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Box Art Title Genre Description Platforms
AoM.jpg Afraid of Monsters Director's Cut (Half Life Mod) Survival Horror, FPS One of the spookiest mods available for the original Half-Life. AoM plays like Half-Life, but just about everything else is self-made, creating a very dark and twisted survival horror experience with multiple endings. PC
Alan wake cover.jpg Alan Wake Action/Adventure Famous novelist Alan Wake travels to the small town of Bright Falls in a hope to find an inspiration to finish his new book, but instead some incident happens and he finds himself with no memory of the last few days and a missing wife.
Isn't really that scary but contains a big dose of creepiness and a lot of eerie moments. Your most important weapon is a flashlight. Short game but the story is very good.  In short Alan Wake feels like a Stephen King take on Twin Peaks.
PROTIP: The PC version includes both released DLCs (The Signal & The Writer) and has improved visuals.
Xbox 360, PC
Alone in the dark.jpg Alone In The Dark Father of Survival Horror The original Survival horror game. Definitely worth playing, even though its age severely hinders its fear factor and even at times playability.  This game looks goddamned comical these days, though the tension manages to perservere and it's always fun to bitch slap some rats. PC, Mac, 3DO, RISC OS
Amber screenshot.gif Amber: Journeys Beyond Paranormal, Point and Click Adventure, Puzzle A pretty old supernatural/paranormal adventure where you investigate the house of a colleague who studies ghosts inside this haunted house using various advanced devices such as a device that records sounds and video around the house. It has some spooky moments and weird shit happens occasionally. Has time travel, room warping, and creepy ass objects such as mirrors and toys.
here's is part 1 of a whole play through
American McGee Alice box.gif American McGee's Alice Horror, Action adventure Remember Alice in Wonderland? Well, take that, and run it through the mind of psychotic killer on a bad acid trip while high on steroids, and you've got American McGee's "Alice".Lots of dark, weird, twisted imagery and gameplay, with surprisingly enjoyable twists on all your favourite characters from the classic story.

Mention should also be given to its great soundtrack, written and performed by Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails fame. Marilyn Manson was also originally involved scoring the music for the game, and while his music never made the final cut, some of his design contributions remain in the final product, helping create a hauntingly brilliant tone.

Recently, some badass artist called OmriKoresh remade many of the textures in the game, added a level selector and replaced the old artwork with gorgeous HD art with a mod, which brings the game's visuals closer to those seen in Madness Returns. Check it out.

Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-Cover-Art.png Amnesia: The Dark Descent Survival Horror, Psychological Horror

By the same developers as Penumbra. This game won the award for best horror game ever made.

You play as Daniel, an amnesiac who must investigate the mysterious Castle Brennenburg, with only two goals in mind: Find your memories, and kill the castle's owner, the mysterious Alexander of Brennenburg. VERY loosely based on Lovecraft's "The Outsider" (So loosely based that you will only understand the similarities after you beat the game). It uses the same physics system as Penumbra, but with an influence on pants shitting instead of hard puzzles (Though the stupid should beware, there are puzzles that could baffle you for a while, but nothing hard enough to require a walkthrough).
TL:DR; Decently hard puzzles. No weapons. Loads of NOPENOPENOPE

Oh and the Amnesia has one hell of a modding community, with custom missions ranging from Tetris clones to legitimately great horror scenarios.

Linux, Mac OSX, PC
Amnesiaamachineforpigscoverart.jpg Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Survival Horror, Mindfuck, Psycological Horror

While officially a sequel to The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs is more of an in-universe spiritual successor. The story revolves around Oswald Mandus, a butcher who wakes up with, you guessed it, amnesia. Things start slowly (this was co-created by the guys behind Dear Esther), but you'll be blindly running from pigmen in no time.

Linux, Mac OSX, PC
220px-Anna game cover.png
Anna Horror, Puzzle Absolute trash graphics, poorly optimized, and the most obtuse roundabout dumb puzzles you'll ever find in a video game. However, the sound design imagery and execution of scares is fantastic and will make you scream even minutes after you're wondering to yourself why you're playing this garbage.

It's hard to recommend this one. If you're a horror buff and looking for another scare try it out but for most people playing this will be torture. Oh, and have a walkthrough handy because it is IMPOSSIBLE to finish it without one.

Linux, PC, PS3, 360
Ao oni.jpg Ao Oni Survival Horror, Puzzle A freeware horror game done in RPG maker. Similar to Clock Tower but with a more cliched plot. A group of middle schoolers go to investigate a haunted mansion where people supposedly do not return from, because they are devoured by a blue demon. Even though the Ao Oni looks laughable, there are some genuinely scary moments in this short game. Untranslated currently Now translated, but all of the puzzles can be done without knowing Japanese except for one. (Answer to said puzzle) PC
Badmojo redux.jpg Bad Mojo / Bad Mojo Redux Mindfuck, Adventure Bro unwittingly puts on a cursed ring while chilling in his messy apartment. Bro gets turned into roach. Roach Bro has to navigate all the nasty shit in his apartment and find a way back to the ring and crawl through it to undo the curse.
Redux features a bit higher resolution artwork and video. The acting, however, is still laughably bad.
Barrow Hill.jpg Barrow Hill Psychological Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure Barrow Hill has a wonderful creepy feel to it. Are you being stalked? PC
Pcg call of cthulhu dark corners of the earth-1-.jpg Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Survival horror, First-person adventure, Lovecraftian Horror Based on the H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Shadow over Innsmouth", you are a private detective investigating the mysterious town of Innsmouth and it's people. Great atmosphere and some awesome running away sequences (you don't get a gun until half-way through the game).
Note that the game is not incredibly polished and has a well-known graphical bug that for some people makes one segment near impossible to pass, as well as a very unrealistically tough ending sequence. Save games and an unofficial game editor respectively are floating around the dark corners of the internet to remedy these if needed.
Xbox, PC
250px-Calling.jpg Calling Survival Horror A first person Survival Horror involving ghosts as well as a lot of J-Horror clichés. The game is reminiscent of Echo Night: Beyond (PS2) in many ways such as the look of the ghosts, also you don't have any weapon, your heart-rate is your "health" and you die if it's too high. The storyline is also very good. Wii
Carrier.jpg Carrier Survival Horror A RE clone that takes place on an aircraft carrier. Not the best, but has it's moments. Main character's name sounds like a porn star's. DC
Tallman.jpg Chzo Mythos Horror, adventure Before he became "Internet Famous" for his witty video game reviews, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw actually made some games himself.
A number of them turned out to be quite good, the best of which is the series of adventure/horror games known as the Chzo Mythos. They're free to download off of his site. Prepare for pixelated, but disturbing, scenes of slaughter.
Claire-extended-cut-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-25aug16.png Claire Survival Horror, 2D, Psychological Horror

A girl is visiting her mother in the hospital and everything turns very Silent Hill.

Very much a cross of Lone Survivor and Amnesia, with a little Silent Hill-ish feel to it. But not nearly as good as those three magnificent games.

Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, Vita
Clive Barkers Jericho .jpg Clive Barker's Jericho Horror, FPS Probably one of the biggest let downs in history of gaming, especially for those who played Undying before it, expecting anything similar to it.
You control a group of special forces with occult powers who need to fight the Antichrist. You can switch between fighters, each one with peculiar weapons and psychic powers. This adds up a lot of variety, but unfortunately the awfully retarded AI makes this game almost unplayable. Very repetitive and monotonous level design. Even the first enemies you'll meet are tanks for some reasons and need approximately 200,000 bullets each to be shot down. Not scary at all, mostly nerve racking, since most intense battles can be very long and difficult.
The enemies design is great though, very disturbing and stomach wrenching with bones and organs out in the air, in pure Barker's style.
PC, PS3, XBOX360
Undyingcover1.jpg Clive Barker's Undying Horror, FPS This is from Clive Barker so you know it's good (and by good I mean fucked up beyond belief). You are Patrick Galloway, a badass with occult powers who wants to help his old friend Jeremiah with his family problems, just to discover that his family became batshit crazy after playing with some ancient standing stones...
Great novel-like story, great enemies, creepy FUCK-YOU-I-AM-NOT-GOING-IN-THERE ambience to explore, blood, gore and scares all in one game. Not to mention one of the best fighting systems ever seen in an FPS (just think Bioshock, only that you can shoot plasmids WHILE shooting with your main gun).
Unfortunately, there seem to be some compatibility issues with Vista/7.
Clocktowersnes.jpg Clock Tower Survival Horror, Point and Click Pretty scary point'n'click adventure where you play as a girl trying to escape from a mansion inhabited by a crazy disfigured kid with a giant pair of scissors. You run, hide, and get scared a lot. Pretty short, but has a ton of endings. Japan only, but there's a patch available for snes version. The PSX version is called "Clock Tower: The First Fear", it have expanded story and events and some FMV, it was recently translated. SNES, PSX, Wonderswan, PC
Ps2 clocktower3-1-.jpg Clock Tower 3 Survival Horror One of the weakest entries to the Clock Tower series due to it having nearly nothing to do with its predecessors and overall goofy presentation (magical girl transformations and hilarious spastic cutscenes, for example.) Still worth your time for a laugh and for CORRODER, who outshines the other bosses by a country mile.

