help promote Kirby's Super Star before it's release.

Unfortunately, the games were not released as one game, but instead eight seperate roms, so just pick out the ones that interest you most.

BS Radical Dreamers.png Radical Dreamers Text Adventure / RPG Interesting little piece of history, Radical Dreamers is a pseudo-sequel to Chrono Trigger. The story would eventually be changed and re-adapted into what became Chrono Cross.

The gameplay is a little archaic, so it's probably only for hardcore Chrono fans. Basically works a 'choose your own adventure' style text adventure, though there are RPG-lite elements such as battles (even though they are also text based). The visuals are some of the coolest on the system though. If you're really into all things Chrono, check it out, as it's long been patched by fans. There's a full port online here: http://cc.ffsky.cn/rd/

Link BS Radical Dreamers 2.png
Super Famicom Wars title screen.png Super Famicom Wars Tactics The predecessor to Advance Wars. A cartoony turn-based tactics game that's geared for newcomers to the genre. Link Super Famicom Wars screenshot.png
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