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Be like Carl Sagan: do science!

Here are some games that, for the most part, focus on scientific things, and such fairly realistically. This is by no means a complete, list, only what has been able to be dug up as of right now. Additions are welcome and encouraged, as long as you follow a few basic rules:

1) The game should follow some sort of real-life science for the most part.
Pokemon Evolution is a no-go. Darwin's evolution is great!

2) If the game is made to be educational it should also be fun.
We're here for fun! If the game is boring and/or badly made it's still not worth it.

3) If it is a science fiction game it should be grounded in science for the period it was created in.
Firefly is a science fiction series with no aliens, no teleportation, and no un-realistic technology from a 2000's standpoint. A game set in Firefly's universe would be fine here. Star Wars with it's lazer swords, magical powers ("jedi"), and many alien races would not be allowed here.


Game Science Type Last Updated Description


Evolution 2011 Simulates evolution with various creatures mutating and evolving so they can better survive. The user can create custom creatures and can influence the environment by nourishing certain organisms. Technically an idle game, but still fun.

Windows, Linux

Boxcar 2d


Evolution 2015 Skip the single cellular life and give us cars! Vroom vroom! Evolve your car to go the furthest distance in the shortest amount of time. Technically an idle game, but still fun.

Flash, platform agnostic

EVE online

Eve online.jpg

Space Flight, Colonization, Trade, and War 2017 Easily one of the most infamous MMOs in the world due to the fact everything is realistic as possible. No aliens. No FTL travel. No joking. And the ships cost ACTUAL money. Yes, open your wallet for this one. Do you have the cash and the time to join in adventures on the final frontier?

Windows, Mac, or Linux


Playstation Flow game screenshot.jpg

Evolution 2006 Direct your microorganism towards food, avoid predators, and evolve over time into something bigger and better within the vast ocean. This game is very soothing and is often compared to Flower.

Available for free (Flash, platform Agnostic) or buy the advanced version for Playstation 3 or Playstation 4

Kerbal Space Program


Space flight 2015 A relatively simple space sim with newtonian physics and custom spaceship construction. Uses whimiscal creatures as stand-ins for the actual astronauts and scientists who brought the world space flight, but otherwise is fairly accurate

Windows or Linux (Via GOG).

Lunar Flight


Moonbase Alpha


AEIOU. Play as an astronaut on a moon base in this NASA sponsored game. Make the station work or just dick around with the text-to-speech funtion in the chat.
Orbiter Space Simulator




Physics simulator in which you can draw objects and see how they behave in a realistic 2d physics engine. You can also create wheels and liquids.
Piette's falling sand game




Powder toy


Gives the user a big toybox of elements and lets him play with them as he wishes.


A puzzle game that tests and teaches basic concepts of computer engineering.


A space exploration game where one can explore the entire Virgo supercluster.
Space Station 13





Swimbots Evolution A game where you control environment and breed swimming organisms.