As always prepare to run and hide from enemies while solving puzzles.

Clock Tower 1 Game.jpg Clock Tower Second Survival Horror, Point and Click The real sequel to Clock Tower, with 2 being more of a spin-off. Confusing, I know. Following the SNES game plot, this game is more of the same, only this time in 3D graphics. PS1
Cold fear.jpg Cold Fear Survival Horror You play as a coast guard officer investigating a suspected foreign freighter for illegal activity when you discover much more is happening and pits you against a zombie infestation that you must get to the bottom of. PS2, Xbox, PC
Condemned 2 Bloodshot.jpg Condemned 2: Bloodshot Survival Horror Takes place some time after the events of the first one. Story starts amazing, ends awfully (in the end you can kill people by screaming like tarzan, I mean, what the fuck man). Some very creepy levels (imagine getting stuck in an house with a grizzly), great gory melee combat, but the end ultimately falls flat. PS3, 360
Condemned.jpg Condemned: Criminal Origins Survival Horror You take the role of detective Ethan Thomas, a police officer who investigates violent crimes in a city which seems to be deteriorating into nothing except that. Soon, however, you are charged with a murder you did not commit and hours of beating hobos with boards and wrenches ensues. PC/360
CorpseParty.jpg Corpse Party Survival Horror A horror game made with RPG Maker, but later released with enhancements for PC and as a PSP port. The plot involves a group of high schoolers performing a ritual inside the school grounds, which causes the school to change into a haunted place inhabited by (mostly hostile) spirits. The game includes many possible endings for each chapter. The sounds are best enjoyed with headphones, and the japanese voice acting is really well done. May not be as scary as some other games in the list, but holy hell, better make some room for a ton of anxiety this game gives to you, especially during some of those bad endings. (Especially when a grade schooler is crying her heart out while a spirit mashes her eyeball with scissors.) Can be bought from PSN with a couple of bucks, highly recommended. PC, PSP
542476 308446645887233 104860890-540x540.jpg Cry of Fear Survival Horror, FPS

Freeware horror game made by the developers of Afraid of Monsters, Team Psykskallar and is available to download FREE on steam.

This game tries to combine Silent Hill and Resident Evil into one game and does it in an incredible way.

Includes a singeplayer campaign, multiple unlockables, 4 difficulties to choose from and a co-op mode. The Co-op mode consists of two campaigns and 4 survival maps.

It is recommended to play the singleplayer campaign before doing the co-op campaign, even if the story is generally not enjoyed due to it having suicidal theme, but give it a chance, it surely make you think a thing or two.

Cryostasis.jpg Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason Survival Horror, FPS Also known as: «The Worst Optimization Ever: The Game». An FPS where you play as an investigator trying to find out what happened to a Russian ice breaker ship. The game is set during the 80s and lets you play through a huge map based of the intimate details of a huge freighter. Has possibly one of the best endings in a video game. PC
Cursed Mountain.jpg Cursed Mountain Survival Horror You're scaling a mountain in the Himalayas that is completely deserted and taken over by ghosts. The controls are trash but setting is very interesting and creepy. PC, Wii
D.jpg D Survival Horror, Graphic adventure, Puzzle An interesting title, one of the first FULLY FMV games. This game and the two below it are notable for having a 'digital actress' - you play as a completely different character in each game, but they all look identical. Has a pretty haunting atmosphere along with some ghoulish (and pixelated) visuals. Protip: FINISH IT IN 2 HOURS OR LESS!!! (sequence breaking is recommended!) Sega Saturn, PSX, PC
250px-D2 Video Game.jpg D2 Survival Horror An amazing, rare and underrated game for the Dreamcast. Its 4 disks long and has great graphics for its time. It has a bunch of different gameplay styles including First Person Exploring, RPG-like fight scenes, and Oregon Trail shooting segments where you hunt animals for food. But what really makes this a great game is the story. It starts out feeling like it might be another "The Thing", but the story gets more and more complicated and strange as it goes along. The ending will completely floor you. Fun fact: the lead developer for this game was undergoing a nervous breakdown as this game was being created. Dreamcast
Dark-fall-lights-out-351.jpg Dark Fall 2: Lights Out Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure This one is similar to the first one as atmosphere and scares, only it is set in a town. Get the director's cut edition since it improves a lot the game over the precedent version. PC
Lost souls.jpg Dark Fall 3: Lost Souls Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure The creepiest and scariest of the series. The best in the series so far. It will literally rack the nerves off your skin. Do not play if you have a scissor phobia. Some stupid puzzles and veeerrryyy sllloooowww movements tend to be a little bit annoying but in the complex is a solid horror game. PC
Darkfall.jpg Dark Fall: The Journal Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure The first game of a rather unknown series (unfortunately) of great ghost stories from Jonatan Boakes. It's the classical haunted station story where you are the dude who needs to discover the shit that happened there. Very creepy atmosphere and lots of cheap scares, with things moving at you in the dark and noises. Some annoying puzzles. If you even remotely like ghost stories all the games from Boakes are a must. PC
Darkseed.jpg Dark Seed Adventure, Horror, Point and Click Adventure Classic point-n-click adventures, make sure you run these through SCUMM. The designs for all the horror material came from H.R. Giger, the designer of the famous Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. If you ever wondered what an entire world designed by him would be like, this is it. Known for their absolutely ludicrous difficulty, while the visuals do a decent job of building a suitably creepy atmosphere, the rest of the game is undone by extremely haphazard design. It is practically guaranteed that you'll get stuck in some kind of unwinnable situation at some point, as the many scenarios that require you to have thought of a solution in advance are poorly telegraphed to the point that you would need to be able to see the future to prepare accordingly and often said preparation make absolutely no sense in the context of whatever situation you currently find yourself in. PC
Dark Seed II Coverart.jpg Dark Seed II Adventure, Horror, Point and Click Adventure Dark Seed II makes such tremendous improvements over its predecessor that it practically feels like a whole new game. Gone are the time limits and dead-end events, in favor of a more straightforward mystery. There are actual characters this time around, with plenty of background and dialogue, and the story is much more intricate than simply going into the Dark World and stopping the aliens, even though the basic goals are the same. While it does take away some of the ambiguity (some would say "loose ends") of the first game, the narrative depth definitely makes for a more involving experience. PC
Dead-space-1-.jpg Dead Space 3rd Person Action Horror The space station USS Ishimura ceased all communications and it's up to you (an engineer) and your team to find out what has happened inside there. Maybe the flesh-eating creatures that try to dismember you when you get there have something to do with it. Think Doom 3 with more lights, in 3rd person view, and less shotguns, and you get close. Think Resident Evil 4, but in space, less presidents daughters/quick time events, more fucked up monsters/awesome presentation. Note: you end up with about as much ammo as you did in RE4, so this is in no way a survival horror game, but that is until you try the Impossible difficulty.
Make sure you're either using a surround system or a good set of headphones, the atmosphere in this game is phenomenal.
PC, 360, PS3
Dead-Space-2-Box-Art-Unveiled-2.jpg Dead Space 2 3rd Person Action Horror Sequel to Dead Space. Same premise, but the game instead takes place on a space station. Levels are less claustrophobic, visuals rock, and gameplay is vastly improved. PC, 360, PS3
Deadly Premonition cover art.jpg Deadly Premonition / Red Seed Profile 3rd Person Action-Horror, Psychological Horror, Open-World, Mindfuck, Satirical SWERY65's critically polarizing love letter to Twin Peaks is everything a Lynch fan actually wanted from Alan Wake, if not more. Eccentric FBI Agent Francis York Morgan is sent to the small mountain town of Greenvale to investigate the gruesome murder of 18 year old Anna Graham. Along the way he encounters the ghosts, riddles, and colorful citizens of this enigmatic village.

Don't be fooled by the PS2-esque graphics, clunky gameplay, and seemingly out of place soundtrack. This game more than makes up for it with hilarious dialogue, an undeniable Twin Peaks atmosphere set in a huge open world and in nearly real time, some very creative gameplay moments, and a story that's almost as good the very TV series from which it is based.

TL;DR This is Twin Peaks: The Game. Oh, and make sure to get the Director's Cut (there's a very good fix for PC users) if you don't want a near-broken game.

