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The WonderSwan comes in three versions: the classic, the Color, and the Crystal. Color and Crystal are the same system but Crystal has a better screen and less battery life though all of them run on just one AA.

Classic: 30-40 Hrs

Color: 20 Hrs


The List

Title Genre Description Box Art
Beatmania Rhythm
Bistro Recipe RPG
Blue Wing Blitz Strategy
Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon Rouge Like A port of the playstation game in nice monochrome 2D, just as good but some prefer this for portability and such.
Final Fantasy 1/2/4 RPG Perfect ports/remakes of the SNES/NES games, lots of the sprite work is redone and improved.
Ganso Jajamaru-kun Platformer
Guilty Gear Petit 1/2 Fighting
Hataarku Chocobo Board Game
Judgement Silversword -Rebirth Edition- Shoot 'em Up A fast-paced score attack game with heavy focus on aggressive play through eliminating enemies quickly. Your shield cancels bullets and destroys enemies, yielding multipliers, but recharges slowly, requiring a bit of tactical use. Available as a port on the Eschatos 360 release alongside its sequel Cardinal Sins. Somewhat of a rarity in cartridge form as it received a limited reprint, being made by an independent developer on the WonderWitch development kit, though it's easily emulable. Judgement Silversword
Klonoa: Midnight Museum Platformer
Makaimura for WonderSwan Platformer
Makai Toushi SaGa RPG Excellent remake of Final Fantasy Legends 1 for the GameBoy, this version jacks up the power to SNES like levels and is totally worth the $5 bucks or so that your average Wonderswan game costs.
Mr.Driller Puzzle
Namco Super Wars Tactical RPG
One Piece: Chopper no Daibouken Rouge Like
Pocket Fighter Fighting The only handheld port of the game, and it's a damn good one too.
Romancing SaGa RPG
Tekken Card Challenge Fighting
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