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|'''Kingdom Hearts 3'''
|'''Kingdom Hearts 3'''
|TBA<br />PS4, Xbone
|TBA<br />PS4, Xbone
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|Everyone's favorite [ forkliftin'], [ soft drink drinking] and [ sailor searching sim] is coming to the PSN and XBLA! This is a perfect chance to show SEGA that there's still interest in the brand and for those of you who missed out on these great games.<br />'''Update March 2012:'''insane amounts of layoffs and restructuring at Sega make chances for this actually getting released in the West look bleak.
|Everyone's favorite [ forkliftin'], [ soft drink drinking] and [ sailor searching sim] is coming to the PSN and XBLA! This is a perfect chance to show SEGA that there's still interest in the brand and for those of you who missed out on these great games.<br />'''Update March 2012:'''insane amounts of layoffs and restructuring at Sega make chances for this actually getting released in the West look bleak.
|TBA<br />PS3, 360
|TBA<br />PS3, 360
|'''Sonic Lost World'''
|Long-time Segafags surely remember the wildly hyped but suddenly cancelled ''Sonic X-treme'' for the Saturn. Well, fellow old geezers, looks like the time for blue balls is over: we finally are going to get what that game was supposed to be. Compare, [ old] vs [ new].<br />All differences between Wii U and 3DS are currently unknown, but BOTH will have the 3D levels shown in the trailer. Wisps will supposedly make a return, and their powers are activated with the gamepad. Also, rescuing tiny animals unlocks additional content. A new-ish aspect noted is more refined speed control to take advantage of parkour-esque stage aspects and to avoid that annoying sudden stop that can happen when you crash into something after going too fast.<br />Gameplay: [ Wii U] [ 3DS]
|OUT NOW<br />Wii U, 3DS

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This page is a work in progress and will be continuously revised. Please note that some titles are expected for release through 2013 and beyond. F.Y.I.: After a game comes out, then please do one of the following: 1) If we can agree a game was good, add to the appropriate system page. 2) If the consensus is that "shit sucks", well, just delete it.


Box Title Genre Description Release date
DarkSoulsIICover Dark Souls II Action RPG New hero, story, artificial difficulty and an unfamiliar world. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to embark on this journey? TBA
PC, PS3, 360
DestinyCover Destiny FPS Bungie's next title, an "always online" FPS with MMO elements. Has potential. TBA
PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
EarthDefenseForce2025Cover Earth Defense Force 2025 TPS EDF is back with a new installment! Sandlot is back as the developer as well. Seems to be more like 2017 which is a good thing. Trailer 2013
PS3, Xbox 360
FinalFantasyXX2HDRemasterCover Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster RPG Graphics updates of the PS2 INTERNATIONAL versions (better sphere grids and other neat shit, dawg. Not a remake as some rumours stated, though. Fancier textures and higher resolution, but not a from-scratch thing). The PS3 versions come on one disc, but the vita versions will be on two cards (sold separately?). Hopefully comes with a free desktop. May be Late 2013/Early 2014
PS3, Vita
FinalFantasyXVCover Final Fantasy XV Action RPG Oh, look! It only took 8 years! FFXV, formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, has being announced at this year's E3 after a lot of speculation. First, the name change happened because, aside from being part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos, this has nothing to do with XIII.

Second, supposedly this title will mark a departure from the standard FF games, not only resorting to a darker and grittier atmosphere but also completely getting rid of the remains of the ATB system seen in XIII and its sequels: The trailer released displays an action-oriented combat system similar to that used in the Kingdom Hearts franchise and FFIV. While no release date has being confirmed yet, we know that Square probably means business this time because they are already thinking about direct sequels to XV.

