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Sega Saturn was a good system for its time, it even had games better than their PS1 and N64 competitors. However, The Saturn was unfairly rejected by people because of its lack of games (LOL BERNIE STOLARD) So ultimately the console was forced into a grave by the dreamcast, and it was a dark day for sega. Almost like the companys 3DO or Atari Jaguar, except this didnt suck ass. If you find yourself a sega saturn, BUY IT. It's worth your money. Don't belive me? Check out dat list and dem games.

Sega Saturn Games - NTSC-U/PAL

Box Art Title Genre Description Screenshots
Albertodyssey front.jpg Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean RPG A turn-based RPG about some kid, Pike, who saw his parents get assraped by monsters when he was an infant and afterwards he was raised by furries (harpies). Then, his adopted sister is turned to stone and it's up to him and a TALKING SWORD to find the cure and stop those evil magicians from turning the world's races against each other and resurrecting the ancient god, Vlag. YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS GAME. Albertodyssey-1.jpg
Astal front.jpg Astal Platformer A neat platformer regarding goddesses, life, creation, and crap like that. Very fun as you go around punching enemies, throwing objects at them, or use you fucking pinball of a bird to destroy them. Sold poorly due to the new age of gaming. Astal-1.jpg
Bakubaku front.jpg Baku Baku Puzzle This is a strange tile-based puzzle game that came out on different systems. The concept revolves around feeding animals food, which helps you beat the other player somehow. Unlike the other versions, this one has extra modes and prettier graphics.You might like it if you've played something like Puyo Puyo. Bakubakuscreen.JPG
Barura front.jpg Battle Arena Toshinden URA Fighting A fighting game with swords. What more can you ask for? Although, in this game, you can no longer pussy your way out of every damn attack by dodge rolling. Battle arena toshinden 2 .jpg
Bug front.jpg Bug! Platformer Like the title says. Your a Bug and you do alot of 2.5D platforman. Has a level where you can race sonic the hedgehog in his sonic & knuckles sprite. Really shoddy graphics compared to now. Has a sequel BUG TOO! Bug!.jpg
1171494167-00.jpg Bug Too! Platformer Sequel to Bug! More platforman and whatnot. Bugtoo screen005.jpg
Gibmoniplzbr.jpg Burning Rangers Third-person shooter In the near future, the world will face an ultimate evil. FUCKING FIRES. It's up to you to save all the citizens, collect crystals, and extinguish those flames with a man on a jetpack. Has neat platforming as well as TPS. It plays better than it sounds. Burning rangers.jpg
Clockworkknight.jpg Clockwork Knight Platformer A platformer with a toy-theme. Probably the first game to pioneer a key as a weapon which is a nice little history lesson. Pretty cool, but a bit average. Still fun though. Clock1 1202954753 640w.jpg
Ck2 front.jpg Clockwork Knight 2 Platformer More of the same. You can play as your rival from the first as well. Clockwork-Knight-2.PNG
Croc legend of the gobbos sega saturn.jpg Croc: Legend of the Gobbos 3D Platforman / FUCK YEAH CROC Awesome platformer from fox interactive and argonaut. You'll have a really great time with this game, and the only downside is croc's control. (This fucker moves like a tank.) Also on ps1, pc and game boy color. (gbc port is shitty as hell.) Croc 1 screenshot sega saturn.jpg
Darius front.jpg Darius Gaiden Shoot 'em up Fuck yeah, Darius. Guide your ship through multiple paths, fighting giant fish robots along the way. T01fa2bfce8a9396314308a1ade3bab65.jpg
Dsavior.jpg Dark Savior Platformer / Puzzle / Action Unrelated to Landstalker, despite playing similarly at times. Noted for having segments of "platform jumping, puzzle adventure, and fighting". Curiously each of these segments are seperated from each other. The most notable factor about this game are its multiple scenarios. Getting to each depends on the outcome the prologue scenario, which the player may deliberately or accidentally choose a course of action. This offers a neat bit of replay value. DarkSavior2.jpg
Daytonausasat front.jpg Daytona USA Racing DOODOODOODOODOO DAYTONAAAA remember that? Awesome racing game, also on the dreamcast. Probably one of the best arcade racers for its time. Maybe even today. Daytona usa.jpg
Decathlete front.jpg DecAthlete Sport Athlete Kings in Europe Decathete.jpg
Ohshitson front.jpg Die Hard Arcade Beat 'em up Cops fight terrorists using hand-to-hand skills, along with whatever forms of weaponry they come across. Quick Time Events give you a potential heads up on enemies. The sequel is known as Dynamite Cop and on the Dreamcast. Die hard arcade.png
Dbzstudf.jpg Dragonball Z The Legend Fighting Great DBZ game for everyone whos a fan of the show. Showed the whole story for the first time in America literally YEARS before the show even finished on our shores. Also available on the PS1. Dbzlegend.jpg
Fireandflames front.jpg Dragon Force RTS / Tactics Fuck year, Dragon Force. Nothing to do with that band (this came out years before), this strategy game has you choose one of 8 kingdoms to play as and follow each of their stories. Each kingdom has a certain type of troop they specialize with. Dragonforce-screen.jpg
