Compendium Guides and Magazine Specials Edit

Should we include a section for things like compendium guides, such as those for the launch/early NES and SNES games ("Game Atlas" and the eponymous "Super NES") which cover more than one game/series? In addition, how about noteworthy magazine specials, such as those centering on a game with strategy guide-like focus (Final Fantasy 1 in Nintendo Power being an early example, since it even included stuff like artwork, maps, etc.)? Are they fair game as well? If so, it might be better to have a section for them too, if it's allowed.

There's also specialization magazines as well, like the Japanese "AVG&RPG" which covered adventure games and RPGs of the time (80s to early 90s) with maps, artwork, compendiums, interviews, even programming-based cheat and assists to use within a game's coding and sheet music. Dunno if those are alright either. --Dejiko (talk) 09:01, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

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