Sometime Soon.
KingdomHeartsIIICover Kingdom Hearts 3 ITS KINGDOM HEARTS 3 FAGGOT. TBA
PS4, Xbone
TheLegendofHeroesTrailsintheFlashArt Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, The JRPG The latest addition to the Legend of Heroes series comes to the PS3 and Vita. Takes place in the same world and time period as in Trails in the Sky. Improvements include full 3D graphics, more voice acting and an updated battle system. JP: 2013
PS3, Vita
MetalGearSolidVCover Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Stealth/Sandbox/Being a badass Takes place some time after Peace Walker. Jack Bauer is now the voice of Snake. E3 2013 Trailer 'Soon'
PS3/360, PS4/Xbone, PC?
PhantasyStarOnline2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG The sequel to the much beloved Phantasy Star Online. PC, and recently also confirmed for a PSVita release, iOS, and tablet release, with shared servers between the two consoles and a Free 2 Play system that isn't complete bullshit. Gameplay looks promising, for an MMO. Since Sega has poor track record with western Phantasy Star games, you might prefer to just play the Japanese version with a translation patch right now. /vg/ server is Ship 4, general English server is Ship 2. Western released officially delayed according to PSO World. Speaking of which, folks over there aren't too optimistic about the International\NA\EU version of the game due to the lack of updates seem in previous games, so it might not be that bad of an idea to just stick to the Japanese version entirely. Reminder: The English patches available right now are unofficial, which means that you //might// get in trouble for messing with the game's client; Learn what you need with Youtube guides if you don't like this kind of risk. Japan: Out now. Elsewhere: TBA 2013
Prey2Art Prey 2 FPS People who liked Prey might be confused if you tell them that Prey 2 will revolve around alien bounty hunting in a dystopic, futuristic sci-fi city with open world gameplay. But it sounds extremely exciting and after the hidden gem that Prey was it's definitely worth keeping an eye on if you like sci-fi shooters.
Update August 2012: Rumoured to be cancelled. Was also recently removed from the products page on Bethesda's homepage, making the future for this game look even more grim.

Update June 2013: Things just got worse: Bethesda says that the game's costs are through the roof, and despite putting a lot of money on the project, they don't think the sequel will be good enough to pay for its production. According to vice president of marketing and PR Pete Hines "You just can’t keep throwing money at it and saying, ‘sure, it’ll eventually work.’" Shit sucks.

PC, PS3, 360
Project Phoenix SRPG

This is it. A phenomena made possible by crowd-funding. A real time SRPG made by a team of many veterans from both the West and Japan. Early development videos show solid ideas that trod down their own path and refuse to fulfill the checklist of mainstream video game mechanics. Unfortunately, the multiplayer stretchgoal was not met, so bear with that. Its main release platform will be the PC, which is unheard of from a Japanese game like this.

The Kickstarter page basically said this team wanted to break away from the corporate side of studios, which explained why this collaboration was possible in the first place.

Oh yeah, and old man Uematsu is still alive and rocking, apparently.


Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, iOS, PS4, PS Vita

JStarsVictoryArt J-Stars Victory VS. Fighting Spiritual successor to Jump Ultimate Stars on the DS. Fighting game akin to the Naruto fighting games featuring characters from the Shonen Jump magazine roster. Fans will be able to vote on which characters they wish to see in the game. JP: TBA
PS3, Vita
RagnarokOdysseyAceArt Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Action-Adventure Revamped version of the Vita game, now on both Vita and PS3. You can import data over from your original save (unknown for PS3), but there's also lots of new stuff as well, such as enemies, gear, areas, etc. Includes all of the original's DLC. Ace also adds cross-platform play, letting PS3 and Vita team up and quest together. US/EU: Winter
PS3, Vita
ShenmueArt Shenmue 1 & 2 HD Adventure Everyone's favorite forkliftin', soft drink drinking and sailor searching sim is coming to the PSN and XBLA! This is a perfect chance to show SEGA that there's still interest in the brand and for those of you who missed out on these great games.
Update March 2012:insane amounts of layoffs and restructuring at Sega make chances for this actually getting released in the West look bleak.
PS3, 360
WatchDogsCover Watch Dogs Action/Adventure TPS Ubisoft's E3 surprise. Play as some violent guy in a trenchcoat with 1337 hacking skills, using modern technology to his advantage in order to kill people. Jam everyone's smart phones and sneak past them while they're trying to reconnect to Facebook, disable traffic lights and cause traffic accidents, hack cameras and scan people to find out if they're HIV positive. Seemed to have some multiplayer/multiple playable characters during the end of the E3 presentation.
Gameplay here
Spring 2014
PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC

PlayStation 3

Box Title Genre Description Release date
DisgaeaD2ABrighterDarkness Disgaea D2 SRPG It's more Disgaea, what else could you want? Also, it seems like it's going to be a direct sequel to the first Disgaea following Laharl and co. You know, in case you were wondering about the plot, dood. JP: March 2013
EU/US: Fall 2013
Drakengard3 Drakengard 3 Action RPG

What the fuck, it's actually happening. Prequel to the prequels of Nier. Expect what the fucks and manly bitch tears.

