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"Portable video game system with giant screen."

The Watara Supervision (also known as QuickShot Supervision, Sherion Supervision, Travell Mate, Hartung SV-100, Electrolab Supervision / Hipervision, and Tiger Boy) was a handheld meant to compete with the Game Boy. Its introduction garnered some attention due to a lower price and larger screen than its more famous rival, a link cable for multiplayer, and a TV-out cable. However, it ultimately failed because of a lack of third party support (as well as a terrible blurry display), leaving it with a modest game library of 69 titles.

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
BlockBuster.png Block Buster Puzzle It's a Tetris bootleg, you know what to expect.
Carrier.png Carrier Puzzle Pretty good portable Sokoban clone.
Chimera.png Chimera Top-down adventure Control a astronaut as he explores a spaceship in order to stop it's self-destruction sequence.
FatalCraft.png Fatal Craft Shoot 'em Up Nice horizontal shmup, uses a Gradius-style power-up system.
Galaxy Fighter Supervision.png Galaxy Fighter Shoot 'em Up Vertical shmup, the best on the system.
Juggler.png Juggler Action Control the Ringmaster to eliminate the evil spirits. In order to do so, you must continuously juggle a bouncing ball to make it grow then pop it up at the right time.
SSSnake.png Sssnake Action If you ever had a Nokia cellphone you know what this is about. Control the snake on a maze, collect the fruits which make you grow up, be careful not to hit the walls or your own tail.
SuperKong.png Super Kong Action Control a kid as he fights Totally-Not-Donkey-Kong, try to drop him from his rope before he does so to you while avoiding all the falling stuff on the screen.


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