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"Reinvented around you."

Windows Phone, later renamed Windows 10 Mobile, is a mobile operating system by Microsoft. It is the successor to the Windows Mobile operating system.

As it was a commercial failure, Microsoft eventually threw in the towel and announced its discontinuation.

The list[]

Screenshot Title Genre Description
Asphalt 8 Windows Phone screenshot.png Asphalt 8: Airborne Racing Over-the-top arcade racer in the same vein of Burnout. Great intense gameplay. Excellent graphics that wouldn't be out of place in a regular console, and a very fitting electronic soundtrack.
Earthworm Jim HD Windows Phone screenshot.jpg Earthworm Jim HD Platformer Improved remake of one of the grooviest 2D platformers ever. Also on X360/PS3.
Gunhouse screenshot.png Gunhouse Puzzle / Defense Protect your orphans from being kidnapped by nasty creatures. How? LOTS of wacky, but powerful guns! Slide ammo tiles to form large blocks to create guns (left) or "specials" (right). Each gun and special type can serve for different uses, some more effective against different enemy patterns than others, so slide and shoot wisely, because you only get a few seconds to reload, and your ammo runs out quick. Has quite the dev team, including Twinbeard and Disasterpiece. It's also free. Trailer Gameplay

If you played it on Playstation Mobile before, you'll be pleased to know the Windows Phone version has been upgraded a bit. List of changes: Screenshake, better sliding and action in general, you can now choose which weapons you take into a fight, new enemy and boss colors, lots of bugfixes, everything is 720p.

Riptide GP 2 Windows Phone screenshot.png Riptide GP 2 Racing Friggin' sweet water scooter racer.
Snake Rewind screenshot.png Snake Rewind Casual The best-selling mobile game ever... no, the best-selling game ever, period (it was bundled with hundreds of millions of Nokia cell phones after all) is back, from the same guy actually. But now it has modernized graphics, some chill music, and revamped gameplay.