Alwaysbet.jpg Duke Nukem 3D FPS Duke in his 3D outing. About as good as you'd expect on a PC, just with a Saturn controller. Always bet on Duke! Duke-nukem-3d.jpg
Ej2 front.jpg Earthworm Jim 2 Platformer A slight touch-up of the 16-bit versions, the most notable addition being the higher quality audio. Also features a really goofy looking CG Jim in certain cinematic scenes, but as 2D as ever in-game (Hey, it WAS the 90's. Everyone and their dog jumped on the 3D Gravytrain.). Earthworm-jim-2.jpg
Powerslave.jpg PowerSlave FPS Known as "Exhumed" in Europe Exhumed2.jpg
Megamix front.jpg Fighters Megamix Fighting Exactly what it says on the box. There's also some unlockable characters and outfits as well. Fighters megamix profilelarge.jpg
Ga front.jpg Galactic Attack / RayForce Shoot 'em up A superb shooter for the Saturn with many power-ups and a lock on system. A game to try out if you're a fan for shooters or just own a Saturn in general. Ga2.jpg
Gatd.jpg Golden Axe: The Duel Fighting Not too shabby, but a curious genre shift. Give it a shot if you like the series. Just don't expect any beat 'em up-an action. Golden axe the duel.jpg
Guardian front.jpg Guardian Heroes Beat 'em up / RPG YES. You know it, you love it, if you don't, you're gonna. Choose your characters from an assorted cast. The game has multi-planar combat with groups of foes, but also makes things interesting by having multiple routes of stages to go to, meaning you have a whole variety of playthroughs to take on. The RPG elements are mainly just boosting your skills up through stats. It's all action otherwise. GuardianHeroes1.jpg
Agentgovertheretheprequel front.jpg House of the Dead Rail Shooter Shoot zombies, RELOAD, Suffer like G did, RELOAD, etc. Had an amusing spin-off known as Typing of the Dead, which plays with similar stages, but typing stuff to shoot zombies, as opposed to using guns. House of the dead saturn.jpg
Idontwannaknow front.jpg Keio Flying Squadron 2 Platformer Sequel to the Sega CD shmup. Concentrates much more on platforming than shmup action though. You might like it more or less because of this, but it still manages to keep its Parodius-esque spirit alive and well. Keio2.jpg
Holyfuckawesone.jpg Loaded Top Down Shooter Also on PS1 Loaded.jpg
Magicnightrayearth front.jpg Magic Knight Rayearth Action RPG FUCK YEAH. Don't know about MKR? You don't know shit about 90's anime. That aside, this action-RPG is relatively solid. Each of your girls has different specialties in weapons and elements, making for a slightly more strategic experience. Plays akin to a Zelda/Ys type of game. Has cutscenes along with that Working Designs charm. Notorious for taking FUCKING FOREVER to come out in US. Rayearth 790screen004.jpg
Msh cover.jpg Marvel Super Heroes Fighting Classic Capcom fightan but instead of X-Men you have more than just X-Men; stuff like Spiderman, Captain America, The Hulk, etc. Also in America on the Saturn. Marvel super heroes screenshot.jpg
Mrbones.jpg Mr. Bones Platformer You play as a undead jazz blues musician who has to stop an undead group of assholes who want to take over the world. Of course like every platformer you gotta help Mr. Bones kick evils ass back to hell. A fun game for anyone into the platformer scene. Mr bones.jpg
Megaman8.jpg MegaMan 8 Anniversary Collector's Edition Action / Platformer Megaman 8, same as the Playstation, but with a few extras such as a mini-stage with Woodman, and Cutman has his own too. Also, has a far superior Tengu Man stage song, though you're free to disagree. Really don't know why this version got cut out of The Anniversary Collection on PS2/GC/XB, its the superioir version. 1115095-mmh megaman8b super.jpg
Mmx3.jpg Megaman X3 Action / Platformer Mostly the same as the SNES version, but now has a few cutscenes, along with a delicious CD-quality soundtrack, with damn near every song being remixed or rearranged. Available on the PS1 but both of these remixed versions were released in europe and Japan only. But dont get rageworthy yet, it was ported to the X Collection on GC/PS2 so you can see its enhanced version in america for the first time. Megamanx3screen.jpg
Mmx4.jpg Megaman X4 Action / Platformer Unlike Megaman 8 its an exact port of the Playstation version. Still a fun game, has a great soundtrack. The voices are kind of hit and miss. But hey, it was a 90's Capcom game ya know? Also available on the Mega Man X Collection for PS2/Gamecube so u can nostalgia all over again. Mmx4zero.png
Mortal kombat trilogy saturn-1.jpg Mortal Kombat Trilogy 2D Fighting All the characters from the first 3 MK games in one solid pack! Just look at dat list! Fun too if you love MK. Mortal-kombat-trilogy-character-select-screenshot.jpg
Nwdr.jpg Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge Fighting Sequel to the first Darkstalkers. It has a crazy cast of characters that are really detailed. It's only on the Saturn so PS1 fans who want all 3 games will just have to get a Saturn. Night warriors darkstalkers revenge euro 950316.png
Nightsoriginal front.jpg Nights Into Dreams Action-Adventure Fly through rings and shit. Known for being one of the "killer apps" of the system back in the day. Has a pseudo-sequel of sorts on the Wii, but opinions are mixed on that one, while damn near everyone likes this.