PC, 360, PS3
Deception PSX Box Art.JPG Deception/Kagero series Survival Horror A 4-game series, all about frail young girls making deals with the devil to obtain paranormal trap-laying power. Your enemies try to brutally murder your girl while she indirectly fights back with traps in equally brutal ways. Always keep the tension high due to the fact that your girls can only run away from the enemies and lure them into traps. Interesting gameplay involving crafting traps, laying, timing and chaining them into combo. Combine that with environmental traps and you get a sadist's wet dream. PS, PS2
51U7iDwCENL. SL160 .jpg Dementium: The Ward Survival Horror, FPS A DS First-person horror game with a great framerate and a lot of effort put in. It looks great. Just don't get too close to anything. Best played together with the sequel, Dementium II. NDS
Demonophobia.png Demonophobia Horror, Adventure, Guro, H game A prime example of why little girls should never experiment with strange rituals. Those crazy nips did it again. Expect lots of blood and gory/creepy deaths. Assuming you live long enough. All sorts of sick fappable shit in here to enjoy. PC
Doom 3 Limited Collector s Edition.jpg Doom 3 Horror, FPS, Being A Badass While not faithfully true to the original, this game took to series from being an awesome, badass FPS to an awesome, badass FPS that also has some SCARY BADASS SHIT to boot. Great Atmosphere, combined with surround sound or headphones. PC, Xbox
200070ss sm2.jpg Downfall 

/ Downfall: Redux

Mindfuck, Psychological horror, point and click

Extremely bleak and disturbing indie game. The plot is very convoluted, depressing, and also quite mindblowing. It will probably destroy your soul. The backgrounds are hand sketched, which sets a dreamy mood to the whole game. Nice soundtrack, too. This also apply for the remake.

Initially, one must buy this game in order to gain access to the full version. However, it is now FREE of charge, because Harvester Games released a new revamped version with new graphics, new music and a rewritten story. The new version now shares the gameplay features of The Cat Lady, another acclaimed psychological horror game from the same developer. 

Eastern Mind.jpg Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou Adventure, Mindfuck Made by the same guy who made LSD Dream Emulator. It came out for Windows 3.x and Mac. The game is about searching for your lost soul on an island that takes the shape of a giant green head (see cover), and doesn't make sense at all. PC
Echonight2japfront5np.jpg Echo Night Series Horror, Mindfuck, First-person adventure From Software's Echo Night is a first person adventure game trilogy about a guy experiencing the same basic ghost-riddled setup in three different ways. While rarely actually scary, the games are steeped in atmosphere and tension thanks to some of the ghosts being fatally violent, and From's trademark dark storytelling.

While every entry is worth your time (Echo Night 2 has a solid translation patch) Echo Night: Beyond is by far the most nervewracking.

E0.jpg Enemy Zero Survival Horror Second part in the "D trilogy" and heavily influenced by "Alien". You are Laura Lewis who awakened out of cryogenic sleep by an emergency on the space station AKI. You must find other passengers, solve puzzles and discover what happened. Enemies are invisible, you can only hear them. Your gun has limited range and timing is crucial to use it. There is no health bar so any contact with enemies ends with instant kill. Sega Saturn, PC
Eternal darkness box-1-.jpg Eternal Darkness Horror, Action-Survival Adventure

You play as several people throughout history, piecing together a story about a battle between eldritch gods. Uses the sanity meter, which lowers every time you encounter an enemy. The effects can sometimes be very comedic, such as tricking you into thinking your data card is corrupt, or that your TV randomly turned off.

This game gives the feel and share some similarities with a classic like Alone in the Dark, but plays a lot better.

1396987-evboxart large.jpg Eversion Spooky, platformer Super bright and happy indie platformer. Until the world gradually 'everts'... PC
Center exmortis 2 kitchen.jpg Exmortis 2 Psychological Horror, Point-and-click adventure Flash
Exmortis3-screen.jpg Exmortis Psychological Horror, Point-and-click adventure Very atmospheric point-and-click flash games with fantastic art and two of the only flash games to be scary without relying entirely on screamers. You wake up deep in the woods in front of an abandoned, run-down house and no memories - surprise! The house is full of pissed off dead people. Exmortis 2 takes place a few years after Exmortis 1 and is even moodier, given the setting. Both can be found on Newgrounds Exmortis 3 was released in 2009 but came with a ten dollar price tag, so naturally nobody's ever played the fucking thing. Flash
Extermination.jpg Extermination Survival Horror A completly underrated and forgotten game. Basically The Thing meets Tomb Raider. You play as a Special Forces guy (named Dennis of all things) and have to infiltrate an Alaskan base where bad shit went down involving evil water. The whole thing has a nifty exploration and weapon mechanic, and for a survival horror game it can actually make you feel pretty nimble and powerful. The end boss will make you rage repeatedly. PS2
FEAR DVD box art.jpg F.E.A.R. Horror, FPS Really solid FPS from Monolith studios. The game succeeds and giving you that sense of paranoia throughout the entire game with strange anomalies, electric shocks in the air and psychotic little girls running around. It also merges correctly with a great shoot-out system, with excellent bullet time. Killing enemies has never been so satisfying. Get this for PC if you can. The sequel, even if it's not at the same level as the predecessor, is still worth it, though F.E.A.R.'s first expansion pack, Extraction Point, is pretty much better than the canon sequel in almost every way. PC, PS3, 360
Fatal Frame Xbox.jpg Fatal Frame /
Project Zero
Survival Horror You enter an abandoned mansion in search of your brother. Inside, you obtain a camera that can fight the ghosts that haunt the mansion. Tough as nails, but absolutely fear-inducing. PS2, Xbox
Fatal frame ii crimson butterfly directors cut frontcover large 8cjgi7JfMsfwIao-1-.jpg Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly Survival Horror Considered by some the best in the series. You play as the younger sibling of twins, who ends up in a haunted village when following your older sister. Inside the village, you find a camera with the ability to fight off ghosts that aids you in surviving long enough to find your sister and escape the village.

The Wii rerelease is fantastic, but Americans'll have to rev up their usb loaders if they want to play.

PS2, Xbox, Wii
Fatal frame III.jpg Fatal Frame III: The Tormented Survival Horror The third of the series, has the same concept: Killing vengeful ghosts with a camera. You play as a photographer who one day has a dream about following her deceased lover into a mansion. From then on, every night you dream about this mansion, and the ghosts that inhabit it. After every dream, you wake up with a tattoo that spreads a little bit every time. The game has tie ins from the first and second, giving you the ability to play as the girl from the first game and the uncle of the twins from the second. PS2
5ad6 26.jpg Fear Effect Survival Horror, Action-Adventure One of the most popular PSX horrors. You play as a bunch of mercenaries who are trying to complete their task of finding and escorting some mafia offspring back home; however, as you have probably already guessed, things get complicated somewhere along the way. It plays much like Resident Evil, though you can shoot while running. Be cautious, save often. This game is very hard. Instant death sequences, and difficult pattern bosses.

The story and visuals are very good (delicious cell shading)

Feareffect2.jpg Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Survival Horror, Action-Adventure Same as above, but now, It has lesbians. PS1
Fragile-Dreams-NA.jpg Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon Action, Adventure, Mind Fuck You're the last human human in the world(as far as you know) and leave your now dead grandfathers observatory to seek out others. As you explore, you learn more and more about what killed everyone. Every item you find reveals the original owners story of dealing with what was killing off humanity. Its depressing, and there are quite a few "WTF moments".

Unfortunately, while the initial concept is awesome, you can tell the game had a very meager budget that they didn't use particularly wisely, so the game slowly spirals into garbage as the initial somber beauty that drew you to the game in the first place is replaced with bland, monotonous, and tedious level design. The plot, which initially seems an excellent means of drawing a player in, is on inspection full of glaring holes, while the characters simply aren't very bright in a manner their situation doesn't justify. Indeed, as the game progresses, compelling characters tend to become annoyances, and a tale that could have been heartrenching passes the fine line into nonsensical melodrama. That's the real tragedy of the game.

Garage.jpg Garage: Bad Dream Adventure Point and Click Adventure, Mindfuck, Fishing, Dating Sim? You find, shortly after being hooked up to a nightmarish machine, that you've become a skeletal, depressed robot with a belly full of compressed air, a fishing pole, and an insatiable appetite for robotic titty milk. As you explore your small, psychosexual, sewage-based village full of other weird machine-beings, you end up falling deeper into a surreal hunt for your own shadow, along with the key to escape back to your own, better, reality. You also do a lot of fishing in order to upgrade yourself to add milky fuel efficiency and increase your maximum ego.

Until July 2022, Garage was one of the rarest games ever released, only barely fan translated into English, and hunted down by /vr/ in order for it to be preserved. Shortly after this hunt was successful, Kinotrope, Garage's development team, decided to rerelease the game on mobile devices, and later PC, worldwide.

