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retro gamer and collector. Also an artfag Not that good at wiki stuff so sorry if I do something wrong!

Currently playing: Pokeymanz SS, Anno 1701, Atelier Annie, WoW Smt:Persona 3 Portable, SMT: Strange Journey, Tales of the World, Patapon, Civ IV HM:Grand Bazaar, lot's of NeoGeo crap. Hm: Sunshine Islands (Crashed on saving, on year 3 ;_;) CIV5 Tokimemo, Super Scribblenauts THE SHATTERING 999 (crashed fuck cyclodsdsdsd) Pkmn Black

TF2: Rapi (or rapi2 I'm not sure)

WoW: Nomnom/Bronzebeard US (H)

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My favorite pagesEdit

Projects I would like to work on: An article on Adventure Games Adventure Games :3 thats not mine tough, oh well

Fleshing up the Neo-Geo article, adding Ganbare Goemon 2 and 4 to the snes article but I'm too lazy, an article on fan translations that are 100% or nearly complete.

Bomberman on SNES also.

Saturn box arts and screenshots

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