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Now that the Wii U is out, the Wii is pretty much dead. Only a few shovelware titles are still being released but on the upside, no new updates mean no new nasty antipiracy measures, so now is the time to start modding.

Also, on June 28, 2013, Nintendo has shut down online services for many of the channels on the home menu. These channels are the Forecast Channel, News Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, Nintendo Channel, and the Check Mii Out Channel. WiiConnect24 services were also shut down this day, so keep this in mind if a game you are thinking of playing uses this.

The List


Title Genre Description Boxart
A Boy and His Blob Platformer A Boy and His Blob for Wii is a re-imagining of the original NES classic. New levels, powers, and designs make this an astounding game. Beautiful visuals, sound and design in every aspect, nothing about this game will disappoint. The game feels like a perfect blend of old and new school. No Wii IR shit, just plug in dat Nunchuck and get playin', because this will fully envelope you in its child-like atmosphere and give you a warm feeling of nostalgia. The few drawbacks include a few strange choices in the control scheme, and signs fucking everywhere. Features a hug button which makes the boy hug the blob and the player 'aww'. ABoyandHisBlob
Animal Crossing: City Folk Life Sim Basically take Animal Crossing Wild World on the DS, add in a city, and you have Animal Crossing: City Folk. It has Wii Speak compatibility, which might be a draw for some. It's probably most fun if you don't own Wild World for DS and haven't played the Gamecube game (Or the original N64 version for that matter). If you haven't played an Animal Crossing game before and you don't care about online multiplayer, you are better off going for the superior Gamecube version.

Now part of the Nintendo Selects line of $20 budget games.

Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories Adventure A direct sequel to the DS game Trace Memory/Another Code: Two Memories. Despite the so-so reviews for the game, it's actually quite great, and certainly a worthy sequel to its DS predecessor. Only released in Japan and Europe; so while it's in English, you will need some sort of homebrew on the Wii to play games from other regions, or a PAL Wii. AnotherCodeRJourneyIntoLostMemories
Arc Rise Fantasia RPG

A turn based RPG that has pretty solid gameplay like any other, however it has some shit voice acting and has really cliche characters and a plot, but if you look past that, it's a pretty solid RPG title not to mention it's ONLY for the Wii. Consider this one if you exhausted your choices of RPG's or if you're just looking for something different from the Wii. Use the undub version for reverting this into a nice fantasy game; the English dub is horrible (or hilariously bad to some).

Never relased in Europe.

Battalion Wars 2 TPS/RTS Battalion Wars 2 combines third person shooter and strategy. You control units in real time, but you need to move and attack tactically in order to win. There's also options for online co-op and multiplayer versus. This is a solid game overall. One main issue is that some of the motion controls are a little wonky. It is surprisingly difficult (especially compared to the first on the Gamecube). BattalionWars2
Bit.Trip Complete Arcade Like the 3DS "SAGA", this has ALL 6 BIT.TRIP games in one. Unlike that, 120 new challenges over all 6, an Audio Gallery with remixes, original songs, and demo versions of current themes, an Image Gallery with production stills, concept art, and promo images, a Video Gallery with 25+ movies telling Commander Video's story, 6 letters to fans by Alex Neuse, a Soundtrack Sampler CD spanning all 6 games, New difficulty modes in all 6, and Online leaderboards. Whether you already have or haven't started BIT.TRIP-ing, this is the ultimate way to enjoy this retro-inspired series the way it was envisioned: as COMPLETE-ly amazing. Btcwii
Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy Shoot 'Em Up A new stab at side-scrolling shooters, in Blast Works you are able to attach the different pieces of your defeated enemies to your ship, during play, allowing you to build up an awkward heap of a ship shooting randomly across the screen. As you can imagine, this can become chaotic fast, especially when playing with four players. The game's saving grace is that it, 1) has an incredible editor where you can create and customize anything from bullets and ships to entire levels and bosses so you can remove or improve the game's attachment mechanic, and 2) the ability to download and upload your creations online. So if you don't have any faith in your designing skills, you can download someone's perfected creation. Originally a free PC game that can still be downloaded here. Blast Works
Boom Blox: Bash Party Party/Smash em up

Forget the original Boom Blox; this one is streets ahead of it (though the first is still good). A physics game which engages the player in a variety of tasks and puzzles all using the Wii's innovative IR. Grab and pull blocks Jenga style, shoot lasers at flying objects or throw baseballs at huge towers. Bash Party gives you access to the same level creation tool that the developers used, as well as the ability to instantly play levels from other players online.

Ea servers have gone so online is now impossible.

Boom Blox Bash Party
Bully: Scholarship Edition Open World/Sandbox

A game by Rockstar that can be summed up as GTA in prep school. You must forge alliances and confront the various cliques in school and use your bully's arsenal (stink bombs, slingshot, good ol' fists) to establish your reign of terror. You can even seduce girls (and some boys). You also have to go to class, though. An original, lighthearted and inventive title. This an improved edition of original game.

Originaly on ps2, this is fixed up. also on 360 with same graphics oddly.

Calling Survival Horror A first person Survival Horror involving ghosts as well as a lot of J-Horror clichés. The game is reminiscent of Echo Night: Beyond (PS2) in many ways such as the look of the ghosts, also you don't have any weapon, your heart-rate is your "health" and you die if it's too high. The storyline is also very good. 250px-Calling
Castle of Shikigami III Bullet Hell If you are a fan of bullet hell/danmaku shooters (a la Touhou), then this is definitely a game you should look into. Has the insane bullets-shooting-bullets difficulty that the genre is known for, and while the single player is kind of short, it features two-person co-op, and the story changes depending on what combination of characters is used. Scoring system relies on getting as close to bullets as you can without getting hit (aka "grazing"). Only recommended to those already familiar with bullet-hells. CastleofShikigamiIII
The Conduit FPS

High Voltage Software and SEGA cater to Wii players with their very own generic FPS. Think Halo: Combat Evolved, with awesome controls. It's functional, and the customizable Wii controls are a dream. Online multiplayer is also excellent, but the single-player campaign is uninspired. Includes a ranking system, friendcode-less match-making, and everything a good starting FPS title needs. The biggest negative is the online is ridiculously hacked. It's almost impossible to find a clean match, unless you start a new profile. It also has an achievement system if you're into that sort of thing. It will make you wonder if anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

Now on Andorid, if your into that sorta thing.

The Conduit Front Cover 270x380
Conduit 2 FPS A improvement over the original in almost every possible way. The single-player mode takes you out of the boring sewers of Washington D.C into places like Atlantis, Central America and an oil rig in the Bermuda Triangle, the static cutscenes and explosive Drudge mines are gone, and the art direction is much better, at the cost of looking even more like a Halo clone. The fun but barebones multiplayer from the original now has co-op, splitscreen, a dozen different modes and it's the only Wii FPS to support an actual headset instead of Wii Speak as well as a patching system. In fact, you really should only get this if you want a good Wii multiplayer FPS, because while the single-player is fun, it's also incredibly short at about 4-6 hours and the story is just an excuse for the game's settings. Also has one of the greatest endings in video game history. 56px-Conduit-2-Boxart
Cursed Mountain Survival Horror An atmospheric, creepy, and original horror game made exclusively for the Wii. This title is set in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, with your character climbing up a forbidden mountain's heights searching for his brother, who had gone mysteriously missing on a previous expedition. On your way through the surprisingly decent story, you fight horrible Buddhist spirits and monsters using prayer movements and a MAGIC, LASER SHOOTING PICKAXE. It's less stupid than it sounds. Visuals are pretty impressive for a Wii title, the motion controls work fairly well, and while it's not Silent Hill scary, it definitely succeeds at being creepy. It also might be worth noting that the developers of this game, Deep Silver, are the same people who made the upcoming game Dead Island.

Also on PC.

Dawn of Discovery RTS/Sim Basically a more colorful, kid-ish version of the PC game Anno 1404. Build your cities, amass your troops, explore new places, repeat. Surprisingly deep. Be warned that this game was made by Ubisoft's 'kiddie' division (responsible for the Petz/Imagine games). DawnofDiscovery
de Blob Platformer

de Blob is like a platformer combined with a sandbox game. You color buildings and splat enemies using surprisingly well implemented motion control. Occasionally, you'll have to waggle the Wiimote furiously to paint certain landmarks. This has tons of missions that progressively get tougher. There's also optional missions, and a neat multiplayer mode. Has the most upbeat jazz-inspired sound track that you'll find in any video game. The music's intensity increases as the city gets more colorful and different instruments play based on your color. Original is on the PC as freeware, but bears little resemblance to the Wii game. Still, you can download it here at around 99mb. Also has alternate versions on DS and iPhone.

Sequel is out and is multiplat!, it's also fucking great!

Dead Space Extraction Light Gun

A rail shooter for the Wii, prequel to Dead Space (PS3, 360 and PC). Surprisingly effective at freaking you out, despite the on-rails action. Has several bugs that can crash your game (It's EA, what'd you expect), but definitely worth playing through. Has amazing graphics rivaling HOTD: Overkill (to be fair that's not very hard to do) and the Resident Evil shooters. Scary if you play alone in a dark room, but some scares are very cheap. Split screen mode is unlockable (through regular gameplay or with cheat code).

Now for the PS3 with Move

Deadly Creatures Action Although short, Deadly Creatures is a fun game. Controlling a tarantula and scorpion, you will traverse the various environments. Your enemies range from gila monsters, to rodents, to other creepy crawlies. I find the tarantula to be much more fun than the scorpion personally. The motion control here is hit and miss. Amazing voice acting with Dennis Hopper and Billybob Thornton! DeadlyCreatures
Disaster: Day of Crisis Action/Light Gun/Survival JP and PAL-only. Closely related to Japan's Zettai Zetsumei Toshi disaster survival series, the game puts you in the shoes of an ex Marine as he chases after terrorist cell SURGE while negotiating every natural disaster imaginable. Action, rail shooting, first aid mini-games and more await you; some sections are better-implemented than others. Points gained allow you to upgrade skills and equipment, but it is an overall arcade-y experience. You can replay stages for higher scores and the story is completely ridiculous and overacted to the point where you wonder if it's parodic. Disastercover
Dokapon Kingdom Party/RPG This game's reputation as the "friendship destroyer" is well earned, since the only sure-fire way to win is to be a complete asshole to up to 3 of your friends. It plays like a cross between Mario Party, Monopoly, and a Rock-Paper-Scissors RPG meets . To win, you need the most money, and to do that, you need to kill bosses that guard towns, then start investing in the town. If you want to (and you will), you can attack other players and take their items, weapons, towns, or you can change their name/shave their head. Great buy if you plan on having friends over. Dokapon Kingdom
Donkey Kong Country Returns 2D Platformer

An absolutely amazing revival of the classic SNES trilogy. Features tons and tons of levels, lots of secrets and unlockables and just the right difficulty. The level design is very creative, almost every stage is unique in its own way. The gameplay isn't exactly the same as in the classic, though. Rather than switching between Donkey and Diddy, the latter sits on the former's back, giving you additional abilities like a short jetpack burst and continuous rolling (unless you play the 2-player mode, in which Diddy is controlled separately and simultaneously by the other player). Both Kongs also take two hits now, but this doesn't really make it any easier since the stages aren't cluttered with DK barrels anymore. Expect to die a lot, especially if you want to collect all the items in each stage. It only slightly suffers from waggle controls for most of DK's attacks, though you get used to them pretty quickly. Just kidding. Don't bother playing without controller modifications that replace the waggles, which do exist and aren't difficult to use.