PC, Mobile
TITLEPIC.JPG Ghoul's Forest (series) Survival Horror, FPS, JumpScare Fest Series of 3 separate PWADs for Doom 2. There are three WADs in the series; each one takes place in a large, dark forest, with one or more "ghouls" inside. The "ghouls" are fast-moving, usually instantly-killing monsters with a disturbing appearance.

Requires ZDoom, Skulltag or other source port.

1205002057536.png Hanakanmuri Adventure, Guro Vore and guro fest. PC
256px-Harvester cover.jpg Harvester Mindfuck, horror, point and click Controversial point and click adventure from 1996. You play Steve, a guy that wakes up with amnesia in a very clean cut, Twin Peaks kind of town. Things get more and more fucked up involving strange and disturbing missions and extremely gory FMV sequences. In the same vein as Phantasmagoria... only better. PC
256px-HauntingGround NA PS2cover-1-.jpg Haunting Ground (Demento) Survival Horror

Considered to be a spiritual successor to Clock Tower by its developers and a shining example of what made Clock Tower good. You play as a stacked young adult who wakes up after a car crash inside of a castle. You quickly befriend a dog, whose job is to save your ass from getting killed by a series of terrifying unkillable bastards. A fun game with a strong atmosphere, surprisingly well done story, good puzzles, and great enemies that ramp up the danger with each iteration.

Fiona's also really hot, and this time it really is for plot reasons.

Hellnight.jpg Hell Night (EU)

Dark Messiah (JP)

Survival Horror,
Point & Click
The description says it best. Very much like an old first person adventure game. You walk down several corridors and pick up obvious key items. Not a bad way to waste a couple hours. Also don't expect anything in the way of combat.

Better yet, just read this

Higurashi.jpg Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Survival Horror, Graphic adventure, Puzzle Started off as a visual novel, became a video game, an anime, etc. Inside a village named Hinamizawa, things become hectic fast. Problems occur and trust is misplaced, leading to brutal murders and mindfucks. Appears to be several alternative stories using the same characters and different events, BUUUUT it's more like, several stories about the same event with varying details and different focus each time. That's a huge spoiler.
PS2 port has enhanced graphics, voice acting and additional arcs.
NDS port also has improved graphics, its own set of new arcs and is splitted into four games. Overall remakes are better experience visual wise and extends the story, but only PC version is available in English. There's a graphic patch made out of PS2 port though.
Nomouth.jpg I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream Horror, Point and Click Adventure In the future, AM, a mad supercomputer, kills almost the entire earth population, saving only five people. After torturing them and keeping them alive for more than a hundred years he sets them on a final "game" . You control each of this five people in their separate quests. Lots of moral dilemmas and ethical issues and an AI of such awesomeness that he easily matches SHODAN of System Shock.

Based on a short story by the same name.

Ib.png Ib Horror, Adventure, Mindfuck You play as a young girl named Ib who takes an adventure through a demented art gallery. The game has a grim atmosphere and a heavy focus on psychological horror (with a few jump scares to thrown in). There are multiple endings as well to add interest. The translated version can be downloaded here. PC
Illbleed.jpg Illbleed Survival Horror, Mindfuck Very strange, but great game. You're at a haunted theme park created by a psychopath and have to find your lost friends. The game play involves avoiding traps by marking them in a variety of scenarios. If you don't successfully avoid a trap then your character risks blood loss and death. The scenarios are campy, funny and fucked up in a disturbing kind of way. DC
In pursuit of loath nolder.jpg In Pursuit of Loath Nolder Lovecraftian Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure Standard point and click adventure, containing pretty much all of the standard Lovecraft themes. If you've read Lovecraft you'll find that the games basically rips off some novels as you play through. Convoluted puzzles which can be annoying but great atmosphere and an interesting plot. PC
Inhevil.jpg Inherent Evil: The Haunted Hotel Horror, Mindfuck, Point and Click Despite its age, this game still looks great, and works great. Classic point and click, you come to a haunted hotel to find your friend, but uncover a ancient horror. PC
Irisu3.jpg Irisu Syndrome Puzzle, Mindfuck, Horror A freeware puzzle game that plays like an inverse Tetris and tells a story after every play. Unfortunately, nothing can be said about the game or it will ruin the experience. A couple of tips though: Keep your game folder open and check it every time you lose and reach 40k points for a surprise.
Download here and translation patch here.
250px-Ju-on The Grudge game logo.jpg Ju-On: The Grudge Survival Horror A very underrated Survival Horror for the Wii. This one is very simple and rather short, but if you ask me, it's also one of the scariest games this gen (and it costs very little). It is divided in several chapters in which you must solve simple item-based puzzles to find the exit, while trying not to get killed by ghosts. You don't have any weapon. You use the Wiimote as a flashlight. This game isn't for everybody, most people will probably find it dull (all "pro" critics did). I recommend it for horror fanatics, or if you're looking for a game that will get your girlfriend scared easily, as the game is so simple anybody can play it.Beware if you're looking for a solid storyline, however: Ju-on has a minimalistic plot and most regard its ending as utterly underwhelming. Wii, PC
250px-Juggernaut Cover.jpg Juggernaut Mindfuck, horror, point and click Weird as hell FMV game. In the game your girlfriend is possessed by the devil. A priest transmits your soul into her psyche in order to get rid of the demon. The meat of the story takes place inside a mansion. You need to transmit your soul into the body of a man, a child or go without a body in order to access different rooms. After completing certain tasks you are transported to other worlds where you tackle other quests. These worlds are an island, a factory and a futuristic internet world. Very original and very odd game. PSX
Coverrr.jpg Kabus 22 Survival Horror Old style Resident Evil like game PC
Killer7.jpg Killer7 Action-adventure, Rail-shooter, Role-playing, Mindfuck Play as one of seven personalities of a handicapped assassin, and kill Heaven Smiles to save the world. Maybe. The supplemental materials clear up a lot of the plot, but still fall short of explaining everything. This is a Suda51 game. PS2, GCN
Kuon.jpg Kuon Survival Horror From Software's only true foray into Survival Horror, and featuring many trademarks well known to From Software aficionados. Expect a very Japanese horror story about the lengths people go to attain divinity as two spellcasting girls with knives. As expected the atmosphere is thick and haunting, and From's infamous tricky design will catch you off guard from time to time. A deeply underrated classic that's only recently been seeing appreciation.

Especially on Ebay, where the physical game's price averages between $500-$1000.

Layers of fear.jpg Layers of Fear Psychological Horror A painter who's going crazy in his own mansion. Very psychological horror and has a bunch of Oscar Wilde quotes in it. Linux, PC, PS4, XONE
177329-lsd coverart large-1-.png LSD Mindfuck, adventure Wander about in bizarre dream-scapes for 5 minutes or so and then repeat. Not really a game, per se, it's more about exploring and seeing what shit you can find. Sometimes it's fucked up, sometimes it isn't. Japanese only, but there's very little text. PS1
Lone Survivor Psychological Horror, Survival Horror Lone Survivor is a 2D pixel graphics sidescrolling survival horror adventure game. Players take control of an unnamed young man in a surgical mask who's become isolated in his apartment complex after the outbreak of a strange virus. This virus turns the world's population into aggressive, shambling mutants.

The player character must be guided outside of his apartment to scavenge for food, items, keys, and more. Weapons can be found to defeat monsters, but ammunition is scarce. Players can utilize stealth to sneak past enemies while in the shadows.

Players must sleep periodically or faint exhausted. This, and many other factors, lead to the player start losing his mind, so its up to the Player if it cares about his state of mind or continue without resting.

The player's interactions with the game world and it's character result in different endings upon the completion of the game.

The director's cut edition adds a few gameplay tweaks and new items , bug fixes and two new endings.

PC, PS3, PS Vita, Mac, Linux
Mistake mod.png Mistake Survival Horror Short half life mod where you have to escape from an asylum. PC (Half-Life 1 mod)
Mondo Agency.png Mondo Agency Mindfuck, FPS As an agent it is your mission to kill laser Indians and save the president!

Turn off your lights and turn up your speakers for maximum enjoyment!

