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"Gaming for the next billion."

Zeebo, the so-called "Brazilian console" (designed by TecToy but actually financed by Qualcomm), can be summarized by the phrase: "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Sure, it's quite logical: take a cell phone chipset, get rid of the "phone" bits, and the result is a device that can play mobile games, bought and downloaded off the 3G network. Instant low-cost console with a huge library for the emerging markets!

But pretty much everything that could wrong did. The Brew platform proved severely inadequate for a console, requiring major changes to the operating system; in consequence, porting games became far more difficult than predicted. And as the market was shifting toward smartphones, most developers were not too keen to invest in an obscure variation of a rather outdated platform anyway. The chipset turned out less powerful than TecToy expected, so they still wanted to take their time to soup up the hardware and build a decent library, but Qualcomm got fed up, pushed for an early release, and refused to subsidize the components.

So ultimately the result was a machine with the power of a 5th gen console, for the price of a 6th gen console, at a time when 7th gen consoles were available. Not surprisingly, it was a total flop. After a pointless attempt to reposition it as an educational machine, it was finally discontinued, and it is no longer possible to download games for it; however, the Open Zeebo project has managed to unlock the console (soldering skills required).

The list[]

Box Art Title Genre Description Screenshot
Double Dragon Zeebo.jpg Double Dragon Beat 'em Up A surprisingly competent remake of the classic arcade brawler, some even say this is its best version in any system. Probably the best critically received Zeebo game. Ddzeebo2-1-.gif
1254663139-00-1-.jpg Resident Evil 4 Action / Horror Port of the popular action horror game. Or at least its mobile version. Resident Evil 4 Zeebo screenshot.jpg
67621-1-.jpg Zenonia Action / RPG Zenonia is like a Genesis or Super Nintendo ARPG which introduces fresh concepts to the genre like the day-night system and the great skill tree for customizing the hero. Highly recommended for both retro gamers and adventure fans. This game has since been ported to every smartphone device known to man, and also has at least three sequels on said smart devices. 67620-1-.jpg
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