Remakes are the bestmakes? Edit

It seems there's a better chance of having a snowball fight in hell than getting /v/ to recommend C=64 games. However, to help pick the "best," there is something I've noticed about the games considered classics from the Commodore era: They've all had remakes done on more modern machines some 20 years later. I don't mean stuff that is "inspired by," like how Trackmania Ultimate reminds me of EA's Racing Destruction Set, I mean faithful remakes: Archon is on the iPhone now, Bruce Lee has "Bruce Lee Ultimate," Elite was remade so faithfully that programmers received cease-and-desist letters, and M.U.L.E. is a freaking online multiplayer game now. There was something magical about the Commodore 64. --Mozai 02:14, May 28, 2011 (UTC)

Elite wasn't a C64 game. It was BBC Micro first.
Yeah, but the C=64 and Amiga versions were the best.

Suggestions Edit

Perhaps Skate or Die would be a worthy inclusion to the list? --

Don't have to ask for permission. If /v/ likes it, it goes in.
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