Nocturnegamecover.jpg NOCTURNE Survival Horror, Action Old action-horror game that certainly hasn't aged well. Laughable dialogue with the main character named "Stranger". Ya, rly. Still very imaginative and fun to play, looked good for the time. You get to fight werewolves on a moving train while wearing sunglasses and a trenchcoat. 'Nuff said. PC
Nanashi no Game.jpg Nanashi no Game Horror, Adventure, Mindfuck A very creepy DS-only game (although using NO$Zoomer, you can play it perfectly well on a PC, though a flashcart is highly recommended). You explore around the world in a first-person perspective as you try to solve the mystery of the cursed game that's killing people within seven days of playing it. Japan only, but very recently has received a fan translation. Has a sequel that was also only released in Japan and is also fully translated. Expect a bit more platforming in that one. DS
20080106025043.png Neftelia Mindfuck, Adventure Has somewhat the same atmosphere as Yume Nikki. PC
NosferatuTheWrathofMalachiPortable1.jpg Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Survival Horror, FPS A game where you're searching for your family in a vampire-infested, randomly generated castle. Creepy as fuck. PC
Obscure-Xbox-0.jpg ObsCure Survival Horror Imagine playing "the Faculty" from 1998. You're stuck in your school at night, and there's monsters about. Rather unique party system where you have a second character with you, out of a selection of 4 or 5, which grants bonuses in certain situations. Oh, and if they die, they die, like, forever. PC, PS2, Xbox
Obscure2.jpg Obscure II Survival Horror Direct sequel to the first. Now instead of zombie mutants you have deadly plants or some other derp PC, PS2, Wii, (Aftermath) PSP
Download.jpg One Night Series Survival Horror / Puzzle The One Night trilogy is a series of completed survival horror games made in RPG Maker VX released between 2008 and 2011. Each game contains roughly three to four hours of gameplay, multiple endings and an involving story.

One Night

One Night holds the dubious honour of being the very first survival horror game made for the engine.

One Night challenges you to escape from "The Complex", a crumbling, abandoned research facility while being hunted mercilessly by the remnants of a long forgotten experiment.

Relentless monsters and difficult puzzles await around every corner - can you survive the horror?

Download it here: http://rpgmaker.net/.../926/downloads/

One Night 2: The Beyond

Set almost thirty years before the original game, One Night 2 is a Lovecraftian adventure game where you must solve the mystery of Mairstone Manor, a house controlled by an ancient, malevolent evil, and discover the origins of the horror.

With an eldritch presense of unknown origin bearing down upon you, it's going to take everything you can muster to escape from Mairstone Manor alive.

Download it here: http://rpgmaker.net/...1144/downloads/

One Night: Full Circle

Is the final game in the series. It is intended to tie together and resolve the stories of the previous two games in an exciting conclusion.

You must search for your missing sister Alyssa in the town of Stillwater, a place that has been a ghost town since an unknown catastrophe occured one fateful night six months ago. As you uncover the secrets of the town in search of your goal, you'll also discover how the stories of the previous One Night games tie together and follow them through to the dramatic ending.

An entire town awaits your arrival. It's up to you to survive the many horrors it holds. It's going to be a monumental task. Do you dare attempt it?

Download it here: http://rpgmaker.net/...1577/downloads/

Outlast cover.jpg Outlast Survival Horror Basically Amnesia in a modern day asylum. Gameplay has the same nope quality, but there's little else to do but run and hide. The story is terrible, but not bad enough to completely ruin it, and there are some pretty spooky characters that make the whole thing worth it. PC, PS3, 360
Overblood Front-1-.jpg Overblood Survival horror, adventure An early 3D horror game. Features assorted gameplay styles rolled into one game. Made by Riverhillsoft, who also worked on J.B. Harold Murder Club series and Doctor Hauzer. Also had a sequel that was only released in Japan and Europe and has pretty much nothing to do with this game. PSX
Paranoia.jpg Paranoia (Half Life Mod) Survival Horror, FPS Visually very advanced HL mod, focusing on the Russian Spechnaz-team, which soon notices that what seems like a "normal terrorist-hostage situation" isn't quite so normal. PC
Parasiteeve2.jpg Parasite Eve 2 Survival Horror A lot more detailed than the first and much more engaging. Ditches the active time bar in favor of real time combat with tank controls, which, on harder difficulties, is sure to pucker your asshole. Features only several locales compared to Parasite Eve's dozen, but each area is larger and Aya gives more descriptive analyses of objects. Very short, but a worthwhile entry if you want more pseudo-scientific horror. PS1
Parasite Eve Front.jpg Parasite Eve RPG A survival-horror cop drama RPG that only Squaresoft could pull off. While it's not actually scary it does have a suitably unsettling atmosphere. The sequel shaved off the turn based system and made for a much spookier game, but it's best to play the Parasite Eve series in order. PS1
Pathologic.jpg Pathologic/Pathologic Classic HD Mindfuck, Survival Horror, Mystery

You arrive in a small, backwards village just in time for a mysterious, deadly plague to come down on it. Your goal, survive for 12 days, and discover the mystery behind the disease and the village infected by it.
Not even called a game by the developers, but "An exercise in decision-making", Pathologic suffers from several problems; very slow pacing, rudimentary combat, sub-par graphics for its time, and a poor translation of a already ornately written story. 
However, a complex plot rarely seen in video games, coupled with an extremely disturbing atmosphere, and a very fitting soundtrack makes this game more than worth it if you have the time and patience.
Not for everyone, if you have the patience you'll love it, if not you'll hate it.

UPDATE: As of October 29, 2015, in celebration of their upcoming ground-up remake, Ice Pick Lodge has rereleased Pathologic as Pathologic Classic HD.  This remaster includes widescreen support, improved textures, and--most importantly by far--a fully retranslated script so you can finally figure out just what the hell is going on.  This is the version you'll want.

943291 96040 front-1-.jpg Penumbra: Black Plague Survival Horror Sequel to the Overture. Considered by many to be the best one in the series for even reduced action and more focus on survival and puzzle solving. Linux, Mac OSX, PC
Penumbra Overture2-1-.jpg Penumbra: Overture Survival Horror The first part of somewhat under appreciated horror-adventure game series. The story starts from the main characters receiving a mysterious letter from his deceased father. This sets him on a trip to investigate his bizarre past and events, taking him to dark, abandoned tunnel-mine-bunker complexes of underground Greenland. The game is very dark and does not focus on battle like most survival horrors, the main point is always hiding and escaping, or using the environment to your advance.Main selling point of these games are their control style: Instead of classic "quick-keys" to operate things, everything is used, opened and examined with real mouse movements, giving a very unique atmosphere to the games. Linux, Mac OSX, PC
Phantasmagoria2.jpg Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh I HEARD THAT, CURTIS. PC
Phantasmagoria Coverart.png Phantasmagoria Psychological horror, Adventure, Interactive movie Played on like 7 fucking CDs, the FMV rape scene made people and the medias and stuff to freak the fuck out. PC, Mac, Sega Saturn
Prisoner.jpg Prisoner of Ice Point and Click Adventure Adventure game based on the Cthulhu mythos, and a sequel to Shadow of the Comet. A British submarine rescues a spy who fled from a Nazi base with two "Top Secret" crates. Of course, nothing good can come from inside of them. PC, PSX
Project Firestart C64 cover.jpg Project Firestart Survival Horror Say hello to the grand-daddy of the also-EA-published-Dead Space. Terrific atmosphere that plays strongly on isolation and claustrophobia, also differs itself from other early survivor horrors by branching into multiple paths and endings. After over 2 decades, this shit still has enough caliber to scare the fuck out of you. Commodore 64
Purgatorium-m.gif Purgatorium Psychological Horror, Point-and-click adventure More haunted amnesiac hijinx from the creator of Exmortis. Much shorter than his other games, and also on Newgrounds. Flash
Remember 11 cover.jpg Remember11 Visual Novel, Suspense, Mindfuck

From the writers of Ever17. The title tells the story of two people in a bizarre situation where they can swap bodies. Kokoro survives a plane crash and must cooperate with the survivors in a mountain cabin facing starvation while Satoru is trying to piece together his lost memories and find out why he is stuck in a mental institution and figure out who is trying to kill him. Both must work together and unravel the reasons behind the mindswaps.

Not necessarily a "scary scary" game but the atmosphere, music and writing captures the feelings of isolation and paranoia.

"...Who is standing behind me?"

PC (with English patch), PSP, PS2
Resident-evil-1-ps1-box-art.jpg Resident Evil Survival Horror While it may not have been the one that started it all, Resident Evil is definitely the one that pushed it into the limelight. A team of STARS agents hide out in a mansion after being attacked by some meanass dogs. You pick one of them and explore, killing and/or hiding from zombies the entire time. Cheesy dialogue, tank controls, good puzzles, great atmosphere, a very real sense of dread whenever you open a door, and one terrible FMV introduction lie in store.

The Gamecube/Wii version is a hugely different remake of the original and really deserves a spot on the list of its own. Graphics are updated, voices are changed for the better, the zombies are nigh unstoppable, and the survival element is cranked up a notch. Play the PS1 version for the nostalgia and lulz. Play the GC version to get the shit scared out of you.

