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When it came down to games, Sharp ruled! The X1 was released by Sharp after the MZ series, and different from other computers of the time it didn't have an embedded BASIC (which had to be load from a cassette tape). This meant it had free RAM, so you could put your favorite tape and it would load automatically! It received upgrades in the form of the X1 Turbo and X1 Turbo-Z, which added even more power for an already powerful machine.

Like other computer systems of the era though, it also can sometimes be a little slow to load at times, particularly regarding multiple disks. This seems to vary per game, as some start quickly while others take a few seconds to set everything up. As long as you're patient during those occasional games, you should still find this machine enjoyable.
Similar to the MSX though, the scrolling can be a bit choppy, so some arcade games and ports don't work as well as you'd hope.

The Games[]

Box Art Title Genre Description
Brain Breaker X1 Cover.jpg Brain Breaker Metroidvania Your ship was shot down and you felt into a planet devoid of life and filled with evil robots. Now you must make your way to escape the place. May get complicated if you don't know moonspeak, but you can find a walktrough on NicoNico.
Kagirinaki Tatakai X1 cover.jpg Kagirinaki Tatakai Platformer Probably the best X1 game, your objective is simply to go as deep as possible, and for this you have three different weapons at your disposal. It featured asymmetric sprites, decades before Super Metroid came out!
Super Mario Bros Special PC-88 cover.jpg Super Mario Bros. Special Platformer You thought The Lost Levels was hard? You have seen nothing! Prepare to pull out your hair as you make through the most insane level designs in Mario history!
Addendum: Part of what makes this so tricky is that it uses a flick-screen set up (i.e. you only see/interact with one screen at a time) without the smoother scrolling on NES. This also means that rebounded Koopa shells can bounce back merely by hitting the edge of the screen, regardless of any obstacles on the next, so be alert! There is also a romhack for the NES original to be modified into the level design of this while keeping the NES scrolling.
Ed note: there is also a hack/patch to correct the PC-88 version of 4-4 of SMBspecial. I don't know off-hand if the X1 version suffers the same error or not, so if it does, please leave a note in this description.
Thunder Force FM-7 cover.jpg Thunder Force Top-down shooter The very first Thunder Force, the one that nobody ever played! It plays just like the top-down sections from Thunder Force II, where you must destroy various devices on the ground, then you take on a gigantic battleship.


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