Also ported to PS2 including a version with enhanced graphics, and the regular Saturn (crappy visuals) aswell. Therefore is recommended to get the PS2 version. However, it's NTSC-J, which means japan only. So it's more likely hard to get in a physical form.

Saturn nights.jpg
Xmasnights front.jpg Christmas Nights Action-Adventure

Nights, but with christmas themed outfits, rings, and stages. Happy Holidays!

You can play as Sonic in this one!

839515-christmasnights 1 super.png
Pd front.jpg Panzer Dragoon Rail Shooter

You ride a dragon and shoot down enemies. Fuck yes. Each of these were known for being relatively hard to find, but also rather fun.

All the Saturn Dragoon games are on the 2500 Collection for PS2 with enchanced graphics, as well as the option for the original graphics. 2500 collection games are Japan only though!

Pd2z front.jpg Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Rail Shooter More dragonan and shootan. Panzer-dragoon-2-fortress.jpg
Pzs front.jpg Panzer Dragoon Saga RPG Yet more Dragonan and shootan! Now with RPG elements! The next game in the series, the very rare Panzer Dragoon Orta, was on Xbox. This game is also hard as fuck to find in America with very few copies made. Pds1.jpg
Parodius Front EUR-PAL.jpg Parodius Cute 'em up Konami's self-parody of Gradius. Features similar stages and enemy types, but disguised as much goofier variants, such as a cat-battleship, and sweets factory, and more. Has higher quality sound and multiplayer, IIRC. Parodius2b.jpg
Rayman Sega Saturn Boxart.jpg Rayman Platformer Fuck year, Rayman! This game showed us all that 2D gaming wasn't dead. Fun as fuck but it can also be hard as hell sometimes. Has a awesome sequel. Game also available on PS1, and the Atari Jaguar. Rayman dsi.jpg
Resat front.jpg Resident Evil Survival Horror About the same as the Playstation version. Its Just as good no complaints so you can have a fun time killing zombies on your saturn. SAT Zombie Wesker.jpg
Saturnbomberman.jpg Saturn Bomberman Action Hell yeah. Has a classic story mode that can be played with 1 or 2 players, Dinosaur helpers to ride on in place of Rooeys, and of course, battle mode! This battle mode is famous for having characters from different Hudson series, such as Master Higgins and Bonk, allowing 8 players, and even having online mode! Technically, you can play with 10 players, but this disables some of the power-ups, disables dinosaurs, and alters the stage and players slightly. It's up to you on whether you'll want to go with 8 or 10. Saturn Bomberman.jpg
Src front.jpg Sega Rally Championship Racing GAME OVER YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! That's really all you need to know about this game. Other then that, it's just a neat racing game, made none other by, Sega. Sega rally championship.jpg
Holyshithesexcited.jpg Sega Worldwide Soccer Sport Soccer for the Saturn. That's pretty much it. Worldwidesocceer1.jpg
Shinignforce3 front.jpg Shining Force 3 Tactical RPG Came out in 3 scenarios. US only got Scenario 1. Scenario 2 has a fan-translation. Scenario 3's translation is mostly playable, except for the last chapter. Shining-Force-III-battle.jpg
Shiningarc front.jpg Shining The Holy Ark RPG First-person RPG. Has similarities to Golden Sun in various animations, music, and atmosphere. Shining the holy ark 003.jpg
Shining Wisdom Action-Adventure Zelda like entry in the Shining series!
Shinobi Legions coverart.jpg Shinobi Legions Action Shinobi X in Europe Slegions-5.jpg
Eclipse front.jpg Solar Eclipse Action / Space Sim Similar to Star Fox, but more fast paced, more power-ups, and more intense. Like Star Fox, you talk to your buds throughout the mission to make you feel like you aren't playing alone. Solar2.jpg
G04337bk0ab.jpg Sonic R Racing / Tails Doll / Can you feel the sunshine? This game isn't as good as other Sonic games but is still fun to play with others. It has a GOOD soundtrack (if you like Brit pop) and does an original job with its racing technique rather than rip off Mario Kart or use some shitty boards. Also on PC, and on the Gamecube's (PS2 in Europe/Japan as well) Sonic Gems Collection. FUN FACT: This is the game that created that whole creepypasta Tails doll/can you feel the sunshine thing. SonicR--article image.jpg
Sonicjammin front.jpg Sonic Jam Platformer

Has the 4 main Genesis games (1, 2, 3, Sonic And Knuckles) along with full lock-on ability for Sonic and Knuckles. Works with 2 and 3 normally, and unlocks the Blue Sphere extended-mini-game with Sonic 1. There's also a 3D Sonic world to explore a bit, but nothing on Adventure's level.

Not actual ports, all the games were programmed from scratch for the Saturn! Sonic can spin-dash in sonic 1!