PS1, PC, Saturn, GameCube, DS, PSN, Wii
3a80 26.jpg Resident Evil 2 Survival Horror Considered to be the pinnacle of the series and one of the games that made the genre famous. Aged a little bit, especially with the 3D models on static background effect, but definitely worth playing. There is indeed a PC port of this game, but it is very difficult to get working properly. Although it has double the resolution of the first game, it's better to just run it through ePSXe with a clean plugin. Playstation, N64, PC, Dreamcast
6701 26.jpg Resident Evil 3 Survival Horror STAAAAAAAAAAAAARS PS1, PC, Gamecube, Dreamcast
Residentevil4wiie.jpg Resident Evil 4 3rd Person Action Horror This is where the Resident Evil series got sidetracked and started going for the third person-shooter-action style instead. Arguably the best of the Resident Evil games. Whether or not it's considered a "Horror game" or a "true resident evil game" is a sensitive subject that leads to many (stupid) debates. Gamecube, PS2, Wii, PC
Rhiannon.jpg Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches Psychological Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure The game is set on the Celtic fringes of Britain; a place where myth and magic spill into reality, threatening the sanity of a teenage girl named Rhiannon Sullivan. PC
Ruleofrose1.jpg Rule of Rose Survival Horror You play an adolescent girl trapped on a 1930's airship with other girls and adults who seem like they're out to get you. Banned in several countries for themes of lesbianism, bullying, suggested pedophilia, and alluding to cannibalism. While graphics and music are good (great even) the combat is Silent Hill clunky and its rich, oppressive atmosphere and disturbing implications barely make up for its lack of actual in-your-face terror. The monsters themselves can be pretty fucked up visually, but they're overshadowed in the creepy factor by the supporting cast and their insane caste system. PS2
Stalker Call of Pripyat cover.jpg S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat Survival Horror, FPS, RPG Third game in the STALKER series, and the most accessible for newcomers to the series. The gameworld is even more dynamic and non-linear than its predecessors, but the worlds tends toward the empty side, though there are multiple mods to fix this for successive playthroughs. PC
Imagess.jpg S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky Survival Horror, FPS, RPG Second game in the series, and widely considered a step down from the first. Still boasts the same tense atmosphere and has significantly improved visuals. PC
Shadow of Chernobyl cover.jpg S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl Survival Horror, FPS, RPG A free-roaming FPS with RPG elements that will leave you drowning in the atmosphere. Instead of a scripted, linear experience the series focuses on highly intelligent AI that inhabits and migrates through the game world. Has an extensive and extremely active mod community for multiple playthroughs. PC
Scpcb.jpg SCP - Containment Breach Survival Horror A free indie game based on the stories of the SCP Foundation . You play as one of the workers of an SCP Containment Site, a facility built for containing various paranormal entitites. Soon after starting the game, a massive containment breach occurs and you'll have to make you way out of the building alive.

The building and the events are randomly generated so each playthrough is different.

SanitariumCoverart.png Sanitarium Psychological Horror, Point-and-click adventure An adventure game where you play as an amnesic man who wakes up in a mental hospital and tries to uncover his past. Pretty fucked-up. PC
2qwlwjo-1-.jpg Saya No Uta Visual Novel, Eroge, suspense A Lovecraftian visual novel about madness and a love without borders. Loosely inspired by the Resurrection chapter of Osamu Tezuka's life-long epic Phoenix. PC
Scratches.jpg Scratches: Director's Cut Mystery, Horror, Point and Click, Adventure If you are looking for atmosphere this is the game for you. You arrive at your new house, an old Victorian mansion to write the end of your book. As you explore through the house clues reveal more and more about the past of the house and what was going on. Not that many retarded puzzles. PC
54b3 26.jpg Shadow Man Horror, Platform, Action Adventure Mario 64-like game with some brick shitting moments. The N64 version is passable if you have the expansion pack, but the PC (there is a HD texture mod that really make it worth) and Dreamcast versions are superior (just stay the hell away from the PS1 version) PC, DC, PSX, N64
Shadow of memories.jpg Shadow of Destiny/Memories Mindfuck, Adventure Adventure game where you're trying to prevent your own death by time traveling. Good voice acting and multiple endings. Time Hollow is it's spiritual sequel, also by Konami.

Not a particularly challenging game by any means, but brimming with secrets. Every ending is an important part of the greater whole, so the game's replay value is a requirement rather than an option, and it's worth it to put all the pieces together. There's also a PSP port that changed all the voice actors (including Eckart Brum's excellent performance) for some fucking reason.

Comet.jpg Shadow of the Comet Adventure, Lovecraftian Horror Adventure game based on the Cthulhu mythos. The controls are weird for a game of this genre (everything is done with the keyboard) but it's got a great story. PC
Shivers 2 Gameplay.jpg Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls Adventure, Survival horror, Puzzle, point and click Your friends went to Cyclone to shoot a music video for their band. They never returned, so you decided to go looking for them. Ignore the title: this is a sequel in spirit only. There is more of a "survival horror" feel in this game with touches of Alternate Reality Game thrown in via the fact that you will need to play the game CD in a CD player to get many important clues. PC
Shivers Gameplay.jpg Shivers Adventure, Puzzle, Point and Click Your friends dare you to go to the old museum at night. Everything looks normal until you find the curator is dead and angry spirits (Ixupi) have locked you in with them. Solve puzzles to put the Ixupi back into their containers and try not to let them kill you in the meantime. A good game from the heyday of Sierra. PC
Silent Hill 1.png Silent Hill Survival Horror, Psychological Horror The first in the famous survival horror series. A game revolving around a town covered in mist and infested with otherworldly creatures. You play as Harry Mason, a horror novelist whose daughter disappeared shortly after he crashed his Jeep at the city limits. As he searches for his daughter amid the overwhelming evil of the town, he discovers clues leading to Silent Hill's dark, demonic past. Available on the PSN store, but not in Europe for some reason. PS1, PSN
Silent Hill 22.jpg Silent Hill 2 Survival Horror, Psychological Horror, Mind Fuck Generally considered to be the best in the series, Silent Hill 2 refined everything that was in the first game, from the gameplay, to the iconic monster design, to its universally praised stand-alone story. Play as James Sunderland as he is drawn to Silent Hill after he receives a letter from his long-dead wife, beckoning to meet him again at their "special place". Ported to the Xbox with an optional side-story. PC Port is the best way to go here, as it has the Xbox bonus content, especially if you take a look at the PC Enhanced Edition modpack, which painstakingly overhauls the game in order to better fit its intended vision.

AVOID HD COLLECTION, as the port team was given a beta build with missing assets and generally had no clue what they were doing. Even its option to switch to the original voice actors does absolutely nothing to make up for this port's disastrous flaws. Take a look at Twin Perfect's extensive look at just how fucking bad the HD Collection is. It's worth the two hours and occasional cringe.

PS2, Xbox, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Sh3 boxartt.jpg Silent Hill 3 Survival Horror, Psychological Horror You play as Heather Morris, who one day wakes up after a troubled nap in a shopping centre, only to find herself surrounded by fleshy monstrosities trying to kill her. One of the most frightening and disturbing titles in the series, even if its strong story couldn't quite live up to Silent Hill 2's lightning-in-a-bottle brilliance. PC version is recommended as long as you peruse the guide that fixes its problems. As with Silent Hill 2, avoid the HD Collection, especially considering there is no option to change to the original voices this time. PS2. PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Silent2002.jpg Silent Hill 4 Survival Horror, Psychological Horror Confirmed to ALWAYS have been developed as a Silent Hill game, contrary to rumors. You are Henry Townshend, a shy photographer who's imprisoned in his own apartment. When a hole opens up in your bathroom, your life spirals into the weirdest, hardest, and most polarizing take on the Silent Hill concept yet. Team Silent's creativity still shines, arguably brighter than ever, as you wander through disturbing aquatic prisons, burning orphanages, corridors full of unkillable ghosts, and other insane shit, until even the safety of your apartment begins to crumble around you. The last Silent Hill game developed by Team Silent. While flawed in bizarre and even intentional ways, its critical reception has warmed considerably over the years, and is considered the most underrated title of the franchise. 

Try and play this one on PS2, as certain features are mysteriously absent in the PC version, notably about half of the Hauntings.

PS2, Xbox, PC
997930 172222 front.jpeg Silent Hill: Downpour Survival Horror, Psychological Horror The eighth game in the series. You play as Murphy Pendleton, a prisoner who winds up in Silent Hill after his bus transport crashes. The game's story is interesting, if a bit unoriginal, the atmosphere is great and there's a big focus on exploration. However, it's not as scary as past titles, and Akira Yamaoka didn't work on this games's soundtrack. While flawed, it's one of the better western made Silent Hill games.

Note: Reception of this is mixed. Some people think it's alright, but a good chunk of discussions tend to have caused debates about it being among the worst of the Silent Hill franchise. There's also alot of bugs, so be aware about what you are getting into.

