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The Bandai WonderSwan never made it outside of Japan and so it dosen't have many English games, and a lot of them are Anime Licensed and a whole lot of RPGs.

The WonderSwan comes in three versions: the classic, the Color, and the Crystal. Color and Crystal are the same system but Crystal has a better screen and less battery life though all of them run on just one AA.

Classic: 30-40 Hrs

Color: 20 Hrs

Crystal: 12 Hrs

The List

Title Genre Description Box Art
Beatmania Rhythm Beatmania WS
Bistro Recipe RPG It's like Pokemon but you make your own monsters, really good spritework and high difficulty. Kakuto-Ryori-Densetsu-Bistro-Recipe
Blue Wing Blitz Strategy

Excellent strategy game by Square, the graphical quality is just amazing it looks like a GBA game.

Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon RPG / Dungeon Crawler A port of the Playstation game in nice monochrome 2D, just as good but some prefer this for portability and such. Chocobo no fushigina dungeon
Dicing Knight Period RPG / Dungeon Crawler Dicing Knight Period
Final Fantasy 1 / 2 / 4 RPG Perfect ports/remakes of the SNES/NES games, lots of the sprite work is redone and improved. Final Fantasy WSC
Ganso Jajamaru-kun Platformer A remix/remake of the NES game with improved controls and monochrome graphics. Ganso Jajamaru-kun
Guilty Gear Petit 1 & 2 Fighting Guilty Gear Petit WSC
Hataraku Chocobo Board Game Hataraku-Chocobo
Judgement Silversword -Rebirth Edition- Shoot 'em Up A fast-paced score attack game with heavy focus on aggressive play through eliminating enemies quickly. Your shield cancels bullets and destroys enemies, yielding multipliers, but recharges slowly, requiring a bit of tactical use. Available as a port on the Eschatos 360 release alongside its sequel Cardinal Sins. Somewhat of a rarity in cartridge form as it received a limited reprint, being made by an independent developer on the WonderWitch development kit, though it's easily emulable. Judgement Silversword
Klonoa: Midnight Museum Platformer Klonoa Moonlight-Museum
Makai Toushi SaGa RPG Excellent remake of Final Fantasy Legend for the Game Boy. This version jacks up the power to SNES-like levels and is totally worth the $5 bucks or so that your average Wonderswan game costs. Final-Fantasy-Legend WS JP
Mr. Driller Puzzle Mr. driller WSC
Namco Super Wars Tactical RPG NamcoSuperWars
One Piece: Chopper no Daibouken RPG One-Piece WSC
Pocket Fighter Fighting The only handheld port of the game, and it's a damn good one too. Pocket Fighter WS
Romancing SaGa RPG Romancing-SaGa WSC
Tekken Card Challenge Fighting Tekken Card Challenge
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