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The Telstar is a series of early dedicated video game consoles made by Coleco to cash in on the then-recent popularity of Pong. Since this is from before cartridges were invented, each Telstar model came with it's own embedded games, though the majority of them were just minor variations of Pong.

There were 14 different Telstar models released. The earlier models only included the usual Pong clones and could only display the games in monochrome. Later models included lightgun games, pinball simulators and racing games and were already capable of displaying color. The last model on the Telstar line, the Telstar Arcade, came in a weird triangular format and included a steering wheel with a gear shift, a lightgun and paddles. This model supported cartridges, with five released cartridges for it each including three to four games.

Model Name Description
Coleco-Telstar-Arcade.jpg Telstar Arcade If you really want a Telstar (either for your collection or for curiosity) the Telstar Arcade is your best bet, since it includes basically all games from the previous models through it's cartridges (much like the Odyssey, they're just jumpers to unlock the games on the console). Just be careful, since this model is fairly rare nowadays and goes for absurd prices on eBay.
First Generation
Consoles Nintendo Color TV-Game - Magnavox Odyssey - Coleco Telstar
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