JP: Oct 31st 2013
TheGuidedFateParadox The Guided Fate Paradox SRPG You are god because you won the lottery or something and must now save the world or something. Kind of a spiritual sequel to Zettai Hero Project. JP: Out now
EU/US: Fall 2013
TheLastGuardian The Last Guardian Action-adventure, puzzle Another action-adventure experience from developer Team Ico, better known for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2. Many thematics from their previous titles are expected to return in this latest installment.
Fumito Ueda, the guy behind Ico/SotC, left Sony in November 2011; no word on if that has affected development.
"When it's finished"
TheWitchandtheHundredKnights The Witch and The Hundred Knights Action RPG Nippon Ichi's first attempt at an action RPG. You play as a voluptuous witch that is in a fued with another witch of the forest. To fight her off you use the power to summon the legendary "one hundred cavalry". According to Nippon Ichi it will be a lot darker compared to their other games. TBA
UntilDawn Until Dawn Horror It's a generic Teen Horror movie but as a video game. Expect isolated cottages, power outages and youngsters making out getting brutally murdered in the forest. 2013

Playstation Vita

So the Vita is out, if you're interested in DA FOOTURE OF GAYMING then pick this up, there's already some neat ports and original titles for it. Thankfully it appears to be picking up steam, little by little.

Box Art Title Genre Description Release Date
Freedom-wars-vita Freedom Wars TPS/Action Sony Japan's exclusive for PS Vita. Freedom Wars takes place on Earth, in the year 102013, overpopulation has become such an issue that a drastic measure has been implemented: anyone arrested for any crime is found guilty, regardless of whether or not they actually are, and forced to battle giant monsters as punishment. Not much info on gameplay yet, other than it looks like a futuristic Monster Hunter (in terms of battling giant monsters) with guns and eight player co-op. Promotional Video JP: 2014
KillzoneMercenary Killzone: Mercenary FPS Unlike Resistance and CoD, this is being done by Guerrilla themselves instead of Nihilistic. No, it doesn't seem like you can go full Helghast, but you can get jobs from them as well as the normal ISA, since you're a cash-driven mercenary. Confirmed to have story-mode, and also challenge modes and multiplayer. OUT NOW
LegendofHeroesZeroNoKisekiEvolution Legend of Heroes: Zero No Kiseki Evolution RPG Probably never leaving Japan, but what the hell. Upgraded remake of the PSP RPG, let the music tell you why it's good. JP: Now
Malicious-ps-vita 99746

Malicious Rebirth

Hack N Slash

Port of the japanese PSN game for PS3. Slash through huge hordes of enemies, punch giant monsters like motherfucking Fist of the North Star or even impale them with your lance while flying around like a Super Saiyan. Has some stylish visuals and looks rather interesting. No release dates yet nor localization announcements but keep your fingers crossed. Gameplay Sample (it's the PS3 version shown but the Vita version won't be any different)

JP: Now US/JP: Soon

Phantasy-star-nova Phantasy Star Nova Action RPG Set in the same universe as PSO2 but with a brand new story, Nova is a story-driven campaign sharing PSO2's gameplay but allowing you to play offline, or co-op with 3 more people. Most notable addition is 'Gigantes' which are giant monsters that you can take down. Being developed by Tri-Ace.