Released on 3DS with slitghly lesser graphics but a few added levels. plus no waggling for those crybabies.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat 2D Platformer A port of the great GC platformer. Content-wise, this has more modes and levels. This game no longer uses the DK Bongos, but a mix of traditional and motion controls. Also, the number of beats no longer pertains to your health, using a more traditional heart and life system. This version of the game feels more like a traditional platformer, though easier than the GC version. Whether or not this is the best version is up to you. You can buy the GC+Bongos (both used) or this for about the same price, if you can find it that is. 513TxsB4g7L. SL500 AA280
Elebits FPS

A child-friendly first person shooter, Elebits is a unique game with an interesting game mechanic. You control a "capture gun," that can carry and throw objects to reveal hidden creatures called elebits. By shooting elebits, you charge up your gun which allows you to pick up heavier objects to find more elebits. The game has a robust, yet slightly unrealistic physics engine (picture catching butterflies in the G-mod) and an excellently customizable level editor. This is flawed with sometimes overly-long and tedious missions, not much variation, lackluster graphics and some slowdown, but still pretty damn good. Multiplayer is frantic and exciting, but unbalanced. Called Eledees in Europe.

Sequel on ds was also fairly nice thuogh very different.

Endless Ocean Adventure A game in which you scuba dive in the Manauri sea. Basically, you explore the ocean's depths and observe the sea's various forms of marine life. Not really a game so much as an experience, but sometimes there's nothing better than relaxing after spending a day raging at games. Educational, relaxing and beautiful. Called 'Forever Blue' in Japan. Endless Ocean Coverart
Endless Ocean: Blue World Adventure This improved pretty much everything over its predecessor. Perhaps even more relaxing than the prior entry in the series. Since these games aren't exactly all about plot, there's nothing wrong with skipping the first to go into the superior sequel. Even more educational and beautiful but now with more 'gamey' sections (damn sharks and underwater mansion). Called 'Forever Blue 2' in Japan. EndlessOceanBlueWorld
Epic Mickey 3D Platformer So Disney walked up to Warren Spector, the guy who helped make such games as System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, and told him "Hey, we want to make Mickey Mouse relevant to gaming again". So, he did just that. What we have is an awesome 3D platformer reminiscent of platformers from the days of PS1 and N64, like Banjo Kazooie or Spyro. All the levels are huge and beg you to explore them to find all kinds of secrets and collectibles, the art style and music is great, there's a surprising amount of replayability due to moral choices, alternate endings, and collectibles, and the story is surprisingly decent. The only issues with the game is that sometimes the camera freaks out on you, and there's a lot of fetch quests. A great pick if you miss the openness of 3D platformers from days gone by. Has a 73 on Metacritic because game critics are much less forgiving with platformers than they are with cover-based shooters and Madden roster updates.

Has a sequel which is also on the Wii, as well as the WiiU/PS3/X360. It sold badly and got poor reviews though, so Disney shut down Junction Point. RIP.

1558201-epic mickey box super
Excite Truck Racing The first Wii entry of the Excite series, and a really fun game for a launch title. Has all the stunts and ridiculous speeds of Excitebots, but you can only play as different trucks but at amazingly fast speeds across deforming land. The one thing Excite Truck has that Excitebots doesn't is the ability to play whatever music you have on your SD card. Excitetruck
Excitebots: Trick Racing Racing Sequel/update to launch title Excite Truck. This is an absolutely chaotic arcade racing experience. While the premise looks absolutely stupid on the outside, the execution and gameplay of it are a blast. You race as one of several transforming animal robots, doing tricks and stunts to get the most stars. There are tons of other modes to play, such as sports challenges, or poker. Yes, racing poker. The online is also really good, giving you the ability to earn more stars by betting on yourself to win. Essentially, this is a game where you can PLAY RACING-POKER ONLINE AS A TRANSFORMING PRAYING-MANTIS RACECAR.

Unavailable in Europe, but it's worth importing! You'll just need an NTSC Wii or the Homebrew Channel.

Excitebots Trick Racing
Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Survival Horror

A survival horror game developed by Tecmo and Grasshopper Manufacture. Join Ruka, Madoka, and Misaki as they return to Rougetsu Island to find out the truth behind the unknown disease that causes drastic memory loss, and to discover the hidden secrets and tragedies buried within their pasts. This can be played without having played the other ones. Japanese-only with no hopes of seeing Western shores, but a fan-made patch to translate the game fully in English can be found here with only minor errors in translation.

A remake of 2 was released though, so it's all good.

Fatal Frame IV
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers Action RPG Another entry in the Crystal series. This one makes good use of some of the Wii's features, using the wii remote to throw the fuck outta everything. A pretty good game that's maybe a bit short if you rush it, the main meat is just fucking around. 250px-FFCC The Crystal Bearers cover
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon RPG


This is a new entry in the roguelike Chocobo's Dungeon series. There are many classes for Chocobo, and each one has unique features and skills. The best part of this is the bonus missions, which have various restrictions and are quite challenging, requiring some real strategy to finish. Also has a Japan-only DS remix with some new classes and change-ups, along with a special dungeon that lets you play as Cid(!). Has a gorgeous soundtrack made up of arrangements of the very best songs of Final Fantasy I to XI. Final Fantasy Fables Chocobos Dungeon
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Strategy RPG A direct sequel to Path of Radiance (GCN) with much of the returning cast. The plot deals with the aftermath of the war and the rebuilding effort in the face of a new conflict. It's very hard in the beginning but gets slightly better a few missions in. Graphically it looks practically the same and its predecessor (the animations are better though), and includes the same features, such as equippable skills and weapon-forging, though support conversations are sadly gone. At least the Laguz have been made slightly more useful. Overall a decent entry in the series. Has a couple replay-only characters, too. FireEmblemRadiantDawn
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon RPG An exploration-focused game where you play one of the last remaining humans in a ruined Japan, setting out to search for survivors and find out what happened to the world. Story and exploration of detailed, atmospheric, abandoned environments are the main draws, but there are frequent, frustrating and stiff combat sections which serve no purpose whatsoever. Some survival horror and RPG elements such as breakable weapons, inventory management and leveling up. Also features the most awkwardly funny/erotic kiss scene ever. Recommended for those who get emotionally involved in games because it'll make you cry; otherwise you could probably look elsewhere. FragileDreamsFarewellRuinsoftheMoon
Geometry Wars: Galaxies Shoot-Em-Up Similar to the Geometry Wars on DS and 360. Incredible pointer controls set it apart from the others. Has an online highscore table so you can shit brix at the stupid-high scores you'll never achieve. Need the DS version to unlock the last levels which sucks. Geometry Wars Galaxies
Ghost Squad Light Gun Since neither Virtua Cop (difficult to port/Sega possibly lost the source code) and Time Crisis (tied up to Sony) aren't coming on to the Wii any time soon, this is the next best thing. The usual daggy voice-overs and plot though with a counter-terrorism theme. Guns have multiple firing modes, missions are branching and there's a shitload of unlockables that add to the usual replayability of high scores. Like HotD2+3 it doesn't have widescreen. Wii ghostsquad
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Action/Puzzler What sets this port apart from it's 360/PS3 counterparts, is the two player co-op mode, amusing animation style, and an awesome control scheme. The story starts where the 2nd movie left off. You take the roll of an unnamed rookie, as you go throughout the the game solving puzzles, and busting ghosts testing new, badass weapons made by Egon, and Ray. All while enjoying cutscenes written, and acted out by the original cast! On the downside, it's a short game, (but with the unlockables it sports replay-value) and your teammates AI is a little slow at times, but it can be overlooked. Also contains an alternate ending. 944012 97743 front
GoldenEye 007 FPS This game is an absolute blast. Good blend of stealth/"run and gun" gameplay, okay local multiplayer mode, and features "007 classic mode" which removes regen health, and you survive on health packs. It's not the nostalgic orgasm everyone expected. There is a lot of throwbacks to the 64 version, but it never goes overboard with it. If you're a FPS fan, and have a Wii, you won't find a better shooter on the console. It also has some of the greatest online multiplayer on the system which exemplifies what all online FPS on the Wii have community-wise thanks to the "crippled" online: a dedicated core of decently-skilled players mixed in with younger ones who 9/10 you can't hear thanks to the lack of mics! It's utterly refreshing in a way.

Released on PS3/360 as HD update.

Recommended controls: If you know how to configure it properly, use Wiimote + Nunchuck. Otherwise, use Classic Controller Pro.

The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Light Gun Collects the arcade games House of the Dead 2 & 3 in one solid package. Voice acting and story are as awful as ever, and you'll love every second of it as you're blastin' up zombies using pistols and shotguns. Lotsa unlockables too! Also on other consoles and arcade (obviously).  TheHouseoftheDead2&3Return
The House of the Dead: Overkill Light Gun

Being A Badass

House of the Dead takes on a 70's pulp Grindhouse cinema feel. Corny dialogue/acting, lots of MOTHERFUCKIN' swearing and tits, and plenty of blood. A combo system makes scoring high a test of pure skill, and there are a variety of different weapons to splatter zombies with. Hell, if you unlock DUAL GUN MODE, you can play by yourself dual wielding guns, or with four people on two teams. The best House of the Dead game EVER! Set a world record for most f-bombs (which was beaten by Mafia 2). PS3 Port also available with Move support and two additional chapters.).

Now on android, which is terrible.

