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The Sega Saturn was a good system for its time, it even had games better than it's PS1 and N64 competitors. However, The Saturn was unfairly rejected by people because of its lack of games (LOL BERNIE STOLARD), so ultimately the console was forced into an early grave by the Dreamcast, and it was a dark day for Sega. Almost like the company's 3DO or Jaguar, except this didn't suck ass. If you find yourself a Sega Saturn, BUY IT. It's worth your money. Don't belive me? Check out dat list and dem games.

Sega Saturn Games - NTSC-J

Box Art Title Genre Description Screenshots
Akumajo Dracula X Saturn Akumajo Dracula X - Gekka no Yasoukyoku 2D Platformer A.K.A. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the Saturn. Still the same fucking awesome game you know and love. Never came out in America. DAMMIT BERNIE STOLARD! THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!

Longer load time and more slowdown than PS1, but it has extras and such (Protip: Save to external RAM cart to avoid slowdown).

Gfs 50215 2 15
Asuka 120% Limited Front Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Limited Fighting A G-rated, all girls fighting game that is shockingly good. Great visuals, simple 3-button controls and fast pacing make this a hidden gem in the Saturn fighting library. Also worth noting that this was the final release in the series that was made by the original developers. Asuka 120% Limited Screenshot
Batsugun Batsugun Shoot 'em up A crazy shoot 'em up with bullets EVERYWHERE. You gain EXP to boost your main gun and shoot so many bullets that it practically takes up the whole screen. Is considered to be the first bullet hell game. T-20605G 10,,Sega-Saturn-Screenshot-10-Batsugun-JPN
Blast-Wind Blast Wind Shoot 'em up A pretty cool arcade vertical shooter, from the makers of Thunder Force. BlastWind screenshot
Black Matrix (J) - Front Black/Matrix SRPG It seems like the minions of hell have won the war against the angels and they rewrite history and make up there own rules where love is punishable. Are you gonna take that!? It's a fairly fun SRPG, like Final Fantasy Tactics. Also, the beginning and ending of the game are decided for you as soon as you pick your black-winged master. Blackmatrix00ps 041404 004 640w
275846508 tp Bulk Slash Mecha Fighting Virtual On but better. Blow enemies and other mecha in a fully 3D scenary. Bulk sash
Cottonboom Cotton Boomerang Cute 'em up Control a loli witch in a side-scrolling shoot 'em up. That's pretty much all you need to know about this game. 2895266673 e85ce69cc4 m
Deep Fear (J) - Front Deep Fear Survival Horror Very similar to Resident Evil, if not as advanced, except that you are underwater and instead of fighting zombies you fight mutants. It's definitely fun if you liked Resident Evil or just like survival horror. Beware, you can't fuck around in this game since you ARE UNDERWATER AFTER ALL. You need oxygen to keep yourself alive which is kind of a hassle, but it works.Released in Europe and Japan only. Also Europe's final Saturn game as well. So this does have English in it (probably). Df1-73634 2
Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers Coverart Devil Summoner Soul Hackers RPG A Shin Megami Tensei game. Take control of a bunch of hax0rs called the Spookies and enter the virtual city Paradigm-X to fight against demons using demons of your own (on the internets of course) via GUMP (A computerized gun used for summoning demons). Like any SMT game you can gain loyalty over demons, install software, and fuse demons.

You may also want to check out the prequel, also on Saturn.

Recently ported to the Nintendo 3DS with an extra dungeon featuring Raidou Kuzunoha. Has an English release unlike this version.