PS3, Xbox 360
C4f4 26.jpg Silent Hill: Homecoming Survival Horror, Psychological Horror Officially considered the fifth installment in the series (though technically the sixth), and the black sheep of the Silent Hill family. Definitely has a westernized feel to it due to western team Double Helix taking the reigns, along with several nods to the movie series. This switch ended up being disastrous, with only Akira Yamaoka's soundtrack barely maintaining the atospheric horror of its predecessors, despite the entire concept of the game being jumpscares and a combat focus. Another silver lining: the graphics are pretty good, I guess.
Note: Do yourself a favor and DO NOT get this on the PC. The PC port has so many problems that it's not funny: keybinding failure, constant crashing, out of sync cutscenes, etc. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend the console versions either. It's just not a very good game.
Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Silent hill origins.jpg Silent Hill: Origins Survival Horror, Psychological Horror One of the best looking PSP titles out there, and unlike Homecoming, British developer Climax Studios may have actually played the original games. The formula is undeniably familiar to the point where I'd call it a love letter to Team Silent, and its brooding atmosphere, surprisingly decent story, and Yamaoka's music keeps it alive. Also has a shitty port for the PS2. First title since Team Silent disbanded. PSP, PS2
Shsm25478.jpg Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Survival Horror, Psychological Horror Another Climax installment to the series, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a reimagining (of sorts) of the first Silent Hill game. Wii version is considered to be the best, with some great flashlight puzzles and comfortable controls. Also has a surprisingly in-depth psychological profiling feature that judges you, the player, based on how you play, and bases its enemy design, character costumes, and even endings on this profile. I can't speak for everyone but it worked on me, and it's easily the most impressive thing about the game.

Its first person psychologist cutscenes were also shamelessly ripped off by Supermassive Games's Until Dawn. Shattered Memories also gained some notoriety for sacrificing every aspect of combat for a focus on running and hiding from enemies, exploration, and puzzle solving, essentially beating Amnesia to the punch by about a year. While this makes Shattered Memories one of the least scary titles in the series, it makes up for it with by far the best story not written by Team Silent. If you have a Wii, it is worth checking out.

Wii, PSP, PS2
PTLogo.jpg Silent Hills - P.T. Psychological Horror, Puzzle Directed by Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima, Pan's Labyrinth's Guillermo Del Toro, and with designs by legendary horror mangaka Junji Ito, the Playable Teaser of the now cancelled Silent Hills was a sight to behold. If you can manage to get your hands on it expect one of the scariest experiences on the PS4. You wake up in a concrete cell with only cockroaches and a bloodied paper bag as company. The room's single door opens into a cluttered hallway. Reach the door at the end, and the hallway repeats on and on. At first you notice small changes to the hallway, and then they begin to grow, until, eventually, you find you're no longer alone. A masterclass of atmosphere and tension, and with a couple of challenging puzzles, P.T. is widely considered one of the greatest and most frightening playable demos of all time, and it singularly influenced the entire video game horror landscape to follow, for better or worse.

It's an experience that, unfortunately, should not be missed. I say unfortunately because it's nearly impossible to find. Konami, following its shift to pachinko and phone games, cancelled Silent Hills and shut down all downloads to P.T., and to this day forces fan recreations to pull their download pages. If Kojima's Silent Hills were to be released, it very well could have revitalized the entire franchise. But at least we're getting Death Stranding.

PS4 (discontinued), Fan recreations on PC, but finding them will take some doing and is probably illegal
256px-Siren art box-1-.jpg Siren (Forbidden Siren in Europe) Survival Horror, Stealth Helmed by some of the biggest members of Team Silent, Siren is the another foggy romp through a cultish, demonically ravaged town. You play as a cast of different characters in different places and situations in a haunted village. There is some very light combat and you can look through the eyes of the undead villagers to help you avoid confrontations. If you played the SH series beyond all hope for enjoyment this is a title to check out. Bear in mind, though, that Siren could be one of the hardest horror games out there, if not the hardest. Has an interesting sequel, along with an "Americanized" (though still Japan developed) re-imagining called Siren: Blood Curse, both of which are also worth looking into. PS2, PS3 (Remake)
Fs2.jpg Siren 2 / Forbidden Siren 2 Survival Horror, Stealth Same creepy stuff as first one. Controls and gameplay had been improved. If Siren was too hard for you, and it probably was, this is a good entry point in the series, unless you're American, since Siren 2 only released in Japan and Europe. PS2
Siren Blood Curse.jpg Siren: Blood Curse Survival Horror, Stealth More of the good Siren stuff with improved graphics and with American protagonists instead of Japanese. An episodic reimagining of the first game. PS3
Slender The Eight Pages logo.png Slender: The Eight Pages Survival Horror, JumpScare Fest A game based on the stories on the creepypasta about the Slenderman.

The games is made on the premise of finding eight pages that are scattered around in a forest. After you found the first one the Slenderman begin to chases you. Famous for make a lot of people shit in their pants and scream like little girls.

Slender The Arrival website logo.png Slender: The Arrival Survival Horror, JumpScare Fest A game based on the stories on the creepypasta about the Slenderman.

Enhanced version of the above game, with a very detailed story and awesome graphics. Still almost same gameplay.

Soma Game Art.png
Soma Survival Horror, Psychological Horror, Science Fiction By the same creator of Amnesia and Penumbra, Frictional Games takes us to a nightmareish journey into the depth of the humanity. The gameplay is similar to previous games from this studio, but the story is much more deeper and challenging that ever befor.

In 2015, protagonist Simon Jarrett is involved in a car crash in Toronto that leaves him with severe brain damage. Due to his injuries, Simon agrees to an experimental brain scan under the control of Dr. Munshi, who was working on ways of fixing the brain in people whom suffered such trauma to the brain. During the scan, Simon appears to black out, and regains consciousness in Site Upsilon of PATHOS-II, a seemingly-abandoned deep sea research facility in the Atlantic Ocean. Simon learns that he has awoken in the year 2104, and that one year prior, a massive comet impact devastated Earth's surface, leaving PATHOS-II as the last outpost of humanity. After that, he finds that the machines in the facility are developing human traits. Or is he allucinating? Meanwhile, isolation and decay bear down on the staff of the remote research facility.

The game have heavy themes about the human condition, isolation, decay, and what one must do to survive on stranger situations.

Sweet Home.gif Sweet Home Survival Horror, RPG Has RPG elements to it. Each character has a special ability. You team up (you can only have a certain amount of people team up I believe, which leaves one or two people to go alone). You can control each individual character (you will still be teamed together when you switch, which is prrty kewl). Basically an 8-bit precursor to the Resident Evil series (and even has cutscenes when you open doors). What makes this RPG unique is that once you die, you die forever. Also, there is not unlimited healing (there's only 23 or so potions scattered throughout the mansion), so you must use good strategy as you play. Although an NES game, there's parts which are a huge mindfuck. NES
System-shock-2-box-art-1-.jpg System Shock 2 Survival Horror, FPS

A magnificent FPSRPG where you play as a hacker trapped inside a ship controlled by SHODAN, a powerful A.I. who thinks of herself as a god. Incredibly atmospheric, packed with great voice acting and a fantastic plot, and legitimately terrifying, System Shock 2 is a game that must not be missed.

Can run smoothly on anything, too, no matter how low-spec.

The 11th Hour Coverart.png The 11th Hour Horror, Puzzle We return to the house in the original and further puzzle-based gameplay ensues. Also not particularly scary. PC
7guest.jpg The 7th Guest Horror, Puzzle, Adventure The quintessential classic horror-themed adventure game. Not particularly scary, but has a creepy vibe to it. PC
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The Cat Lady Psichological Horror, Mind-Fuck, Puzzle, Adventure The Cat Lady is critically acclaimed horror adventure game by Harvester Games. A gripping story, pumping soundtrack, high-resolution artwork and voice acting will engross you on your journey through the strange and often terrifying world.

The game deals with mature themes such as depression, suicide, murder, and cancer, but also provides moments of humour and hope.

Tde.jpg The Dark Eye Horror, First-person Adventure Creepy point 'n click based on Edgar Allan Poe's works. Interesting note, the characters are all made in stop motion/claymation. PC
The Evil Within boxart.jpg The Evil Within Survival Horror, Psychological Horror, Mindfuck Remember Resident Evil 4? Remember how, fun as it was, it just wasn't scary? Shinji Mikami sure as fuck did, and he redeemed himself in spades. There isn't a moment that isn't nervewracking or horrifying, and he managed to pull it off without sacrificing what made RE4 so damned playable. This is the direction the RE series should have gone. Period. PC, PS4, PS3, X360, Xbone
Thehouse.jpg The House Horror, Point-and-click adventure It may look like a shitty horror flash game, but that's because it is. Graphics and sounds are fine, but the gameplay is just "click on the only thing you can click on X times and then another thing to click on appear and you have to click on it a few times then click on the first thing again then click on the other one again a few times then SCREAMER." This is literally the first part of the game, and the clicking order makes no sense. Good for a few jump, but nothing more. Flash
The Last Door Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure

The Last Door is a pixel animated point & click adventure game Inspired by the horror writers like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. The story unfolds around our protagonist Jeremiah Devitt who gets involved in dark schemes as he investigates the death of his childhood friend Anthony Beechworth.