Ivy the Kiwi? Platformer One of the most beautiful games in existence from an artistic standpoint. You play as a bird with an egg shell for armor and a helmet on a tireless search for her mother. Very easy and simple, and the learning curve and difficulty level somehow makes the game fun for kids and adults alike. It's on the same level as A Boy and His Blob or Muramasa in terms of just how fucking pretty it is. Only the American version is in full color! Also on Wiiware, DS and DSiware. Request: Please actually buy this game, not just for the devs, but to also support the official Save the Kiwi foundation. Help our animal friends! IvytheKiwi
Ju-On: The Grudge Survival Horror A very underrated Survival Horror for the Wii. This one is very simple and rather short, but if you ask me, it's also one of the scariest games this gen (and it costs very little). It is divided in several chapters in which you must solve simple item-based puzzles to find the exit, while trying not to get killed by ghosts. You don't have any weapon. You use the Wiimote as a flashlight. This game isn't for everybody, most people will probably find it dull (all "pro" critics did). I recommend it for horror fanatics, or if you're looking for a game that will get your girlfriend scared easily, as the game is so simple anybody can play it. 250px-Ju-on The Grudge game logo
Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition Platformer

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kirby with this special edition box set, which includes Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3, and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, all on one disc. Also includes a bonus disc soundtrack and a nifty little art book too.

Never released in Europe? what the fuck guys!

Kirby's Epic Yarn Platformer Kirby is back in his most diabetes-inducing adventure yet! This time, he stumbles into another world where everything is made of yarn and fabric. He lost his ability to inhale his enemies and copy their power, but makes up for it with a number of Yoshi-like transformations, including a car, a submarine, and a giant robot armed with missiles. The art style is absolutely fascinating and features many clever surprises. Let's just say there is a LOT you can do with yarn. The gameplay is more similar to Wario Land 2; Kirby is invulnerable and only loses some of his collected beads when hit by an attack. Said beads can be used to buy furniture for Kirby's house, which unlocks mini games. The challenge lies in finding all the hidden treasure rather than just reaching the goal. 250px-Kirby's Epic Yarn Box art
Kirby's Return to Dream Land

(Kirby's Adventure Wii in Europe)

Platformer Remember that trailer for a Kirby game on the Gamecube that would've had helpers and 4-player co-op? The one everyone thought was reworked into Brawl's Subspace Emissary? Turns out that wasn't entirely the case, as now we've got a real successor to Kirby Super Star's finely-honed platforming and ability-copying. No helpers this time, but you can play 4-player co-op with multiple Kirbies and/or Waddle Dee, King Dedede and Meta-Knight. Includes tons of new and returning copy abilities, all of which have as many or even more moves than they did in Kirby Super Star. The only instance of waggle is shaking the remote while inhaling to suck up heavy objects or even your own allies, along with some powers like Spark where you can shake the remote. In all these instances you can just mash the d-pad instead though. You can best describe this game as having Kirby's Adventure's level design with a little bit of Dreamland 3 thrown in and Super Star's power system. Box art kirbys return to dreamland
Klonoa Puzzle-Platformer Remake of the PS1 2.5D platformer. As Klonoa, a cute rabbit-thing, you explore the vibrant world of Phantomile. The main gameplay mechanic revolves around inflating enemies to use them as stepping stones to clear obstacles. Fair length and difficulty with a number of post-game extras and some jarring plot twists for a happy-go-lucky platformer. Obviously the graphics have been spruced up; there is also new and terrible voice acting, but you can turn on the old one. If you didn't try this on the PS1, this is a great option. The sequel came out on PS2, there are some GBA spin-offs. Klonoa
The Last Story RPG Sakaguchi and Uematsu return and bring a decent RPG to the Wii. Features real-time combat with a cover system alongside the general slew of JRPG combat mechanics. Aside from the fairly forced love story, the plot itself is fairly focused and well done - going out of its way to subvert several cliches in the process. If you're looking to get a JRPG fix on the Wii, this is a pretty good option. Also features a Gamera cameo. TheLastStory
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Adventure/Action Looks like a mix between Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, but feels and plays like its own critter. It's simply wonderful. If you ever played Wii Sports Resort, and know how well that controls, then imagine that in a full fleshed out adventure. Link and Zelda finally get an obvious romance and Zelda is not helpless this time around! Surprisingly great cast of characters, with one of the suavest motherfuckers this side of Skyloft. Hero Mode is made of pure badass, and well worth replaying the game with. If you're on the fence, then play it via a pal or demo. It's well worth the money. First edition copies featured a reflective gold cover, and came bundled with a CD featuring tracks from the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony concert, and for $20 more a golden Wiimote+ with the Hyrule crest. Probably a bitch to find now, but well worth it. Legend of zelda skyward sword
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Adventure/Action About what you'd expect from Zelda, goes for more of the Ocarina of Time feel with a bit of Okami-esque 'restoring the balance of nature' as a wolf. Fun and engaging as usual, it's definitely worth playing even if its ranking among other Zelda games is questionable. The Wii version is flipped left/right for the Wiimote and the framerate is constant 60 now but the GC version is rarer. If you want to mod your Wii with this, then that's your business. The spinoff game 'Link's Crossbow Training' is worth a look too! Now part of the Nintendo Selects line of $20 budget games. Legend of zelda twilight princess1
Little King's Story Strategy This is a strategy game where you recruit civilians and assign them to various jobs. Then you go out into the world to explore, beat bosses, and conquer the world! There's a lot of secrets to find as well. Compared to Pikmin, there are a lot more different kinds of minions to employ. The bosses in particular are a lot of fun here. They each have specific strategies and weaknesses that you will need to exploit. Party building and organizing are definitely a fairly important part of the game as well. Great humor and some of the most creative bosses you will ever fight. Largely regarded as the best Wii game of 2009!

Has a poorly made remake on the Vita with a less cutsey artstyle.

Little Kings Story
Lost in Shadow Platformer

Artsy platformer by Hudson where you play as a boy's disembodied shadow, interacting with the shadows cast by objects in the foreground. This leads to some interesting puzzles involving light manipulation, and a cool gameplay twist later on. The game's architecture and "soft lighting" aesthetics scream Ico homage, but it's pretty decent on its own terms.

Lost in Shadows Wii Boxart
MadWorld Beat 'Em Up

From the creators of God Hand and Okami comes Mad World. Surreal, Sin City-esque graphics really set it out from other games. Fun, over the top beat-em-up with hilarious and vulgar announcers (one is Bender and the other is from Whose Line). Waggle works rather well here.A bit short, but definitely worth your time. What other game lets you shove 3 signposts into someones head, throw them into a burning barrel and then slam them furiously and repeatedly against a spiked wall? An indirect sequel/spinoff is on the Xbox 360 and PS3 named Anarchy Reigns.

Marble Saga: Kororinpa Puzzle The sequel to Kororinpa (Also a great game), this has a lot more features that make it superior to the original. New gameplay modes, tons of new levels and puzzles, Balance Board Support, and the ability to make your own levels and download other people's levels over WiFi. The tilt controls are really fun and quite responsive. Ignore the story mode involving helping out an ant. If you liked Super Monkey Ball, this is right down your alley (much better tilt and no crappy minigames) Marble-saga-kororinpa-wii
Mario Kart Wii Racing Mario Kart Wii features the usual racing randomness that you've come to expect from the series. This particular game adds bikes and tricks. It also nerfs the "snaking" that made Mario Kart DS nightmare-ish for some players. The online in this game is flawless. There is basically no lag whatsoever. Online matchmaking is quick and effortless as well. Huge online community and the ability to download ghost data from the best of the best and even some bonus levels and such mean this is definitely a keeper.

Recommended controls: If you intend on using a Gamecube controller, you're just sucking all the fun out of playing this game. This comes with a steering wheel you can use for christ sakes.

Mario Party 8 Board Game/Minigames I don't know how you could have the dignity to put "8" in this game's title. But anyway, the game has the same formula as the last ones. Collect stars, play minigames, etc, etc. 935598 82390 front
Mario Party 9 Board Game/Minigames After 8, they decided to give Mario Party a 5 year break, and then made the 9th one. And they actually did something different this time. You now move in a car, an have to collect the most Mini-Stars, and now the Mini Games are less abundant. Hated on by most because it was too "different". 632974 214114 front
Mario Strikers Charged Sports (Football) A world-football/soccer game featuring Mario and company. It is the sequel to Super Mario Strikers on the Gamecube, and features chaotic soccer gameplay and online competitions. The grim-dark special kicks are pretty badass, too.

Now part of the Nintendo Selects line of $20 budget games.

Mario Strikers Charged
Mercury Meltdown Revolution Puzzle Similar to the other Mercury Meltdown games. Navigate your way through various stages by either heating or cooling your little glob of mercury, making it either run faster or become more solid. Add in puzzles that require you to split the blob into multiple parts, colour each in, join them to form a certain colour and somehow manage not to fly off the level and you have one hella hard game. The motion controls work really well in this game. Remix of the orignal PSP title. Mercury-meltdown-revolution-wii
Metal Slug Anthology Run n' Gun 7 of the best Run n' Gun games ever made all together at last. A pretty good compilation and a must-have for all Slug fans. Great for you and a bro to waste the afternoon away together. Beautiful animation and fun-as-fuck gameplay all around. It has GC controller support btw. Even when it doesn't say so on the box you just have to change it to GC support on the control options menu.

Also on PS2/PSP.

Metal Slug Anthology Wii Cover
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption FPS/Adventure The sequel to MP 2: Echoes, this is a first person adventure game/shooter. More or less like its predecessors, with one big exception: The game's control system features full-on motion control explicitly designed to make the best use of the Wii. The control scheme lends itself perfectly to the MP series and is very responsive. The bosses in this game are particularly enjoyable. Oddly enough, this game gets easier instead of harder as you get to the end.. but that's not to say it's still not a challenge, especially on hard mode!.   Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
Metroid Prime Trilogy FPS/Adventure Entire Metroid Prime Trilogy on a single Wii Game Disc, why not? The first two entries are enhanced with Wii controls and EDTV (480p widescreen). Warning: Saves from the non-Trilogy version of Prime 3 do NOT transfer to this version. If you have the original Gamecube versions of 1 & 2 as well as 3, don't bother with this unless you're a hardcore collector. Discontinued, so if you haven't got it by now... good luck! Metroid Prime Trilogy
Milestone Shooting Collection 2 Shoot'em Up A compilation of five definitive shmups ever made by Milestone. It includes Radirgy, Karous, Chaos Field, Radirgy Noa and Ilvelo. Though it is Japan only, you can still get Ultimate Shooting Collection in America which, however, leaves out Radirgy Noa and Ilvero. I recommend to pick this up at least for Radirgy Noa, which was done quite recently. RKAJMS
Monster Hunter 3 Tri Action/Adventure SERVERS SHUTDOWN AS OF APRIL 30TH 2013


Kickass monster hunting action now on the Wii. Features a completely redone engine and different areas and monsters than the PSP games as well as the new switch axe and medium bowgun. Unfortunately some of the old weapons were removed and the total number of monsters isn't as high as in the Freedom series, but the new attacks of the recurring weapons make up for it and the amount of original monsters is the highest in the series so far, so if you're bored of Kut-Ku, definitely give this a try. The online is free (outside Japan), features both keyboard and voice chat support and runs on Capcom's servers, so no friend code bullshit here. There's a bundle with the improved Classic Controller Pro as well as a special edition that comes with the Wii Speak peripheral and a little monster figure.