Spacehilk.jpg Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels FPS / Strategy A game that combines gameplay of Doom and acts similar to the old Aliens vs. Predators game. The only thing though is you have a squad with you in which you can customize your gear and fight creatures in a struggle for survival in a the Warhammer 40,000 like universe. Winscreen3.jpg
Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors Dreams (Front US-NTSC).jpg Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams Fighting First entry in the alpha/zero series. Very good has alot of new characters not seen in Street Fighter II and has great 2d graphics. Also on PS1, Game Boy Color, Arcade, PSN, and PS2 via the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology collection. Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors Dreams 004 (US-NTSC).jpg
Datakuma.jpg Street Fighter Alpha 2 Fighting The story of Street Fighter's origins is told through Ryu fighting an evil sonmabitch named Akuma. You also get some Final Fight characters thrown in for some reason. It's on the Alpha Anthology Collection on the PS2 as well as the PS1, and SNES for a weird reason. Get it if you love street fighter and button mashin' Named Street Fighter ZERO 2 in Japan. Better name if you ask me since it's a prequel. Screen 1.jpg
SegaSaturn SFCollectionboxart 160w.jpg Street Fighter Collection Fighting A collection of Street Fighter games. Probably the only explanation I can give, but still awesome because of that. 3 street-fighter-2-plus-champion-edition-3.png
Looasis front.jpg The Legend of Oasis Action RPG Successor and Prequel to Beyond Oasis on the Genesis/Mega Drive. Has similar concepts of utilizing elemental spirits. Legend of Oasis (2).gif
706997-tdd large.jpg Three Dirty Dwarves Beat 'em up A rather silly beat 'em up where you control three dwarves, each with unique abilities, as you fight through various levels in a rather silly environment/world. The art style is pretty awesome. Three dirty dwarves 003.gif
Virtuacop front.jpg Virtua Cop Rail Shooter Ever wanted to be a cop and shoot them fuckin' assheaded criminals? Well today's your lucky day because Virtua Cop has exactly that. Vcop.jpg
Vfr front.jpg Virtua Fighter Remix Fighting Same as the original, but with more polygon improvements, texture mapping, and improved gameplay. 32xvirtuafighter.jpg
Vf2 front.jpg Virtua Fighter 2 Fighting It has better graphics, models, more players and stages than the first game (hey, it's a fighter, of course the sequels improve upon the prequels). Also has a port on the Genesis, if you like 2D fighting ports. 03c.jpg
Virturafighterkids.jpg Virtua Fighter Kids Fighting Cutesy Virtua Fightan. Just what you'd expect from the series. Supposedly, it was actually made to test a new facial engine at the time, but was entertaining enough to become its own game. A bit more upbeat than 2 in style, music, and gameplay. Virtua fighter kids 004.gif
Von front.jpg Virtual On: Cyber Troopers 3D Fighter

This game is the shit! Take control of a handful of robots and unleash the fury!!! Each robot has a unique arsenal of weapons to demolish your opponent in an awesome 3D fighter. In order for them to port this to the Saturn they had to get rid of crap like framerate and resolution, but don't let that stop you.

Even so, if you can't find the arcade version of this game, then this will do nicely.

Wipeout20124.jpg Wipeout 2097 Racing Wipeout, except actually trying to look futurey. 89499 large.jpg
4131 7uRQTL. SL500 AA300 .jpg X-Men Children of the Atom Fighting One of Capcom's first entry to Marvel fightan. Pretty good, at least this one and the sequel are in engrish on the Sega Saturn and in America. Cota.jpg

Sega Saturn Games - NTSC-J

Box Art Title Genre Description Screenshots
Akumajo Dracula X Saturn.png Akumajo Dracula X - Gekka no Yasoukyoku 2D Platformer

A.K.A. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the Saturn. Still the fucking awesome game you know and love. Never came out in America. DAMMIT BERNIE STOLARD! THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!

Longer load time, and more slowdown than PS1, but it has extras and such.

