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Even though translators and romhackers have a history of delays due to personal issues, there's nothing wrong with hoping for a finished product, and cheering those who put in the effort along the way. This is a page for both Translations and Romhacks that are currently incomplete, but in the process of completion (though hopefully they have not been entirely abandoned). Put any interesting games or hacks that you know about in their proper section that you think are worth sharing and getting excited for. Or better yet, make yourself useful to these translation groups. If a general date is announced for estimated completion time, try to include that as well, though it isn't always a given, as mentioned above.

For games particularly of the visual novel genre, there's a dedicated site that does the job for us, so no need to update them here. Link

From Not-English Sources[]

For translations from other languages into English.

The damn list[]

Title and Screenshot Genre Description May Be Finished by...
ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat
ASH battle.jpg
Tactical RPG Mistwalker's first DS title. The kingdom of Milinear is razed to the ground during a crowning ceremony of which you, the princess, are the only soul to survive. From the ashes you can reanimate loyal ashen warriors to fight alongside you. Political intrigue abound. The gameplay is standard fare for tactical RPGs, bearing likeness to SMT: Devil Survivor's party system in that you need to kill the leader to dismantle a squad. It has some pretty terrible stylus-only controls which are further plagued by confirmation screens, forcing you to tap shit twice. Still, it's a solid TRPG if you can look past its flaws. Active project (?) (beta stage, translation 100% complete)
Far East of Eden: Ziria
RPG Ziria is the first game in the Tengai Makyou/Far East of Eden series, a wacky and colorful RPG series by Hudson. None of the games in the series ever left Japan, and most people outside Japan only know about it's existence because of the Neo-Geo fighting game. Abandoned project. Last progress was in 2012. The group who did the Far east of Eden ZERO translation is interested in picking this up next though.
Front Mission 2
FM2 gs.jpg
Tactical RPG Imagine Front Mission 3 without the teenagers and overdose of mecha anime tropes, but with a truly mature story and a crushing atmosphere rife with realism. Front Mission 2 takes place in Alordesh after the events of the 2nd Huffman Conflict (Front Mission). After the war, anti-OCU sentiments reached a breaking point in 2098 when the Alordeshi military stages a coup d'état, and a second one in 2102. You explore this unrest through one of three main leads from the OCU: Ash Faruk, Thomas Norland, and Lisa Stanley. The viewpoint switches between these three characters, with all three merging towards the story's climax. Unlike all other Front Mission titles, missions boast a massive scale as it pits your team of 12 against over 25 enemies on many maps. Its mature story and grandiose scale give it eminence within the franchise's games, making it one of Japan's best kept secrets and among die-hard fans, the best Front Mission outside of Front Mission 5. Update: While the translation itself is complete, frontmission.info has confirmed that there are no plans to finish the text insertion (30% unfinished) as of March\2013 due to encryption issues. The current patch, however, comes with their fully-translated script, which means you can get the full story by reading it. On Hold.
Front Mission: Alternative
FMA gs.jpg
RTS Front Mission Alternative is one of four spin-offs in the franchise. Ditching the turn-based system, the game is played in real time with the player controlling the AI of their platoons and issuing waypoints to move to. Alternative did innovate on a lot of elements later seen in other Front Mission titles like a range system which alters weapon accuracy based on distance, adding tons of part diversity (night vision, missile jamming, and radar add-ons), and introducing Cockpit Mode which lets you control the action in first-person view. Has a ranking system later seen in Front Mission 3, which determines what kind of parts you get based on your performance. Branching missions and multiple endings add a lot to its replayability. Abandoned pre-production phases (in queue)
Mitsumete Knight
Dating Sim/RPG/Strategy "Spiritual Successor of Tokimeki Memorial. A Medieval/Heroic Fantasy story-driven non-H Dating Sim where Anyone Can Die." Everything is cute and cheery on the surface, but horribly miserable and depressing on the inside thanks to a war-torn world filled with corruption and manipulation. You alone can stand for what's right, leading by example to help others and stand as testament for good will OR you can even say fuck that and not even do so. This is a colossal game, with 22 different endings and many, MANY paths, decisions, and options to enter. Not only that, but there's also RPG-esque duels and Fire Emblem-like strategy battles that take place as well. Mitsumete Knight R is a spinoff of sorts, but it's a different game entirely, and honestly, not nearly as good. A Youtube+TV Trope user has started translating a few things here and there, but due to the game's massive number of events, nothing may come to fruition for a good while. That said, Godspeed to that person and any others who assist in MK's translation.
Princess Crown
Action-RPG A cool Saturn action-RPG, and the spiritual predecessor to Odin Sphere, Muramasa and the recent Dragon's Crown. Active, sort of. Just don't expect it to come out anytime soon.
Samurai Shodown RPG
RPG Exactly what it says on the tin. It retells the story of the first two Samurai Shodown games, with you choosing from various characters and meeting with many other veterans from the series who join your party. Abandoned.
Super Robot Wars Alpha SRPG This project is being done by Aeon Genesis, best known for translating the freeware Cave Story, as well as Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, which as the name suggests, is a sidestory of this game. The reason Aeon Genesis completed the sidestory first when the two games are so mechanically similar and both on the PS1 is that Alpha has a metric fuckton of text, even when compared to other SRW games. Basically, the game has 4 sets of text and dialogue, based on which main character and mech you choose at the start. Active project, but completion date nowhere in sight
Super Robot Wars D SRPG This game, the third SRW game for the GBA (excluding the Original Generation games) was being translated by the Romhacking Aerie, who did a full translation of the more recent Super Robot Wars J, also for the GBA. Compared to that one, the difficulty is higher, the graphics choppier, and more robot series that show up in the more recent SRW Z games make their debut here. Abandoned, the translators are looking for skilled romhackers to continue the project
Super Robot Wars GC SRPG The good folks on /m/ figured out that, due to the unique way in which Dolphin works, it is possible to edit text in Gamecube and Wii ROMs with relative ease. They're taking advantage of this fact by creating a fan translation of the Super Robot Wars game with arguably the best soundtrack in the series. Active Project
Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut RPG It's no secret that the original Tales of Destiny on the PS1 didn't stand the test of time very well (its butchered American version didn't help either) and now it's more like a relic than a classic. The PS2 remake has revamped almost everything: rewritten script, new graphics, revamped world map, more dungeons and sidequests, convenient skit activation. A solid RPG by all standards. Active project
Tales of Hearts RPG The game that Tales series producer wants you to play but Namco executives don't. So Tales fan Kajitani-Eizen and a his team accepted the challenge. The game itself is not far from the series' formula, except for the battle system, which is a fusion of mechanics from Destiny PS2, Innocence and some of its own stuff (like Connect Command). That's enough freshness for a franchise like Tales.

Be careful when you pick up the CG Movie Edition. Its cutscenes can fall steep into the Uncanny Valley at times.

Active project. Demo patch. Translator's Cut planned to fix bugs and rebalance the game as an optional patch.
Valkyria Chronicles 3 Turn-Based Strategy Since Sega cares more about Sonic and abandoned the plan to bring the last entry of this X-Com style trilogy over to the West, the fans had to take that upon themselves. Units now have individual progression and newly added Special Powers, Scout class is nerfed to prevent being overpowered, but then so are Orders. Active project. Only main translation done. No editing done yet. Text insertion is slow but progressing.


For upcoming Romhacks, regardless of language.

Title Genre Description Status Screenshot
Crash Bandicoot 2: Master Quest Platformer A Crash Bandicoot 2 game mod that basically makes the entire game exceptionaly hard. It's still being worked on, but any news on it can be found here. Under Developement [1]