Now updated on Wii-U and 3DS.

Recommended controls: Use the Classic Controller Pro that comes with this game. You're not going to get anywhere with any other control type.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade Platformer/Action RPG

This is an absolutely beautiful game. Developed by Vanillaware, this has a style and setting that, like most of their games, can only be described as a moving painting. The two main characters have completely different plots, complete with several alternate endings. It also features (sometimes) punishing difficulty, hundreds of swords with special skills, awe-inspiring boss fights, and combat that's simple to learn and hard to master. You owe it to yourself to pick this up, especially since it sold terribly. Even though localized in English, the audio is completely in Japanese. If that "weeaboo" factor bothers you so much that it turns you off from a pretty damn good game, then you are most likely a shallow moron.

now on Psvita?

Muramasa The Demon Blade
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars Action/Platformer A visually well-stylized action-platformer with fun gameplay that is kinda held back by an iffy camera. You play as a mushroom person, obviously, exploring a world where the things small to us are massive to them. The combat is pretty simple, but building weapons is fun, the platforming works well, and the boss fights, ranging from a star-nosed mole to a jackalope, are fun. If only the camera didn't freak out every time you got near a corner. Prequel is on DS but is a bit crappy.   Mushroom Men The Spore Wars
NBA Jam Sports Started out as some basketball, turned into a remake of the classic NBA Jam. The Wii version is a bit "gimped" compared to other console releases (not as good graphically and no online mode), but has an extended single-player mode to supposedly make up for it.
U.S. President Obama, The Beastie Boys, Karl Malone, and Patrick Ewing, among others have been confirmed.
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Action/Adventure This is a true sequel to the first game on the Saturn. Gameplay is similar between the two titles, where the 1st was a score based arcade-ish game, this is more "catch-the-leader" but the on-foot sections are really dire. It's been praised for its art direction and for its soundtrack, though the cutscenes kinda suck (worse than sonic game cutscenes!). Using a control scheme other than wiimote+nunchuck is suggested. Many of the people on the dev team worked on the original, including the first game's lead designer. You can tell it was a labor of love. NightsJourneyofDreams
No More Heroes Beat 'Em Up A hilarious, violent, and over the top beat-em-up for the Wii. You play as Travis Touchdown, a would be #1 killer, who also does various side jobs to make pay for entry fees and pumping up his gear and body. The characters and voice acting are fantastic. The boss battles in particular are quite cleverly designed. Only the North American version contains gore.

An 'enhanced' port for the PS3 and Xbox 360 is available in Japan and the PS3 version is also coming overseas.

No More Heroes
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Beat 'Em Up Travis is back (with a few sections as two other assassins) but after a 3-year fall from grace, must once again be #1, but this time, it's personal. This time the non-killing side-jobs are pseudo 8-bit styled (except Suda trolled us all by having the only 3D one be the fucking scorpion-collecting one from NMH1). The ranking matches no longer cost anything, but are still cleverly designed, and there's even more now. Both American and Pal versions will have full gore! Seems notably easier than the first but it's still one hell of a ride.

Germany (and Austria?) also got the cut version.

No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle
Okami Action-Adventure

Commonly considered the best game of all time by some. The brush is now used via the Wii Remote pointer, making drawing the magic a bit easier and harder at the same time. Attacks are complex and unique, combos are done with a whipping pattern. Now comes with widescreen and 480p support, as well as more vibrant colors with the sacrifice of no more loading screen minigames and no more epilogue after the credits (though it was added back in the Japanese version) and a weaker rice paper filter. Amusingly, the cover of this game has the IGN logo plastered on it due to some lazy fuck at Capcom; as an apology, Capcom has two alternate covers, as well as the same cover fixed, up for download as high-def pdfs, so you can print them out on glossy paper and replace the cover.

HD version on ps3? yea it's just this at 720, wooooo....

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Beat-em-up Plays like a beat-em-up based game, pretty good all around One Piece game. Developed once again by Ganbarion. You play as the straw hat crew just beating ship up and having a grand old time. English voices are actually done by Funimation instead of 4Kids. If you are a fan of One Piece, get this. Sort of rare so the price can be up in the $40 range used, so keep an eye out for bargains. One piece unlimited adventure amerique
Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers Action/Hack and Slash The OneeChanbara series aren't popular outside Japan so you probably don't know what's this game about. It's pretty simple, though. Aya and Saki, dem J-girls in tight clothes, wielding Katanas and a waves of zombies/monster/things to slash the fuck outta them. The story is forgettable and terribly translated so don't bother. The controls are quite simple; you do a short vertical/horizontal waggle to slash. It has some in-game tutorials for the dumbest to understand how to do each attack/movement, don't worry. Later on, when you level up you'll need a lot more timing and "rhythm" to achieve some "cool combos" (specially with the unlockable characters: Reiko and Misery). Despite what some reviews says, the controls are remarkable intuitive and perfectly fits quite well with the arcade-y gameplay.I'll suggest you to unlock harder difficulties to find a real challenge. Overall, it's a really fun and overlooked game that will deliver a lot of hours of entertainment. Also, dat Saki's supplex. OnechanbaraBikiniZombieSlayers
Opoona RPG/Life Simulator A charming, quirky RPG with a unique style and original battle system. Interestingly enough, the game can be controlled entirely with the nunchuck, which takes some getting used to. The battle system focuses on using the analog stick to angle or power up attacks from your characters' various, er, bon-bons. You can take on jobs and professions to get money, items, etc., and while the story is okay, it gets a little slow near the end. Recommended if you want to play a unique RPG. Opoonaboxlg
Order Up! Simulation I know that just by looking at the boxart, one would think this is a "casual" game. Well, you would be right, but this is a casual game done well. You buy and manage various restaurants, trying to get them to 5 star rating by buying special ingredients for food, which is cooked in surprisingly well done "Cooking Mama"-esque mini games.

May not appeal to everyone.

Pandora's Tower Action RPG Ganbarion's submission to the Wii console comes across as a mesh between Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda, God of War, and a dating sim. Unfortunately, the game, due to its recycled areas, ill-paced plot and repetitive soundtrack isn't nearly as awesome as the aspects imply. Regardless, it's a solid title that's worth a playthrough. If you like it, it offers much by way of replayability, including several, significantly different endings based on how you bond with the love interest. An expansive crafting system adds a bit of depth to the game and is a good timesink for those with a completionist bent. If you're looking for an excuse to dust off your Wii for a bit, Pandora's Tower is definitely an option. Pandora'sTower
Phantom Brave: We Meet Again SRPG A port of Nippon Ichi's PS2 strategy RPG, Phantom Brave. There's practically no changes to the main game other than the ability to display it in 480p, but the it does include a second campaign that picks off where the first one left off, letting you use some new characters, and also comes with a digital art disc, which has art work and sprites from the game. Worth checking out if you never played the PS2 version, as this is quite unique as far as SRPG's go.

Minor updates to loading times and a few textures are barely noticable.

Pikmin Strategy Not much has changed in this port of the GC game except the addition of some decent usage of motion controls that only enhance the experience. It's also in 16:9, as well. You play as Captain Olimar, who crash-landed on a planet that's implied to be Earth. Various parts of his ship have scattered across certain areas in a small part of the world (since Olimar's quite small himself). With the aid of plant-like creatures named 'Pikmin' you must retrieve the parts of you ship before the thirty-day limit is up. I 17607
Pikmin 2 Strategy Similar motion updates as Pikmin 1. Takes place after the first, and this time you get a partner named Louie to accompany Olimar. You travel back to Earth to pay back a steep debt for your boss by collecting what seems to be various pieces of junk and trash. Once again, you need the help of the Pikmin to accomplish this, and this time, there are two more varieties than in the first game. Unlike the 1st game, there is no limited day system and the levels are much bigger. The focus has shifted from exploring the overworld and archieving as much as possible as fast as possible to dungeon crawling and treasure collecting, which you might or might not like. Special challenge levels and multiplayer add variety.

American release was on June 10, 2012 as 'part of the Nintendo Selects line of budget games.

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition Survival horror You like Fatal Frame right? No? Too bad! This is a remake of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly (widely regarded as the best iteration in the series) using the FF4 engine. Its story segues into FF1 related stuff, but is largely comprehensible so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything. The Wii Edition features the Haunted House multiplayer so if you have a woman over (ha!) you can get them scared enough to coerce them into having sex with you or something. Also features new endings and other features. Cover large
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Action-Adventure Let me get this straight: did you play the PC/Xbox 360/PS3 version? It was quite average, right? Well, this is nothing like those.

With soulful story and awesome game mechanics, which are hard to describe (INFINITE WALLCLIMBING WORKS) and beautiful design of stages, lots of bonuses and classic Prince of Persia included, you wouldn't want to miss this.

Punch-Out Arcade Fighting Punch-Out!! for the Wii is a reinvention of the retro boxing classic. Watch your opponent for visual cues and dodge in time, then strike back with a perfectly timed hit! Little Mac and Doc Louis return, along with many fighters from previous installments and the infamous bike scene remastered for a new generation. Play it NES-style (by holding the Wii Remote horizontally) or use a Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination with optional Balance Board movement. The motion control is decent, but play NES-style if you want to beat the game. Contains a surprising amount of replay value with unique challenges: Title Defense, Last Stand and Champion modes.

Now part of the Nintendo Selects line of $20 budget games.

Rabbids Go Home Action-Adventure A non-party Raving Rabbids game that's actually really good. The story revolves around the Rabbids suddenly deciding that they need to go to the moon, because, I don't know, it's their home or something. So they decided to cause chaos throughout the city and the world by getting as much junk as they can by crashing into it and putting it into a shopping cart, Katamari-style, so that they can make a tower of junk that stretches to the moon. The game is fun, has good humor, a great soundtrack. Also on DS.

Forth (or fifth?) in the Rabbids series, with one similar to this coming out soon. Still no Rayman, though. Rayman Origins shows he's not dead yet!

