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The Xbox Live marketplace requires internet access for many downloadable titles. If you downloaded anything marked "Xbox Live Arcade", it is online only and will not function if the servers are down. Please keep this in mind when buying downloadable games! Also check out the Xbox 360 XBLA page for more titles. A ton are forwards compatible.

Box Art Title Genre Description
Cuphead Cuphead Run 'n Gun Boss Rush: The Game!

Cuphead and Mugman lost a bet with The Devil, now they must search and fight all of his debtors or else they'll lose their souls! A stylish and balls hard run and gun styled after the classic cartoons from the 30's. Also on PC.

BattleGareggaRev2016 Battle Garegga Rev. 2016 Shoot'em Up The classic maniac Arcade shooter returns courtesy of M2, with tons of customization options to blease both casuals and hardcore gamers alike. Still the same great experience and awesome soundtrack of yesterday!
D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die Xbox One cover D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Point and Click Point and Click game made by the developers of Deadly Premonition. Centers around a detective named David, who can't remember anything leading up to his wife's murder. Thanks to the incident, he also gained the ability to travel through time. Also he lives with a woman that acts like a cat and is friends with a detective with the ability to eat 5 slices of pizza in 3 bites. Every bit as bizarre, if not more so than Deadly Premonition with an insane cast of characters and a great soundtrack. Gameplay is a mixture of old and classic Telltale games, so if you like those, check this out. Sadly though it is in episodic format, so a current release date for the "Second Season" is currently up in the air.

Also on PC, released on places like GoG and Steam.

Ghost Blade HD Xbox One cover Ghost Blade HD Shoot'em Up A cool manic shooter, originally released on the Dreamcast, with some solid indie pedigree: the producer and the programmer of Pier Solar, plus the designer and the composer of Last Hope. Their main inspiration is distinctly - or even shamelessly - Cave's DonPachi series. Gorgeous highly detailed backgrounds and nice electronic soundtrack. Very enjoyable, but perhaps a bit on the short and easy side.
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Directors Cut cover Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut Platformer A little girl has to go through the world of dreams and kick some serious owl butt to rescue her sister. A great game, sequel of one of the most fondly remembered games from the 1980s European computer scene. Includes the "Rise of the Owlverlord" expansion.
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition cover Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Metroidvania You are Juan Aguacate, an agave farmer by day and a luchador by night, who must defeat an evil skeleton's army to save the daughter of El Presidente. Do cool grappling moves! Make wicked cool combos! And before you ask, you can ignore the memes in the background. Includes co-op, too.
Hand of Fate title Hand of Fate Dungeon Crawler / Card Game A strange combination of strategy card game, brawler, and dungeon crawler featuring an aged adventurer at the end of his life playing against an enigmatic dealer full of snarky lines. The price of failure: become one of the cards... forever. Can you beat the "Game of Eternity" or will you be just another victim? Starts easy, but ramps up difficulty as every defeated boss becomes part of the dealer's deck to use against you.
KIXboxOne Killer Instinct Fighting Killer Instinct 3! Not made by Rare, instead made by developer Double Helix, then later picked up by Iron Galaxy. DH is infamous for mediocre games, but thankfully KI is surprisingly good and very fun.

The game is free to play. Everyone has access to at least one character, which changes every so often 'League of Legends' style. The rest costs you dosh; you can buy them separately or all together in a bundle.

Ori and the Blind Forest Xbox One cover Ori and the Blind Forest Metroidvania A Metroidvania with exceptional visuals and atmosphere. Play as a little cat thing and use spirits to fight evil spirits.
Resident Evil Xbox One cover Resident Evil Survival Horror The 2015 remaster of the 2002 remake of the 1996 original, now in HD. You probably know the gist by now: you're stuck in a mansion with zombies. Ammo is scarce, and the controls emphasize surviving over shooting. And controls have been modified slightly as well, so you can actually move your character freely with the joystick (tank controls are still available for the hardcore). Also Jill sandwich master of unlocking etc etc etc
Shovel Knight Xbox One cover Shovel Knight Platformer Megaman, except he has a shovel instead of a blaster! And he's a knight! And all his enemies are knights, too! A love letter to 80s-era platformers, with upcoming DLC that will let you play as Plague, Specter, and King Knights. Also, Battletoads.
The Binding of Isaac Rebirth cover The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Roguelike Play as a naked kid, shooting his tears at various monsters to kill them. Hard as balls, and the insane amount of items and characters doesn't help either.
Legacy of the duelist cover Yu-Gi-Oh! - Legacy of the Duelist Children's card games A surprisingly good game, especially considering how far Konami has fallen lately. Has a very good story mode spanning from the original anime series on Duelist Kingdom all the way through

GX, 5Ds, and the newest series. Play through the story mode using pre-built decks that are accurate to the anime characters' counterparts, or play using your own custom deck. The story decks are pretty fun to play with. You can also switch sides and play as the other character using their deck. Beating characters unlocks their deck recipes for multiplayer. Some characters have challenge decks that use modern archetype cards with Synchros, XYZ, and Pendulums, which are much harder to play against.

Multiplayer works like you would expect it to. Beat opponents to win duel points, spend duel points on card packs to get more cards. No microtransaction pay for digital cards bullshit here, thankfully. You have a win/loss record and global leaderboards but there is no other ranking system of any kind unfortunately.

Worth a buy for the story mode alone, especially if you like playing classic Yu-Gi-Oh! before Konami decided to ruin the game with power creep. Also on PS4.

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