Feels like playing the horror-mystery version of the good ol' Monkey Island.

PC, Android
Lost crown.jpg The Lost Crown Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure Another game from Johnathan Bakes, the creator of the Dark Fall series. Arguably one of the best ghost stories ever told from a video game. Very haunting atmosphere with some occasionally disturbing scenes (poor kittens!). If you like ghost hunting you must play it since you have a lot of paranormal stuff you need to use all the time. The visuals are amazing. PC
The Marionette Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure "The Marionette" is an award-winning horror adventure game by TeamEffigy.

You play a struggling sculptor named Martin, who is drawn into a strange world where he tries to both escape and understand why he was brought there. Along the way he must relive events from the life of someone he once knew to unravel the mystery.

The game controls like a first person point and click adventure game. It has a slow pace an make little sense at first, but soon it get pretty deep into an interesting story about obsesion, madness and death. It has different endings, making possible multiple playthroughts.

The path.jpg The Path MindFuck, Adventure You choose one out of a large array of sisters, aging from girls not even 10 to young adults. Your job is to follow the path to grandma's house and deliver her the items your mother gave you, and no matter what, do not stray from the path. You can, obviously, follow the path to an open to interpretation ending, or you can stray off the path into the forest. What you may find's effect may vary on what sister you are playing as, and each girl may interact with it differently. Very symbolic, and there's no real story. Your main job is to just wander and find objects, some more dangerous and depressing as others. If you dislike wandering, this is not the game for you. PC
The Suffering Coverart.png The Suffering Psychological Horror, FPS One of the few Third Person Shooters able to achieve the sense of dread and fear, the suffering has you playing as a convicted murderer sentenced to death row. But the prison you are in is home to crazed experiments performed by the government during the 1950s and is a hotbed for the most grotesque and horrifying abominations that run rampant inside the prison and cause mass chaos. PC, PS2, Xbox
The suffering ties that bind frontcover large E7uVbZHXcD992HP.jpg The Suffering: Ties That Bind Psychological Horror, FPS Suffering: Ties That Bind is a revolutionary action-horror game that emphasizes the disturbing terror of its predecessor, with all-new twisted creatures and a

few familiar faces. Set in the slums and prisons of Baltimore, the player once again controls Torque as he seeks revenge against the mysterious grand manipulator Caleb Blackmore, a man somehow tied to the death of Torque's family. Players will explore the tough and unforgiving inner-city streets, with poverty and urban injustices trapping people just as effective as a physical prison. The unique morality system returns, as players delve into the perverse world of Torque's sanity to discover his past and struggle to control his future.

PC, PS2, Xbox
Void tension.jpg The Void/TENSION/Typrop (RUS) Mindfuck, Survival-Adventure, Horror Another weird game by the creators of Pathologic. You end up in some sort of limbo land, where you're not being told shit and better start wrapping your head around the place as you are quickly dying, time stripping away color from your body. Enigmatic naked Sisters are your only guides in this very bleak and desolate place... At least if you can reach them before starving, or being confronted by their much less friendly counterparts.

It's grim, even in the later parts of the game when crazy shit keeps happening, relying more on eeriness than full-on horror (which is technically inexistent here). Most players starve out of color in their first attempt, but the further you are in the game, the harder it is to become really stuck, while paradoxically your prospects for survival become always dimmer and dimmer, hence the titular "tension".

Little-known yet awesome game. Note: It's quite tough: Survival and resource management are a essential part of the core-gameplay and despite the great atmosphere, things might get rage-inducing at times. If you're having trouble, this guide has some tips that might help without spoiling too much.

Wc cover 0-1-.png The White Chamber Horror, Point and Click, Adventure Wake up on a ship in space, encounter some very horrifying scenes (despite the cartoonish art direction), slowly piece together what the hell was going on (it wasn't pretty). The art style looks a little cartoonish, but its pretty awesome. This is also a FREE title and one you can finish in a couple of hours. PC
Theresia - Dear Emile Coverart-1-.png Theresia: Dear Emile Survival Horror You wake up in an abandoned area with no memory. Very stereotypical at first, but quickly unravels into an unpredictable, almost depressing story. Most puzzles are simple, but expect traps to be EVERYWHERE and constant traveling from room to room. NDS
They hunger.jpg They Hunger (Half Life Mod) Survival Horror, FPS A decent Half-Life mod involving a bunch of people, in particular the local police force, being overtaken by a zombie virus that makes them evil. The player's task is stopping them. PC
Umineko cover.jpg Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Visual Novel, Mindfuck, Puzzle From the same people that did Higurashi. Umineko follows the same formula of multiple scenarios tying themselves to unfold a story. A family of several rich fucks gets stuck on an island and soon someone claiming their self to be a witch starts a murder spree. Not really scary, but some scenes, especially at the beginning are creepy as hell. After the first arc though a giant mindfuck occurs and things continue to get crazier and crazier afterwards. The series is also known for its godly soundtrack. English patch available.
A remake of the first part of the game was released on PS3 featuring full voice acting, pretty graphics and glorious full HD. Japan only. BUT THE FULL PATCH IS IN THE WORKS COMPLETED GUISE!
Uninvited (U) 002.png Uninvited Point and Click, Adventure You wake in a car and your only place to go is a haunted house, where your use an interface to interact and escape. Has a scary feel to it and a fun playthrough, retro gamers would enjoy with an emulator, mouse may be used with it. NES, PC, DOS
Vampirebloodlines.jpg Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Horror, RPG, FPS (Optional Third Person camera) Great RPG in which you play as a fledgling vampire who has just been embraced, and forced into working for the political agendas of characters to make your way in the secret underworld of vampire society. There's many alliances, choices and enemies to be made. Focused on the warring and rivalry of the vampire clans. Great graphics and combat for a 2004 game, featuring attributes, multiple vampire races, a range of melee and ranged weapons, and unique vampiric powers. Incredibly atmospheric and story driven, with brilliant dialogue. The game has a few creepy parts, but the Ocean House Hotel fucking takes the cake. Make absolutely sure to get the latest unofficial patch for this, since the vanilla game is riddled with bugs that can be fixed by doing so. Highly recommended to Deus Ex and Fallout fans due to this title's similar approach to character building and problem solving. PC
Whiteday cover.jpg White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Survival Horror A Korean horror game made in 2001 by Sonnori, a company that no longer exists. You're a high school boy who plans to give his crush 'So-yeong' some candy for White Day. You end up being locked inside the school. While trapped inside, you are constantly being followed by a possessed security guard and the ghosts that inhabit the scool that want you dead.

There is currently no English version or patch, making the game difficult to play at times (There's now an English patch available here ). It was remade in late 2015 for iOS/Android, and is being ported to PS4-VR and PC (Steam), scheduled for release in 2017.

White Day: There's a follow up holiday to Valentine's in Japan and Korea called White Day, where boys give chocolate to girls who gave them chocolate on Valentines Day (or Red Day).

iOS, Android, PC, PS4
Horror000014 - Copy.jpg White Finger Indie surival horror/slasher Free short indie game - escape from a warehouse while being hunted by a murdering psycho fuck.


White Night.jpg White Night Survival Horror, Noir An excellent and very stylistic game where there is only white and black coloring which creates interesting camera angles. The level design and pacing of this game is fantastic. PC, PS4,XONE
Worlds.jpg Worlds.com 3D Chat client, Mindfuckery Worlds.com is an ancient 3D chat client from 1994, running on a DOOM like 3D engine. For some reason it's still up and gets somewhat updated, even though almost nobody inhabits this virtual reality. Explore the vast, empty user created worlds and get freaked out by the still remaining players (or apparitions?). It feels like you're doing Internet archeology. Finding some abandoned guild hall with creepy pictures of the members everywhere and links to their godforsaken 90s style websites, jesus christ it's horrifying. It kinda plays kinda like LSD, but it's online. PC
Year walk.jpg Year Walk Point and Click, Spooky A game based on ancient swedish folklore with minor elements of horror mostly haunting ambiance. iOS, PC, Wii U
Yume Nikki.png Yume Nikki Mindfuck, Adventure Unique game based around traveling in a young girl's dreams. Expect a trade of action for atmosphere as the gameplay revolves around exploring and experimentation. However, the atmosphere is indeed incredible. Has quite a fanbase as well. There are numerous fangames based off Yume Nikki, though the only particularly notable ones are Yume 2kki and .flow. PC
Zero- Tsukihami no Kamen.jpg Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen Survival Horror The fourth in the Fatal Frame/Project Zero. Unless they announce otherwise later on, it is not going to be released outside of Japan because it's really buggy.
The fanmade english translation is available here

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