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If you're looking for some quick gaming suggestions, this page provides a place where this wiki's admins and editors list their 'game of the moment'. The game does not have a set date of time to stay on the list, nor does it adhere to any specifics. It's just the game that the user who put it up feels like promoting and sharing for the time being. Maybe it's what they're currently playing, or have just beaten, or just discovered, or are remembering fondly. Doesn't matter. It's simply a collection of personally recommended games by your bros.


User Title Genre User Comments System of Choice Screenshot
Kotep The Elder Scrolls V: Creation Kit Vivec The real game is modding the game. PC Creation-Kit.jpg
MFGreth Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Action RPG GOBLINS ILL LIKE FIRE! PS3 A845f87f13a8bc03c1c7de684e9be2c7-1-.jpg
Mozai Creeper World 3 RTS Kind of like tower defence, but uses liquid physics instead of marching along a path. Written in .NET, still works under Linux. Linux CreeperWorld3.jpg


User Title Genre User Comments System of Choice Screenshot
Aco88 Far Cry 2 FPS A real man's FPS, without all the babby hand-holding of modern games. Very similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in that you're in an open world and can literally go anywhere at any time. Your weapon can jam and break, and you need to always take pills to avoid dying of malaria. PC (Also on PS3, 360) Far Cry 2 PC cover.jpg
Anton Imaus Hearts of Iron II: Armageddon Strategy Playing this on and off until I get bored. Recently played a campaign as the United States of North America in a fictional alternate history scenario and have taken over South America. Both the Fascists and Communists are no more and currently preparing to betray my former allies because that's how I roll. Now playing a scenario as Madagascar so I may take over the world and then shut it down. Progress is going slowly. PC Hearts of Iron II Armageddon PC cover.jpg
Bideogemusu Divine Divinity RPG The game is just as charming as its title. Isometric Morrowind with Diablo/Ultima combat that doesn't take itself seriously. PC Divinedivinity.jpg
Billhelm_II Hellgate: London (2007) RPG/Diablo clone Like Diablo? Like post-apocalyptic themes? Like modern graphics? Then this is the game for you. It's a Diablo clone (complete with Tetris-based inventory) set in post-apocalyptic London rendered on a (mostly) modern graphics engine. The enemy design is good, the combat is very satisfying, and the classes are somewhat unique for a Diablo clone (FPSing? In my Diablo?). It's 100% worth playing for any fan of action-RPGs. PC Hellgate10Q23xJbe8X.jpg
Cloudman 15 Tekken 5/Pokemon X Fighting/JRPG Great fighting game/Great JRPG, what else is there to say? PS2/3DS Tekken 5.jpg
Forte Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City RPG / F.O.E. Death Simulator Finishing out this series (going backwards from III to I) before IV is released in the US. NDS Etrian Odyssey III The Drowned City NDS cover.jpg
GW Deadstorm Pirates Rail-Shooter This is fucking god-tier rail shooting right here. Play as a campy pirate crew shooting golden guns with infinite ammo, manning cannons, killing skeletons, snakes, fish, and krakens, driving pirate ships and small boats, and all while finding some treasure to plunder. Play with a friend and SHOT COMBINE, and if youre lucky enough to find a cabinet (The arcade I go to only had it for a couple months so I only played it twice. Goddammit.) get a third guy to steer the ships. You can get a console port of this on PS3 with the Time Crisis: Razing Storm bundle (its the best of hte 3 gamesin it). I've also heard its on European PSN as a standalone title. Arcade/PS3 252px-Time Crisis 4 cover art.jpg
Haipayazoo Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Point and Click Adventure My interests right now are on the Adventure genre, focusing mostly on point and clicks. An amazing adventure game, and a must play for any P&C Adventure enthusiast. PC 93421-Gabriel Knight Sins Of The Fathers (1993)(Sierra Online)-7.png
Jukse XCOM: Enemy Unknown Turn-Based Strategy\Emotionally Bounding to Expendable Digital Soldiers It's XCOM. You know how it goes: Plan your shit, shoot aliens and cry over your lack of tactical insight as your tiny pals are brutally slaughtered by plasma blasts bigger than their heads. Somewhat flawed in terms of plot progression and enemy A.I, but still a pretty enjoyable ride.

P.S: Ironman Mode + Classic difficulty recommended for maximum enjoyment. Feel free to try Impossible as well but, personally, I don't think it's worth all the bullshit you'll have to deal with. You can totally mock me as a filthy casual if you beat that, though. P.S.S: DLC is cool for adding a lot of cosmetic changes (Helmets!) but Slingshot's mission aren't that much of an addition.

X360 XCOM Enemy Unknown Coverart.jpg
Kadou Steambot Chronicles RPG/Sandbox (sort of) It's a game about nothing... well, nothing most of the time anyway. Go around and do whatever you want, whether that's mech fighting, playing some music on the sidewalk for tips, or just general questing. The controls take some getting used to, though; it's Katamari-esque, but not so much that it's an instant adjustment. At the least, the music and graphics are fine, and I haven't seen much slowdown or loading yet.

Overall, it's one of those nice games to relax with and slowly work your way into. Given how much there is to do, it'll last you a good while.