While you're still waiting to play Phantasy Star Online 2, might as well import this in the meantime. Trailer

Soul Sacrifice Delta Action Adventure Enchanced version? I guess this will hold you off if you're waiting for a sequel. If you haven't played the original, best start here for now I suppose. March 2014?
Tearaway screen big Tearaway Platformer You control a paper person with an envelope for a head. The entire world is made out of paper and craft-ish type things (even walking on water puddles causes paper on paper "ripples") and can be manipulated by both the character and the player. The player specifically can utilize the touchscreens to interact. Gameplay Made by Media Molecule, so expect some deliciously whimsical looking environments and critters. 2013?
Tokushuhoudoubuscreen Tokushu Houdoubu Adventure Nippon Ichi's 20th Anniversary game for Vita. You are a reporter and investigate cases about UFOs and ghosts and other paranormal stuff. True story. JP: Now
Ys 4 vita Ys: Memories of Celceta Action RPG New entry for the best Action RPG series almost no one played. Reimagination of Ys IV, the same way Oath In Felghana did for Ys III. Uses the Ys Seven engine, will have better storytelling, rearranged music and of course visuals updated to 3D polygons. Adds new moves to Adol's repertoire like Flash Step and Fatal Blow. In addition, skills will be learned in a Romancing SaGa style, i.e. seemingly-randomly and in mid-battle, but with greater odds the more skilled your weapon usage is. Localization confirmed by XSEED. Newest trailer NA: 09/24

Wii U

Box Art Title Genre Description Release Date
Bayonetta2 Bayonetta 2 Hack 'n' Slash/Being fabulous Bayonetta is back, and still looking good. Or so they say. Exclusively on the Wii U, but who knows if that'll change. (Sony and MS are being dicks, so not likely.)E3 2013 Trailer TBA 2014
DKCTropicalFreeze Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 2D Platformer Not the Retro title we wanted, but it still looks fun. Features Dixie as a playable character! Feb 2014
Dragon quest x Dragon Quest X RPG w/ MMO aspects The big wait for fans is over, as DQ10 has been revealed. Quite a bit has been modified over traditional norms, making it something like a suped-up version of 9, but even more expanded and expansive. The game requires you to be online to play, yet lets you give and receive help from others. There's still quite a bit to reveal, but we do know that the main game will be significantly longer than 9's, and more huge than 8, which was massive. Check here for all the currently known details. The Wii U version will have extra graphical power over the Wii version and seems to be able to continue from the Wii version via data transferal. Also, you can use the Tablet controller for off-screen play, keyboard, and possibly other stuff.

Japan: Out Now

Worldwide: TBA

Mariokart8 Mario Kart 8 Racing It's Mario Kart, now with wall and ceiling racing! Early 2014
Shin-Megami-Tensei-X-Fire-Emblem Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Probably an SRPG Aw shit, nigga. The only information available is that it's being made by Atlus and Intelligent Systems, so expect it to be a turn based RPG. And no Purse Owner for you. TBA
Sakuraaaiii Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Fighting

Apparently You-Know-Who has got pretty neat plans. Nothing solid is known yet, but it will have relations to Smash Bros. 3DS. Rumors are that this one will be more fighting and tourney-ish over the 3DS game though, so Melee fans may want to be prepared. Update! Sakurai and Bandai Namco have joined forces for BOTH new Smashes. Prepare your wallets, because who knows what might happen this time around.
Will probably be featured in E3 2013 Confirmed to be at E3 2013.

Update: three new characters confirmed as of E3: Animal Crosser (yes, seriously), Wii Fit Trainer (again, fucking seriously), and MEGA MAN HELL YES METAL BLADES LEAF SHIELD CRASH BOMB HOLY SHIT. 3DS version will have the same characters, but the Wii U version will have stages based on Wii/Wii U games. Better buy both, just to be safe.

It doesn't matter, will be delayed anyways.
Mario3dworld Super Mario 3D World 3D Platformer Newest Mario game for WiiU. Less like a traditional 3D Mario and more like Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS. Looks like a nice game, but it's a shame there's not much new or original this time around The second trailer shows off a lot of creativity and imagination this time around with a fuck-ton of powerups and shit making it feel less like just another rehash: Trailer here. Features 4-player multi player; the characters are Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad (nice nod to Mario Bros. 2). Also, Cat Mario. Nov 2013
Monolith-X X (project name) RPG

Xenoblade with FUCKING TRANSFORMING MECHS HOLY SHIT. Expansive fields and vistas that live up to its predecessor and looks absolutely goregeous, plus what looks like more of the same solid combat and possibly online multiplayer!

