Wall of text? Edit

Some recent edits are just plain massive and go into an incredibly in-depth explanation of game mechanics. I think the point should really be to summarize the points of the game in a format that even the more ADD readers can sit through. I just want to make sure that people are okay with entries of a moderate length as opposed to hueg entries before I go and edit them back down. Kotep 20:53, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

I agree with this but B^U isin't just in the GBA section. Maybe a limited letter/word count for each entry throught the board would work?

That might be abit of an issue coding wise. All things considered, it really is just easier to summarize. I'll clean some stuff up myself in a while, provided my net doesn't go to shit again. Dejiko 20:06, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

Minus 7000 or so from gba and 5000 from wii? damn thats alot (might be other way round) hope there was nothing important removed though. Good job anyway, and happy Valentines day.


Action is not a sufficient description of a game. It could mean anything. Be more specific, please. :-)

Action is about as bland as platformer, sport or racing. the fact all 4 can be combined and still work is a tastament to this (and my crap spelling). Action Platormer can pretty much replace alot of the entries while some might be 2d shooter, run n gun and so on

Backwards/forwards combatiblity Edit

A note should be added to those games that play better on the different versions of the GBA and such. Some games are simply too dark to play on the 1st model (no backlight) and later gba players don't let certain games (like tilt or sun sensitive) work.. such as the GBA player (Gamecube) and even DS (and I). Ontop of this, some GBA games can be used with DS games to unlock things (Sonic team games mainly).

GBA can't play GBC/GB games can it?

Yes, I believe it can.

Alphabetical Order Edit

All I can see is kinda porridge there, fix it.

Should Spyro: Eternal Knight be added? I love the game, and it got a great review. Do other /v/irgins like it enough?

Gameboy Micro is fucking glorious Edit

Too bad I missed the initial run back when I wasn't interested in it. Anybody know a good place to pick one up?

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