Gfs 50215 2 15.jpg
Batsugun.jpg Batsugun Shoot 'em up A crazy shoot 'em up with bullets EVERYWHERE. You gain EXP to boost your main gun and shoot so many bullets that it practically takes up the whole screen. Is considered to be the first bullet hell game. T-20605G 10,,Sega-Saturn-Screenshot-10-Batsugun-JPN.jpg
Blast-Wind.jpg Blast Wind Shoot 'em up 2895267149 410a6cdede m.jpg
Black Matrix (J) - Front.jpg Black/Matrix SRPG It seems like the minions of hell have won the war against the angels and they rewrite history and make up there own rules where love is punishable. Are you gonna take that!? It's a fairly fun SRPG, like Final Fantasy Tactics. Also, the beginning and ending of the game are decided for you as soon as you pick your black-winged master. Blackmatrix00ps 041404 004 640w.jpg
275846508 tp.jpg Bulk Slash Mecha Fighting Bulk sash.jpg
Cottonboom.jpg Cotton Boomerang Cute 'em up Control a loli witch in a side-scrolling shoot 'em up. That's pretty much all you need to know about this game. 2895266673 e85ce69cc4 m.jpg
Deep Fear (J) - Front.jpg Deep Fear Survival Horror Very similar to Resident Evil if not advanced except that you are underwater and instead of fighting zombies you fight mutants. It's definitely fun if you liked Resident Evil or just like survival horror. Beware, you can't fuck around in this game since you ARE UNDERWATER AFTER ALL. You need oxygen to keep yourself alive which is kind of a hassle, but it works.Released in Europe and Japan only. Also Europe's final Saturn game as well. So this does have English in it (probably). Df1-73634 2.jpg
Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers Coverart.png Devil Summoner Soul Hackers RPG A Shin Megami Tensei game. Take control of a bunch of hax0rs called the "Spookers" and go into the intrawebs and fight against the John the demons using demons of your own (on the internets of course) via GUMP (some Demon Summoning Program shaped like a gun like Persona 3). Like any SMT game you can gain loyalty over demons, install software, and fuse demons. 999.jpg
9094-70423-DoDonPachi1jpg-550x.jpg Dodonpachi Shoot 'em up A fun crazy bullet-hell (sort of) shooter. Improved over the first game as you gain awesome power-ups and such. If you want a challenge try getting all 13 golden bees without dying. GOOD LUCK! 2896105362 c1b5fba2ca m.jpg
186277-dragon force 2 large.jpg Dragon Force 2 RTS Dragonforce-7.jpg
197220 53853 front-1-.jpg Elevator Action Returns Action / Shooter
610L2WjAjuL. SL500 .jpg Grandia RPG A light-hearted RPG about treasure hunting and what not. Also on PS1 in America, but if you have a Saturn this might be cool to. Grandia saturn.jpg
Guardian force.jpg Guardian Force Shoot 'em up 2896106802 f19ca66938 m.jpg
The-kof95-f.jpg King of Fighters '95 Fighting Unchanged from 94, except the Team Edit option. Aside from that it's basically KOF '94. Also the hand on the cover looks a little weird. The-King-of-Fighters-95.png
Kof96.jpg saturn.jpg King of Fighers '96 Fighting Getting rid of dodge for evasive maneuvers and a couple of tweaks in gameplay and you have KOF '96. Now you can perform a Mega Super Special Move instead of a regular one. 1287 1.png
97.jpg King of Fighters '97 Fighting The king of fighters .97-180388-1.jpeg
Langrisseriv-sat-cover.jpg Langrisser IV SRPG Langrisser4-3.jpg