9094-70423-DoDonPachi1jpg-550x Dodonpachi Shoot 'em up A fun crazy bullet-hell (sort of) shooter. Improved over the first game as you gain awesome power-ups and such. If you want a challenge try getting all 13 golden bees without dying. GOOD LUCK! 2896105362 c1b5fba2ca m
186277-dragon force 2 large Dragon Force 2 RTS Sequel to Dragon Force listed under North American games. There is partial fan-translation available now. Dragonforce-7
197220 53853 front-1- Elevator Action Returns Action / Shooter Rad as fuck sequel to the classic TAITO arcade game, choose from 3 different characters each with their own individual stats and sub weapons and blow the shit out of terrorists and collect documents. Play the first level, SHIT GETS REAL. 150px
610L2WjAjuL. SL500 Grandia RPG A light-hearted RPG about treasure hunting and what not. Also on PS1 in America, but if you have a Saturn this might be cool to, if you understand japanse. Doesn't have the slowdown or graphics glitches of the ps1 port. Grandia saturn
Guardian force Guardian Force Shoot 'em up pow pow pow 2896106802 f19ca66938 m
The-kof95-f King of Fighters '95 Fighting Unchanged from '94, except for the Team Edit option. Aside from that it's basically KOF '94. Also the hand on the cover looks a little weird. The-King-of-Fighters-95
Kof96.jpg saturn King of Fighers '96 Fighting Take KOF '95.Get rid of the dodge for evasive maneuvers and add a couple of tweaks in gameplay and you have KOF '96. Now you can perform a Mega Super Special Move instead of a regular one. 1287 1
97 King of Fighters '97 Fighting See above. Last game of this storyline, as '98 was a "dream match" game. The king of fighters .97-180388-1
Langrisseriv-sat-cover Langrisser IV SRPG awesome! Langrisser4-3
Langrisser-V -The-End-of-Legend-Saturn-JAP Langrisser V: The End of Legend SRPG awesomeer 6774
Layer Section 2 - Cover Layer Section 2 / RayStorm Shoot 'em up Also on PS1 in America. 2895903685 c2cfae8aed m
776562-assault suit leynos 2 front super Assault Suit Leynos 2 Platformer / Action Part of the Assault Suit series that includes Assault Suits Valken listed on the SNES page. A prequel titled Target Earth in North America is on the Genesis. Asl2-1
61 mM34zdZL. SL500 Lunar: The Silver Star RPG Also on PS1 in English. 207858
574222 14449 front Lunar: Eternal Blue RPG Also on PS1 in English. 207858
Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Fighting From the people at Capcom and Marvel who brought you X-Men vs. Street Fighter comes Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter! Street Fightan and Spider Manan everywhere. Like before, probably better than the PS1 version so this would be recommended. Marvel super heroes vs. street fighter-178040-1
T19902gfront Metal Black Shoot 'em Up Rumored to be a sequel to Darius II that got its own setting because it was too dark for its own good. Still a damn good game on its own, albeit, strongly unforgiving; for one, bombing drains all your power and you don't get anything more than that narrowish twin shot to pick off enemies that come from all directions. Special note: this game may also have one of the biggest mindfuck endings in any video game ever Metal black
Metalslug-f Metal Slug Run 'n Gun Metal Slug on your Saturn. If you don't have a Neo Geo or the anthology why not? Requires the RAM expansion cart. Metalslug
577774 17317 front Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari Adventure A combat-free platform game presented as an interactive storybook with beautiful visuals and sprite work. Unfortunately it is very dialogue-dependent and there is no translation effort planned as of current. Nanatsu4
Night Striker S SS A Night Striker S Rail Shooter A humble, yet nonetheless breathtaking rail shooter by Taito. Incredibly short even by arcade game standards but makes up for this with its incredible replay value; branching paths for those who want something different and a pacifist bonus for the dedicated. If that's not enough for you, this version of the port contains a special mode too. Nightstriker-3
1089929412-00 Pocket Fighter Fighting Chibi Capcom crossover fighing game. Has a neat little gem power up system. Also availble on PS2 as part of Street Fighter: Alpha Anthology. Art 4896 id 21 mw 520
234 Policenauts Adventure Basically one of Trolljimas early works before Metal Gear Solid (not Metal Gear the original, that came way before). I mean really, it even has Meryl Silverburgh in the screenshot. But a very good game nonetheless. On PS1 as well, with a fan translation. Policenauts-screenshot-007
Princess Crown SAT cover Princess Crown Action-RPG You start Chapter 1 as an ass-kicking princess who travels around her kingdom saving people. As you progress, you can unlock more characters who have their own unique stories. Battles unfold in real-time combat on a 2D plane where you can jump, slash your sword, parry and shit; plus, you utilize a ring system a la Secret of Mana to do stuff like use items and cast abilities. If you loved Odin Sphere and Muramasa, you must play this.Sadly, no translation patch exists (yet). Designed by the Vanillaware team -- who were still part of Atlus at the time -- and published by SEGA, so the IP belongs to three separate companies now. Later ported to the PSP, which is also JP only. Princesscrown-12
Rabbit-f Rabbit Fighting From EA's Japanese branch comes this cutesy 4 button fighter. Features dodges, recovery rolls, ground hits, and hops, the animal spirirt is the real focus here. You gain your opponets animal spirit after you defeat them, and can use it in the next match which encourages the player to try them all. Rabbit
Radiant silvergun Radiant Silvergun Shoot 'em up A slow-paced yet very challenging vertical shmup with a shockingly dark story and amazing boss battles. Widely considered as one of the best games of the genre. 2895266139 5b3cb3d4b7 m
Real Bout Fatal Fury Best Collection Saturn cover Real Bout Fatal Fury Best Collection Fighting ARE YOU OK? BUSTA WOLF! Rbffspecial
Segata Sanshirou Shinken Yuugi Saturn cover Segata Sanshirou Shinken Yuugi Minigame/ Being a Badass AWWWW YEAH! Segata Sanshiro in his very own game! If you like Segata (why even ask?) Buy this shit right now because Segata knows where you live. Ok not really but still its good. 00899506-photo-segata-sanshiro-shinken-yugi
Sengoku Blade Sengoku Blade / Tengai Shoot 'em up If you're expecting standard Psikyo shooting, think again. This is one of their harder horizontal titles. Also, robo-samurai and delicious titty monster! 2896105728 c54da90eaa m
574347 14952 front Senkutsu Katsuryu Taisen: Chaos Seed Action RPG tasty action Chaosseed-saturn7
Jaquette-sexy-parodius-saturn-cover-avant-g Sexy Parodius Cute 'em up Just Parodius with a sexy setting. Hey, sex! something /v/ will never have (with a woman anyways) But I kid, I kid. Anyways it is a fun shooter made for fanservice purposes. And I suppose if macroism is your thing by the screenshot you might buy this for any amount. Sexy Parodius
Shining force 3 scenario2 saturn-1 Shining Force III Scenario 2 SRPG The continuation of the first scenario, which was the only one to see a NA release, it's just as great, and it's been fan-translated, although the translation itself is still in it's beta phase.. 1725-3
Shining3 1 web Shining Force III Scenario 3 SRPG The end of Shining Force III's tale; again, fantastic for any fan of the Shining series or SRPGs in general. A fan-translation is still in the works. Shiningf33 790screen007
4 Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru Run 'n Gun How many Run 'n Guns can you name? Not many, try this one sir! 1
Smirage-cover Silhouette Mirage Beat 'em up / Being a Badass Also available in English on PS1. Be warned though: Working Designs made that version insanely difficult, so this version may be better for that reason alone. Silhouette Mirage (2)
576013 15740 front Soldnerschild SRPG odd name, good game Soldnerschild
Sfzero3 Street Fighter Zero 3 Fighting Basically Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Saturn. Same game as the PS1/Dreamcast just on the Saturn. It would be worth a find since it is pretty good.