Rayman Origins Platformer A really good game with a lot of beautifully stunning artwork much like the 1st Rayman game. Kinda like New Super Mario Bros. in which it has local 4-player consisting of Rayman, Globox, and two Teensie's. Also available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Vita and <stirke>3DS</strike> (this version never happened). RaymanOriginsWii
Red Steel 2 FPS/Action You remember that Wii launch game, Red Steel? Remember how shitty that was? Now, forget about that, because this game is a sequel in name only. This game is single-player only, sports a cel-shaded style with a good soundtrack and a Western/Oriental setting. Requires Wii MotionPlus, but it works really well. There's nothing more satisfying than knocking someone into the air with your katana, then filling them with bullets on the way down.

The first game is worth getting if you're curious, but don't pay more than 5 bucks for it!

Resident Evil 4 TPS/Horror The best iteration of Resident Evil 4 yet. It has the great graphics of the Gamecube version, further enhanced by widescreen support and 480p, all the extras of the PS2 version, and without a doubt the best controls out of any of the versions. After playing the motion controls on this game, playing with a controller again feels like a step backwards, but if you want, the option to use a Gamecube controller is still there. Also on GameCube and PS2.

Recommended Controls: This game is much more fun with a Wiimote + Nunchuck.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Light Gun

Umbrella Chronicles re-tells scenes from the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and Resident Evil 0, but in light gun shooter format! Yay! It tries to remain as faithful to RE as a rail shooter can, and it's competent at doing so. Headshots are hard to get though (Trying to shoot that spot below the hairline, above the eyes and in the middle is stupidly hard). Prepare for some really, REALLY hard bosses. Even upgrading your weapons will leave you suffering through some really hard levels.

Now on ps3 bundled with the below.

RE Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Light Gun

The sequel to Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, this game re-tells the plot of Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica in light-gun shooter format. The title also features something of a prequel chapter set prior to Resident Evil 4. Sadly the newly added vomit-inducing shaky-cam renders a lot of the game needlessly hard but it's still a good game overall. Headshots are 'easier' to get now.

Now on ps3 bundled with the above.

REDC Cover
Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Survival Horror A straight port of the GC game, with no additions (or motion control) except the game now runs in progressive scan, unfortunally the FMV cutscenes have been borked and load times are a bit longer. Controller options are Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and GameCube controller. A remake of the PlayStation classic, and a welcome addition to the Resident Evil franchise. Haunting music, new puzzles, amazing visuals, and the addition of Crimson Heads and Lisa Trevor will make your skin crawl and keep you on your toes. If you missed the GC version, get this re-release. Resident Evil for the Wii
Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil 0 Survival Horror Same control options and slight updates as REA:RE, as well as all problems. Takes place before the first game, play as Rebecca Chambers and escaped convict Billy Coen as they discover what's going on this damned mansion. Features a partner swapping system where you can switch the characters on the fly. If you missed the GC version, get this re-release. Resident Evil 2 and 3 are rumored to be getting the 'archived' treatment, lets pray they update the games instead of porting the old PlayStation games. Resident-evil-archives-resident-evil-0
Rhythm Heaven Fever Rhythm The third game in the quirky rhythm-based series, luckily sticking to the A and B button for the beats instead of wagglan. As expected, the songs in this game are addicting and pretty challenging if you want to perfect every single song. The visuals are also really nice, featuring vibrant colors and unique design you wouldn't really see nowadays. There's also a bunch of additional shit to unlock as well. Perfect for quick plays and parties.

There are actually differences in the various regional releases of the game. The European version (Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise) is possibly the best version of the game, being fully translated and having the option to switch between Japanese and US soundtracks. However, only the Japanese version of the game (Minna no Rizumu Tengoku) has the endless game Manzai or Not where the English games replace it with Mr. Upbeat.

Rune Factory Frontier Action RPG/Sim A strange mix between Harvest Moon and a JRPG. Really addicting if you let yourself get caught up in it, like any good Harvest Moon game. Obviously a spin-off. Some argue this entry is better than the DS games but to each their own. Expect to pay no less than $45, though, as it's become somewhat rare $20 new on Amazon. Rune Factory Frontier
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love SRPG The first installment in the revered Sakura Wars series to make it stateside. In an alternate-universe, vaguely steampunk 1920's New York, you must manage a musical theatre troupe that is actually a front for a steam mech-riding world defense team! There is no grinding; deepening your relationship with the multi-ethnic cast of girls directly affects battle performance, which takes place in turn-based SRPG form. It's incredibly cheesy to the point of embarrassment, but that's part of its charm. The PS2 Premium Edition includes an extra CD with Japanese voice acting, but the English voice work is very competent. Sakurawarssolongmylove
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Hack n Slash A Dynasty Warriors-esque hack n slash game made by our good friends at Capcom. It's actually the third game in the series, but the US only got the first one, which was called Devil Kings and was full of edits. Now you can enjoy all the over the top, VERY Japanese action translation of the Sengoku period of Japanese history. It may not be historically accurate, but it's still one of the most fun of the "slashing hundreds of soldiers" style action games.
If you can handle the moonrunes and importing, Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage (this, but better) is preferable. You can learn more about it HERE.
Sengoku basara
Shiren the Wanderer Roguelike The newest entry to Chunsoft's nailbitingly difficult mystery dungeon series, locally published by Atlus (so put away your fake neckbeards). This game is the first to feature fully 3D characters and settings instead of sprites. The story is forgettable, but the tweaks made to the game actually made it slightly more accessible, and it was better for it, instead of "YOU DIED? BACK TO LEVEL ONE AND NO ITEMS". (It's not mandatory, so you can still cry and rage like a madman when you die!). Tons of hours of content. Prequels and sequels on the DS. The 1st is localized, the second may be coming, and there's no word on 4 or 5, but they look like the best entries yet! Shirenwii
Silent Hill:  Shattered Memories Action-Adventure/Survival Horror

A "re-imagining" of the original Silent Hill with Harry still in the lead, now framed as a re-telling of past events during a psychiatry session. A psychological profiling system affects the story and ultimately the ending you get. Gameplay is strictly divided into investigation sections where you take pictures, recieve calls and solve puzzles, and action sections where you simply must run from emaciated, humanoid monsters in the icy other world. Easily the best Silent Hill not developed by Team Silent themselves.

Also on psp.

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Rail Shooter Almost a decade late, this is the sequel to Sin and Punishment, that N64 title from Treasure that everyone thought the world forgot about (thankfully it's on Virtual Console, in english!). Luckily, this game is just as badass and over-the-top as the one before it. Hard to describe and best experienced firsthand, it's like a fusion of Contra with Gradius and a lightgun shooter. 1cc-obsessed shmup players will have a tough time here thanks to its unusual length, but it's a breathlessly imaginative 3 hours that can't be faulted. Supports Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Wii Zapper, Classic Controller, and GameCube Controller. Features online leaderboards.

Recommended Controls: There is no way in holy hell you're going to beat this game with analog sticks and buttons. Strap on that Wiimote + Nunchuck.

Sonic Colors Platformer A return to form for Sonic. The only friend is Tails and the only thing close to a gimmick are the "Wisps", basically living power ups, which are tons of fun and add a new depth to the levels without breaking up the flow of the gameplay. If you are not interested in using them they are seldom necessary to progress in a level, but you will need them to collect all the hidden red rings. The music and visuals are great and the script is less cringe-worthy than previous efforts, being more similar to the old Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons (with expy robots for Scratch and Grounder).

The game is mostly 2D (but with some 3D) with a strong emphasis on slower puzzle platforming/exploration and shares some similarities with the 2D Mario games. It is NOT "Unleashed day with powerups".

Recommended Controls: Wiimote turned sideways is the best option for enjoying this game fully. Gamecube pad is also nice.

Sonic Colors Wii
Super Mario Galaxy 3D Platformer Super Mario Galaxy has one of the highest meta-scores of any game this generation, and for very good reason. This is a magnificent platformer, innovating upon the usual Mario fare in many ways. The biggest change is the motion control implementation, which are cleverly used in various challenges. With 121 stars to collect (242 if you play as Luigi), and tons of platforming challenges, there is plenty to do in this game.

Now part of the Nintendo Selects line of $20 budget games.

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2 3D Platformer More of the best platformer of the generation, with new levels, power-ups and Yoshi. The stage design and music are as great as ever, while the story took a backseat (who cares?). Lots of Mario fanservice as well (the music in Hightail Falls Galaxy and Throwback Galaxy will make you nerdgasm). If you ever had fun playing a Mario game, there is no reason not to get this game. Yes, it's a level pack, but a goddamn glorious one. Again, 242 stars to find, scattered over more than 40 galaxies. SuperMarioGalaxy2BoxInline 1269615675
Super Paper Mario Platformer/RPG Though the game features some RPG elements, it is mostly a platformer now. It's still, nonetheless, a very fun game. The humor is great, the levels are over the top, and there are plenty of interesting puzzles. While not as good as the previous installments in the Paper Mario franchise, this is still definitely worth playing. Although the gameplay can get a little dull at times, the game's quirky atmosphere and retro style will keep you playing. The Pit of 100 trails returns (twice) for some added replay value, you have to redo both of them to get everything as well, though.

Now part of the Nintendo Selects line of $20 budget games.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fighting/Party A must-own game for Wii owners. It's excessively fun, with online and offline multiplayer. The Subspace Emissary (platforming adventure for up to 2 players) is decent, but this is mainly a multiplayer game. With plenty of new characters, and the same great gameplay as previous Smash Bros. games, Brawl is fun whether you want to play competitively (lol MK) or casually. The stage builder used to have online, but thanks to SAAAAKKKUUUURAAAAAAAIIII you'll have to download others' stages from your computer. As of June 10, 2012 the game will finally recieve a much needed price drop to $30.

Recommended controls: There's plenty of control options for your preference, but the best overall option is the Gamecube controller.

Taiko no Tatsujin Rhythm FUCKWIN fun rhythm game done by Namco. Got 5 versions on Wii at the moment: Taiko no Tatsujin Wii, Taiko no Tatsujin Do Don to 2 Daime, Taiko no Tatsujin Minna de Party 3 Daime, Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Ketteiban and Taiko no Tatsujin Chou Goukaban. Personally, I recommend the third one because of really fun party mode, or the second one if you are going to play it alone, but your mileage may vary. Ketteiban has BY FAR the most expansive song list of any console Taiko, with a total of 105 tracks - and almost half of them are Namco Originals, mostly boss songs (hope you like getting raped by 10-star Ura Onis!). A great deal of the list has to be unlocked, though. The fifth version, Chougoukaban, features a lot of titles new to CS, so check it out as well. It also has 100 tracks, just like Ketteiban. Taikowii1
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World RPG

A direct sequel to the original GCN/PS2 title with a new main cast. The old cast appears throughout the game in notably different roles. While the graphics are pleasant and combat is the usual fare (you can capture and use monsters in battle in this one), the story is abysmal even by Tales standards and fans of the first game will be disappointed. Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality. Remember that. You'll be hearing it a lot. The North American version has additional features that were not present in the Japanese release. The PAL version, while also containing the NA additions, has even MORE extras.