Langrisser-V -The-End-of-Legend-Saturn-JAP.jpg Langrisser V: The End of Legend SRPG 6774.jpg
Layer Section 2 - Cover.jpg Layer Section 2 / RayStorm Shoot 'em up 2895903685 c2cfae8aed m.jpg
776562-assault suit leynos 2 front super.png Assault Suit Leynos 2 Platformer / Action Asl2-1.jpg
61 mM34zdZL. SL500 .jpg Lunar: The Silver Star RPG 207858.jpeg
574222 14449 front.jpg Lunar: Eternal Blue RPG 207858.jpeg
Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter.png Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Fighting From the people at Capcom and Marvel who brought you X-Men vs. Street Fighter comes Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter! Street Fightan and Spider Manan everywhere. Like before, probably more better than the PS1 version so this would be recommended. Marvel super heroes vs. street fighter-178040-1.jpeg
Metalslug-f.jpg Metal Slug Run 'n Gun Metal Slug on your Saturn. If you don't have a Neo Geo or the anthology why not? Metalslug.jpg
577774 17317 front.jpg Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari Adventure A combat-free platform game presented as an interactive storybook with beautiful visuals and sprite work. Unfortunately it is very dialogue-dependent and there is no translation effort planned as of current. Nanatsu4.jpg
1089929412-00.jpg Pocket Fighter Fighting Art 4896 id 21 mw 520.jpg
234.jpg Policenauts Adventure Basically one of Trolljimas early works before Metal Gear Solid (not Metal Gear the original, that came way before). I mean really, it even has Meryl Silverburgh in the screenshot. But a very good game nonetheless. Policenauts-screenshot-007.png
Radiant silvergun.jpg Radiant Silvergun Shoot 'em up A slow-paced yet very challenging vertical shmup with a shockingly dark story and amazing boss battles. Widely considered as one of the best games of the genre. 2895266139 5b3cb3d4b7 m.jpg
Real Bout Fatal Fury Best Collection Saturn cover.jpg Real Bout Fatal Fury Best Collection Fighting Rbffspecial.jpg
Segata Sanshirou Shinken Yuugi Saturn cover.jpg Segata Sanshirou Shinken Yuugi Minigame/ Being a Badass AWWWW YEAH! Segata Sanshiro in his very own game! If you like segata (why even ask?) Buy this shit right now because segata knows where you live. Ok not really but still its good. 00899506-photo-segata-sanshiro-shinken-yugi.jpg
Sengoku Blade.jpg Sengoku Blade / Tengai Shoot 'em up If you're expecting standard Psikyo shooting, think again. This is one of their harder horizontal titles. Also, robo-samurai and delicious titty monster! 2896105728 c54da90eaa m.jpg
574347 14952 front.jpg Senkutsu Katsuryu Taisen: Chaos Seed Action RPG Chaosseed-saturn7.jpg
Jaquette-sexy-parodius-saturn-cover-avant-g.jpg Sexy Parodius Cute 'em up Just Parodius with a sexy setting. Hey, sex! something /v/ will never have (with a woman anyways) But I kid I kid. Anyways it is a fun shooter made for fanservice purposes. And I suppose if macroism is your thing by the screenshot you might buy this for any amount. Sexy Parodius.jpg
Shining force 3 scenario2 saturn-1.jpg Shining Force III Scenario 2 SRPG The continuation of the first scenario, which was the only one to see a NA release, it's just as great, and it's been fan-translated, akthough the translation itself is still in it's beta phase.. 1725-3.jpg
Shining3 1 web.jpg Shining Force III Scenario 3 SRPG