Announcement Trailer

Second Trailer

Yarn yoshi Yarn Yoshi (tentative title) Platformer Yoshi's Island + Kirby's Epic Yarn. Made by KEY's devs as well. TBA

Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS is picking up quite a storm in the game department, as well as a huge legion of fans behind it. It's a very nice system and not a lot of people would blame you if you abandoned your DS for this motherfucker.

Screenshot Title Genre Description Release Date
BravelyDefaultFlyingFairy Bravely Default Flying Fairy RPG Remember Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light on DS? This basically fixes a lot of the issues with that and instead of being based off FF3, it's based off of FF5 and FFT, taking the best parts of both and mashing them together for a kickass job system. Lots more customization options and more equipment slots mean you're less limited in combat options. If you don't like turn-based stuff, then pass on this. Everyone else is in for a real treat. There's also streetpass confirmed which will also slightly boost your characters, assuming you go outside. EU: 2013 US: 2014
Dragonquest23ds Dragon Quest Monsters: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys RPG/Monster Sim Remake of the second Dragon Quest Monsters game. Much like the Terry's Wonderland remake it likely won't be released in the west, but you never know. Japan: Jan 2014

Worldwide: TBA

FantasyLife Fantasy Life RPG You can do anything? JP: Out now Worldwide: TBA
KAIO king of pirates KAIO: King of Pirates Action RPG The first of a pirate-theme planned TRILOGY, and This is an effort between Keiji Inafune’s Intercept/Comcept studio and Marvelous AQL. Re-tells Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a sea-faring epic with all types of animals, designed after characters and their descendants like Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, and more. Inafune promises “I will not disappoint you” in the official website, which has BOTH Japanese and English text choices. Update: It's all but official that this game is coming overseas. Maybe? I still wanna believe... JP: ? US: ?
TheLegendofZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds The Legend of Zelda:  A Link Between Worlds Action-Adventure Dungeons are utilized in layers (jumping and dropping between floors more often?), Link can become a wall-drawing to get to new places/get through things he couldn't before (examples: barred windows, gaps in walls), and the primary controls use the face-buttons instead of the touch-screen. Needless to say: US/EU: Winter 2013
MonsterHunter4 Monster Hunter 4 Action RPG Monsters and hunting? JP: Summer 2013 Worldwide:??
CTRP MarioParty scrn03 Ev04 Mario Party: Island Tour Party/Backstabbing-sim New MP, and styled after previous games, and not MP9, so expect classic events, mishaps, and screwing each other over instead of buggy-buddies. Looks to be more refined than previous portable efforts. US/EU: Winter 2013
ProfessorLaytonandtheAzranLegacy Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Puzzle Roughly translated as: "Professor Layton and the Ruins of an Advanced Civilization". The last of the prequel trilogy. Takes place a year after Miracle Mask, and may or may not lead into Curious Village (Layton 1). Obviously has to do with some kind of Civilization, which seems to have been loosely inspired by Laputa: Castle in the Sky. According to creator Akihiro Hino, this will be the "last" Layton game. Whether that means the last game with Layton in it or the last game period is yet to be determined.Trailer
Layton... had a puzzling life.
US: 2014 EU: 2013
ProfessorLaytonvsAceAttorney Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Adventure/Puzzle/OBJECTIONS I am dead fucking serious. Not much is known about it at this point except that it's coming and it features Phoenix, Maya, Layton and Luke trying to figure out the mystery behind a book that makes everything that's written in it come true and literally absorbs both duos. Trailer

JP: Out now



RuneFactory4 Rune Factory 4 Action-RPG/Sim Not too much known as of yet, other than not coming out in 2011. New features include choosing your hero and sex/gender, going on dates with boy/girls instead of flat-out going from friends to marriage, and also talking to dragons (a big part of the game). There's a little more worth mentioning, but the big details aren't too well known yet. There's still farming (also with giant crops like giant turnips), combat, woolies, and taming monsters. JP: now US/EU: ?
SayonaraUmiharaKawase Sayonara Umihara Kawase Platformer Incoming GOTY. For real this time. Pray that either the 3DS' region lock gets broken by hackers when it drops or that by some miracle it gets a US release because you don't want to miss this. Chances for this game's Western release are looking pretty good right now, hold off on your pre-orders just a bit longer! No new information have been released since the linked article and there was no presence at E3. The game got a release in South Korea as a downloadable game only. Most likely won't see a release outside Japan. JP: June 20 2013
SenranKaguraBurst Senran Kagura Burst Action, Side Scrolling

Previously Japan only game getting released everywhere else. If you are a self respecting 3DS owner purchasing this game is manditory. 

