I know the list is incomplete, I'm not too much into Zone games, someone should add them. --TheDekuLink

Linking to the paid versions Edit

Why no links to the full games (they can be easily found on swfchan but there are lots of fakes)? Also, the list is incomplete. --

Why no links to full versions:

Because Wikia can't be seen supporting software quasi-stealing shenanigans.
Because it would piss off Zone, who is
  • nice enough to make demos when all of it could be behind a paywall
  • nice enough not to threaten people with lawyers like certain other creators
Because it's a jerk thing to do.


Bots on a Plane Edit

Motherfucking bots keep adding bullshit categories. They keep coming from new IP addresses in new ranges. Could be some pre-made vandalism software that uses this page as a test to see if its up and running. I tried a 30-day lockout for unregistered users but the bots just came back like clockwork. Wish I could blacklist certain strings in the 'summary' field. --Mozai (talk) 16:09, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

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