The end of Shining Force III's tale; again, fantastic for any fan of the Shining series or SRPGs in general. A fan-translation is still in the works.

Shiningf33 790screen007.jpg
4.jpg Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru Run 'n Gun How many Run 'n Guns can you name? Not many, try this one sir! 1.jpg
Smirage-cover.jpg Silhouette Mirage Beat 'em up / Being a Badass Silhouette Mirage (2).gif
576013 15740 front.jpg Soldnerschild SRPG Soldnerschild.jpg
Sfzero3.jpg Street Fighter Zero 3 Fighting Basically Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Saturn. Same game as the PS1/Dreamcast just on the Saturn. It would be worth a find since it is pretty good. Sfaiiim11.jpg
Gensosuikoden-f.jpg Suikoden RPG Gather the 108 Stars of Destiny, populate your fort, and wage war against a tyrannical empire in the JRPG that began the revered series. Available in English for the PSOne and on PSN. Ported to the PSP along with its sequel, but it never saw an NA release. Suikoden (Sat)04c.png
Thunderforce-p1-f.jpg Thunder Force Gold Pack 1 Shoot 'em up 2895267951 d70ecef081 m.jpg
Thunderforce-p2.jpg Thunder Force Gold Pack 2 Shoot 'em up 2895268013 3c9b4d751e m.jpg
103223-Thunder Force V (J)(Saturn)-1.jpg Thunder Force V

Shoot 'em up

2896106282 56925f409a m.jpg
Twinkle.jpg Twinkle Star Sprites Shoot 'em up CUTENESS OVERWHELMING~! A cast of whimsical characters compete against one another for a single wish from the great Twinkle Star. Mixes the chaotic shmup environment with competitive puzzle elements for a wonderfully potent concoction. While there is single-player, this game was MADE to be played with a friend!

The most complete of all TSS releases. Includes an exclusive character, voice work for EVERYTHING and a Sailor Moon intro (D'AWWW)!

2896105556 7a32f2e19d m.jpg
Ss g vandal heart.gif Vandal Hearts SRPG Vandal-hearts-flames-of-judgment-20090630114147423.jpg
Wachenroder-Saturn-JAP.jpg Wachenroder SRPG A heavily story-driven steampunk story with music by none other than Ian McDonald of King Crimson. Although it hasn't been translated, there are full translations of the script on the Internet. A must-play for fans of the SPRG. Wachenrder.jpg
Willy-f.jpg Willy Wombat Action-Adventure / Platformer T-14306G 19,,Sega-Saturn-Screenshot-19-Willy-Wombat-JPN.jpg
X-Men VS Street Fighter.png X-Men vs. Street Fighter Fighting This is basically what the title says. It's really fun with in game tag team unlike the Playstation version. Unfortunately, unlike the Playstation version, this one never came out across our shores so it might be a hard find. Xman.jpg

The original image from /v/

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