Now on PS3 in HD with the original game on the same disc.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Fighting Tag-team fighter with a fairly obscure Capcom roster (Rival Schools, Onimusha, Mega Man Legends and more) and characters from Japan's Tatsunoko animation company (Gatchaman, Yatterman, Tekkaman, lots of 70s costumed heroes). Great toon shading style and bright graphics along with tight gameplay, cameo-tastic character endings and an unlockable shoot-'em-up game! Includes a simple control scheme for beginners, but "normal" controls require a Classic Controller or two (GC controllers work too, but those controllers are horrible for fighters). Online play.

Recommended controls: Despite what Nintendo and/or Capcom might say, the better option for playing this game is the original Classic Controller, NOT the Classic Controller Pro.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Stealth A decently made stealth title made by the developers of the original Tenchu games. Sneak around various locations taking out enemies from the shadows with really cool, brutal stealth kills. The only major downside about the game is that if you aren't REALLY careful, you'll get caught, and the motion-controlled sword fights with people who have spotted you control awkwardly. Tenchu Shadow Assassins
Trauma Center: New Blood Sim/Puzzle The sequel to Trauma Center: Second Opinion, New Blood continues the story of Second Opinion along with adding even harder challenges and more general surgical stages to play through. If you haven't played Second Opinion yet are recommended to play through Second Opinion, as New Blood is more difficult and builds upon skills learned in Second Opinion. TraumaCenterNewBlood
Trauma Center: Second Opinion Sim/Puzzle The remake of the first Trauma Center on the DS with the glorious precision controls of the Wii pointer. The game follows new surgeon Derek Stiles, who has a "Healing Touch," which lets him slow time during surgery. Healing wounds is satisfying in the first couple of levels, and the learning curve stays consistent with no awkward hiccups of random difficulty between transitions. For those looking for a challenge, this is for you, as simple mistakes in later levels will result in complete loss. TraumaCenterSecondOpinion
Trauma Team Sim Puzzle/Point and Click Adventure

Even more hospital fun. This time, you play as six different doctors who all specialize in their own fields: first response, diagnosis, forensics, surgery, endoscopy and orthopedics, some of which play very differently from the usual Trauma Center fare (especially forensics, which is almost like Phoenix Wright investigations). The story intertwines between the docs and is told through a sort of animated and fully (badly poorly time-synced) voiced comic. Features animu!House, brown!Chie and an awesome Native American superhero.

No euro version again

Wario Land: Shake It! Platformer Pretty fun and humourous 2D platformer. The amazing and fluid graphics were done by Production I.G.! Like 4, Wario isn't invincible, but a few enemy attacks and stage hazards DO still power him up in various ways (setting him on fire for instance). These powers, again, still can help him find secrets. The game is pretty easy if you just want to breeze through it. However, getting all treasures and completing every mission is VERY difficult, then take into account the hard-to-find bonus levels.
It may not be the best Wario Land, but it's a pretty good one, especially if you find it for cheap.
Warioware: Smooth Moves Minigames The frenzied WarioWare franchise comes to the Wii. Different microgames require you to hold the Wiimote in a different way and waggle yourself to victory as the onslaught of challenges becomes faster and faster. Plenty of unlockables and fun multiplayer modes included. Said multiplayer is a blast but still not as good as the Gamecube version. WarioWareSmoothMoves
Wii Sports Resort Sport Minigames Wii ______ games are a taboo among "hardcores", yeah, but this is the best one. Nintendo's official MotionPlus bundle, which as well as being fun, shows off the technology superbly. The best new sports are arguably Swordplay and Table Tennis, though everyone will have personal faves. Bowling has been improved. There's also "Stamps" which act like achievements. Some of which are easy, but others are damn hard. The airplane exploration mode lets you explore the resort and has a bonus that appears in some other games.
Fun fact: control foundations of this game were used to make Skyward Sword. So if you're familiar with this, that will feel more natural.
Xenoblade Chronicles RPG One of the best JRPGs released in the last ten years, this game just feels like the devs decided to do everything right. In a world on the bodies of two gigantic petrified gods, it's up to you to use the mystical sword Monado to defeat the machine armies of the Mechon. Over 100 hours of playtime, sidequests everywhere, no invisible walls, you can reach almost any place you can see, tons of collectibles and achievements, all equipment changes the look of your characters and an original real-time battle system where positioning and timing your skills with those of your party members is everything. Has delicious British voice acting reminicent of Dragon Quest 8.
Only out in Europe and NA (In April 2012, sold ONLY at GameStop and on Nintendo’s online store because the industry still thinks that AMURRKINS DON'T LIKE JRPGS HURR DURR).

(As of June 2013, this game is impossible to find for less than $100)

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure Point and Click Adventure Zack & Wiki is a classic adventure game. Similar to its point and click predecessors, you will have to utilize various items to solve the puzzles. Despite the colourful characters, this is surprisingly brain taxing. Motion control is implemented brilliantly here, and it makes solving the puzzles even more fun. A fun feature here is the ability to change enemies into items. There are plenty of secrets in this game and even more appear when you complete the game. A sequel is unlikely but is rumored. Zack&amp;WikiQuestforBarbaros&#039;Treasure
Zangeki no Reginleiv Action/Angry JP People From the developers of EDF. Same mindless fun, superior quality. Since the plot takes place in norse mythology there's no guns so we have to use melee weapons and magic which are suprisingly effective. The real fun comes from the combat system. To hit an enemy you need to slash your wiimote through it, this way you can cut off their limbs ensuing fountains of blood. There are five magic types, but with the most useful, charged magic you can obliterate an army in one shot. Has fabulous motion+ support. Supports online co-op.
NTSC-J only, so you will need a modded console to play it.

WiiWare games

WiiWare Logo
(Note that all games are exclusive to Wii unless stated otherwise)

A number of WiiWare demos are now re-available to try before you buy. This seems to be a gradual revision, as Europe and other regions are still limited to 2 demos currently. Whether it stays or not is yet to be seen.

