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The Super Cassete Vision is the successor to the Cassette Vision. Since it was a third gen console, it had much better specs than it's predecessor. And unlike the Cassette Vision, this one actually got out of Japan, being sold in some European countries. Though it got a moderate success, it was quickly forgotten as soon as the Famicom arrived.

The Super Cassete Vision had two hardwired controls and a digital pad, unlike the weird layout of the original. It received a handful of games, including licensed titles and conversions.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
DragonBallSCV.jpg Dragon Ball: Dragon Dai Hikyou Shoot'em Up The last game made for this ill-fated console, this is a real oddity in that it's a Dragon Ball game, but instead of a fighter or brawler it's a shoot'em up of all things. You fly on the flying nimbus and attack with Goku's power pole as well as using the Kamehameha, facing various villains from the anime.


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