• Here's some oppinions/suggestions to expand that page:

    • Like I mentioned on the talk, Demul is completely unusable/way too cryptic to even get to run, so it is the one thing I'd suggest removing.
    • I think it's still worth recommending ePSXe, since it is constantly updated and is still a great emulator overall. Same goes for Kega Fusion and VBA-m.
    • We could also add emulators for systems not mentioned yet, like Stella (Atari 2600), WinUAE (Amiga), XM6 (X68000) and so on.
    • I don't know if there is any emulator better than BlueMSX, which hasn't been updated in years.
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    • Thanks for your suggestions, my guy. I do, however, have some things to say (prepare to go "tl;dr"):

      1. Demul was already on the list before I even came here, and even so, it's one of the five DC emulators that are recommended on Emulation General Wiki.
      I will agree that it's cryptic as all hell and a huge pain in the ass, especially when trying to get arcade games to even use a damned controller, and you can't even above the native internal resolution without drawing more power from your computer. But completely useless? How so? I think it's the only one that can emulate Hikaru games like NASCAR and Cybertroopers, and one of the few software to emulate Atomiswave games (Fist of the North Star, Metal Slug 6, Dolphin Blue, etc.), with reicast and MAME (sort-of?) being the other option, but I dunno if they're about as good if any better.
      I did fail to mention that there are guides scattered across online ([1][2][3], just to name a few), albeit a bit dated. I've also failed to warn readers that Demul isn't really for anyone who are just looking to casually play Sonic Adventure at high resolution like reicast and redream could do, and it's only recommended for those who are willing to go through hoops to even get the darned thing working since, you know, it's said to have higher compatibility than the others and is more "accurate".
      Curious, but it sounds to me that you may have had problems with it in the past. When's the last time you've used it? What's your specs? Did you get the right BIOS with the right MD5 hashes?

      Sorry for being an autist/wikisperg and I don't mean to come off as aggressive, but tl;dr, I dunno why I should remove Demul when it's the only one that I know of that's good for emulating certain SEGA games when others can't. Maybe when someone makes an up-to-date chart on what games are compatible and some emulator turns up to have better compatibility than Demul, or if general consensus says it sucks, then I might re-consider.

      2. I do sort of agree that it's ePSXe was pretty useful in the past when it and PCSX-R were the only options, but now we have Mednafen/Beetle PSX and XEBRA (the Demul of PSOne emulation, kind of) that don't require plugins like ePSXe and PCSX-R do, but that's beside the point. I do not, however, agree about it being constantly update, for it has been like two fuggin' years since their last update, at least for their desktop build (it ain't the first time that happened), so I dunno where you got that information from.
      Another thing about ePSXe is that, A) it's closed-source and the devs are asking you for money for the Android version when other PSOne emulators like Mednafen PSX on RetroArch and PCSX-ReARMed are free. And B) There's a rumor that someone from within the team edited some test results for PSOne emulation, and I think that's some shady shit.
      Point is, ePSXe was good for desktop gamers back in the 2000's, but now it's only good for Android phones, and others emulators for desktop have already surpassed it in recent years.

      You've mentioned Kega Fusion, and I did replaced it with Genesis Plus GX instead, with only a brief mention of it, but truth be told, I seem to remember contemplating on whether or not I should keep it on the list simply for it's 32x emulation, but I later learned that there's a libretro version of PicoDrive, and I do know that it's still active compared to Kega and also supports 32x emulation, so I considered that an alternative. Not to mention that, unless you have an edited DirectDraw.dll file, Kega's framerates will be cut in half if you're playing on Windows 8 or later. I also learned that Surgical Strike for the SEGA CD 32X (the one that was released in Brazil but was released for free online last year) doesn't work on KEGA, yet PicoDrive-libretro does.
      But other than that, I kinda see your point. Maybe I should re-add it later.

      As for VBA-M... Man, I don't know. While I'm aware that it got like an update a couple of months ago, but in my opinion, it's only useful for e-Reader emulation and Dolphin connectivity, and for those who can barely run mGBA. Kega I get, but VBA-M is a bit of a tough sell for me. If mGBA didn't exist, then I wouldn't have edited it's entry. Sorry.

      3. MAME's got cycle emulation for Atari as well, and it's pretty good. For WinUAE, there's also FS-UAE, which to my knowledge is on RetroArch, but I don't know jack-shit about Amiga, nor the X68000, though I guess it shouldn't stop me from adding those.

      4. Fuck, I forgot to add OpenMSX! Thanks for reminding me.

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    • It's all fine dude, I understand your points.

      • Last time I tried setting up Demul was a month or so ago, I use Win7 32bit.
      • I never tested MAME'S emulation for consoles because, to be fair, I don't like using MAME for anything other that Arcade emulation. Stella is frequently updated and is an excellent emulator overall.
      • For Amiga both WinUAE and FS-UAE are great (they basically use the same source code), but I prefer WinUAE since it's more user-friendly and constantly updated as well.
      • For the X68000, XM6 Pro-68k is the best overall emulator, plus it's all in English.
      • There are a few more I can recommend, like Fuse for ZX Spectrum and VICE for Commodore 64. There is a fairly recent emulator called Phoenix which emulates 3DO and Jaguar perfectly from what I saw, but the thing's all in Russian.
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    • Perhaps you should also mention when the emulators are 64-bit only (like Dolphin).

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    • Done.

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    • Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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