Title Genre Description Screen Shot
Alien Crush Returns Pinball The unexpected sequel in the Crush Pinball series. Surprisingly still great, but not quite as good as the original for the fact that it's rather short, but still enjoyable. Still has the mini-battle tables the series is famous for though. There's also a LOL-worthy story mode, but at least it has bosses. Alien Crush Returns
And Yet It Moves Platformer A very interesting, artistic indie platformer where the main gameplay feature is that at any given time, you may twist the world around you freely by wiimote, even in mid jump. The puzzles and levels are very creative, and the art style is unique and pleasing to the eyes. Also on PC, but rotations are limited to 90 degrees only. And yet it moves wiiware 640
Arkanoid Plus! Puzzle/ Vertical Pong The WiiWare version of Taito's Arkanoid game, part of the Plus! line they released for WiiWare, which consists of ports of their classic games. Nothing really new, but Arkanoid is always fun, well, until it gets really hard later on. Arkanoidplus
Art Style: Cubello Puzzle Art Style is a series of games which combines sleek visuals and audio with unique gameplay. CUBELLO has you shooting and matching colored cubes; think a twisted 3D bust-a-move. About 50 or so levels but it's good while it lasts. You'll rage when the game decides to place a string of totally random blocks on your cubello, or when the thing smacks you in the face, but that's all part of the fun. Art Style Cubello Screen
Art Style: Orbient Puzzle Art Style is a series of games which combines sleek visuals and audio with unique gameplay. ORBIENT involves playing with gravity to absorb stars and planets. Stupidly hard at times, lots of levels, and even some super hard bonus levels once you complete the main game! Based on the GBA game orbital. Art Style Orbient Screen
Art Style: Rotohex Puzzle Art Style is a series of games which combines sleek visuals and audio with unique gameplay. ROTOHEX has a hexagonal grid of triangular tiles, which you rotate in groups of 6 in order to match up same-color mini hexagons. Starts off fairly easy, however, by the time you have four or five colors at once it becomes much more difficult... then, of course, you get four more colors! Based on the GBA game dialhex. Art Style Rotohex Screen
Art Style: Light Trax Racing Art Style is a series of...yeah, you get it by now, right? LIGHT TRAX places you in control of a line, and your objective is to beat your liney opponents to the finish by speed boosting and dodging obstacles. Looks easy, but can be deceptively challenging. Features some thoroughly fresh beatz and relaxing cruise modes. Based on the GBA game dotstream. Artstylelighttrax-screenshot
Art Style: Rotozoa Puzzle/Action Also known by the massively inferior awesome name PENTA TENTACLES in European territories. In ROTOZOA, you take control of a microscopic tentacled being floating in the primordial soup. Your task is to catch smaller microorganisms with your tentacles in order to lengthen them - but you have to match up the colors. Do this by moving and rotating your protozoa (hence "rotozoa"). Artstylerotozoa-screenshot
BIT.TRIP BEAT Rhythm Imagine a cross between pong and a bullet hell SHMUP. With me so far? Well then, make it a rhythm game, too! Control a paddle by tilting the remote, and bounce back all the 8bit beats that come at you in formation. Eye sex, punishingly difficult and really satisfying. ALL BIT.TRIP games will be on the upcoming BIT.TRIP Saga and BIT.TRIP Complete. That said, if you want to enjoy the traditional experiences of the WiiWare releases with friends and family, there's nothing to stop you. BIT.TRIP BEAT Screen
BIT.TRIP CORE Rhythm This game too involves catching beats, but this time you catch them with LASERS. Use the D pad to shoot directional beams coming from a, well, plus sign in the center and zap all the beats swirling around you to create funky 8bit melodies and crack the high score. BIT.TRIP CORE Screen
BIT.TRIP VOID Rhythm Yet another spin on catching beats. This time, you move a little black hole with the analog stick around insane bullet-hell patterns, avoiding white beats and catching black ones to grow larger. So, take Ikaruga, remove the ability to switch color, and make it so you grow upon absorbing bullets. Considerably easier than the other two, largely due to the implementation of a continue system. It suffers a bit from a very dark screen in some spots. Btv
BIT.TRIP RUNNER Rhythm/Platformer The fourth entry in the Bit.Trip series, and this one is completely different from the first three. This time, it's a rhythm-based platformer in which you help the badass Commander Video reach the goal by jumping, sliding and kicking his way through a pixelated world accompanied by awesome beats. Eargasmic as always. Bit-trip-runner
BIT.TRIP FATE Rhythm/SHMUP The fifth installment of the well received Bit.Trip series, and just like the four before it, this game changes up the gameplay style, while still retaining a similar chip tunes rhythm gameplay, and the insane difficulty. You're still playing as Commander Video, but this time you are traveling along a rail with various dips and loops, all while firing bullets at incoming enemies and getting power-ups. Music, as usual, is awesome. BitTripFate01.jpg
BIT.TRIP FLUX Rhythm The final chapter of Bit.Trip series... Commander Video returns to a style last seen in BEAT, but overloaded each and every single aspect of the game to the point of mastery. Even though there are now checkpoints, the whole experience has become much harder, thanks to new beat types like the dangerous Avoid Beats, which do heavy damage unless you avoid them. The co-op has is two-player only, but you'll want someone just as skilled as you to co-pilot. A wonderful end to a wonderful series. BitTripFlux
Blaster Master Overdrive Action/Platformer Holy shit, a new Blaster Master game? Well, it's more of a remix of the original game (similar map, but a new story about mutants and a scientist, instead of a frog and his owner, JASON), but it's got plenty of new stuff in it. All of the vehicle platforming and gunning you've come to expect. Just as hard as the original, except you can actually save! Blaster-master-overdrive
Bomberman Blast Action/Puzzle Bomberman is always a blast with friends. Now with 8 players and wagglan items (or button mashing if you're using the Gamecube controller). You can even go online and take on Bomberfans in your region or around the world. Simple, fun and blastastic! Bomberman Blast Screen
Bubble Bobble Plus! Platformer Another entry in Taito's Plus! line of ports. Nothing really new, outside of diagonal platforms in arrange mode (which can be jerks at times), but features all the bubble-spitting and apple eating you've come to expect from Bub and Bob. About 300 levels with more as $1 DLC for even harder bubble blasting action. Bubblebobbleplus
Bust-a-Move Plus! Puzzle The last entry in Taito's Plus! line of ports. Pretty much the same story as the other Plus! games, meaning it's a new entry, but only with little new content. But, hey, Bust-a-Move's still a fuckawesome puzzle game. Bustamoveplus
Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Action/Platforming A reimagining of Castlevania: The Adventure (Old Gameboy game), this game is a 'brand new', Wiiware exclusive classic Castlevania title. Did you ever think you'd say that from you mouth in your lifetime? I think not. Game is fucking awesome, and the remixes are just as good. Prepare for some amazingly hard gameplay! Castlevania rebirth
Cave Story Platforming/Metroidvania The game widely considered to be the best independent-freeware game ever made, now on the Wii. The textures are smoothed and the character sprites are sharper, and the music is also revised and redone. Pixel helped out developer Nicalis quite a bit with the production of this version, and it shows. Sanctuary Time Attack Mode, Boss Rush Mode, and a mode that lets you play the story as Curly Brace are some new editions to the game. Updated graphics are optional, try the (free) pc original if you're unsure of this masterpeice. Update: If you had problems with the new music and SFX before, they've patched that now. Cavestorywii
Chronos Twins DX Action/Platformer A fun and interesting action-platformer that will mess up your mind with hard. Think Mega Man X, only you control two versions of yourself on two screens at the same time. Plenty of puzzles that require one screen doing something that effects the other. Also on DSiWare. Chronostwinsdx
Contra ReBirth Side-Scrolling Shoot 'Em Up It's a fucking Wiiware exclusive Contra game. Let me say that again. IT'S FUCKING CONTRA. The same old punishing difficulty, two player co-op, spread-gun using gameplay we know and love. If you don't have this game already, you're obviously not a man. Also, no, I don't know whether the code works in it or not. The code does NOT work in it. Real men don't use cheat codes. The PAL version, though, contains a debug menu, in case you are a 99 lives casual. Contra ReBirth
Dive: The Medes Island Secret Metroidvania Think of it as a Metroidvania style rendition of the Endless Ocean games, only without all the fish catching, and more swimming through huge levels full of death hazards to find treasures. Even though the game is pretty difficult, it still manages to be relaxing due to the graphics and sounds, and it has decent replayability, since you can upgrade your gear and access parts of older levels you couldn't before. Dive the medes island secret
Dr. Mario Online RX Puzzle The classic puzzler returns. Clean jars of bacteria by tossing in tablets. Now with online play! Plus a new Virus Buster mode that lets you play co-op with the Wii IR. Dr Mario Online RX Screen
Dracula - Undead Awakening Top-Down Shooter Pretty much your run-of-the-mill mob killing top-down-shooter with tons of weapons, except this time it's with vampires and other horrible otherworldly beasts instead of just zombies. Hey, every downloadable service needs top-down shooters. Also on DSiWare and PSP Minis. Draculaua
Excitebike: World Rally Racing The guys who did Excitetruck and Excitebots decided to do a graphical overhaul of the original Excitebike and add in a bunch of online features, such as online racing, and a level editor that lets you send and download other people's custom levels. If you loved the original Excitebike, it is a worthy purchase. ExciteBike World Rally
FAST - Racing League Racing Wipeout-ish game on Wiiware. Single player is lacking, 'cause there is only 12 short tracks in the game, but the fun part is challenge mode and frantic multiplayer.Not sure why, but it has a slight feel of Sonic Riders. FAST
Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A Darklord Defense/RPG Enemies (adventurers) will approach from the base of the tower, and you must prevent them from reaching the top. Place different floors, each with a different cost and effect, and then place different monsters upon each floor. Use the spoils to buy upgrades for your monsters, all of which have different strengths and attributes. TONS of DLC too, which can be gotten free as a .wad online (if you enjoy pirating). FFCC My Life As A Darklord Screen
Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King Sim/RPG As a king, build your city and commission and command your adventurers with daily commands, such as which dungeon to explore and what to do there. Keep your citizens happy and make sure everything is running smoothly, from donating to buildings to provide better equipment to your adventurers. Starts off slow but quickly spirals into micromanaging madness. FFCC MLaaK
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years RPG Any tale you buy can be played in any order, similar to Live-A-Live. The Chrono Trigger-esque bands and SNES-style multiplayer are both nice draws. The last tale is huge and full of classic FF throwbacks. The story isn't perfect, but is no worse than FF4's. Playing FF4 before this is recommended, but not mandatory. Consider SNES, PS1, or GBA over the DS one though, as its more like those. Update: Both FF4 and this can be bought together on PSP as "Final Fantasy IV: Anniversary Collection". FF4TAYFinalFantasyBand

(known in Europe as Hydroventure)


Coax a pool of water around the level, hitting switches and splashing badguys. You don't move the water, though; you tilt the level left or right to pour the water around. Later powerups let you freeze the water or move as a cloud. Very lenghty (89 main missions with lots more to find), surprisingly challenging, and with a fantastically chill soundtrack.

Sequel out on 3ds soon.

Fluidity first level
Gradius ReBirth Gradius Yup. WiiWare gets its own exclusive Gradius game. Similar to Contra ReBirth, this game is actually made up of various stages from all the other Gradius games. Still just as hard. A bit too bright and colourful though. Gradiusrebirth
Groovin' Blocks Rhythm/Puzzle Basically a WiiWare version of the Rhythm/Puzzle game Lumines, but with a larger variety of colors. Really fun if you don't already own Lumines. Also on the PSN. Strangly, got a retail release as well but don't buy that. Groovinblocks
HoopWorld Sports An over-the-top, arcade style 3-on-3 basketball game with great action and impressive stylish graphics for a Wiiware game. Great fun to play if you're already bored of NBA Jam but still want a good basketball game to play. The controls take some getting used to, and while there is an online leaderboard, there's no WiFi multiplayer. Still an awesome game. 5609 hoopworld3 1280794419
Icarian/Nyxquest: Kindred Spirits Platformer Platformer that allows the player to interact with the environment through Wii IR. Think LostWinds, but more. Different powers and a good deal of challenge. Nyx's fiancé, Icarus, gets lost, and the gods offer Nyx their powers as help in finding him. WARNING: This game is not a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination. Icarian Screen
Jelly Car 2 Car Platformer You're a car, you're made of jelly, your engine sounds like someone blowing a rasberry. Each level you have to get to a flag at the end probably by going though various contraptions that will squish your jelly body. Car can change size for a limited time, and there's also a balloon and sticky wheels power-up in this one. Pretty fucking fun.

The original Jelly Car also has an unofficial, homebrew port, which you can find on the Homebrew browser. And while the second one has more content, it lack the unpolished charm (and better control scheme) of the first one.

Both are worth checking out.

Jelly Car 2 screenshot
Jett Rocket 3D Platformer A great 3D platformer with some impressive graphics for a Wiiware game. Reminds the player of fond memories from the platforming days of the N64. Has a few interesting puzzles and vehicle sections, and some decent music. The only down side is that it's a little short, as it only has three worlds. Still, well worth checking out if you like 3D Platformers. Jett Rocket Wii
Lit Puzzle/Survival Horror A WiiWare puzzle-style game that puts you in a haunted school - if you step into the darkness, you are horribly torn apart by... "things". You gotta cross the room by turning on lights to make paths. If too many lights go on, the circuit breaks and EVERYTHING goes dark. Surprisingly effective and creepy, with unique and effective boss battles. Has multiple endings as well, just to further challenge you. Lit-thumb-640xauto-1400
La-Mulana Metroidvania Remake of a freeware PC game. Metroidvania, tribute to MSX game Maze of Galious with interconnected dungeons, bosses, mini-bosses, rather obtuse puzzles and godly music. While WiiWare remake streamlines gameplay a bit compared to original version, the game is still brutally hard. It also mixes up puzzles a bit, redoes all boss encounters and adds new graphics. Also available on PC via Playism. La-mulana1
LostWinds Platformer Unique, beautiful puzzle platformer in which you control the power of the wind with the Wii IR. Guide the player character with the Nunchuk and help him along with gusts of wind. You can also blow fire and water around at will, shift rocks and enemies, create vortexes to hold items in midair... Short, but sweet. Really nice graphics. LostWinds
LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Platformer The long-awaited sequel to LostWinds is basically a must-have. The difficulty and length have been notched up satisfactorily, and the game takes place in a frozen snow environment. Later on you gain the power to change the season from winter to summer, and unfreeze everything. New and old abilities return. Lostwinds-winter-melodias
MaBoSHi: The Three Shape Arcade Puzzle/Action Three little games in one. Each is based on a shape. Sounds dull huh? It's not. Why? Because the idea is you get some friends and play all 3 games simultaneously, side by side split screen. Each game has the potential to affect the other games - enemies from one game can shoot over into the one next door if not destroyed, for example. Maboshi Screen
Max and the Magic Marker Puzzle/Platformer

A very charming looking 2D puzzle platformer where you guide your character throughout the game by drawing weights, bridges, levels, and other things with your IR pointer, er, I mean magic marker. Well worth looking into.