Play as a bunch of female ninjas in high school. Also boobs.

US: November (eShop only)

EU: Q1 2014

SuperSmashBros.for3DS Smash Bros. for 3DS Fighting Nothing solid is known yet, but it will have relations to the Smash Bros. on Wii U. Rumors say that this game may return to the roots of Smash and be more party and casual-fun friendly than the Wii U game. Now that Kid Icarus Uprising is over with, he's said that he'll re-study past Smash games some before cracking at the newest ones. Update! Sakurai and Bandai Namco have joined forces for BOTH new Smashes. Prepare your wallets, because who knows what might happen this time around. JP/US/EU: TBA
CTRP Yoshi&#039;s scrn01 Ev04 Yoshi's New Island Platformer It's a new Yoshi Island game, and also there are giant-er eggs than before you can throw now. That's pretty much all we know. TBA 2014


Box Title Genre Description Release date
Armikrog Point n click

Earthworm Jim and Neverhood creator needs your help!

DragonCommander Dragon Commander Turn-based/Real-time Strategy/RPG Continuing Larian's trend of games with terrible names, Dragon Commander lets you be the dragon that Hawke never could be. The premise is that you're the commander of an army, and you're a Dragon Knight (which means you have a dragon and a human form), and the game switches between the RPG-style conversations and equipment, the TBS-style campaign map, and the action-RTS style battles. (And yes, there's a tactical view.) It's also the company's first game after going independently funded (though they're still a big studio.) Whether the game works or it crashes and burns, it'll probably be interesting to watch either way. TBA
Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut Horror You probably know what this is. If you don't, all the better. October 31 on Steam
FPlanet Freedom Planet Girlie Sonic Action A Sonic-like game with Original Characters. By which i mean it has the level design, physics, glorious graphics and music you'd expect from the Genesis games, plus some different gameplay mechanics and Treasure-like boss battles. A demo will be out on SAGE 2012. TBA
Starbound Starbound Sandbox/RPG? It's like Terraria, but in SPAAAAACE! Check out their site for details. It's here: 2012
Early 2013 soon ;)
The showdown effect cover The Showdown Effect Sidescrolling Shooter This is what happens when the developers of Magicka make a game after watching too many action movies from the 80s and 90s. You know a game is gonna be awesome when the trailer shows you battling a knight in the subway of Tokyo in the future. OUT NOW
02-1- Wildstar MMORPG While it doesn't carry a hard hitting name like Star Wars or Guild Wars and the graphics look corny as fuck, this game seems like it'll have very interesting profession/class choices and may be worth looking into. You can sign up for the beta on the official website. Beta coming soon (?)
image Magical Drop V Fast-paced arcade puzzle A new entry to the unbalanced but fun as fuck arcade puzzle series from the 90's. It's supposed to come out on steam this summer, but who the fuck knows. Beta versions was approved in June and their other current project, a Toki remix is near completion. I WANT TO BELIEVE. Summer 2012
Shadowrun-Returns Shadowrun Returns SRPG\CRPG OH SHIT. IT'S SHADOWNRUN! Everybody's favorite tabletop RPG setting is coming to PC this year after the project reached its Kickstarter goal. Everything you need to know is here. OUT NOW
Torment Torment: Tides of Numenera CRPG Hey, remember Planescape: Torment? Yeah, besides updating your journal, it was that little game written better than any goddamn book they told you to read back in highschool with a script big enough to actually be a novel, but they couldn't make a sequel because sales sucked. Fast-forward to the future a.k.a right now, and the Kickstarter project to produce a second game has been backed to heavens and beyond. With over 4 million dollars in their hands, 465% of the amount they asked for, and a excellent setting to work with, the devs either make another masterpiece or their asses are in for some True Death. TBA