PS2 Steambot.jpg
Kierke Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath FPS / Action-Adventure Third-person action-adventure, first-person bounty hunting - all awesome. In this game you use a wide variety of critters as crossbow ammo. Each has their own utility which enables ambush/trap setting, crowd control and trigger-happy tactics. Bounties can be brought in dead or alive, though the latter pays better and is much more challenging. The Oddworld charm and humor is here but it's Western-flavored now. Very underrated as it came out at the end of the Xbox's life cycle. Xbox Stranger's wrath.jpg
Kitsuneae Pokemon Yellow Cockfighting When Red, Blue and Yellow re-released I was foolishly challenged by co-workers to old school poke battle. Simple rules: No Mewtwo, No Hyper Beam, all pokemon must be the same level. Beware of surfing pikachu: your sandslash is hosed... literally. 3DS/GB 61ph3g5r9ml.jpg
LEGOslayer Sleeping Dogs Action/Sandbox Sandbox game where you play as an undercover cop infiltrating the Triads of Hong Kong. Its like a martial arts action thriller in game form. Great combat system in the same vein as the Batman Arkham games. PS3 Sleeping-dogs-screen.jpg
LYRIC-Stormwatch Shadowrun Returns Tactical RPG Hunting down a friend's killer, in a world where magic and technology coexist. Just beginning but thus far it's pretty fun. Linux Shadowrun Returns PC cover.jpg
Mama-Mia Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional RPG Ok get this. It's in full 3D like it's predecessor but with over 100 new monsters just in 2 and then another 100 in professional not to mention all the extra buttloads of content like more regions and abilities. They fixed up the battle system and expanded a whole lot on the online.

So yeah make sure you get professional or you'ew a chump!

Nintendo DS DQMjoker2box.jpg
NESfag Streets Of Rage Remake Beat-em-up 8 years in the work for this fantastic fan-made remake of Streets Of Rage. You've got all the characters, stages and enemies from the 3 games, but also new stages, new moves, and mini-games. Several paths to choose from so you can play it again and again and it never feels the same. The only downsides I can think of is the lack of online-coop and the motorbkies and jetski stages kinda suck. Overall it's a real blast and I can't get bored of it! PC Boxedboxer.JPG
nmanma Lady Killer/Party Time - Gonta the Diver II Action This is an adult game, but the gameplay is so fun it's hard to believe there isn't a boobs-free version somewhere.

The game itself is like this: You must uncover the photo of a lovely lady by diving and surfacing on the board, but once you dive/surface in a tile, you can't flip that tile again. Beat a level and the lovely lady will remove some of her clothes. If you want her to keep going (you do) you have to do the level again on a harder setting until she runs out of clothes. This game has everything: fun power-ups, interesting enemies, an even better sequel... If there is a family friendly version out there, please post it, this is an excellent game and it's a shame I can't promote it more just because it makes me look like a perv.

Arcade Ladykill2.png
R404 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) Racing Arcadey racer. Play as cops or speeders. Just about as good as the original. Fantastic sense of speed. Endless fun in the free drive mode. Great soundtrack, great graphics. Feels like Burnout because it was made my Criterion games. Really fun multiplayer with inpeccable netcode, so you won't be seeing a lot of lag. Pure and simple fun. Great way to unwind after work or school without the frustrations of FPSs and the like. PS3 Nfs.jpg
RubedoBDX Jam With the Band Rhythm One of the best rhythm games on DS that often goes unnoticed due to never seeing a US release (though there's a European version), that lets you choose from (potentially) thousands of songs, and lets you play any instrument in the song. Song pack (for flash carts) can be found here, and an informative Wiki can be found here. DS 945811 20100611 screen024.jpg
Sakahagi Shin Megami Tensei RPG/Dungeon Crawlan Waiting for SMT IV so I started to play core series from the first one. Encounter Rate is insane but it feels good man. SNES emu on PSP Smt0009.jpg
Sypha Dark Souls, Divinity 2, Tomb Raider, etc Various I'm playing quite a few games at the moment. From Dark Souls, to Divinity 2, to Tomb Raider 2, to Tomb Raider Anniv., to the occational DOA4/VF5FS fightan. Also playing some Dead Island bro-op once in a while.

Waiting for DOA5 to arrive, and praying for the localization of Onechanbara Z Kagura.

360 / PSX DarkSoulsLogo.jpg
Turbobutts Hydro Thunder Rocket Speedboat Racing HHHYYYDDDROOO TTTHHHUUUNNNDDDEEERRR!!! NullDC HydroThunder-1-.jpg
Zachncheeze Resistance: Fall of Man FPS It's a split-timeline space invasion. It's pretty generic, but I feel like it has really solid controls and a pretty interesting story. Gameplay is great and the overall experience is enjoyable. Has split screen co-op for your bros too, and online mode isn't bad. Overall a great game and heavily underrated. I picked it up again because the 3rd one is coming out in 2011 and it's gonna be really, really good. The second one is okay, but they messed it up a little bit (they're fixing those things in the 3rd), however it is still a pretty decent game too. Try it if you like this one. PS3 Resistance-fall-of-man.jpg