Now on pc, a sequel is out on next gen consoles soonish.

Maxmagic demo
Mega Man 9 Action/Platforming Mega Man's return to glory almost ten years after Mega Man 8. Instead of going with a 16 bit style or making it 3D, Capcom decided to make it "retro", as a result, everything in the game is like the classic NES Mega Man games, even including sprite flickering! Awesome music, awesome bosses, and awesome powers. This is a return to Mega Man 2 style gameplay, so no charge buster or sliding. Also, this game may be one of the harder Mega Man games in the series, so be prepared. Also on PS3/360. Lotsa DLC! Megaman9-2
Mega Man 10 Action/Platforming The second "retro revival" Mega Man game Capcom has released. The bosses and power-ups were stronger in Mega Man 9, but the level design and some of the music in 10 are top notch. Now offers free Proto Man, the ability to switch powers without going to the menu, challenge rooms, and awesome DLC, which includes the return of Endless mode from 9, playable Bass, and 3 new levels/bosses. Also on PS3/360 Megaman 10 wiiware2
Mr. Driller W Puzzle The latest entry in the Mr. Driller series, absolutely full of all the colorful blocks, cute characters (each of which play a little differently) and sound effects the series is known for. Drill through the blocks, but don't get yourself smashed! Still pretty much the same as the other versions (on all formats since dreamcast). Mrdrillerw
Muscle March Action/GAYMEN Get ready for the balls-to-the-wall awesome that is MUSCLE MARCH. Some football player stole your jar of protein, and now it's time to MUSCLE. Choose from 6 different bodybuilders (and a polar bear) and strike poses whilst crashing through walls in a race to reclaim what is rightfully yours. Made by the developers of Katamari Damacy. Manliest game EVER! Also loved universally by /v/ due to its gloriously gay overtones. Muscle1
Onslaught FPS A well-made WiiWare game that manages to fit a full-fledged FPS into a tiny download due to Nintendo's file size limits. Controls are smooth and effective with some freaky-ass moments in the mix for added fun. Also, THAT'S WHY YOU'RE STILL A KID. (Don't worry, you'll find out.) Onslaught Wiiware
Overturn Mech Combat/TPS An awesome mech combat game that can actually be controlled with the WiiFit balance board. Finally, a non-sports/exercise related use for that thing. Featuring 8 customizable mechs with upgradeable weaponry and impressive graphics for a downloadable Wii title. The single player is pretty stale, but it's the two-player splitscreen and four-player online that really make this title worth using your Nintendo points. Overturn
Phoenix Wright Point and Click Adventure Pretty much a lazy port of the DS adventure games you all know and love, but on Wiiware. Instead of shouting "OBJECTION" into the DS mic like a moron, you can now point sharply with the Wiimote like a moron to present evidence. Each of the original PW games are released episodically for 10 bucks each, with the bonus case from the first game planned after Trials and Tribulations for a mere dollar. Sadly none of the graphics have been updated. Obviously, also on DS. Note: Due to the rarity of the GBA games, and even the DS remakes, the wii ports allow for newcomers to the series to play the games, and for a very cheap price. Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations also on the Wii.

Similar but superior ports (with updated graphics!) are available for iOS.

Pole's Big Adventure Platformer/Joke 'Em Up A game that was made as a parody of it's generation. Currently released only in Japan with no sign of an English release. Includes 100 "gags" for the player to uncover, which includes a bunch of parodies based off games like Super Mario Bros., and one of them is an item that gives the main character an erection. It isn't really a game meant to be taken seriously, as it features a lot of gameplay jokes like intentional glitches and mishaps. Poles Big Adventure
Pokemon Rumble Action/Arena Essentially Pokemon: Gauntlet Edition, except no food, but a variety of different moves and types. You can have a full party of MORE than 6 Toy Pokemon, which you can get in various ways, and you can "bid them farewell" for money which can be used to buy better moves for better mons. Toy Pokemon never level up or evolve, but at the end of a level you'll almost always find yourself getting even more and better mons in the double digits. This game allows up to 3 extra players to join in, so if you feel you're getting swarmed from time to time, that's why. Not that fun playing solo - this game definitely shines when played with friends (preferrably friends who like Pokémon). Pokerumble
Rage of the Gladiator Action/Punchout! Clone For all of you who were bitching that there weren't enough new characters in the recent Wii Punchout! game, this game was made for you. Pretty much plays exactly like a fantasy/gladiator themed Punchout! game, with options to either play it with just the Wiimote on its side, or with the Wiimote + Nunchuck. Ten monsters, magicians, knights, etc. all want a piece of you, and Little Macius is going to have to bring them down. Rageofthegladiator
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Platformer

Very short (like every 2D sonic HERP DERP) but REALLY FUN. The fans were right for once. Same fun 2D gameplay that even the couple of changes, such as lock-on, doesn't ruin it. A (finally) great Sonic game for what it is worth. Also on Live Arcade and PSN.

Episode 2 is on pc,360,ps3 and android/ios.

20839s4 360 z1a3 001
Space Invaders Get Even Shoot-em-Up Think Space Invaders, except it plays nothing like Space Invaders, and you are the one attacking all the buildings, tanks, and ships. Really fun with great humor, but the price is ridiculous. To get all eight of the levels in the game, you need to fess up a total of 2000 points, 500 each. A great game if you can get it, erm, "cheaper". Spaceinvadersgeteven
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People Point and Click Adventure A point n' click adventure game made by Telltale, the guys behind the Sam & Max games. The humor is hit or miss, and really depends on whether or not you like the web cartoon the games are based off of, but as an adventure game, it's really fun. Episode's 1 through 5 are 10 bucks each. Also on PC, individually for $8.25 or in a bundle pack for $20. Also avaible on PS3 as a bundle back for $20. Strong bads cool game-thumb
Swords & Soldiers RTS 2D side-scrolling RTS. The Aztecs, the Vikings and the Chinese are fighting for the power of the gods. Different missions for each faction with different objectives, as well as splitscreen multiplayer. Units begin marching toward the enemy base automatically when built, and you must make strategic decisions on which spells to cast. Also on other consoles in HD. Swords and Soldiers Screen
Tales of Monkey Island Point and Click Adventure Another episodic point n' click adventure series by Telltale, this time about everyone's favorite pirate, Guybrush Threepwood. The humor works pretty well, and is very reminiscent of the old Monkey Island games, with a suitably wacky story and characters. Episodes 1 through 5 are 10 bucks each. Only get the WiiWare version if for any reason at all you cannot get the PC version. This one suffers immensely from a stuttering framerate and long loading times. Tales-of-monkey-island
Tetris Party Tetris It's fucking Tetris. You know how to play Tetris, right? Well, this version has a ton of new modes, features online competitions, and can even let you control with the Balance Board, which doesn't really help, but it's fucking hilarious. Tetrisparty
Toki Tori Puzzle/Platforming

A Wiiware remake of the original Gameboy Color game by Two Tribes, only with much better visuals but without the great music. The visuals make the game into an almost 2.5D platformer, there are new levels, a point/click control scheme, etc. Well worth checking out if you are a fan of the original or puzzle platformers in general. Gets amazingly hard very fast and thats before you unlock the 'hard' levels! Also on Iphone.

Sequel on wii-u is great!

Tomena Sanner Action A game where you play as a Japanese business man dodging obstacles, avoiding samurai, tricking T-Rexes, and standing off with cowboys, all so that he can reach the ultimate dance party. Yeah, it's pretty bizarre, but that's Konami for you. Really cheap, only costs 5 bucks. Tomenasanner
Wild West Guns Arcade

Fixed FPS

An overlooked arcade shooter. This game works like a railshooter except that only around 1/3 of the game is on rail, while the rest is just fixed screens. You shoot targets, indians and cowboys, as well as other western related things. The best thing about this game is its arcade feel and its scoring system. I always get back to it from times to times just to improve my high scores. Features a 2 players mod(e?) (co-op or compete for the best score). Wildwestguns
World of Goo Puzzle Also available on PC, but the Wii release supports multiplayer co-op. Build and connect structures of goo balls in order to reach the exit! Or at least, that's how it seems on the surface. As you dive deeper in different challenges present themselves. Fun and charming with excellent art and music. World of Goo Screen
Water Warfare FPS Water Warfare is Hudson's 2nd WiiWare FPS game (Onslaught being the first), and it's surprisingly good. The single player is a bit dull, but the main event here is the multiplayer. You can take water bazookas, water machine guns, dual water pistols, and SHOW THEM ONLINE. It's the first WiiWare FPS to have deathmatch modes, team battles, CTF, and all the other wonderful multiplayer modes you've came to love. The online is surprisingly active, so you'll always find a game. With a ranking system and leaderboards, it has replayability. At 800 points it's a 'bargain', for a FPS aimed at children anyway. Waterwarfare
Zombie Panic in Wonderland Shmup Homage to Wild Guns and Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ. The world's been infected by a zombie outbreak and it's up to Momotaro and his sexy fairy tale ladyfriends to clean shit up by razing it to the ground. Features pretty fun and frantic gameplay (on hard) and HIGHLY destrucible environments, which are handy to beating the stage and smashing zombies with. More fun with two players, but then again, what game that lets you isn't? Zombie panic

Virtual Console


PAYAN FOR ROMS. There are homebrew emulators that work well. Don't consider buying one until you've tried the game on the homebrew emulators, since you're getting scammed otherwise. The VC offers plenty of classic games to play. In addition, Wii remotes are much more convenient than tripping over wires. Many of the virtual console titles are worth buying just for superior controls and the assured quality that you sometimes can't find with emulation. Well, given that we have numerous games on the VC listed in our wiki, you should check our respective sections. However, there are some that may not be available in your region or on the service in general. To double check this, check HERE if you have an American Wii, HERE if you have a European Wii, and I guess HERE if you have a Japanese Wii for some reason. Most of the Hanabi Festival games are translated but some have better fan translations on '', plus they cost 100 Wii points more than normal games so be very careful before purchase.

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