PlayStation 4

599 US- oh wait. The supposed "future" of gaming is coming soon. You can catch some videos of early game footage HERE. The system is set to release November 15th for North America all other European countries around November 29th. The price in NA is 399$, England gets it for 349lbs, Europe for 399Euro's

Box Art Title Genre Description Release Date
Knack Knack Platformer/Action-Adventure? A game about a robot-looking critter made of different parts. It seems it can be composed of anything from a small handful of bits to a huge pile of junk, which allows for what looks like small-size stealth to giant-size slugfests. Considered by many to be Pixar-like in appearance, but with a plot about defending humans from an army of goblins. Amusingly, it was the first game revealed for the PS4. Can also be controlled in remote play with Vita. Launch title
KillzoneShadowFall Killzone: Shadow Fall FPS Another Killzone game, another handful of unlikely odds at playing as the Helghast. At least this one looks pretty cool; although, it seems some fans feel this entry to be a bit strange, given that they feel the story was nicely wrapped-up with KZ3. Launch title
Example Deep Down RPG?

From fucking Capcom, a new IP with a game that has aspects of Dragon's Dogma. <ade with theirnew panty raid Panta Rhei engine. Expect medieval swords and sorcery, dragons, and all that good shit. It seems this may have some "social" aspects, as a sort of fake S.O.S. message was shown of Blanka asking Ono for help.

Confirmed to be a Free To Play title. Be cautious.

Driveclub Driveclub Driving/Racing From Evolution Studios, the devs of World Rally Championship and MotorStorm, is a car-racing game that's said to be 10 years in the making. From a visual standpoint, it's definitely quite impressive, boasting some nifty graphics both of the cars and the racing environments. Looks to be something of a mix to "racing" and "driving", like a franken-combo of Gran Turismo and OutRun. You can challenge other players via in-game invites or with an app made for the game. Settings mentioned were time of day, weather, track, numbers of participants, and types of challenges. The first person view is shown from in the car proper, versus the camera being on the front hood. Spring 2014
InFamousSecondSon Infamous: Second Son Action-Sandbox Sucker Punch's newest super-human game. 7 years after the events with Cole McGrath, society and government have taken a turn for the worse, especially regarding individuals possessing super powers. Those considered "bio-terrorists" are hunted down and detained by the government. You play as a new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, who's recently awoken his powers to direct, manipulate and transform into smoke (and fragmented particles, it seems). Powers shown so far include a sort of teleporting (scattering into particles, quickly moving, and reforming) "fire-balls" (which look more like clusters of sparks), and a familiar looking whirlwind (though non-electrical). SP has noted that you'll be searching for other superhumans and trying to protect your loved ones. As before, choices made will influence not only Delsin, but those around him as well. Febuary 2014

 Xbox One

Launching November 22nd in most countries, the rest gets it early 2014.

Box Art Title Genre Description Release Date
CrimsonDragon-9 Crimson Dragon Rail Shooter

A spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon from series developer Yukio Futatsugi. Was originally going to be a Kinect title for the 360, now it's an Xbox One exclusive with gamepad support.

Only available as a download from Xbox Live.

November 22nd 2013 (Online Only)

Deadrising3 Dead Rising 3 Action-Adventure/Horror Third game in the fun Zombie killan series. Play as Nick Ramos in the Calafornian city of Los Perdidos. Unlike the previous games, this seems to have taken the grim-dark direction, which sucks. Xbone exclusive, for now atleast. November 22nd 2013
ForzaMotorsport5 Forza Motorsport 5 Racing/Simulator

Next entry in the Forza series. Nobody really gives a fuck, but it might be fun.

November 22nd 2013
Halocloak Untitled Halo FPS FPS A new Halo shooter featuring a robe wearing Chief (wat). It's unknown if this is Halo 5 or something different. TBA
Killerinstinct Killer Instinct 2D Fighter

KI3 is finally coming out! Not being developed by Rare, which may be a good thing. Feels a lot like Street Fighter IV. Let's hope it doesn't suck.  Made by Double Helix? We're fucked.

Only available as a download from Xbox Live as it's free to play. Everyone will have access to at least one character, which changes every so often 'League of Legends' style. The rest will cost you dosh; you can buy them separately or all together in a bundle.

November 22nd 2013 (Online Only)
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