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*Games to add: Timesplitters 1,2 and 3. sphinx and the cursed mummy, Serious Sam 1,2 and 1.5, Eternal Darkness, all FPS war games, BC Racer, red steel 2 and more... sorry about this addition :)*Edit


Would Age of Empires be suitable for this page?

I don't have much experience with the series, but from what I do know, I'd say "Sure, why not?" So, uh... Sure, why not? Dejiko 20:41, February 25, 2010 (UTC)

uh where would "THE FUTURE" or games that predicted what their future or modern good ole today like megaman go?

Huh? Edit

Based on the intro to the page, I was under the impression that the games listed on this page were rooted in real-world mythology and historical elements. I can understand where a game like Sunset Riders - just to name one example - would qualify since it has an American wild west theme, but I'm purplexed at a number of the inclusions to this page, such as Chrono Trigger which, while being a damn good game, has no real-world relevance. If that was all, I would have no problem with it, but it seems that a very large portion are in conflict with the opening section. It looks as though someone had a very clear idea of the purpose of the page they were creating only for everyone else to come along and just randomly throw in their favorite game if had so much as a dinosaur or sphinx in it. By the criteria everyone seems to be using, you may as well throw in the Sonic games for having pyramids and ancient ruins, and maybe even Mario too. Point is, this page is a fucking mess.

Hmmm I can understand that. However, based on that some games should be removed then. At the same time, if a game has to do with historical contexts even if it plays with them, I think it can be included.

This page is for advice and arguments, so I appreciate the criticism and hope for constructive efforts as well.

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