• I see you removed a few games from the list. Any good explanation for that or are you still working on the descriptions?

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    • Hi. I tend to remove a game if the description is mostly complaining about a game instead of praising it. And I only remove games I've personally played. Are there some games I should not have removed? (Should I avoid removing any games in general?)

      Some games I left up anyway, due to popularity. This includes Crisis Core, FF Type-0, and the MGS games. But things like Gran Turismo and The 3rd Birthday are games that I almost never hear praise for. The descriptions were not kind and I wasn't going to rewrite them to be more positive.

      P.s. I moved The Eye of Judgment Legends to the beginning of the list, for alphabetical reasons, so that game wasn't actually removed.

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    • These are the games I removed: Coded Arms, FF3, Ghost in the Shell, Gran Turismo, Hammerin Hero, Hot Shots Golf, Katamari, Killzone, Kingdom of Paradise, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Rock Band Unplugged, Street Fighter, The 3rd Birthday, Yggdra Union.

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    • and Gods Eater Burst

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    • There is no general rule about what should and shouldn't be here, since what's good for one person might not be for another. I guess one should just use common sense.

      I know 3rd Birthday has it's fans (not my kind of game personally) and if memory serves well it was me who added Hammerin Hero. I'm very open minded, so I usually avoid removing recomendations unless I can attest that the game is truly bad.

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