Ingrid isn't in this version fuckhead -->

SuikoenbuCover Suiko Enbu Fuun Saiki Fighting Very good Data East fightan based on the Water Margin novel. While it does have a american release (called Dark Legend), that one is horribly bugged and unplayable. Fuun Saiki is more of a "Champion Edition" of the original, with bug fixes and such, as well as including Mizoguchi and Yungmie from Fighters History as guest characters. SuikoenbuFuunsaiki
Gensosuikoden-f Suikoden RPG Gather the 108 Stars of Destiny, populate your fort, and wage war against a tyrannical empire in the JRPG that began the revered series. Available in English for the PSOne and on PSN. Ported to the PSP along with its sequel, but it never saw an NA release. Suikoden (Sat)04c
Thunderforce-p1-f Thunder Force Gold Pack 1 Shoot 'em up Includes Thunderforce 2 and then some. 2895267951 d70ecef081 m
Thunderforce-p2 Thunder Force Gold Pack 2 Shoot 'em up Includes Thunderforce 4 so who gives a fuck what else is on the disc. 2895268013 3c9b4d751e m
103223-Thunder Force V (J)(Saturn)-1 Thunder Force V Shoot 'em up Easily one of the best shmups ever. Fucking gorgeous 3D and excellent music. Best played on the Saturn as it has less slow down than the Playstation version. 2896106282 56925f409a m
Twinkle Twinkle Star Sprites Shoot 'em up CUTENESS OVERWHELMING~! A cast of whimsical characters compete against one another for a single wish from the great Twinkle Star. Mixes the chaotic shmup environment with competitive puzzle elements for a wonderfully potent concoction. While there is single-player, this game was MADE to be played with a friend!

The most complete of all TSS releases. Includes an exclusive character, voice work for EVERYTHING and a Sailor Moon intro (D'AWWW)!

2896105556 7a32f2e19d m
Ss g vandal heart Vandal Hearts SRPG Baddass SRPG that plays more like Shining Force than FFT with rather linear character progression and mission selection. Still fucking good though. Also on PS1 Vandal-hearts-flames-of-judgment-20090630114147423
Wachenroder-Saturn-JAP Wachenroder SRPG A heavily story-driven steampunk story with music by none other than Ian McDonald of King Crimson. Although it hasn't been translated, there are full translations of the script on the Internet. A must-play for fans of the SPRG. Wachenrder
Willy-f Willy Wombat Action-Adventure / Platformer not what you think! T-14306G 19,,Sega-Saturn-Screenshot-19-Willy-Wombat-JPN
X-Men VS Street Fighter X-Men vs. Street Fighter Fighting This is basically what the title says. It's really fun with in game tag team unlike the Playstation version. Unfortunately, unlike the Playstation version, this one never came out across our shores so it might be a hard find. Xman
Saturn Recommended Games

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